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The discreet and cruel charm of the Greek Islands

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Terra Nova Tramp
I really felt weird when I saw my hair come off in the shower and my pubic hair that I had trimmed artfully!

I now feel more naked than naked!

A bald man is common, but a woman is very rare and so I feel a little diminished, like an amputee.

The inspection that followed, unpleasant at first, quickly became very pleasant,

Appolonia taking pleasure in touching the places that react!

Probably because of what was in the ponch, the slightest touch elicited some very positive reactions.

Never before had I felt my clit so hard and erect and, on top of that, my cum production seemed inexhaustible.

I feel like the six of us had a delicious time!

I expected to start being tortured or at least whipped afterwards, but none of that yet.

After a very frugal meal, we were allowed to stay together in order to get to know each other better!

It was Charlotte and Fossy who started it before Nicole started sucking Pira!

At that moment, I couldn't resist starting to masturbate before offering my dripping pussy to Pira's mouth!

It was very good and I could feel the pleasure rising in me when Fossy came and entered me from behind!

I started to scream and was thrown into a violent orgasm as Fossy ejaculated in my kidneys!

Everyone looked as excited as I was and pleasures followed pleasures!

It was when I was simultaneously penetrated by Vindex and Pira while I was sucking Fossy that I had my most devastating orgasm which moreover found an echo with the enjoyment of Charlotte and Nicole that the 69 they were running just sent to seventeenth heaven.

It was quite special to watch these two women with shaved heads lick their pussies to orgasm.

I have always liked being taken by several men at the same time and in the current circumstances I enjoyed it even more.

I still lick pussies and suck cock between penetrations until late at night until we all fell asleep almost at the same time.

I know that I will not live any longer and that I would have liked my beloved master to be present as well, but even if I was destined to become a hundred-year-old I would never forget this night of debauchery but also of delight.

I hope I am not at the end of my pleasures and that I and my new friends will have the opportunity to cum many more times!

If that should not be the case, I'm glad I lived that night.



Waking up the next morning was tedious for the six of us because we really didn't spare ourselves last night!

It was in fact with fire hoses that the guards pulled us out of Morpheus's arms.

We all look at each other and find our bald heads even weirder but we have to get used to it since no hair will ever grow on our body again.

We are taken to the deck of the boat and we are seated again around the living room table where the same frugal meal as yesterday is served to us accompanied by the famous ponch that we had better enjoy if we do not want to die of thirst!

Appolonia speaks:

“I hope you had a very pleasant night because it was the last that you lived by fulfilling your wishes.
Next night we will arrive at our destination, Midas Petropoulos Island is impatiently awaiting us!
As soon as we arrive, you will be chained and taken to the agora located in the middle of the village!
There you will be sold to the highest bidder of the guests!
I count on you to show good will when you will be exposed and searched intimately by all those who wish it!
Afterwards, the rest of your story will depend solely on the one who bought you!
I won't force you back into the hold!
You can stay here in the living room or go to the pool!
The staff are not allowed to abuse you, but they can, if they want to rape you in any way, and you can't refuse!
Myself, after drinking the same thing as you, have cravings that I will not fail to fulfill. "

So here we are, the sexual slaves of the ship's personnel!

One thing is certain, we will arrive at our destination without consequences, intact for our next buyers.

I must say that the products we ingest must be terribly effective because, despite the follies of the last night, my cock has remained proudly erect and is ready to respond to the demands of the members of the crew who, unfortunately for us men, are mostly males and Greeks in addition.

We do not hesitate and the six of us head together towards the swimming pool and dive to cool off !

The perimeter of the swimming pool as well as the bar run by a man I hear call Heineudo begins to populate !

Vindex and I come out of the water first and we arrive at the bar but the barman only accepts to serve us the famous ponch that, knowing the virtues of the products that are there, also has a lot of success with the staff !

Barely time to drink a sip that we are grabbed by Appolonia and the Little secretary who received us yesterday !

The contrast is obvious between the two women !

As much one, Appolonia, is tall with breasts like shells ready to explode as much the other is small and cute with small mischievous breasts !

They both settle down with their legs wide open and we urge them to come with our tongues !

We therefore tackle this pleasant task and get immediate results !

The little one I take care of seems to react of my caresses by spraying my face with a discharge of cum .

I like the taste, a taste like anise, as having a perfume of Ouzo !

She pulls me towards her and makes sure that my cock penetrates deep inside her !

Her pussy is welcoming, warm and very lubricated and I feel a real pleasure to enter it !

On the other hand, what I did not expect is to receive at the same time the visit of one of the guards who enters my anus !

We both ejaculate practically at the same time while my partner screams her pleasure !

I see that Vindex must have like me to bow to the pleasures d'Appolonia and another guard as well mounted as mine was.

Repulsed, it's Fossy's turn to take our place and once again satisfy these two nymphomaniacs who really want to cum as many times as possible before reaching the island as well as the ephebes who are waiting impatiently for their turn !

And women, will you tell me?

They are held against the bar seats with their asses well exposed and a bet has just been cast !

Heineudo, the bartender, has pledged to make them cum one after the other and is encouraged by the fervent cries of the others employees who masturbate while attending the scene !

So it is in fact very pleasant that the afternoon passes for everyone !

But the clock is ticking and Appolonia reminds everyone to reality.

After an essential passage through the shower, the six of us are fitted with a metal straitjacket which includes two iron bars that block our wrists and take our necks !

