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Julia, saint and martyr

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At the same time as the scenes of torture and crucifixion in the arena, Claudia was in her box sharing with her noble friends the most succulent delicacies and drinks cooled with snow from the mountains.

Gabriel Roman arena 133.1-.jpg


- How little resistance that slave has to pain!, I thought they wanted to suffer for their dear Jesus and that one there screams like a sow.

- How are the senator's numid slaves?

- Oh it has been a very exciting experience, they have escorted us to Sabina's house and there they have undressed us and us to bathe. Well ..... they were naked too.

- Have you just bathed?

- I can't tell you more but you have to try it, I've never seen such long cocks, ha, ha.

- At last I find you Claudia, the praetor ask for volunteer women to scourge Christian slaves or help to crucify them. I thought you would like to volunteer.

- Oh Sabina, I would love to whip one of those naked Christian women.

- Then go down to the arena with me and Sifax will give us a whip.

Sifax showed the two patricians some Christian women to choose which of them they wanted to flagellate.

- Oh I know you, what is your name? Said Claudia

- Hecuba, my lady.

- You look like very young, how old are you?.

- I don´t know my lady.

- Now I remember, you once spoiled a very expensive purple-dyed dress by pouring wine into it.

- Excuse me lady.

- I want this Sifax, I will crucify her myself, but first tie her to a post because I want to scourge her.

- No, please, madam, please.

But Hecuba was tied to a torment post in a very cruel way. Sifax´ asistants tied the girl with arms over head, a pointed stick at her back that forced her to project her breasts forward and a sedile full of sharp spikes to torment her crotch.




- So you will learn bitch, that was my favorite dress, take it .

Claudia was mad with bloody lust so she flogged the poor girl until she lost consciousness.

- Come on, wake her up, I want to continue.

- My lady, you almost killed her.

-Too bad, bring me another one.

Then they brought in a girl who they were about to crucify.

Claudia had a patibulum to be tied around slave´s shoulders and after sticking a hook in her right breast she decided to walk her through the arena so that everyone could see her well while she pulled the hook.

The crowd clapped and screamed rythmically.

Then Claudia understood that the public wanted her to undress, suddenly she remembered that she had already done it with Julia and, feeling her sex wet in her own flows, so she agreed to undress in front of the people and loosening the knots that held her dress, she let it fall to the ground. .
People clapped louder and began cheering for her while she carried the victim to the pace of crucifixion

Finally the bloody patrician helped other volunteers to crucify the Christian slave and drove the nails into her


After crucifying her, Claudia asked for a brazier with burning coals and various hooks and began to torture the poor girl.

Little Bitches.jpg
- Hmmm, you have bulging nipple areoles, a sign that your boobs have grown out not long ago. This way you will have them more sensitive and you will feel the burning of the hot iron more.



- Can you feel it darling?, ha, ha.


That afternoon there were crucified a lot of christian slaves.
The public began to get excited when they saw dozens of men dragging more than twenty wooden crosses and placing them on the ground next to each other. Crucifying so many slaves in such a short time was an enormous job, so all the executioners, helped by dozens of soldiers and workers, insisted on it.
These tied the slaves to the crosses while those nailed the nails in the exact points of the wrists, the feet or the heels.
Then the guards raised the crosses until they were fitted by their base into the holes previously made in the ground and placed them upright, ensuring that they remained that way.
Every time a cross was raised, the audience cheered the executioners with a loud and long applause.
In total, at the end of the process, more than fifty crosses were lined up in orderly rows from which as many naked women hung.
Damian Dont Embarass Me Again.jpgRoman crucifictions&Decadence2-34.jpg
Just as the cornu had been placed on the previous ones, the new twenty-five slaves soon danced up and down, scraping and skinning their backs, already flagellated and sewn with lashes against the rough wood.
The young women howled in pain and yelled for them to be brought down from there, while their companions, now without strength, simply looked at them, thinking that they would do better to save their strength for the hell that awaited them.


