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MEMBERS of the CruxForums (Male and Female) end up Crucified for Real!

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Crucified Amazon
“…The only point is that I do not think I would climax on the cross, it seems to be too unrealistic. But this is your story !...
... well, the cross in an instrument of torture. I do not think that anybody could have an orgasm on a cross”
But we're at CF and at CF , all is possible !!!
I had one at Cruxwinds and it's similar to CF : all our fantasies are possible ...




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‘My character’ in this story is still hoping/telling himself, that this is ‘just’ part of a TV adventure competition reality show, pushing the condemned to the limits : who will stay in this deadly prospect? With no reward in sight than arousal?

Mark, what you propose is certainly an interesting concept, but this story is different, more darker without doubt. That’s what makes it attractive to imagine.

The ‘condemned’ in this story have been more or less ‘pressed’ to participate, they were not true volunteers. But there is deep inside all of them a pull factor – the prospect of crucifixion in a setting they always have had fantasies about. They are brought away and treated as real prisoners, by an organization they have themselves not created, by foreigners who paid for taking part of this show as tormentors. The condemned were transported to a remote location, far away from the living world, so they cannot expect any help from outside. The condemned are at the mercy of the guests, who dominate them, but all in the context of the condemned's own fantasy. So they let it happen, they do not resist, but nevertheless there is still the threat of the reality ending. How far will the guests go, and will the condemned submit themselves to the guest’s wishes, even if this will end gruelly for them?

This concept would not work if the condemned would know in advance that it would all be ‘staged’. That would take away all the fear and worries of the condemned, and completely alter the relationship with the guests. The remote setting would be of no use. The thrill of this story is in the mixture of non-consensual, yet submitting attitude of the condemned, despite a cruel (but maybe arousing too) fate. Shall the condemned ultimately die on the cross, as an apex of their fantasy, or will it ultimately be bent to a staging? That’s all in Carlos’ hands.
Well said, Lox! ;)


Loxuru, you have perfectly expressed my thoughts and my waiting for what will happen to us, if it will be only a cruel fiction, with the pain of the nails stuck in our bodies, with the exposure of our naked bodies crucified and then be saved in extremis from someone.....
Or we will die among atrocious suffering and we will be buried in the common grave.
I do not want to know, I wait for the rest of the story that Carlos wants to create.


Mark Kee, you're absolutely right, the church is hypocritical, it's always been, I'm an atheist, and when I think about the crucifixion, I do not think about Jesus, but how many other people have been crucified.

Mark Kee

Yes, I realize the story is different and it is, of course, far more compelling to have it darker and have the victims die. I just had a notion that something like this could be done and then my own fantasy machine took over from there. Now another idea just hit me-- suppose the victims think they are going to be on a show and that no one will really be hurt, but once there they find out it is real? At that point they would be frightened and become anxious about what is to happen next. Okay, I know, this is not the place for me to go off fantasizing. I'll maybe work on it and post it sometime later. In the meantime, que sigue Carlos. Bien hecho!


First of all I want to apologize especially to my fellow members and crucifiands for the huge delay in the continuation of the thread.
Believe me if I tell you that I had many obstacles in my real life that prevented any writing.
But as I always said, I will finish this story.
I am sure that since it took me so long to write and finish this part, many errors will be present, both in grammar (changes in tenses, for instance) and incongruities with the previous events. Please let me know everything you find so I can correct the mistakes.

Part of the text is from fellow crucificands. Thanks a lot!
Barbaria wrote a short and sparkling story for her last night that I have adapted to the plot (I hope you approve of my changes Barb darling!)
Also Wikk wrote most of his exciting last night.
And I hope Loxuru is still interested in the thread and will be kind enough to add his own last night with the Palo Alto beautiful CEO.
Messa already posted her last night with Judith and the Headmistress. Merci encore une aûtre fois Messaline!
I also really hope that FSG, Nudeboy and/or Roberta want to write the details of their “dirty threesome”.
And also I expect Patrizio will keep writing his own experiences in the Libyan Resort.

And of course any personal view from the crucificands will be absolutely welcome, as always.
Again, thanks for your patience. I really hope some of the crucificands are still interested being nailed in our mass crucifixion.

Waiting impatiently for your feedback.




When the crucificands reached the front of their building they were again hosed clean. Once inside they are served a light dinner and another dose of pills, after that they are free to use the toilets and wander inside the building.

At 20:15 they are ordered to go to their cells and wait for instructions.
The party-orgy is at its height in the main building and at the moment it’s not clear for Teresa, Aline and the others if in the end the crucificands will be visited or not in their cells.
But soon some guest drift from the main building in search of the crucificands.
The bond between executioners and condemned the Headmistress wanted to create, has been established; and very strong in some cases.

Master Diego is the first to feel the need of seeing again the woman he will crucify in the morning.
He and some of his friends leave the dinner-party-orgy in search of his crucificand.
Eulalia has made a deep impression on him. He wasn’t sure what to expect when he was contacted by the Headmistress months ago, but certainly the Scottish lady was well above his highest expectations. She was very attractive and her body greatly excited him, but it was her composure and attitude what really surprised Diego.
He was sure that she will behave very well and her performance on her cross will be full of eroticism and dignity. He was really looking forward to nail her body to the wood.
In fact, there was more than that. When he locked his eyes with Eulalia´s, he wished they had met in totally different circumstances…But he put those thoughts away when he reached the cell’s block. They found her on her cell. She said nothing but immediately stood. Diego produced a picture printed from the Cruxforums.

And she posted it with the words:

“Suffice to say, by 6.00 a.m., this is how I expect to be”.56The Day Before.jpg
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