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The Riwa Story Thread

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Once in a very great while I'll attempt a little poetry... like this one from a while back...
Emma's Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas; one task to perform
before Emma could finally go in and get warm.
The boxes were stacked in a corner with care;
an ominous warning her foe would be there.
Other than that there was nothing to find,
but the PI deduced there was evil in mind.
‘Time to get out and report what I know!’
the woman surmised as she started to go.
When out in the back she heard sounds of a car
and a short moment later the door was ajar.
“I’ll be caught!” she cried out and she started to run
when in through the door burst a bitch with a gun.
“Freeze!” a voice said and she stalled in her tracks,
afraid she’d be shot down right there in the back.
She heard a voice say, “My-my; what have we here?
It’s that private dick Emma – a pleasure, my dear!”
The voice was familiar as she turned around…
twas Amy the smuggler from outside of town.
Her grin was malicious, her deeds so well known
that the PI named Emma let out a small groan.
“You have become such a thorn in my side
that I think it is time I take you for a ride!”
“You’ll not get away with this!” Emma said loudly.
“I already have,” Amy retorted proudly.
Out to the car and then into the trunk
where she rolled all around with the rest of the junk;
Emma despaired that she might not survive.
There had to be some way of staying alive.
The car ride was lengthy and much too unpleasant,
making her wish she’d stayed home with her presents.
They came to a halt and the trunk opened wide.
Then Emma at gunpoint emerged from inside.
“Walk to the door,” her foe waved with the gun,
and Emma was sure her PI-ing was done.
She was tied to a chair clear inside in the back.
Then Amy reached into the depths of a sack.
“Know what this is?” her foe said with a grin.
One look confirmed it would make a great din.
“An explosive device!” Emma quivered with dread.
She knew that this cruel bitch wanted her dead!
‘This sure will do it!’ she thought with a quiver.
‘There’ll be nothing left – maybe pieces of liver!’
“You’ll not get away with this!” Emma cried out
but the woman ignored her while looking about.
“I’ll just set the timer, then be on my way.
Sorry that I cannot stay here and play!”
Amy laughed cruelly, tossing her hair
before setting the bomb underneath Emma’s chair.
She spoke not a word, but kept on with her work
’til the timer was set. Then she rose with a jerk.
“Now I must be going,” she said to her foe,
“But allow me this one little treat ‘fore I go.”
Then kissing the helpless PI on her lips
the woman stood up with her hands on her hips.
Emma heard her exclaim as she walked out of sight,
“Have a blast, my dear Emma! I bid you good-night!”
Emma's Nightmare before Christmas.JPG
© 2008 (written Dec 24 ’08 by riwa)
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Selena's Decision

She hated Becky; she really hated that bitch. Becky had Ryan’s heart and soul. The irony of it all was that she seemed to have him even more now that she was dead.

The crazy bitch had given her life for him… had deliberately sacrificed herself. And now she seemed to be his. It was all he ever thought about.

Selena was insanely jealous, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. The bitch was dead… and still she seemed to weigh heavily upon his mind. That much was clearly obvious.

Selena had wracked her brain for weeks trying to figure out how to draw him closer to her, how to make him focus on the loving attention she always gave him. But all of her efforts appeared to be in vain. He made love to her, even fucked her as often as she desired. But his heart and his mind were clearly elsewhere.

She sought answers for his distraction, sought understanding as to why Becky still seemed to be on his mind. But no answers were forthcoming. Then she sought out the one person she thought might have some insight into his behavior, another female she did not like very well. She sought out his mother.

“Why is his heart on Becky so much?” she asked the woman the next time their paths crossed. “Why is he so obsessed with her?”

The woman looked at her kindly. But the words she uttered made absolutely no sense to her whatsoever… “How did Becky die?”

“She hung herself for him,” Selena snorted in disgust. Ryan’s mother nodded solemnly… and then calmly turned and walked away.

“Wait!” she called out to the departing woman. “You have not given me an answer!”

“Oh but I have,” the woman said as she rounded the corner and disappeared…

Selena was baffled by such a cryptic response… baffled by it for weeks. She was baffled by it when she and Ryan fucked a few days later… and was once again painfully aware his mind appeared to be somewhere else. She was tempted to ask him personally, but that was an action one simply didn’t take when one was in her position.

She finally went to the room down in the basement where the bitch had hung herself. It was dark but the noose was still there, clearly visible hanging over the edge of the elevated platform. She shook her head muttering, “That crazy bitch.”

