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Burned at the stake

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I was thinking of something a little less gruesome, just a manip of a girl tied or nailed to a stake or cross amongst flames but still alive.


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Treehugger, I came upon the the kink called BATS long ago.

There are some that get their jollies from beautiful women Burned At The Stake.

The objective observer would point out that, horror/gross-out-wise, there is little difference between burning at the stake and crucifixion.

Said observer would be correct.

And yet "chacun à son goût" still applies. To each their own.


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Burning at the stake with a lot of faggots around the body is an unpleasant way to die. Usually, people die from suffocation but when applied with skillful cruelty, the prisoner's skin would burn progressively in the sequence: calves, thighs and hands, torso and forearms, breasts, upper chest, face and finally death.

To satisfy your wish, I took a realistic picture of woman suffering on the cross; I prepared the print («calque») and finally put her in a fire



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Burning at the stake was a horrible way to die, but there is something very sensual about the scene of a naked woman writhing in the flames. When I was in California several years ago, I was a member of a "crucifixion club," and we experimented with staged BATS. We used movie techniques to insure that no one got hurt, and by utilizing such things as fireproof gels, plenty of powerful fire extinguishers, long-handled rakes, and a lot of people watching very carefully, it was a powerful experience. It was very sensual to be led to the stake, stripped, smeared with gel (the executioners all the time telling you it was flammable oil), and watching the torches being applied to the wood piled around you. You were standing on a cement pillar, with the closest wood three feet away, and you knew that the flames wouldn't be allowed to reach you, but it was still a huge rush to watch the flames grow and feel the heat. But you have to be very careful, working with people who are very experienced and very professional. I don't recommend that anyone try this out in the backyard.
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