In addition, we are placed a spreader bar connected to our ankles and makes it difficult to walk by forcing us to keep our legs apart.

The island is in sight and we are all linked by a chain attached to our shackles !

We will soon meet Mr. Pétropoulos and know how we are going to end our lives.



I am really not disappointed with the night I just spent despite no torture or punishment inflicted on me!

When I woke up, I felt my pussy and my anus burn me and the improvised shower we were given was really welcome!

It must be said that my three unfortunate male companions are not the last to come and have had the opportunity to prove to me that they know how to use their cocks and their tongues!

I also enjoyed the softer and above all more feminine way Charlotte and Kathy licked me and I confess that I also put all my heart into making them all happy.

It was a very lovely night.

I expected that we would be in chains until we arrived on the island but, on the contrary, we were taken to the deck of the boat where we were able to eat as frugally as the day before while still drinking that damn drugged ponch.

The speech from Apollonia that followed also surprised me and it's quite happy that I took a dip in the pool!

Warned when we came out of the water, we were attacked from all sides by staff happy to be able to take advantage of our bodies!

While Vindex and Pira are led away by Appolonia and the secretary, it's towards the bar that we are dragged Fossy, Charlotte, Kathy and me!

My two friends and I are then held the ass in the air on bar stools in order to be able to allow Heineudo, the barman, to realize the bet of making us cum all three one after the other!

The bartender then comes out from behind the counter showing off a very long and very big cock but still at rest.

It’s Fossy who is forced to stiffen his unusual sex which he is forced to take in the mouth and suck eagerly.

Fortunately for our friend, this probably very ponch-soaked Heineudo doesn't take long to reach the desired stiffness and size!

Sincerely, Although I've seen a lot of cocks come and penetrate my pussy, I had never seen such a cock in my entire existence !

And it’s going to start with me!

I feel his penis brush against my buttocks and directly point towards the entrance of my fortunately very lubricated pussy!

I have the impression that by entering me he will completely tear me apart but after the first blows he inflicts on me, my pussy adapts to this huge cock and, little by little, gets used to it very well to the point that I can not restrain my cries announcing the arrival of an orgasm!

It is triggered by the way as this cock explodes, delivering powerful jets of cum.

Without my really wanting it, the first part of his bet is successful but I do not have the opportunity to follow the rest of the bartender's sexual adventures because I am then assaulted by other employees who also conduct me well high in the sky .

After a time that I could not define, Appolonia puts an end to this bacchanal, the island of the boss being in sight and it is time to prepare for the disembarkation _

It is now with an uncomfortable straitjacket and the legs kept apart that we are all connected together waiting to put our foot on the somersault for the last time in our lives.

Our ordeal will soon begin.



We were woken early by the hardest, coldest, hosed jet of water imaginable. Several laughing crew members stood by the entrance to our room/cell in the hold pointing the hose directly at the 6 of us, it was hell – although I swear Nicole welcomed the impromptu soaking even as it was aimed directly between her opened legs.

Dripping wet we were led out onto the deck where Appolonia, who was quickly becoming ‘the Bitch’ in my eyes, gave us a little speech. We were being delivered to the island of Mr Midas Petropoulos where we were to be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder …

“Sold?” I heard Charlotte whisper to me.

“Yes, it would appear so,” I replied in equally quiet tones.

“I want to go home,” her response was almost a plea, but it was way too late for that. We had become sex slaves and would be used as our new ‘Masters’ saw fit. The bank accounts of Charlotte and I would be two million Euros better off, but it would be no use to us, we would never see that money!

It is ‘recommended’ that we all take a swim in the pool, and we obey. The water is refreshingly cool and we swim, even laugh, for a little while until Vindex and Pira exit the water and then the obvious strikes me. They are massively erect and have been constantly … as am I! It might seem strange that I had only just thought of it, but clearly I had become used to the feeling and it was upon seeing my colleagues in such a state that I realised the drink they serve us must contain a very strong stimulant!

We all follow the two guys out and I am pushed towards where Appolonia and her much more petite secretary are already enjoying the hard shafts that Pira and Vindex can provide … then it is my turn!

They mock me, touch me and then offer their pussies to me, whereupon I am expected to pleasure them one after the other. It takes me some time because ‘the Bitch’ forces me to cum inside her and, even though my drug infused cock remains hard, that makes it far harder to repeat the ejaculation inside the Little Secretary, though I am made to ride them until I do.

And so, it is with a raw and painfully sensitive cock-head that I am then almost immediately forced to my knees and presented with the erection of the man they call Heineudo, the barman.

“Make me hard,” is all he says, before pushing against my mouth. I have little option but to open and feel his firm, spongy head push between my lips. I gag, it is the first cock I have ever tasted and I find the whole process vile. But that is clearly not the concern of Heineudo as he moves slowly to match the pace of my sucking and licking. I silently pray that he will not cum inside my mouth and much to my relief he does not, using me instead to ready him for a fucking marathon inside the presented asses of our three girls … including my Charlotte!

This orgy of lust continues for some time until we are at last taken away, and as the island destination comes into view the six of us are secured in irons, collared at the throat, wrists and ankles … to await our fate.



“I want to go home …” my pathetic words had been uttered to my Master, knowing that he could do nothing. We had come here to challenge ourselves and experience the wilder side of life, but it had turned into a suicide pact. We were to be tortured and then, as the ultimate deliverance of perverted lust to out host and his guests, snuffed out for their pleasure.

