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Julia, saint and martyr

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Julia saw again the cross, the nails and the crown of thorns, those infernal beings were going to crucify her again but now for all eternity.
Julia was forced to give those demonds a blowjob, their cocks tasted horrible like rotten eggs, and their semen burned their insides like molten lava.
Then the devils whipped Julia with infernal lashes that skinned her back laid her on the cross overcoming her resistance and nailed her wrists and feet again, only now the nails hurt much more than the first time.


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Julia didn't understand anything, suddenly she found herself in a strange place…. she no longer hung on the cross,… she looked at his hands,… she no longer had the nail wounds. What was happening?
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- Julia, Julia.
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Suddenly she heard a voice calling her from an unclear location.

- Julia.
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- Are you my Lord?

The words came out unintentionally, then she realized everything…. had already died.

- Yes Julia… .I am your lord…. and your judge.

The young woman smiled, ..... everything had passed, her martyrdom was over and she was dead. Now she was in his long-awaited paradise in the presence of God.
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- My Sweet Lord.

- Do not talk to me like that, I have said that I am your judge and I am going to judge you right now.
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Suddenly paradise became a sordid dungeon, her lord became a dark judge and next to her appeared another character who looked more like an executioner than anything else.

- Yes, my lord, forgive me I was so anxious to enter heaven with you.
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- You're not going to heaven, Julia.

- What? You say I won't go to heaven? But I thought ...
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- NO, your soul has been condemned, you will go to hell for all eternity.
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- WHAT? But, but sir, I have sacrificed myself for you and I have accepted to die on the cross like you, to give proof of the strength of my faith. Me…

- You lie, you have not done it for me, .. you have done it for you,…. You have given yourself to the pagans only to satisfy your lust, you have also been weak and in the end you have given in to the wishes of your executioners and you have basked in them by perverting your purity and chastity. You have even enjoyed your low passions there on the cross, everyone has seen it, you should be ashamed, you are just a dirty whore.

- Yes, my lord, that is true, but… .but have mercy on me, I have been good to my sisters and I have consoled them in martyrdom, I….

- Do not interrupt me. You have also had unnatural relationships with your own slave and have dragged her into martyrdom. She has also been condemned.

- But sir, sir, please.
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- No Julia, you are not a saint or a martyr but a whore and a lost woman. I don't want dirty masochists like you in my kingdom. I abandon you to your fate, damned soul, here come your new owners, look at them.
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And Julia felt like several monstrous claws grabbed her and dragged her into the abyss.
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The Monty Python God is a good fun touch. :)


Once with the right cross a monstrous being appeared, another devil bigger than the others stood before her.
- Hello Julia, as I have said you now you are mine forever, ha ha, I will be your lord from now on.

The evil being took off his hood and under it he appreciated Sifax's face but much more horrible than in reality. His white face was full of pustules and his eyes without pupils, like dead, two incipient horns stood out on his forehead and a foul breath escaped from his mouth. Suddenly Julia looked between her legs and saw a huge curved penis reddened like a red-hot iron.
The devil stepped between her legs and penetrated her as she screamed for mercy. Then the penis was penetrating her sex and burning everything in its path causing horrible pain ...

Juia woke up at that very moment ..... She was still on the cross and her whole body hurt horribly
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- Would you say he came, Sifax?
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- Yes, I think she had a wet dream, look at her still rubbing her sex against her cornu.

- Crucified and with erotic dreams, she is a true whore there is no doubt.
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Julia looked at them confused from the top of the cross and it took her a few minutes to understand what had happened, it had all been a dream.

- Give her a drink, said Sifax, she still has to last a few hours alive.
The other lifted a sponge to his mouth with the help of a pilum and Julia drank as much of the soaked sponge as she could until it was removed from her lips.
Then she looked down and saw how other executioners brought something for her that sent a shiver of terror. It was a brazier full of incandescent coals that the men brought on trays and tucked among the embers were the irons with which they had been torturing the others ... ...


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- Well Christian, I hope you are ready for what awaits you, we are going to make it slower than the others, it will give you time a thousand times to regret that your mother threw you into the world ...

The gruesome torture lasted three more hours and Julia died on the cross twelve hours later, eaten by birds.
During the horrible ordeal she suffered, she was lacerated by red-hot pincers, whipped and skinned by hooks. In the few moments that she was able to coordinate her thoughts, the young woman did not have that previous certainty that this sacrifice would take her to paradise.
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Illuminated by her sisters turned into torches, Julia wondered if in the end she would be neither a martyr nor a saint. Perhaps it was not and all that would be but the prelude to eternal damnation.
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The end
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