Gabriel Roman arena 537-1-.jpgOn the Roman Roads.jpg

In the rear four rows they placed high crosses. For the high crosses they preferably chose tall and thin slaves with beautiful, well-formed bodies who looked beautiful on to the delight of the public.
GG 3 21 Adonia Goodbye.jpgA Not-So-Comforting Thought 7 7.jpgB5A17083-01FC-4E41-AAA1-736F366D3073.jpeg

In the first row was Helena and nine other slave girls in low crosses. For the crosses "humilis" the lustful soldiers chose slaves with large breasts whom they continually fucked and tortured on their tits.
Gabriel Roman arena 312-1-.jpgGabriel Roman arena 319-1-.jpg.
Almost all the women had been crucified in the same way with their arms spread out in the shape of a Greek Y and their legs together and bent with their feet nailed by the insteps in the front part of the stipe. Most had a nail in each foot but others had both feet driven through with a single longer nail.
Gabriel Roman arena 215.1-.jpg
In some cases the executioners did it capriciously and crucified some Christians with their legs spread so that their bodies formed a large X.
Gabriel Roman arena 337-1-.jpgArena Crowned and Cruxed.jpg
Others had their feet nailed on both sides of the stipe so that they formed a rhombus with their legs. This way of crucifying them would prevent the girls from closing their legs when the executioners tortured them in their sex with spiky dildos or with red-hot pliers.


07 Regina Lost in Pain .jpg
On the other hand, eight slaves had their heels nailed on both sides of the stipe.

Even in one case the woman in question rebelled at the last moment and managed to loosen her arms from their restraints. The executioners caught her again and, with some haste, nailed the palms of their hands to the back of the stipe, leaving her arms in a painful strap. Then they nailed her feet and raised the cross like all the others. The woman was lined up along the stipe with her legs straight. The pain in her back within an hour was absolutely unbearable and the poor woman screamed to be finished off at once.

The show was enormously exciting and morbid for the populace. Despite being lined up as if it were a disciplined cohort, no two crosses were the same.
Some victims had been crowned with thorns and others with flower crowns while others wore nothing on their heads except a long hair: brunettes, blondes, redheads ...
slim, stylized and with small tits, ... curvy women whose tits trembled obscenely at the slightest movement….

It is not surprising that a good part of the guards and the public were spliced or even masturbated.


Many slaves sported ringed breasts, noses and clits. The golden rings flashed at the slightest movement and highlighted the most sensitive and erotic points of their bodies. These ornamental devices had been designed to torture them in the most sensitive parts of their body but they also gave them intense sexual pleasure even when crucified.
081_450.jpgarcimboldo colosseum.jpg
Almost all had their sex carefully shaved and on their bodies they showed the successive marks of the torture they received: wounds, bruises, old and recent lashes, marks of red-hot iron sometimes in the form of letters or in the shape of a cross, etc.
All_stars_Anna_Scarlett_05.jpgAll_stars_Anna_Scarlett_04.jpgbar in 092.jpg
As we say, many of them had been placed a cornu as sedile that women inserted and took out of their anus or pussy continuously, others, perhaps luckier,....or not, had received a double cornu and had their two orifices continuously filled. Someone had her clitoris pierced with a ring that was inserted into a hole midway up the cornu. In this way, the condemned woman could not remove the dildo from her sex unless her delicate member was torn.


arena whip 2r.jpg

Some had no cornu placed on them, but a wooden wedge had been placed as a sedile that stuck painfully between the labia in a manner similar to the wooden ponies in the torture chamber.
In some cases the executioners were very cruel as they added dozens of skewers to the wedge. These were nailed in the sex, the labia and the inner part of the buttocks and thighs every time the slave sat down to rest on her.

These types of infernal sediles could be made of wood or metal. In the latter case, the executioners could heat it with small braziers or by applying red hot tongs to the base of it. The girls then howled and screamed desperately. It was like being in hell.

unnamed (10).jpg
Another form of torture was to pierce the tongues of the crucified girls with a nail and to tie the nail to the clitoris with a very tight rope.

