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Judicial Corporal Punishment Of Women: Illustrations

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Thanks, @lithos1 -- that explains why the two dialogue lines are in French with an accent I could not place. Quebecois, then. Wikipedia mentions two separate women being flogged (and branded) after the first trial: "Marie-Josephte was found to be an accomplice to murder, and sentenced to 60 lashes and branded with the letter M on her hand. One of Joseph Corriveau's nieces, Isabelle Sylvain (who he employed as a servant), had testified but changed her story several times during the hearing; she was found guilty of perjury and given 30 lashes and branded with the letter P." In the clip, there is a second woman in a suspended cage, and although I can't entirely make out what she is saying I can understand her reference to "fer rouge", i.e. being branded. So, I presume the women being whipped is Isabelle and the woman in the cage is Marie-Josephte.
Maybe, but I red elsewhere that Marie Carriveau was flogged with 60 lashes divided in three series of twenty, and that seems to be what happens in the clip.
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