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The worst soles' beating Buffy experienced so far. The position she had to take was odious. Not only that nails were driven through her nipples, her labia was stretched against the wooden horse and nailed as well.


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Some other shots from the story of Anna Henrietta of the duchy of Toussaint, caught fornicating with Dandelion the court poet by her revengeful husband, Raymund. The former lovers are fitted with anal stoppers so they don't defecate under brand, then she got stretched. Mostly studies, unlikely to be finished.

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After the Amazon tribe was defeated by the armies of Caesar despite Xena's help, the punishment was harsh. Brought to Rome, they are stripped and crucified in front of the Porta Fontenalis. Roman citizenry now stroll slowly along the rows of wailing Amazons and are allowed to play with the condemned. Most are stoic but some, weaker in spirit beg the passersby to release them and promising them countless sexual favours. Others just ask for a quick death but neither wish is ever granted.

Hope you like it.


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