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High Priestess of Slaanesh
It would be no more than a fat sinning whore deserves!
Perhaps but I'm sure that adequate punishment would be obtained by having you chained to the bed :)

(Not that it's much warmer indoors here today LOL)


High Priestess of Slaanesh
Face up or face down? Thunder thighs spread either way, of course.
Depends on my mood - on your knees would probably be a good compromise
Anyway enough of this banter - we are in danger of taking the thread too far off topic :D


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Rebel Leader
Staff member

Does your arm ever ache, Barb? :rolleyes:

Do you guys ever learn to behave? :mad:

You're more worried about a minor soreness in her arm than about my poor butt?:mad: Just wait until the next time you use the transporter, Wragg and where I might send you:devil:

Back to Blighty? :rolleyes::p
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