She climbed onto the platform, reached out and took hold of the noose. She gripped it in her hands, curiously studying it for the longest time. But it refused to give up its secrets.
51431 dfn Cypher.jpg
On impulse she pulled it down over her head. Then she stood there on the edge of the platform, contemplating what it must have felt like for the crazy bitch to step off the way she did. She was astonished the way her nipples had suddenly hardened beneath her flimsy wrap.

She stood there for the longest time, trying to remember the events of the moment Becky had hung herself right down here in front of Ryan. She had watched unseen from a darkened corner, curious as to why the crazy bitch had pulled such a suicidal stunt. It still made no sense to her.

She remembered Becky’s dance in the rope the moment she had stepped off the front of the platform to dangle a couple of feet off the floor. It was a lewd dance the way her naked body had fought the noose. Her pussy had turned pink and wet as her clit had swollen; she had even pissed herself. And she had suggestively humped the air with her dying body.

Ryan had watched in silence the whole time. But Selena remembered the hardening of his cock as he stood there naked, the intense look of arousal in his features. Becky had painfully kicked her life away. And yet he had watched as though totally enthralled with her performance.

She remembered the moment Becky’s bladder had released, the splattering of piss upon the floor. Then Becky had hung quietly, her naked body twitching and jerking. It had been repulsive… and yet she had found it strangely thrilling.

He had lovingly pulled her body down, laying it out on a bench. Then he had started making love to it. Soon she recalled he was fucking the corpse with wild abandon, murmuring her name over and over again. It was almost as though…

Selena abruptly pulled the noose off from around her head, staring at it in complete and utter shock. What secrets was it hiding?? Then she thought she heard a response, a faint whisper of something.

Was it a sound from the manor? Was someone calling for her from somewhere on the floor above? …was it Ryan perhaps?

She paused to listen carefully; it was quiet and dark where she stood. Then she thought she heard it again. This time there was no mistaking the words.

It made her recoil, quickly discarding the noose in her hand as though it were a snake. Then she fled the basement in fright, her heart beating fast…


For days the noose haunted her thoughts. At night she dreamed of Becky hanging for Ryan, of his cock hardening during her lewd dance and of his subsequent fucking of her corpse. It made her restless… melancholy. She hated Becky more than ever… and the bitch was still DEAD!

One evening after a particularly unsatisfying lovemaking session with Ryan she wandered down to the basement, entering that same room in her sheer black wrap. She found herself staring up at the noose again, peering intently at it while trying to fathom its mysteries. Her memory returned to that fateful night of Becky’s hanging… the way that crazy bitch had forfeited her life to him and how he had fully given himself to her both body and soul by fucking her corpse.

She climbed up onto the platform again, walking to the center where she reached out and pulled the dangling noose toward her. She stared intently at it, trying to divine the answer to the mystery before her. Then she heard a sound, causing her to look up with a jolt.

Ryan was in the room with her, standing there nude in front of the platform. She tried to release the noose in her hand but strangely she could not let go. Then she looked more closely at him.

There was something in his eyes she hadn’t seen in a long time. This time he was looking at her in a much different way. It was as though some sort of deeply intense longing had appeared in his features.

She looked at him curiously without speaking; had he followed her down here? She did not know. Surely she would have noticed if he was trailing her, wouldn’t she?

She looked in his direction and then at the noose in her hand. Her eyes asked him a question that went unanswered as he stared at her. But wait… was his penis now stirring? Was THAT her answer??

She continued to look at him without speaking, becoming aware of the increased beating of her heart as well as the shortness of her breath. But he did not break the silence of the room. What was he waiting for??

As if by instinct she slowly brought the noose over her head, carefully watching for a reaction. What she saw out of him was a sharp inhalation of breath as his cock twitched visibly. Now the appendage she enjoyed so much seemed to be harder than ever!
51432 dfn cypher.jpg
Selena stared at Ryan as he stared back at her, neither one speaking. Her heart beat faster as her nipples hardened beneath her wrap. Why was this affecting her in such a strange manner?

She remembered Becky’s naked body standing where she now stood, remembered the crazy bitch deliberately cinching the noose tightly. Her eyes questioned Ryan again but there was no indication of a response. He simply stood there as though waiting to see what she would do.

Very slowly she shifted the noose around, placing the knot near her left ear. Then she slowly tightened it, her eyes never leaving Ryan the entire time. He inhaled again, his cock stiffly erect. She could just make out a glisten of precum pooling inside the very tip.