The words of Appolonia made our immediate destiny only too clear, and we would arrive at the island of Midas Petropoulos soon enough. But before there we were to be used.

I watched from our place in the comforting swimming pool as the two guys fucked Appolonia and her PA, then it was our turn. Commanded to get out of the water, I watched horrified as Fossy was pushed to his knees and forced to suck the hardening cock of the bar guy. He looked appalled but I had to admit to feeling more than a little moisture develop between my thighs as I gazed upon the scene.

It was a good thing that I was wet because once he was solid, the bar guy, Heineudo, took each of us girls in turn and made us writhe and squirm beneath him as we orgasmed to order, every climax receiving loud applause.

By the time Appolonia called a halt to proceedings I was once more exhausted and could do nothing to resist being clapped in irons, secured to watch from deck as the island got nearer and nearer!

Clapped in Irons.jpeg


Terra Nova Tramp
My jaw hurts a bit and my vagina and rectum are burning, inevitable consequences of the crazy night the six of us just spent!

It was magical and I couldn't say how many times I climaxed so closely!

My companions don't look much better than I am and I'm glad we got plenty of water so that we could come to us more or less completely.

Our jailers are lovely today, and we are allowed to go up to the deck, eat dearly before, as Appolonia told us, we can use the boat's pool.

The only obligation imposed on us is to be fully sexually disposed by the personnel of the boat.

So, after the swim, the three women and Fossy are brought to the bar and kept on stools so that Heineudo, the bartender, can fulfill his bet to make all three of us cum!

When I see the beast come out from behind his counter, I panic a little because, even at rest, he exhibits a penis of a size exceeding any norm!

I hope I don't have to take it in my mouth because I feel my jaw would be shattered!

Lucky for me, and unfortunately for Fossy, it's his job to train this demonic craft!

Nicole, who is going to be the first to endure this cock inside her, looks at me with a slightly scared look, wondering if she will be able to accept this damn cock inside her.

After penetration and a few comings and goings inside her, that fear has faded and now are screams of pleasure coming out of her throat.

This penetration was pretty brief and now it's my turn to receive the offering from this man whose cock hasn't shrunk at all after honoring Nicole.

I feel his fingers dig my anus and then my pussy !

No, he is not going to take me from behind, he would bust my ass as my pussy will adapt much more easily to the abominable device.

I feel his cock brushing against my buttocks, spreading them, pretending to want to sink into my anus but luckily bypass and come to the entrance of my cum dripping pussy.

A thrust from him and I feel it creep into me, I feel the lips of my vagina tighten, ready to tear but which pull apart and allow this giant phallus to enter me.

Strangely, after the pain of penetration, this sex in me which comes up against my uterus begins to do me good and I can not suppress grunts of contentment which gradually turn into cries of pleasure!

I had never felt my vagina as full as it was then and now it is I who comes to meet that cock which leads me to a terrible orgasm.

Ejaculation is powerful and important.

I feel him withdrawing from me and, deep inside, I regret that it is already over!

I still have a remarkable pussy that accommodates all kinds of cocks out there, a standard pussy.

Yet once Heineudo abandoned me to move on to Charlotte,

The cocks that replaced his in me and although they were normal sizes seemed insignificant!

But it seems that the island is in sight and that in less than two hours we will have landed.

It's time to get ready and after another icy shower, we are put on an iron straitjacket which, going through our neck, keeps our wrists in the air and then a bar connected to our ankles hindering us walking and we forcing you to keep your legs apart.

A new stage towards our death will begin!

Ah! My master, if you could be there, I believe that your presence would give me more courage to go through all that I am going to have to endure!

My master whom I love so much, it is for you that I am going to suffer, it is for you that I am going to die.


Now I finally get the opportunity to satisfy myself and win my bet. A good serving of my specialty drink will help me with this. The first thing I do is force Fossy to put my tail in the working position. At first Fossy still manages to get my penis in his mouth, but as it expands to full size Fossy already starts to show slight signs of lack of air and gasps in desperation.

But I pull back from Fossy's mouth and turn to Nicole who is already being held on one of the bar stools. I stroke my cock through Nicole's column and try to push my penis into her. Man, that's tight. I increase the pressure, hit her ass cheeks a few times with the flat of my hand and when the hole widens a bit because of the blows, at least the tip is in it. Pressed firmly two or three more times and I'm in it. At first she moaned, but after a few bumps suddenly horny cries of joy come out of her mouth. But unfortunately after a few minutes Nicole began to flow like a fountain of water. As a result, I splashed off for the first time and I withdrew from Nicole. Thanks to this wonderful drug, however, my penis remained completely erect with no sign of sagging. Then I turn to the bar stool on the left on which Katy is lying. I dig her ass with two fingers first and then into her pussy. I notice that she's afraid that I will use her ass, but it is clearly not stretched enough yet and would tear. I rub the tip of the penis over her back entrance and then use her cunt, which, strangely enough, is quite wide and well lubricated. Katy only groans a little at the first three thrusts, but after that it seems to give her more and more pleasure to be so completely filled.

I hear her cries of pleasure, but after a short time she begins to cum incredibly strongly and I withdraw from her.


What a horrible feeling that brutal awakening with the jet of ice cold water. I will skip Appolonia's speech, which briefed us on what awaits us when we arrive on the island.

