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Classic Whipping Scenes Only

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Some 1920s vintage artwork, mainly whipping.

The first set is from the 1924 book "Im Banne der Qual" (Addicted to suffering) by Holder van Ruten (plainly a pseudonym), a collection of ten BDSM stories with eight ink drawings, only five of which I could find online:


The second set is by German artist Rudolf Schlichter (1890-1955), who also published fetish artwork under the pseudonym Udor Rétyl:

rudolf-schlichter-die-auspeitschung-(flagellanten) 2.jpgrudolf-schlichter-die-polin.jpgrudolf-schlichter-drei-frauen.jpgrudolf-schlichter-haremswächter-(hinrichtung).jpg


Another 1920s artist: this is Otto Rudolf Schatz (1900-1966), a well-known Austrian artist. There is an offical website, but it doesn't mention the fact that he was also a prolific fetish artist, mainly into whipping. Here are examples, all downloaded from artnet.com which means they were all sold at open fine art auctions:

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Love #2 a possible lesbian gathering.


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