She remembered that strange sound the other day that had scared her, the words she had heard. She suddenly heard them again, although Ryan’s lips never moved. She hadn’t spoken either; she was sure they had not come from her! But she was equally certain he’d heard nothing by his lack of reaction.

She looked at him in silence with the noose snugged tightly around her throat. Its scratchy presence around her neck gave her the shivers, yet her nipples were incredibly hard from a strange arousal. She stared at Ryan… and then slowly pulled her wrap open to hang from her shoulders, deliberately exposing to him her heaving mounds and erect nipples.

He inhaled sharply again as once more his cock twitched. This time he reached down for it, almost grabbing it as he ran his fingers along the length of the shaft. He had never done that while Becky was hanging.

Selena’s eyes never left his as she stood there panting for breath, her chest heaving and her nipples fully erect. His eyes never left her either. On the contrary, he almost seemed to be lusting after her as she stood there in her vulnerable state! It made Selena’s heart skip a beat having not seen such desire in his eyes for her body for a very long time.

She thought of his mother’s words, remembered the way Becky had deliberately stepped off the platform to her death. She remembered Ryan’s reaction, remembered how enthralled he had been and what he had done to the body afterwards. And she remembered all the times later on when his mind was not on her during their many love-making and fucking sessions.

As if in a dream Selena slowly brought her arms behind her back, entangling them in her wrap as it hung by the straps from her shoulders. Then she stepped forward to the edge of the platform. The entire time her eyes never left Ryan’s as though curious to see his reaction.

He gasped again, this time grasping his cock but not stroking it. And still he had not spoken a word. Again her heart skipped a beat, her chest heaving as she struggled to breathe normally.

For a long moment they stood staring at each other as though frozen in the moment. Then Selena swore she heard those words again, a quiet whisper in her ear. Had Becky heard those same words?

She was trembling, her legs becoming rubbery as two conflicting sides of the same individual debated in her mind. But the side that won was the side that wanted to see him stroke that cock, wanted that lust in his eyes to remain focused on her and her alone. So she succumbed to those whispered words… “Give yourself to him” as she stepped off the edge of the platform.

The moment she hit the end of the rope she started to kick. Instantly her mind began questioning what the hell had made her do it. But she was too busy fighting to live, too busy fighting the noose.

And then she saw Ryan vigorously stroking his cock…

Something warm blossomed inside her as she began humping the air, dancing lewdly as she thrust in his direction. That only made him stroke his cock harder. He had NEVER done that during Becky’s lewd dance!

She rasped and gurgled, her arms tangled in the wrap behind her back similar to the way Becky had secured her arms behind hers. Perspiration dripped off her naked body as she danced and gyrated while thrashing about. At one point she kicked off a heel, but that only seemed to inspire Ryan to stroke his cock even harder.
51434 dfn cypher.jpg
It hurt like hell; she could feel her face darkening from lack of oxygen. But there was something pleasurable swelling within her. Ryan was still stroking… gawd, he was stroking because of HER!!

Selena felt it go off inside her, an unbelievable warmth of extreme pleasure. She humped the air in his direction in ecstasy, causing him to stroke even harder. She couldn’t breathe; it hurt so bad; what had she done; was she insane?? But the whole time he kept jerking on his cock as he watched her. It made her giddy with happiness despite the agony she felt…

Yes… yes… stroke, my darling… stroke for me… enjoy my dance of death!!

With one last thrust of her hips she went limp, totally exhausted. Selena hung quietly, her naked body gently swaying back and forth. Her lips were parted, her tongue protruding.
51433 dfn cypher.jpg
Her organs were dying; she could feel them starting to fail inside her. But all that mattered was Ryan’s reaction. All that mattered was that he would no longer care about that bitch Becky.

He suddenly jumped up onto the platform, something she definitely hadn’t seen him do while Becky was hanging. Then he reached out and pulled her naked body to him. She actually felt his stiff prick thrust up into her swollen cunt, heard him lovingly whisper her name over and over again…

“Oh Selena… Selena… my beloved Selena… gawd, you are so beautiful... my precious, beloved Selena!” Then he was thrusting in and out of her, fucking her while she was still in the noose. He certainly hadn’t done that to Becky, that bitch!

Selena tried to speak words of love to her master. But she couldn’t even breathe; her breath was choked off. So she gave him the best look of love she was capable of giving. That’s when his cock went off inside her.

