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Decadent Art by zfx

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Dec 15, 2011
Dear Zfx, I simply adore your work. I think you are an artist as great as Damian and I find a lot of affinities with you! Your name, Zfx, is inspired from my favorite torture videos. I think some of them are perfect, like 666 or some of the South of the Border series. The only thing I regret from them is that they don't show real fucking. Another thing I adore from you is that your avatar is a Pichard drawing, one of my favorite authors. And another thing I adore are your pregnant torture manipulations, they are great! I would only suggest to torture more harshly your pregnant harlots, hang them by their tits, burn their bellies, cut their nipples and cunts... And it would be nice to fuck them by their three holes.... Well, there would be a lot of other suggestions, but let me tell you again that I love love love LOVE your work...
Ah, and please, leave deviantart, their censorship is stupid. Here you can torture and fuck your vics as you please....


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