And all this without talking about the heat, thirst, strained posture, muscle cramps, flies, etc.
All this insistence on sexual torture spread to the stands where many men and women, loos of lust participated in an unbridled orgy.
Even noblewomen behaved like whores, indulging gladiators, slaves, and other low-class men.



None crucified girl remained still for long, after a few minutes the posture became unbearable, the joints ached or breathing failed. Logically, the young women rose on themselves, straining on the nail wounds and screaming in pain. Then they fell back onto their legs, hanging from their arms. Then they would stretch an arm, starting the body to one side. People loved that senseless dance in which young women showed the curves of their beautiful bodies driving men crazy with desire.
In all cases the ordeal of the crucifixion was very painful, however it was also deeply humiliating, especially as women. The girls had to show their naked and defenseless bodies to all those strangers who made fun of them or masturbated at their expense. In fact, even if they tried to close their legs, they could not hide their sex or the anus dilated and opened by those monstrous dildos. They also had to urinate in front of everyone and they couldn't hide that sometimes they got horny and even experienced an orgasm.
It was incredible but Sifax knew that a lot of women condemned to the cross used to experience episodes of obvious sexual arousal and some even reached orgasm in the midst of torture. Surely the masochist girls were excited to show themselves naked in front of so many people. They had probably dreamed about it many times while masturbating on their beds.
Some of them came when the executioners raped them with their penises or dildos or simply masturbated them with their fingers.
Others got excited dancing on the cornu, inside and outside,…. inside and outside.
images (25).jpg
Even a few became aroused when they were whipped or tortured with tongs and hot irons.

Needless to say, the public loved this curious mix of suffering and pleasure.

Sifax and the other executioners showed that they were very skilled since all except a couple who died the second night, arrived alive on the third day. That was going to be the worst.
Meanwhile, the audience began to grow impatient and clapped their hands for the impalement to begin.



The praetor gave permission for the games to continue and the first victim was released from the stocks and taken to the impaling platform.
The young woman kicked and fought drawing strength from despair as she begged for mercy in a squeaky, ragged voice that didn't sound human.

It took four burly guards to overpower her and drag her onto the platform. There they tied her hands to a ring on her head, they put a ribbon on his belly that they tightened well with a buckle and the two legs were separated to the end and tied at the ankles to two other rings.

The guards wanted to gag her with a horse bit because the girl did not stop screaming or asking for mercy but Sifax stopped her.

- The stake has to come out of the mouth, in addition people will want to hear how the sow howls while we impale it.

A more experienced executioner dipped the tip of the stake with lard and did the same with the hole in the poor girl's anus.

This done, Sifax took the stake and carefully inserted it into her asshole while the unfortunate victim screamed and howled without stopping to cry.

The executioner did not take any haste in the painful ordeal because he wanted to do his job well.
The stake penetrated the rectum with some ease and when it began to break the intestines and pierce the woman's belly she began to scream in pain without stopping shaking her head or hitting it against the platform in the hope of losing her mind.

The audience was in tension watching the barbarous torment and most of them remained silent or at most spoke in low voices. In this way the howls of the poor slave could be heard throughout the anphiteater
Even Sabina and Claudia witnessed the barbarous torment from their box. Claudia had changed a lot in a few hours and had a sadistic look on her face as she noticed her erect nipples and her wet sex.

As we say Sifax was careful not to cause any fatal injury or bleeding and if he encountered too much resistance he pulled the stake back a few inches and put it back in looking for an alternative path.

After almost a quarter of an hour the girl stopped screaming and flailing, evidently the tip of the stick had reached her throat.