Selena felt the warmth of his seed being pumped into her dying body. Then she shuddered as a small orgasm went off inside her. She was grateful she was still conscious enough to feel him give his greatest gift to her… the gift of himself. Then her vision began to fade as her eyes glazed over, her bladder releasing. Her last conscious thought was that he no longer belonged to that bitch Becky!

Now he belonged to her…

Ryan lovingly thrust in and out of her twitching, yielding cunt as his seed and her piss mixed to slither down her legs, splattering onto the floor. “Oh Selena, my Selena,” he kept murmuring tenderly. It had been so incredible; she had totally given herself to him without the slightest effort on his part! He would never forget this precious, totally erotic gift she had lovingly bestowed upon him for as long as he lived…

© 2016 (written Mar 26 ’16 by riwa)

(Inspired by pictures found in Cypher’s DFN album.)
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Swamp Fever - The Writer's Muse


“That’s the craziest Halloween story I’ve EVER heard!” he blurted out when I was done telling it. Allan always was the skeptical one of our group. But I could tell I had Rebekah hanging on every word.

“Did that REALLY happen here, Anjelica?”

“Every word of it,” I told her solemnly.

“Ahh, you’re just shittin’ us!”

“Am I, Allan?” I asked, looking right at him.

Eva clung a little closer to Jeffrey while Sadie and Evan looked at me rather dubiously.

“What?” I told them all. “You don’t hear it? Listen!” They all went quiet except for Allan who loudly proclaimed I was the biggest distributer of horseshit in the bayou. But that’s when Becca shushed him… “I think I DO hear it, Allan!”

“I hear it too!” Eva said quietly. Somewhere in the direction of those two decrepit old buildings was a distinct tapping sound.

“He’s here,” I told them soberly. “Maybe I shouldn’t have brought you here. Besides, this is a pretty creepy place to hang out for the night.”

Just then we all heard the faint hiss of a nearby snake. “COTTONMOUTH!” Eva screamed, jumping up as she caught sight of it. It was far enough away not to be of danger to anyone. But of course by then everyone else was on their feet.

A sudden crashing sound was heard from somewhere in the woods as though something was coming right toward us. “Oh, SHIT!” I blurted out in growing fear. That’s when everyone scattered in separate directions, abandoning the campfire we had built.

As it turns out, Allan and Rebekah were the easiest. After all, the blowhards usually turn out to be the cowards. In fact I really didn’t have to do much of anything.

He went left and Rebekah went right so that they lost each other. There was another crashing sound nearby that caused her to abruptly change course. She finally stopped beside a tree, screaming when she found a machete embedded in the bark. I knew she would take it, choosing to grab whatever was handy as a possible weapon.

Feeling a little braver now that she was armed, Rebekah went looking for Allan. But another crashing sound came right at her, and she turned and ran in the opposite direction in the near darkness. She finally ducked behind a tree, cowering as though she was going to die of fright at any moment!

Crashing sounds and footsteps meant something terrible was coming toward her. She waited until the very last moment before taking the initiative. That’s when she came out from behind that tree and thrust that machete forward, crying out like a hardened warrior...

It all but gutted poor Allan, a look of complete and utter shock in his expression as he went down with his entrails starting to come out.

Poor Rebekah screamed, “Allan, NO!” Then there was a growl from somewhere nearby. Rebekah dropped the machete, turned and went shrieking off into the woods.

It is never a good idea to run pell-mell when you have no clue where you’re going or what lies directly in front of you. She plunged headlong into a big pit of quicksand, going completely under. Arms broke the surface and flailed in desperation as she coughed and sputtered, swallowing a ton of quicksand. Then she slipped back under the surface. There were a couple of brief undulations before all was still…
Eva and Jeffrey made it close to one of the buildings, only to hear that tapping sound get louder. They decided that was the last thing they wanted to investigate, especially after my terrifying little tale. They ran in the opposite direction holding each other’s hands until they came to a dock and caught sight of a canoe.

“Let’s take it; let’s get out of here!” he declared.

“What about the others?” she asked in growing panic. “We can’t just leave them behind??!!”

“They left US behind, remember?” he told her. “Now get in, Eva! I’m getting us out of here!”

They both climbed in, whereupon he grabbed the lone paddle and started to row. Soon they were starting to put distance between themselves and the two buildings and that tapping sound. But canoes are famously unstable unless you have good balance, and in their panicked state they kept rocking it back and forth…

“Jeffrey, take it easy! We’re going to fall out!”

