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Judicial Flogging in South Korea

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I did not write this story.
I used DeepL, an AI translator, to convert the following story to English, which was originally written in Chinese.
If you happened to be the rightful owner of the following article, and wished to be credited or removed, please feel free to contact the moderators for advice as I will not be able to amend or delete the thread.

Judicial Flogging in South Korea

Two young women are being adjudicated on the same case in a civil court in South Korea's Gyeongan Province.

Park Yoo-mi is a sales executive at a company that manufactures rubber sealing components for buildings in Gyeongan-do, while Choi Young Hee is the purchasing director of a Seoul-based builder that was awarded a contract to build the Seoul Hanwon Building and bid out for the purchase of seals for doors and windows.

In order to obtain the contract for this project, Park Yoo-mi began to make frequent contact with Choi Young-hee under the direct instruction of the president, secretly sending her more than two million won in cash. Thus acquiring this forty-eight-million-dollar supply contract.

However, Park Yoo-mi did not expect was that her competitor secretly got hold on this and reported it to the Economic Division of the Gyeongannam Province Police Department.

As such, both Park Yoo-mi and Choi Young-hee were arrested, and they both confessed to their crimes of bribery and corruption.

Both companies, in order to avoid the impact of these scandals, placed the blame entirely on two of them. They claimed that they had no prior knowledge of their actions and announced that they would be removed from the company immediately. This incident caused quite a stir in a small town like South Gyeongan Province since bribery is uncommon in Korea.

On the day of the trial, many people came to observe the proceedings, and all of them expressed their regret for the two young and beautiful women. In the court, Park Yoo-mi and the girls confessed to their actions and made a deep confession, pleading with the court to be lenient with them for their misdeeds.

Their lawyers tried to defend their wrongdoings, but the facts are undisputable. The presiding judge finally made his ruling, declaring that Park Yoo-mi and Choi Young-Hee will be sentenced to 40 strokes of the cane and six months' imprisonment and 50 strokes of the cane and 10 months' imprisonment for the bribery charge respectively. The execution date was set for the next morning.

Upon hearing the final verdict, the two women with their heads bowed, and could not help but to cry out, their faces filled with tears of remorse, both fearful and looking pitiful. The people who were listening to them feel a little sympathy for them.

At this point, they heard the presiding judge ask, "Do you two have any questions about the said verdict?" They looked at each other and all shook their heads.

"Court is adjourned!" The presiding judge banged his gavel.

The bailiff handcuffed Park Yoo-mi and Choi Young-hee and sent them to the local women's prison for detention. The place of execution for the flogging was also within this prison.

The next morning, they were taken to the execution site. As it was still early before the execution time, the two made an observation of the execution site. It was a room of about 20 square metres. In the center of the room was a large, zigzag-shaped torture bench, and about one and a half meters long and forty centimeters wide. It was about one and a half meters long and forty centimeters wide. There was a small iron ring at the front and back ends of the stool.

On each side of the stool, there were two wooden torture sticks. The length is about one and a half meters, flat before and after round, painted crimson. As you can imagine, this cane has drunk a lot of women's buttocks blood. There was also a bucket of water at the back of the bench.

After seeing this, the two young women's fearful look appeared on their faces once again. Why on earth did the judicial flogging make these two women fear it so much? It turns out that Kyunganam-do is the last remaining area of Korea's old traditional punishment, and is one of the most barbaric and primitive of Korean punishments. The requirement was to inflict the greatest and most painful physical injury on the recipient during the execution of the punishment, and the skin will be broken within a dozen strokes.

At that moment, four men came in through the door, one a middle-aged man in uniform. The other two were tough and strong men and a woman. The escorting bailiff unlocked the two men's handcuffs and stood to one side.

The middle-aged man opened the folder first and solemnly read out, "According to the verdict of the Gyeongan Nam-do Civil Court, Park Yoo-mi and Choi Young-hee are to be executed today by caning. The order of execution will be Park Yoo-mi first, then Choi Young-hee. During the execution, the prisoners are allowed to shout."

He looked at his watch, and the hour hand was pointing to nine o'clock: "The time has come, bring Park Yoo-mi into the execution site to be whipped!"

Park Yoo-mi, despite knowing that she was to be judicially flogged today, still wore a very proper light-colored professional dress with dark brown pantyhose and cream-colored high heels in order to maintain her elegance.

Two able-bodied men came over, took her by the arm, and dragged her gingerly over to the punishment bench. The middle-aged man in the uniform read again, "Park Yoo-mi, female, twenty-six years old, guilty of bribery and sentenced to forty strokes of the cane, now to be executed."

The two men who had just dragged Park Yoo-mi over first removed her coat, revealing a clean white shirt inside. They pressed Park Yoo-mi down on the torture stool, using the belt on the stool to tighten Park Yoo-mi's waist, legs, arms first on the torture stool. After that, they tied her feet and hands to the four iron rings. The immobilization to the body was done.

He alone took off the white high heels on Park Yoo-mi's feet, revealing her small feet wrapped in stockings. These small feet were very chic and still looked very nice under the stockings. The other lifted Park Yoo-mi's short skirt upwards and stripped her panties, along with her pantyhose, to below the base of her thighs. Revealing a large white and plump ass. Park Yoo-mi was feeling shy and embarrassed at this point, having never had her pants pulled down in public before! Moreover, the two open thighs exposed the most intimate part of the woman's body. She pressed her face against the torture bench and closed her eyes, large tears dripping from her eyelids.