After a frugal meal we were able to bask in the pool and then I went to the bar with Piraland. It is forbidden to drink anything other than this famous ponch. It must be said that it superbly boosts our libido.

Appolonia came towards us in the company of her secretary, a pretty little thin woman with small breasts. The two women lay down on the floor, legs well apart and we prayed to satisfy them.

Piraland was under the spell of the little girl and appropriated her, leaving it to me to satisfy the pulpy Appolonia.

I plunged greedily into her garden of love. I licked and sucked her clitoris and titillated it with the tip of my tongue. A real woman fountains this beautiful slut. She flooded my face with her elixir of love.

Then I put it on with my stiff dick. While I was at it, snatching her grunts of pleasure from her, a man came behind me with the obvious desire to want to sodomise me.

I'd rather die right now than let him fuck me. Never, never. I was ready to do anything to stop him.

This young sailor had a small dick; a premature ejaculator. So horny that he couldn't penetrate me and ejaculated his sperm on my buttocks. Son of a bitch.

Appolonia caught me with scissors between his muscular thighs at the same time as a big cry of pleasure came out of his mouth. I ejaculated in jerks at the bottom of her hot and wet vagina.

Then it was the turn of Fossy and our companions in slavery to suffer the assaults of these hysterical men.
The island being in sight we were then dressed in a straitjacket and put in irons.

What was going to happen to us once we were sold on the agora ?


The last one I took on was Charlotte. It was built much tighter and I had to push hard to sink my penis into her pussy. At first she moaned a bit, but after a few bumps I heard screams of pleasure, she was already spraying after 5 minutes, but I stayed in her a little longer because I wanted to spray myself, which I finally managed after 10 minutes. Then I pulled my penis out of her. I have won my bet and I can look forward to the redemption of my winnings. The three women are now so enlarged that no one else in the crew should have any problem penetrating them. Now I go behind my bar to have the drink that I had already mixed for myself. This will make my permanent erection go away very quickly.



Here is the famous Midas Pétropoulos who was waiting for the boat to be arrived to get on the deck of the yacht to see if the goods brought to him live up to his expectations!

Directly, he comes to us and reviews us!

He is a fat man, very tall with a big belly, a tyrant who does not hesitate to destroy those who are unfortunate enough to stand in his way or those who have disobeyed him!

He feels the women's breasts, searches them between the legs and happily contemplates our drugged and erect cocks.

He then goes inside the boat with Appolonia and the secretary and, when they come out, the two women are as bald as us, their loincloth has been removed and they are chained like us!

What could have happened?

A rumor is circulating among the staff that the boss has just sentenced them to death because, as responsible for the boat, they did not have to take advantage of us during the trip as well as allow the staff to participate in the orgy of the standby .

This proves to us that we are dealing with someone demonic for whom the word pity must have no meaning.

The erotic atmosphere that prevailed during the trip has given way to a much more cruel trend!

We may still be sexually abused but we will probably have suffered painful abuse.

All in chains and one behind the other we leave the boat!

The two new convicts open the road, it is quite painful because the path is made of stones which cut the soles of our feet, each step is very painful but we must move forward because now the guards who escort us are equipped with whips and are ready to use it!

Fortunately, the sun is going down on the horizon and the heat is quite bearable especially thanks to a light sea breeze which cools us down!

So we arrive towards the center of the island in the courtyard of the shipowner's huge villa where he accommodates all his guests!

They are all grouped together and very curious to see us arrive!

Our chains, with the exception of the bar that spreads our legs, are removed and we are placed in pillories in the middle of the thirty or so people impatiently waiting to see the fate that awaits us!

Pétropoulos is asking for seven volunteers to come and whip us for the first time!

Himself reserves Appolonia, whom he intends to punish as much as possible for his disobedience.

He has decided that each of us is going to receive twenty-five hits on the back, buttocks and back of the thighs and the punching begins immediately.

I inherited a matron who is as round as she is tall with a huge saggy breast that comes out of her short Greek tunic with only one sleeve!

All the guests are dressed in this way and most of them do not wear anything underneath in order to be able, for the women to be more accessible and, for the men, to get their cocks out faster, which for the most part are erect.

My whipper is really not an expert and, although her punches mark me with red stripes, I easily resist this torture which is really not too deep.

The only blow that made me scream was the one that I guess by chance hit my balls.

Beside me, Nicole is already busy enjoying herself because the muscular youngster who takes care of her looks much more experienced than my matron!

I hear cries coming from my companions who must suffer but twenty-five blows, it's quick and we are left to recover,

Midas Pétropoulos declaring that we will spend the night attached to our pillories and to the sexual disposition of all his guests!

The night promises to be long and our recovery very short!


I am so glad that this pimbeche from Apollonia has been added to our group!

She is less proud without her mane and, like us, will be sacrificed to the sadism of Pétropoulos!

We, chained to each other, follow her towards the center of the island, finally encouraged by the whips of our guards!

I was hanging around on purpose in order to receive my first caress of those leather thongs that I have missed so much the last few days!

The soles of my feet are already bleeding from the stones that line the path and are sharp as razors!

This pain doesn't please me too much but I have to endure it!

Finally arrived, we are tied to pillories and we will have to undergo our first flogging!

The chef asks for volunteers to do it!

So there are no specialists here, people who know how to use their whip optimally in order to do as much harm as possible.