“No we’re not, Eva! I know what I’m – WHAAAA!” Then Jeffrey went right over into the water with a splash.

He came up sputtering, having lost the oar. He grabbed onto the side of the canoe, frantically holding a hand out toward his date. “Help me back into the canoe, Eva!” he declared in a trembling voice.

The canoe suddenly acted as though it had been bumped. Jeffrey lost his grasp and went back under. That’s when the water seemed to churn underneath the canoe before it became still. Then Eva thought she saw the water in her vicinity take on a reddish hue.

“Jeffrey?” she called out in a trembling voice. “JEFFREY??!!”

She thought she saw his hand near the surface. So she grabbed for it, only to pull out a severed arm. Eva screamed and then let go of it as though it had suddenly turned into a hot poker. Then something seemed to come up to the surface. But what she thought was the rest of Jeffrey’s body turned out to be large and scaly with soulless, hideous eyes.

Eva screamed as the canoe rocked with her inside. She was pitched out, hitting the water with a splash. Almost immediately she came up swimming for shore as though her life depended on it. She probably shouldn’t have looked back because that’s when she discovered her life really DID depend on it!

She was almost to shore when she felt something bite down on her feet and drag her under. She screamed a froth of bubbles as blood came up everywhere. Then she was twisted over and over as the creature rolled her under the surface.

It suddenly let go and she shot back up, panting wildly for breath. Her feet were gone; she couldn’t kick anymore. It hurt so bad that she simply rolled over onto her back, trying to catch her breath as shock set in.

She looked up at the misty sky as though unable to comprehend where she was or what had just happened to her and Jeffrey. That’s when the snout reappeared and bit down hard into her stomach. Eva screamed and then coughed up blood as it took her down.

A froth of bubbles came up as it rolled her over and over again. Then the surface of the water began to settle before one last little burst of bubbles came up. By then the meal was no longer in a position to fight back as the creature swam the corpse down toward the bottom of the swamp, ultimately to serve as a midnight snack when the time came…
That left Evan and Sadie who were making their way back to the campfire looking for their friends. They looked all around, painfully aware of the dangers all around them. They felt as if the entire Swamp wanted them dead, which in this case was a totally accurate assessment. But I wanted them dead even more… and now I had Rebekah’s machete.

I had the last act of our little play all set up when I went after them. They were easy to find. I crept up close and then tossed a branch ahead of them. It made enough noise when it landed to send them scurrying back my way.

I ducked behind a tree and waited. Then I took the machete, came out and swung with all my might. Evan’s head went sailing; it was a perfect blow.

Sadie screamed as the body of her boyfriend toppled onto the soft earth, blood spurting out of the severed neck. Then she saw me brandishing the menacing weapon. “WHY??” she wailed.

“Over that way!” I motioned.

She numbly went in the direction I had indicated until we entered a little clearing. There dangling over a really low branch near the ground was a rope in the shape of a noose. “Climb onto that branch and then put your head in the noose, honey.” I told her.

“Anjelica; NO!” I just motioned threateningly with the machete while evilly chuckling, “Do you want to lose your head like your boyfriend?”

She gasped as she clambered up. Then she reached up and pulled on the noose. It didn’t come down all the way and she told me she couldn’t get it down!

“Stretch up on your toes and put your head up into it!” I commanded.

She had to stretch upward and pull the noose down toward her. But the branch above gave way just enough for her to get it around her neck. When she let go, it snugged itself right up around her throat as though the swamp was eager for her to dance.

She squawked like a frightened little bird as she rasped for breath while shuffling around on the toes of her sneakers. Then she suddenly stared at me in horror. “Your story!” she gasped. “This was in your story… and so was a guy losing his head to a machete!”

“It was, wasn’t it,” I told her with a chuckle. “You catch on quick.”

“And the others?” she gasped in a trembling voice.

“Just like I described in my story,” I told her. “Two went into the water and are nothing but hors d'oeuvres now. Allan got gutted by his date, and Rebekah went for a little swim in some quicksand.” Then I chuckled sinisterly at her.

“Would you believe I’m just making all this up on the fly? Actually you can blame it all on the ghost that’s tapping in that house over there!” I pointed over in that direction as she went white as a sheet.

“Anjelica, please don’t DO this!” she whimpered.

“Why not?” I wanted to know. “It’s a swamp story, the very one I told to you stupid people back at the campfire! And by now you should know how it ends, right?”

