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  1. jimsac

    The crucifixion(s) of Empress Emilia, by scorpio

    This new thread will be concerned with the unique character of Emilia (@mp5stab ). She is both executioner and victim in the coming narrative. Unlike my previous stories, my drawings will portray women not just as victims but also as willing executioners. Although there is a general storyline...
  2. Yupar

    Saw Yupar of Pagan

    Saw Yupar of Pagan According to the Chronicles, the Buddhism that was reintroduced by Asoka's mission flourished not only at Thaton and Prome, but also in the new kingdom of Pagan, until the reign of King Thaik Taing (A.D. 514 - 521), when it started to decay. The reasons given by the...
  3. mp5stab

    The Forgotten Queen

    Despair was in the air. After failing to defeat the evil armies that have invaded the land the remaining force as well all of the peasants they could find had to flee into his citadel that was then besieged by the hordes. Standing on the ramparts, the young and fair queen grew troubled. A great...
  4. Yupar

    Coronation Day by Möbius’ Twisted Tales

    Hello...I couldnt contribute much in recent days not only here but also my deviantart due of my family chores and struggles in RL. To be honest , that crux or my noble sacrifice kink is still my favorite but I cant even motivate my own fantasy and reading by other stories as well. But in few...
  5. jimsac

    The Passion of BARBARIA, Rebel Queen, by Scorpio

    Let us relate the sad and tragic story of the rebel Queen, Barbaria. Her pain and pleasure is illustrated by the following pics. Fellow cruxers, feel free to comment and torment our hapless Barbaria…. The story starts with Queen Barbaria captured, stripped naked, tied up securely and thrown in a...
  6. jimsac

    Sketches by scorpio

    After years of contributing very little, I have decided to try out my drawing skills on our favorite topic. My emphasis is on the eroticism of the pain and humiliation of the victim. Hope you like my first attempts...
  7. Yupar

    Yupar's Favorite Pics Only

    Here, let me post a collections of my favorite pics I found. I posted here for two reasons - first, I would like to share the tasteful things for your enjoyment ! Second, I dont keep storage much anymore in my peesonal keeping and I think keep here is better when I wanna glance back. I will not...
  8. malins

    Every Shadow Burns My Face

    [ a little fairytale of a story which will twist its way to the kind of end such tales have. The ingredients are all in the pot, such as kings and quens and knights and frogs, good and bad but it still needs some stirring. Though no dwarves or dragons - but fire, and, of course crosses. That...
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