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Hooded or not hooded.

If you are being tortured/executed would you prefer to be hooded or not hooded.

  • Hooded

  • Not Hooded

  • Hooded but face shown upon completion of punishment

  • Brought out face showing then hooded for punishment.

Results are only viewable after voting.
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I love this Gif! I love to imagine its me, hooded, arms double tied, no hope at freedom left to swing breasts tied.

It got me thinking about why i like the idea of being punished hooded. In a way its more humiliating you even lack identity upon death you are just a thing.

You cannot see the crowd but you can sense them baying and screaming.

Are family members in the crowd, people you know? will they recognise you via just your naked body. Surely they would be aroused by such a sight?

What happens when they realise who you are??? Guilt, shame, acceptance??
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Its a great picture! Certainly gets me going!

I would imagine that at first you wouldnt be recognised, your tied breasts would be swollen and distended, and your posture with your arms pulled back would look differant.

I can imagine the crowd would roar and jeer at you, all cocks would go hard and all pussys would get wet then after you have breathed your last and the hood is revealed the crowd would gasp.

One of our own!!! There wet hard horny bodies betraying them at the fact of your ultimate punishment!


There is a lot of talk of humiliation and excitement during the executions on this forum and, in this context and especially at the crucifixion level, I can't imagine a man or a woman nailed to a cross with the face hidden.
In addition, being a follower of complete nudity during the executions, I believe that it would not be total if a part of the body including the face was hidden.
I am therefore completely opposed to this hooding.
Since I will be seen, I also want to see.


What about a hood during any preliminary whipping or other public torture?
A two edged sword,extremely frightening for the victim,only knowing that the next lash is due to arrive when she hears the air disturbed . Possibly disappointing for the chastiser, not being able to see any facial reaction, but at least the scream should be audible if he`s done a proper job.


So want i can acertain so far from the poll is that people would want and would want to see me face my final punishment without a hood.......;)


Honestly, what pleasure could our "crux-girls" feel if they were crucified without being able to see the reactions of the public towards them!
Seeing the spectators trying to humiliate them and indulging in caressing or fucking at their feet is part of the pleasure they are supposed to experience during their ordeal! No, definitely no to this ridiculous hooding.
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