Which amateur am I going to come across?

I inherit a man in his 30s, muscular and whose interesting cock lifts his short !

The first few hits tell me he's not as bad as I thought and hurts me a lot, which makes me happy.

He looks like he wants to focus his hits on my butt and some end up on my pussy and my clit!

It was enough to trigger the pleasure I had been waiting for and all the hits that followed only increased my enjoyment until I climaxed!

My pussy is dripping and I scream my pleasure.

I am very happy that, as soon as the flogging is over, he inserts his cock into my anus.
I can feel his ejaculation inside me and only hope for one thing, for it to start again.

I only took care of myself and therefore do not know how it went for my companions!

I heard the owner say that we were going to spend the night strapped to our pillories and that we were going to be available to everyone!

It promises a night of rape!

Directly, a fat Greek presents me with his cock to suck!

I say cock but it doesn't look like cocks at all, I'm used to!

So he presents me with a limp, ridiculously sized!

I concentrate on my sucking but the member in my mouth refuses to move!

Hope I get punished for failing to get him hard!

But, not even, he withdraws leaving his place for a woman who offers me her pussy to lick.

At the same time, I feel a cock, very hard this one, invade my pussy!

It's very good and I feel like I'm leaving but this cunt squirts without giving me time to get to the real pleasure.

All the cocks that came in all my holes afterwards still gave me one or two orgasms but I was hoping for much better.

The night is dragging on now and the position I occupy is not the most relaxing!

Tomorrow will be difficult but I expect it and really hope it will.


Meeting Midas Pétropoulos it is easy to feel hatred for him. He is huge, and I mean obese as well as tall. His belly flows over his pants exposing slick, shiny skin and rolls of fat. He visits the boat and his first act is to take the two female employees of his, Appolonia and the petite secretary and order them inside. A little while later, while we have all been left on deck to wait, the two hapless girls reappear and they are naked, totally … even their heads have been shaved!

“What the fuck?” It is Charlotte who whispers, but we soon hear rumours of Pétropoulos’ displeasure with how we were treated whilst under their care, and so now they join us on ‘death row’!

“Fuck!” It is a quiet expletive that is emitted by Charlotte as we all stumble a little on the sharp stones covering the pathway to the mainland, and then on to the large, luxurious island villa where the planned perversions and atrocities will be carried out.

We are freed from all of our chains except for the leg spreader, and so walking is still difficult, but access to our genitals and ass is not. However, it soon becomes clear that walking is not a requirement as we are each attached to a pillory as the first ‘instalment’ is made clear.

“Twenty-Five lashes each …”

The whips are not scourges, but they are multi-thonged leather with hard tips. Of equal concern is the hands into which they are placed. Volunteers, who will undoubtedly simply attempt to strike us all as hard as they can, without finesse or discretion of any kind!

I am positioned next to Charlotte.

“Look at me Charlotte, look into my eyes and do not let your gaze falter.”

And so it was in such a position, faces turned towards one another that we experienced the mutual agony. Lash and after lash fell hard upon her slender flesh as indeed they did upon my own body.

I saw the tears rolling down her cheek and her lips swell from her teeth biting into them.

“Argggghhh! Fuck!” Now it was I who cried out and arched away from the pillory as the leather bit into my ass and flicked against my balls. My tormentor liked my response and so the next five lashes were all aimed at my testicles. I felt sick and nauseous, but became distracted when my muse now banged her head against the pillory in an attempt to stem the pain …

Then it was over, or at least the flogging was. But as I hung in the pillory chains, feeling the blood run down my back, I felt lips upon my cock. They were, however, not the lips of a female upon me, but the larger, more coarse mouth of a man. Having completed his task as my whipmaster, the same volunteer was now on his knees sucking hard, with uncompromising vigour, at my erection.

“Ohhhhh!” I unwittingly groaned, unable to stem the flow of my growing stimulation. Then is happened, and, as Charlotte looked on, I came hard as this boy or man sucked my load into his mouth.

Leaving me gasping he then stood and moved to where my muse also now hung. Turning her back to face me he spewed the semen over the cuts and wounds that the whipping had produced. As he proceeded to rub the thick, white juice into her broken flesh, Charlotte howled with pain.

Of course, drugged as we were, my cock remained to attention and so without any pause for respite my muse was pushed towards me, ass first, and my cock was forced deep into her bowels.

“Fuck the bald cunt!” Was my order. I did, of course … what choice did I have?

And so, after fucking the ass of my beautiful girl for a short while, prodding and poking at her dirty secretions, I was pulled out and Charlotte was now forced to her knees and commanded to clean me of her own filth …

This was to be our life now until our impending execution arrives …


Terra Nova Tramp
Our group's arrival on dry land was very amazing!

First of all, I didn't expect Mr. Pétropoulos to be such a disgusting physical person!

He's filthy, fat, and something he doesn't even bother to hide by his worn-looking gown and probably impossible to erect!

It wouldn't even get inside a jar of mayonnaise.

Besides, he's a tyrant and Appolonia is busy paying the price by joining us now and becoming an additional convict with the little secretary!

Arrived in the large courtyard of the central villa , we are installed in pillories in order to receive our first flogging!

I personally inherit as the executioner of a fairly young man who, before starting to whip me, runs a hand between my legs and finds that I am not indifferent, my pussy is soaked and my clit has come out of its hiding place .