- Tilt his face up, now !.
1629728387620.pngth (6)a.jpg
The men did, and almost as if by magic the tip of the stick came out of his mouth. Now Sifax safely inserted it a foot more, and then the executioners proceeded to undo the girth and untie the hands and ankles from the table to re-tie them together in a hogtied posture.
tumblr_ls7hrhWAwf1r3e4izo1_500.jpgth (7).jpg
Once this was done, two executioners took the stick by the tip and the base and walked the slave across the arena to the enthusiastic applause of the public. The young woman looked like a huge chicken stuck on the spit to roast it, but although it seemed incredible, her eyes were open, a sign that she was still alive enduring terrible suffering.
As they turned the ring, the second victim took his place on the impalement platform.



Sifax carried out the execution without any mercy due to the desperate pleas of his victims.
After an hour of hideous torture the three girls had been impaled and the three stakes had been placed vertically in front of the praetor's box so that the bodies of the unfortunate women were six feet above the ground.
Brazier.jpgwitch pliers-rippers-claws-2.jpg
This done, they brought a brazier to the stakes where they introduced different torture instruments to warm them up: dildos, pliers, hooks and cat's claws for skinning and breast ripping.

The master of ceremony announced that the executioners would proceed half an hour later with the second part of the torment but that they had booked another surprise first.
Suddenly the horns and tubas sounded and two gladiators stepped into the arena.
People noticed better because they were actually female gladiators, one had been given a Thracian helmet and given a gladius, a shield and an arm protector while the other was a retiary with a net and a trident. In other words, it was a classic gladiatorial confrontation. What people did not know is that the weapons had blunt edges and tips so that they could hardly hurt each other. The fight would be won by whoever made the other fall to the ground.

- Citizens, these two Christian traitors will now fight for your delight, the winner will become the slave of our beloved praetor.


The people applauded the magistrate angrily.

- And the loser ?, asked some daring.

The master of ceremonies paused and pointed to the giant cauldron.

- The loser will be submerged in the pot of boiling water until she dies.

Hearing this, the people went crazy with joy and clapped even louder.
boiling pot.jpg
The workers had thrown much more wood under the pot and the water was boiling furiously. Several meters above the cauldron they had placed a pole where they would tie the victim to submerge him little by little from above.

From the honor box Galba continued to entertain his guests and enjoyed the bloody show in a privileged place.
- Forty or fifty years ago in the city of Alexandria, one of those fanatic witches named Potamiena was executed submerged in a cauldron of boiling water and she herself asked to be introduced little by little instead of once so that everyone could see the "patience that my Lord Jesus Christ gives me ”. This gave me the idea.

- Dear Galba, said Gallo, have you ever thought that perhaps their god gives them the power to endure pain even in most infernal tortures?

- No. These are all tricks, a Christian submerged in boiling water suffers like any other woman and screams like a sow, if your don´t believe it right now you will see. What happens is that they are fanatized, we must get rid of this scum or they will end up infecting all the young women, even those of the nobility. Look at that Julia if not, ... but let's see, let's see the fight, something tells me that she will be fierce.

The two women dressed as gladiators were brought before the pot to see what awaited them and then the fight began.
Galba was right, this time it didn't happen like the first time. The two women fought like wild beasts even though they weren't skilled enough. None of them wanted to die in such a horrible way, in addition the victor would remain as a slave of the praetor who might spare her life. It was worth fighting and winning.
The public took notice and encouraged both gladiators to continue fighting with all their will. The retiary tried to imitate what she had seen and did her best to try to entangle her opponent's legs with the net while avoiding his sword with the trident. However, the one who played the Thracian was very agile and managed to avoid the net by jumping with both legs at the same time. However, that ended up exhausting her and after almost a quarter of an hour of fighting she stumbled and fell to the ground. The other rushed to place her foot on her chest and put the trident on his neck.


- Kill me, please, kill me.

- If you do, you will end up in the pot, Quintus warned.
Hearing the threat, the one with the trident raised its points and greeted the audience who applauded her loudly.

Meanwhile, the executioners took the other's helmet and other things from her and once she was naked, they tied her to the pole.
The girl screamed and cried until she was hoarse but could do nothing to avoid her fatal fate.