She has a white, tender buttocks that were like two small hills. The man who had removed Park Yoo-mi's shoes brought a soft cushion and placed it under Park Yoo-mi's face to prevent her from bumping her jaw as she struggled. When all these preparations were completed, it was time for the flogging to begin. The two sturdy men walked to each side of Yoo-mi's face. They picked up the cane of torture.

"Execution begins!" . The two men took the cane and looked at it in their hands, a cold smile presented itself on their faces, "Oh my, such a pretty little ass, it would be a shame to break it."

Hearing the executioner's taunts, Park Yoo-mi cried even harder.

The female executioner scooped out a splash of cold water from the bucket, "Wow!" Pouring it down on Park Yoo-mi's bare ass, it gave her a smart jolt. Immediately after, there was a "Whew!" The cane quickly made contact with her ass.

"Snap!" "Aaaah!" Park Yoo-mi let out an ear-piercing scream, and the pain like a knife cutting through fire immediately spread to all the nerves in her body. A deep red mark immediately appeared on Park Yoo-mi's buttocks. The pain caused Park Yoo-mi's small feet to pound desperately, unable to move a single bit of her body due to the firmness of the trap.

"Pah!" Another scream, another red mark. "Pah! Snap! Snap! Pop!" With Park Yoo-mi's incoherent cries and screams, the buttocks that had been whipped with the cane had gradually turned a bit too much. Another scream, another red mark. "Pah! Snap! Snap! Pop!" With Park Yoo-mi's incoherent screaming cries, the buttocks that had been whipped with the punishment cane, and it had gradually turned into a deep purple color and visibly swollen.

"Pah!" Another scream was heard, and now one side of Park Yoo-mi's buttocks had broken skin, and as another cane fell, the other side of her buttocks had broken skin as well. Sure enough, as the ninth and tenth canes fell, more were broken and blood slowly oozed outwards. Seeing the blood, the two executioners began to swing the cane into every part of Park Yoo-mi's buttocks and thighs, and the sound of the cane kept going, the screams continued. After twenty strokes, Park Yoo-mi's buttocks have become bloodied and battered.

"Please spare me! I won't do it again! Oops! Please, I can't!"

"The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have learnt your lesson."

The blood on her buttocks had gone from oozing to running down the sides of her buttocks and down her thighs, and the blood flowing down had stained the punishment bench red. After thirty strokes of the cane, Park Yoo-mi's ass was skinned. The last dozen strokes on her flesh-broken ass were met with a loud "Poof! Poof!" The sound was no longer so crisp and loud, and the flesh of Park Yoo-mi's ass splattering with the rise and fall of the torture cane. "Forty!" With the last stroke of the cane, the caning was finally over. Park Yoo-mi had fainted from the excessive pain. The bailiff came over to examine the wound, and she washed the blood off Park Yoo-mi's buttocks with cold water and applied medicine to her wound.

The two bailiffs came over and undid all the belts securing Park Yoo-mi's body and woke her up with cold water. Pantyhose and panties were brought up for her. The pantyhose and panties she put on were immediately stained red with blood from her ass.

Park Yoo-mi endured the pain and put on her shoes, her face was pale.

"Park Yoo-mi, your criminal punishment has been carried out and you can be taken back to the prison infirmary to be treated for your criminal injuries. But remember, if you commit a crime again next time, it won't be just 40 strokes." The woman who had just verified Park Yoo-mi's identity said.

The caning was over. Park Yoo-mi pushed away the bailiff who was trying to assist her, she endured severe pain, held onto the wall, and limped out of the execution room.

Choi Young Hee’s fear in her heart was even more inexpressible as she watched and witnessed Park Yoo-mi's torture with her own eyes. "If she's beaten like this with forty strokes, how am I supposed to endure fifty strokes?"

Original Title: 韩国司法笞刑
Source: Unidentified


Hi, a fellow CF member from South Korea here :)

I couldn't help but feeling a bit weird when I read your story since we don't practice judicial flogging here. Various forms of corporal punishment had existed (surprisingly) in schools or in military until a fairly recent period, but it's been never practiced as a judicial sentence since 1920s.

If I'm allowed to point out another trivial inaccuracy, there is no province named as "Gyeongan" or "Gyronganam" in South Korea. "-nam" postfix is an equivalent of "Southern" prefix in English, so the closet one would be "Gyeongsangnam-Do", or literally, "Southern Gyeoungsang Province". Also, the U.S. style federalism has never existed in Korea as well so it feels a bit unrealistic to assume the existence of a criminal law which is only applicable to a certain province as it's impossible under our Constitution.

That being said, I feel that your story is such a welcome addition to this crux centered community, as we have so few stories from Asia. And I'm surprised at the quality of the translation too since I think your story is written in much better English than what I usually write in this forum.

While it's a bit embarassing to admit this, I'm however also excited at the prospect of seeing many similarly auto-translated stories which had been unavailable in English-speaking communities so far.

Anyway, thanks for the post and I'll look forward to your next stories.
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