I'm glad to finally get those lashes and prepare to suffer intensely.

Beside me, Petropoulos has already started to whip Appolonia and seems to have a lot of fun unlike the poor woman who really did not expect to find herself in such a situation.

But here is the whip that hits me for the first time and the blow surprises me because, to an amateur, my executioner seems not to be his first experience!

He arranges for the thongs of his whip to touch the same area on my back causing me tremendous pain and then he knocks up and down to reach the area between my thighs!

After the intense pain, excitement builds in me and I actually open my legs as much as possible to make it easier for him!

The click is there and my cries of suffering are gradually transformed into grunts of pleasure that stop at the same time as the lashes.

Appolonia looks devastated and is literally hanging from her neck and wrists because her legs no longer support her.

The repulsive Pétropoulos then signals that we are going to spend the night in our pillories and that we are at the sexual disposal of the guests.

My pretty executioner is the first to give me his cock to suck!

She is very good and very hard and I apply myself to her like my life depends on it!

Meanwhile, without asking my opinion, another cock has just entered my vagina!

I know this cock, it is very big and fills me completely!

By his voice, I recognize the barman, the famous Heineudo who knew how to stay in the good graces of the shipowner, perhaps it is even he who sold the deal as to the pleasure taken by Appolonia during the trip and, in fact, condemned her.

He really has an outsized cock but my vagina is finally adjusting to it very well and when the two men cum, I reach a very reasonable orgasm.

A woman has now replaced the man I was sucking and I am not reluctant with my tongue to draw him to orgasm fast enough!

It is now in my rectum that my whipper decided to enter and his cock really satisfies me.

All night long, it will suck like that and I sincerely wonder in what state I will be tomorrow!

It probably won't be brilliant if they make our sale!

Finally, it will not be me who will be disappointed but my potential buyers.

I need to stop thinking about it all and focus on the pleasures I can have!

There will still be time tomorrow to experience what I will be subjected to.


After the yacht has docked in the port, I am ordered to see Mr. Pedroupulos. My boss wants to know from me why all crew members were allowed to use the slaves during

the crossing. I replied truthfully that Appolonia, as his secretary, had informed me that it was his instruction and that I should distribute the punch to all crew members. He

directed me to get Appolonia and her assistant aboard the yacht, undress them and treat them with our special hair removal bath, then I should put both chains on and line

them up with the slaves on their march, after which I received a commendation from mine Superiors: “My dear Heineudo, I wish that you, as head bartender, ensure that all

my guests on the island are supplied with drinks. I also need a vial from you with the special ingredient that you use for yourself, because I know that you use something

better than the stuff that is given out for everyone else. You will also get permission to use a slave of your choice that night. ”Of course I treated Appolonia and her friend

immediately and then went ashore where I made sure that the two new slaves were added to the rest of the group. After arriving at the central square, all slaves were

fastened in the pillories standing there and each received their 25 lashes, which were administered to them by the amateurs drawn beforehand. I waited patiently until the

first run on the holes of the slaves was over, I chose Kathy, whom I wanted to fuck again. I didn't even need my special drug to cum first in Kathy's pussy and then again in her

back entrance. Then I took a long shower and lay down to enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.


On our arrival I discover this famous Midas Petropoulos; a tall, obese and ugly man with a cow's belly that overflows on his sex. He doesn't inspire any sympathy to me.

To my astonishment he got on board and had Appolonia and the little secretary arrested. The two women received the same treatment as we did.

Naked and shackled they joined us on deck. We are all freed from our chains, except for the spreader placed at the ankles.

The walk on a gravel path is particularly difficult for us because we walk barefoot and our ankles are tied in the spreader.

On the square of a large villa we are each tied to a pillory and it is announced that we will spend the night there at the disposal of our tormentors, who will have the liberty to dispose of us as they wish.

But first we will have to be flogged. 25 lashes with a leather strap whip.

Personally, at this announcement, my masochistic side takes over; the divine pleasure of the flogging provokes the emotion in my lower abdomen.

Already we males are in an almost permanent erection because of the drugs swallowed in these ponchs over and over again. But where is my executioner?

Here he comes, or rather here she is ! For it is a beautiful mature Greek beauty who will take care of me. A long flaming red hair and the body of a goddess with a Greek nose. She is dressed in the antique style, with a short outfit that falls on her upper thighs.

She is staring at me with a deep, emotionless gaze, where two emerald green eyes shine. Having circled the pillory twice, detailing me from bottom to top and top to bottom, she begins to flog my back, then my buttocks and the front of my thighs.

The pain of the successive blows is present but does not exceed the excitement that seizes me. Am I not here of my own free will and to suffer before I die?

All the more so as in my field of vision I see Nicole; her crotch is dripping. She wets with pleasure under repeated blows. Same for Kathy and the others.

While I still have five shots left to take, my blood drips slowly but my cock is stretched and bandaged like a bow ready to shoot.

Sublime ecstasy takes hold of me. A beauty that whips me, the bodies of my companions writhing under the whip; all this produces an immense discharge of happiness in me and I forcefully ejaculate a milky sperm against the central pillar of the pillory.

I'm all panting when the redhead comes to the end of the 25 strokes. Then she disappears as if by magic.
Now we have to spend the night at the pillory, available to those who want to satisfy their desires.