Her ordeal was so horrible that some people in the audience fainted from the shock.
Gabriel Roman arena 151.1-.jpg
At Sifax's signal, the executioners raised her a few feet above the pot and slowly lowered it a few inches above. The woman desperately huddled both legs to prevent them from entering the water, but the splashes caused by the boiling water bubbles themselves burned her skin.
Gabriel Roman arena 090.1.jpg
The girl screamed and kicked in pain and they left her that way for a few minutes. Then they lowered her a little further until her legs entered the water. Then you had to hear the howls and howls of the wretch while her legs were scalding.

- What a horror! Even some who had the stomach to enjoy the spectacle of the crucifixion or impalement twisted their faces at the sight. There were people who had to leave the arena vomiting from shock.

However, most of the public enjoyed the show a lot. After a couple of minutes they raised the victim again, they had to prolong their suffering all the posible.

ERIN the Brave

Staff member

ERIN the Brave

Staff member
That afternoon there were crucified a lot of christian slaves.
View attachment 1048409
The public began to get excited when they saw dozens of men dragging more than twenty wooden crosses and placing them on the ground next to each other. Crucifying so many slaves in such a short time was an enormous job, so all the executioners, helped by dozens of soldiers and workers, insisted on it.
View attachment 1048430View attachment 1048431
These tied the slaves to the crosses while those nailed the nails in the exact points of the wrists, the feet or the heels.
View attachment 1048435
Then the guards raised the crosses until they were fitted by their base into the holes previously made in the ground and placed them upright, ensuring that they remained that way.
View attachment 1048437
Every time a cross was raised, the audience cheered the executioners with a loud and long applause.
View attachment 1048408
In total, at the end of the process, more than fifty crosses were lined up in orderly rows from which as many naked women hung.
View attachment 1048439View attachment 1048464
Just as the cornu had been placed on the previous ones, the new twenty-five slaves soon danced up and down, scraping and skinning their backs, already flagellated and sewn with lashes against the rough wood.
View attachment 1048444View attachment 1048445
The young women howled in pain and yelled for them to be brought down from there, while their companions, now without strength, simply looked at them, thinking that they would do better to save their strength for the hell that awaited them.
Horrible tortures.


- Come on, down, put her down, let her scream, come on.
The public shouted for the torture to continue. The second time they brought her almost to her waist and the woman screamed at the top of her lungs again, the third time they plunged her down to her navel and the fourth time up to her chest. The fifth was left submerged up to the neck but did not put her head in. It didn't take long for the woman to die the three hours they invested with Santa Potamiena, but her torture lasted an eternal half hour.
Meanwhile the winner congratulated herself that she did not have to go through that terrible ordeal that they forced her to contemplate. Perhaps she had illusions that she would save her life in exchange for becoming the praetor's slave for life. However, when the first victim expired, the crowd asked for a new victim to the cauldron, so that the cruel Galba decided that he could do without the new slave and condemned her to die summerged little by little in boiling water like her companion….
Thus the second victim was slowly cooked between raucous and desperate screams. Her painful martyrdom lasted for half an hour.

The next entertainment consisted of a gigantic iron grill that the executioners placed on top of a bed of embers.

The executioners took six other Christians into the arena, loaded with chains, and offered to save their lives if they agreed to fight as gladiators.

- The loser will be lying there, Sifax said, pointing to the grill whose center irons were already red hot.

The new victims did not know what had happened to the winner of the previous fight, so they believed the cruel executioner.
Despite the tremendous threat, two brave Christian women refused to fight each other and at an order from the executioner they were tied together with a chain and laid on the grill.

The rest of the slaves lost all their courage when they saw their companions howling and screaming while the executioners tortured them on the grill, prodding them with their hooks as if they were roasting beef cattle.

BDSM_Big_Boobs_Femdom_romes_naked_girl_gladiators__4357471-18.jpg461F0AE.jpgGrilling the Witch (82).jpg
So the others agreed to fight among themselves to entertain the public, for which they were given a sword, helmet and shield. Indeed the first to fall to the ground was considered the loser and immediately lying on the grill.



While the losers finished roasting alive amid desperate howls, the winners were taken on the shoulders by gladiators and paraded across the arena to applause from the audience.
Extra rations (1).jpg8 Claire orally furced.jpgHappy Hour.jpg
They were then rewarded for their victory with a gang bang. The Christians allowed themselves to be fucked by all those savages because the alternative was to die burned on the grill.

- How stupid are those Christian whores, maybe they think they have saved their lives by winning that fake fight.

- I wonder what Sifax has in store for them, ha, ha. That executioner is becoming more and more sadistic.


- Come on whore you have swallowed enough cum, now the fire awaits you.



And the winners were tied together on a spit and slowly roasted over hot coals. The executioners covered them with grease and turned the spit every five minutes. It took more than two hours to expire.

Meanwhile, from their cells, the rest of the Christians heard everything that was happening in the arena but did not know exactly what awaited them. The poor girls awaited their destiny naked for hours, shivering with cold and fear.
madiosi 2016 - 241-roman carcer.jpg
- Come on, now it's your turn.

- What are they going to do to us?

- Right now you will see it, but before I am going to chain you, ha, ha.


For the new victims, the vision of the amphitheater arena was not a prelude to paradise that meant their martyrdom as they believed, but rather resembled a vision of hell.

Dozens of her companions wriggled naked, nailed in the forest of crosses. Others had been impaled on stakes or had just been roasted alive or dipped in cauldrons of boiling water. All the horrors of the sadistic human mind had gathered there, before their eyes.
Obviously a horrible kind of torture awaited them but first they would see with their own eyes how Sifax chewed on the three girls who had been impaled hours before. For this the girls were tied to posts so that they could see everything.
So it was already evening when the executioners proceeded with the three impaled women and applied different torments such as burning them with torches, scratching their skin with red-heated hooks, pinching them with red-hot tongs and punishing their breasts and buttocks with breast-ripping. With their mouths full, the victims could not make perceptible sounds, but the jerky movement of their arms and legs was eloquent enough of the suffering they were enduring.
Sifax left their sex for last. As they had been impaled in the ass, the three slaves showed to the crowd their shaved sex. Sifax ordered their labia to be pierced with hooks so that the sex looked like an open pink flower.
So he place three metal dildos on a grill and let them heat up to incandescent. The dildos had a wooden handle so that the executioners could pick them up without burning themselves and used them to fuck the slaves with them.
unnamed (12).jpgimages (31).jpg2D35BDC.jpg
After thus amusing the public for a long time, the executioners caught the three impaled and, unpinning the stakes, took them to the spits. They placed the stakes horizontally and after suitably greasing their bodies until they were shiny, they allowed them to roast little by little over the coals, turning them every ten minutes.
Her companions witnessed all the terrible torture that lasted a few hours, but when their impaled companions had not yet died, Sifax announced that they had to fight each other as gladiators to entertain the public. The losers would suffer a terrible ordeal: to be flayed alive.


This time the public enjoyed a true spectacle of gladiatrixes, as the Christian girls fought with all the fierceness they could just to get rid of such a horrible kind of death.
The executioners divided them into pairs and made them fight among themselves. Again they were given fake swords to prevent them from getting really hurt because they did not want to deprive the public of the pleasure of seeing how they were slowly skinned.
When one of the improvised gladiatrixes fell to the ground or received the first injury, her rival was declared the winner amid the excited shouts of the public.

The losers were immediately caught by the executioners and dragged to the torture place.

hole-he-chooses.jpgaren 41.jpg

Some of them were tied on the ground hand and foot to four posts. The executioners stretched the ropes well so that the girls could not move during the skinning. There were many ways to flaying alive a girl, for example you could use a flagrum taxillatum as each blow ripped off pieces of skin, but this was a very crude way of doing it. Other executioners used the traditional way of the Assyrians, tearing off the skin with sharp knives and small metal wedges. However, the Legion's true expert in skinning torture was not Sifax, but a certain Marsyas. This was not his name, but a nickname given by the legionaries of the satyr who was sentenced by Apollo to death flayed.