Curiously, nobody is interested in me any more while my friends are still being attacked by a few obsessed people. I fall from fatigue; one would think I am dead. It is not so, but I will spend an uncomfortable night interspersed with nightmares and strange dreams.

What does the day hold in store for us???



I suppose it was so that we could still be presentable tomorrow that around three in the morning guards came and took us from our pillories and we were able, although re-chained, to lie down on the floor and recover a bit!

These few soft hours were good, and in the morning, as soon as the sun rose, we were woken up with watering spears.

Quickly dry thanks to the hot sun, we were served the usual snack accompanied by the eternal ponch.

I sincerely would have preferred a coffee, but it sounds like guests only.

I see that they have installing a gallows to which are attached two ropes with their knots ready to accept two necks!

It seemed to me that we were going to be sold but I see that two of us are probably already going to leave!

Life has now resumed in the villa and one after another is arriving to witness the day's festivities.

Everyone is now in place and the eight of us are taken to the platform where the two gallows are!

"Before today's attraction, you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to one of our convicts which you can dispose of until such time as you decide to put him to death however you wish.
You were able to test them last night and I am sure that your choice is made and that you have a huge desire to be able to dispose of your future acquisition! "

It is with these words that Midas Pétropoulos announces our sale.

Nicole is the first to be offered to the public!

“In front of you, to start, we offer you this French female who loves to suffer!
She is truly the queen of masochists who will give you a lot of satisfaction if you know how to get her to go beyond all her limits. "

The auctions are going well but his executioner from yesterday accompanied by his wife seems very interested and in a short time wins the auction and is therefore the proud owner of this chronic pleasure-seeker!

Then comes Vindex who is presented as a sporty male always ready to satisfy the desires of the most demanding women!

It’s my matron who must be over 200 pounds that owns it!

Then comes Charlotte whose fear of seeing herself separated from her master Fossy can be read in her eyes!

She, too, is described as a perverse sweetheart with no dislikes and, quickly, a couple in their sixties offer themselves.

Now is my turn! Like all the males on offer, my drugged cock is erect and seems to interest a very tall but also very plump woman with a reshaped breast of a size that would have made Lolo Ferrari herself doubt!

I don't have to say that this person is my favorite potential buyer but I just have the right to be silent and therefore see myself becoming the property of this fat Amazon.

After me, Kathy!

Presented as the ideal submissive totally devoted to the master who will buy her!

She loves being in pain and being penetrated by as many men as possible at once!

This is the dream of a domineering man, whoever makes it his own will not be disappointed!

The auctions skyrocket when a man who hadn't said anything yet steps in and puts a very large amount on the table so that no one can overbid!

Kathy's surprise is huge because the man in question is none other than her master who sold her to the shipowner!

She cries for joy!

It's the one she loves who will torture and kill her!

Her joy is good to see and she now feels ready to face her death.

Rest Fossy who has just seen his nymph leave with a couple and realizes that he is going to be separated from her for good!

The auctions are fast and it is a lesbian couple, loathing men and very happy to have the opportunity to sacrifice one, who pays for it!

On a leash and still chained, we are pulled into the public by our new owners who are now impatiently awaiting the attraction promised by Pétropoulos!

What diabolical spectacle did he invent?

We will find out soon.


Charlotte’s Perspective

I dare not cry out but my eyes tell my story. Please let me be with my love, my Master, my soul mate … but it is not to be, because shackled and naked, the wounds on my back sore and opened still, I am sold alone.

It is a couple that buy me, an elderly but not old pair, most probably in their 60’s bid the highest amount, and the look of lust on then man’s face combined with the drool dripping from the lips of the woman make it clear that my fate is not in good hands.

“Arggghh!” I dry out as I am pushed down the stairs, and the bar spreading my legs causes me to fall. I am pulled up by the tight grip of my male owner’s hand in my hair and pushed forward. He helps me to the stall where the spreader bars are being removed, but before the key could be used, I am pushed once more, this time to my hands and knees, and my hips gripped.

I know what is coming and I am not wrong, because the elderly man’s cock head pushes past my swollen pussy lips and he impales me upon his shaft. I am filled in one motion, then filled osme more, and then more and then …

“Please, ohhhh please take it out, it’s too big!”

The man laughed and replied, “Yes, my slave, it is a full twelve inches long and four inches in diameter and it is all yours, every inch!”

I can’t actually take it all but he pushes and thrusts and then fucks me so hard that his wife had to hold my shoulders to stop me from being pushed to the ground, and she proceeds to kiss my mouth while her husband rapes me.

By the time he has finished I am torn apart and can feel the tsunami of sperm flowing from my body, at which point her appears at my head, and his wife’s lips are replaced by his leaking cockhead.

“Clean me slave.” My choice is zero and so now my poor mouth is stretched impossibly so around his cock as, even in a slightly softening state, he is still far too big for anywhere in my body.

By the time my leg spreader is removed and I am bundled away to be transported I can hardly walk …

“Master, I love you … forever,” were my whispered words as I was led away.


Terra Nova Tramp
Being flogged and then raped I expected and it didn't come as a surprise to me!

On the other hand, I was very happy that I was released from the pillory because the position is not the most relaxing and as I expect that from tomorrow the tortures will only increase, I want to be able to keep strength to manage to face with dignity.

If my master could be there, I don't think I would fear anything!
I am here for him, he wanted it and I could only bow to his will.

I don't fear death, but I think if he were there I would approach it more calmly.