Marsyas boasted that he was able to carefully tear off large chunks of human skin while his victim remained alive and conscious. For this he carefully chose the girl he was going to skin, and then he began to carefully sharpen his infernal skinning instruments.


Once her victim had been chosen, Marsyas had her tied to an eagle spread structure with her arms and legs stretched out. Then he washed his entire body carefully with very hot water as this facilitated the work of skinning. Finally he proceeded with a very sharp scalpel to make very fine cuts that hardly caused the girl pain.
It was when he began to carefully separate the skin that the real ordeal began and the girl began to howl like an animal.
When the new gladiatrix heard those screams their motivation to win the fight multiplied and they threw themselves on each other without even waiting to be given a weapon. Amid the excited cheers of the public, two naked slaves engaged in a clumsy fight to the death as if they were professional wrestlers.
In the struggle of the fight, one of them inserted her thumbs into the sockets of her eyes and popped them, leaving her blind.
The winner claimed victory exhausted and her blind companion was tied to torture poles and flayed by marsyas when he had killed his first victim.
Indeed, the executioner kept his word and showed the skin on the front of the torso that he had cleanly torn from the girl. It was still breathing behind her.
- Come on, say good bye to your skin, you are the next.


More than six looser girls were flayed alive for two hours of agony.

Gabriel Roman arena 211.1-.jpg
However, the winners could not cheat death because they were tied to the posts again and delivered to the lions.
Gabriel Roman arena 120.1-.jpgGabriel Roman arena 207.1-.jpg
Unlike the former, they had been given the morning's spoils to eat and they took their time devouring their victims. Some of them were hung upside down and in a way skinned but this time by the claws of the lions that more than devour them played with them like a mother cat plays with a mouse to teach how to hunt her kittens.
All these sadistic entertainments lasted for many hours until sunset and the public began to retire to their respective houses cheering for the last time Galba who shook hands with his guests, satisfied.

The next day would be the last of the games and the highlight of them would be the torture and execution on the cross of Julia, who was considered the leader of all the Christian women in the city.

To be continue.


Chapter 22- Julia, saint and martyr?
pri2 (1).jpg
The night before her martyrdom was long and horrible. Although many soldiers and gladiators asked to enter Julia's dungeon to spend the last night with her, Sifax prevented them at the express wish of the praetor.

In this way, the two condemned women were left alone, one in the arms of the other, and no one violated them. That reassured Varinia a little more, who had been practically speechless as her tongue had been swollen by the red-hot needle. It was Julia who comforted her.
- Dear Varinia, do not be afraid of pain, your body should not worry you anymore, only your soul matters. Tomorrow face your martyrdom with dignity and you will win heaven, we will both be together in paradise forever.

Calmer Varinia managed to get some sleep, then Julia finally left her, carved a cross on the wall with a stone and kneeling in front of her, began to pray.

The young martyr asked God for strength to face the torture.
- Help me sir, in the midst of the torment that my mouth does not deny you as Pedro did, I will try to endure the torture in silence to dignify your sacred name ...

The poor girl prayed all night watching Varinia's sleep while she heard the wailing of her crucified sisters on the arena.
The next morning the guards did not wait as long as the day before and went to look for them shortly after dawn. There was the noise of the locks and the two girls hugged each other very tightly, vowing that they would not separate them.
images (15).jpgpri2 (2).jpg
However, four guardians were coming and it did not take them long to do so. Instead of two, they only took Varinia and left Julia alone in the dungeon.
Minutes later the young martyr heard the unmistakable crack of the whip hitting the skin and Varinia's wailing, surely drowned out by a gag.
Julia counted the lashes while digging her nails into the palms of her hand, 57! They hurt almost as much as their lover. With the last five or six Varinia stopped screaming as she had probably fainted, and Julia took a breath.
A few more minutes passed and then there was a series of metallic knocks and again the screams of poor Varinia.
- They are crucifying her, my God, they are crucifying her, poor Varinia, my love, Julia said to herself and with tears in her eyes she knelt and began to pray again before the cross so that at least her lover would die soon and not suffer too much.


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Julia had to wait several hours alone in the dungen until they came looking for her, certainly not before the large audience entered to see the show and settled into their seats.
Then the gladiator fighting began,… the clashing of swords,… the snorts of the gladiators in full effort,… ..and finally the cries of the wound men and of the crowd excited by the fight. When one finally fell to the ground, the people asked him to die or live depending on how he had fought and in those cases Galba always paid attention to the requests of the crowd. On all occasions he ended up being cheered by it.

When the fighting ended, the long-awaited moment of Julia's public execution finally arrived. The mob was expectant because they still considered her a noble and rich heir even though the judge had stripped her in front of everyone and turned her into a sexual slave. People were very morbid that she was so young and beautiful, but also that she had decided to give herself voluntarily to the martyrdom.
- I have been told that she herself asked to be crucified for her religion, it is said she is a saint, the women in the audience commented among themselves.

- She is not a saint, she is just a masochistic bitch, I know many of those, but we must admit that she is brave, most of them would not have dared.

- The guards say that when she was raped in the dungeons of the praetorium, she did not resist too much.

- I saw her the other day on the forum and the bitch had an orgasm while being tortured.
- I hope she screams like a sow on the cross, I paid a small fortune to see her.

As the people settled down, Centurion Quintus himself went to look for Julia accompanied by two female slaves and several guards.

- Stand up Christian, your time has come.
The guards tied her to a beam with her arms raised and her legs spread apart while the slaves cleaned her thoroughly.
Then they removed the rings from her nipples and clitoris and tied her hands behind her back by wrists and elbows, they put a noose on her and the centurion himself led her to the arena.
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When the young woman appeared before the public, a great shout of joy arose that accompanied her on her way to the place of torture.

For this, Julia had to cross the forest of crosses and was able to see up close many of her sisters in the faith suffering the horrible torment of death with their faces disfigured with pain or asking for mercy.
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- Pray.... for…. me… noble Julia… pray ....so...that… the Lord will take me….in paradise
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- Please,… .make my sufferings end, …… I can't take it anymore.

- Get me out of here ... please.
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- Pray for me before our Lord, …… holy and martyr,… .. make him welcome me into his bosom.


As she crossed near the stipes, Julia did not dare to look the victims in the face, especially when she could not fulfill what they so desperately asked of her.


The young woman realized with horror that in front of every two crosses they had placed a brazier and two executioners were in charge of each one, fanning the embers with bellows and introducing those hateful instruments of torture.

Even one of the cruelest executioners was using the brazier to torture the girl´s crocht.

- AYYYYY, PLEASE, JULIA, PLEASE, pray for me, PLEASE, take it away, I can´t, I can´t.

- Don´t cry bitch, I am just reading you for ulterior tortures, ha, ha.

Julia understood that those cruel executioners were not willing that the condemned were dying only from exhaustion but that they would make their last hours in this world the worst. That night had not been too cold so that all the crucified had survived to their misfortune.
Once in the front row, Julia passed the lowest crosses. In one of them was Varinia who had been nailed only a few minutes before. The girl was still crying inconsolably with her arms firmly nailed over her head and her knees bent and closed. The young woman had already had several needles stuck in her breasts and weights had been hung from the ring that hung from her clitoris. Next to her were two brutal guardians who were arguing among themselves about the instruments they were going to use to continue torturing her.
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Julia wanted to have gone there to comfort her but the guards stopped her and pushed her forward.
Then when she arrived in front of the honor box she saw what they had prepared for her and felt a tremendous shiver of terror.
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