Am I going to die hanged by the neck?

In any case, there is some hanging in the air because the gallows are ready for the two of us!

Pétropoulos promises its guests a surprise attraction after our sale has taken place.

It's funny to be re-sold but this time it's a public sale!

I had always dreamed of it!

Exposed naked to an audience vying for my property with thousands of euros excites me to the utmost! my pussy is soaked and I can feel my clitoris which would like to be touched, caressed, licked!

If I could afford it, I would masturbate and didn't feel like it would take me long to reach an orgasm.

But this sale started with Nicole who seems satisfied with her buyer!

He's not bad at all and, since he brought her off the platform, she has to be concerned with making him and his wife cum!

Pira and Vindex are less fortunate as they are both bought off by flesh and fat monsters and Charlotte is she attributed to a very old couple who certainly won't do her much harm sexually.

It's my turn !

My pussy keeps sinking, the more time goes by and the more potential buyers are fighting over my property, the more horny I get!

A man hidden from me seems to insist more than others to buy me!

Either way, it won't change much for me, it will be torture and rape before execution!

The auctions continue and finally I am attributed to this mysterious buyer who finally comes out of the shadows!

My legs are cut off !

I can't believe it, the person who just bought me is none other than my master!

The man I idolize, for whose sake I am here and will die soon!

Hot tears roll down my cheeks, tears of joy!

How did he manage to be there?

I ignore it and I am not interested, the main thing is that he is there and that he will be there until the end, until my last breath.

He picks me up, leads me into the audience holding me by my leash.

I lower my head, put myself directly into a submissive position and take the erect cock he hands me directly between my lips!

How I love to suck that hard cock that I adore and impatiently wait for him to turn me around to penetrate me wherever he wants.

I am ready to welcome him into myself before I suffer at his hand and die for him when and how he wants.

I'm on cloud nine and I wouldn't even know who Fossy was just sold to.

We are now announcing the planned attraction but I completely lose interest,

I have in my mouth what matters most to me and even if the sky crumbles, I don't think I would even mind oral sex awesome that I am performing.


Fossy’s Perspective

I watched as my muse, my lover was taken away by the couple. I continued to watch as she was pushed to ground and raped by the man’s monster shaft, and then mouth-fucked by the same tool.

I could do nothing. It was my turn to be sold.

A couple. Girls both. Lesbians.

“We fucking hate men you cunt!” Was their opening sentence, followed by “Chain his cock for us, and sound him with this.”

My eyes widened as any grief I felt for the loss of Charlotte was ridden roughshod over, and I looked down upon the shining metal rod with the small studs covering its surface.

“Fuck no, please …” were my only words, which of course were to no avail. The chain first, a small but heavy link was fastened tightly around the base of my cock and padlocked in place, the loose end hanging between my legs like a leash.

Then the sounding occurred.

With my shaft permanently erect it was easy for one of Pétropoulos’ men to prepare me as ordered. With my new owners watching my urethral hole was opened and the studded metal rod thrust hard into my shaft. I yelled out and arched my body but the pain inducing rod was then sealed inside my cock by a metal cap being clicked in place.

I could now neither cum nor piss … these bitches had me completely under their control as I was taken away to have the spreader bar removed.


It is all stiffened by the position that I had to keep for hours on top of all the sexual assaults I have suffered as I watch with relief as the guards free us from our pillory!

A few hours of recovery followed by the ice-cold shower that is granted to us is not a luxury!

On the platform, I am the first to be offered for sale.

This reassures me a little because, with this gallows which announces hangings, I feared for a moment to be hanged because that would not have given me the opportunity to exceed my limits in the suffering and the pleasure. how I want to live until my last breath!

I really like the way I am presented!
Yes, I want to suffer!

Yes, I want to exceed my limits!

Yes, I am ready to face any abuse someone wants to inflict on me! Just thinking about it, naked on this scene detailed by an interested audience, I can feel my cum flowing between my thighs like never happened to me before!

Several male and female candidates are fighting over the right to dispose of me with thousands and thousands of euros!
the bids are flying, there is a huge matron and a bald old man who must not have much between his legs!
I spotted the man who whipped me yesterday, I'd like him to buy me. I look him in the eyes, I smile at him, pumping my chest and spreading my thighs slightly. I think he got the message, because he doesn't let go, and he's the one who wins the auction. Immediately, he immediately drags me into the public, keeping me on a leash! I am happy to be his thing. He brings me to my knees and makes me lick his wife's pussy before I suck him!

With my arms crossed, I can only work with my mouth and my tongue but it seems to satisfy both of them, she squirts quickly and he sends me powerful jets of cum deep in my throat!

Meanwhile, sales continued and Vindex was awarded to a huge woman nearly as fat and deformed as the one who bought herself Pira!

This promises for both of them!

Charlotte now belongs to an old couple who will want revenge on their youth over their advanced age and Fossy, although the two women who bought it are very pretty, will not have it easy with these lesbians who are auspicious. to the vengeance of men.

Kathy's case is more like a fairy tale!

Of course, she will be tortured, of course she will die like all of us, but the one who will guide her towards her sacrifice is none other than her master who has succeeded in being invited by Pétropoulos!

Her ordeal will surely be less heavy to bear because, as she told me, it is for him that she will die and sacrifice herself.

We are now all out of the platform and the show promised by the host will begin soon!

What the devil has he prepared?
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