Her eyes got big as saucers she started to shake her head. That’s when I brought the machete down just as hard as I could on the low branch she was standing on. It broke apart and she dropped a little as the noose took her full weight.

She kicked and struggled as she clawed at the rope around her neck. I just stood there and let her do that. She looked good dancing and kicking in that tight sweater and short skirt.

She started to get weak as she rasped for breath, frantically clawing in a vain attempt to loosen the noose around her throat. Then her arms finally fell away. She hung quietly, her body gently swaying back and forth as little spasms made her arms and legs twitch a little.

“Not bad,” I told her with a smile. “Not bad at all.” Then I left her there as I made my way toward the building with that tapping sound…
“How did I do this time?” I ask him with a seductive smile as he sat there typing away on an antique Corona at an aging oak desk. “Did you like how it all turned out? Did all of that make you horny? Want me to come over and make it all better for you?” I had sucked his cock before and was looking forward to doing so again.

He looked at me for a moment before turning and typing some more as I got on my hands and knees. Then I seductively crawled toward him across the old, wooden floor, licking my lips with anticipation. I assumed he was typing what I was about to do to him next. Then I heard his voice as though he was speaking the words he was typing

…and then the old, weakened floor suddenly gave out on her…

I cried out in surprise as I fell right through the newly created hole in the floor. I landed with a splash in a very thick ooze. I fought my way to the surface only to hear him typing away on the keys through the hole in the floor, his voice coming down in my direction

…she could not reach the edge of the quicksand pit she had fallen into…


…screamed as she flailed around, frantically looking for something to grab onto, her heart racing…

My heart raced as I looked all around, frantically looking for something to grab onto. I was in it up to my shoulders and I couldn’t get out! Then I found a vine nearby and I stretched out for it, wrapping my fingers around it

…only to discover the vine was not attached to anything…

“RIWA; NOOO!” I pulled on the vine, but it came all the way in with me! I panted anxiously for breath until my foot found something solid beneath me… or at least I thought it did. But when I pushed down

…it gave way underneath her, causing her to sink a little deeper…


I tried floating on my back …but it was too deep… I tried to work my way over to the edge of the pit I was in …but every little movement made her sink even deeper…

“NO, RIWA!” I cried out. “I DON”T WANT TO GO OUT THIS WAY!” …but she was slipping deeper and deeper until her head started to tip back…

“No, Riwa!” I begged. “Please… stop banging on those damn keys and help me out of this!”

Once more I tried to find solid footing beneath me. It felt like there was something there …in the pit of quicksand with her. But it wasn’t solid enough… to push myself up out of the - “RIWA; DAMN YOU! QUIT IT! DON’T KILL ME LIKE THIS!”

She slipped ever deeper… “No, Riwa; Please…” …but she couldn’t stop herself from sinking. “Gawd no, Riwa! You told me I was your MUSE! Please let me go get someone else for you to write about!” …begged him to allow her to get someone else for him to write about. That’s when she felt all around…

I reached down as I whimpered in growing panic until I felt something. I grabbed on and started to pull upward, only to discover …had discovered the fate of his previous muse…


…spitting water out of her mouth…

My lips were submerged; I was slowly going down. Only my eyes …were left at the surface as her nose slipped under. That’s when she knew that… I had taken my last breath! OHMYGAWD; I WAS GOING TO DROWN NOW!

She panicked as she… tried to struggle my way back up. Then I totally slipped under the surface. That’s when I felt …a previous muse grab on and start to pull her deeper. She… screamed my breath away as I was dragged down among his other muses! Then I gurgled as …she inhaled water, her body spasming and convulsing painfully. Instinctively she started thrashing about as she was overcome with drowning spasms. It felt as though hands were pulling her down, hands dragging her to the depths to join all the others. Her mind screamed in sheer terror at the darkness totally enveloping her, the darkness and all those hands grabbing onto her body as her lungs kept heaving from sucking water down her windpipe…

He paused to study the last page of the manuscript he had just finished. He pulled the sheet of paper out of the typewriter and tucked it in with all the others he had typed earlier that evening. Then he scrolled in a clean sheet - a brand new sheet –and started typing

The door swung open and a sultry brunette walked in wearing a form fitting black outfit as though she owned the place. She walked right up to him as he sat there typing away. Her first words were…

“Good evening, Riwa. My name is Savannah. How may I serve you?”

© 2015 (written Oct 19 ’15 by riwa)
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(What was I thinking? I must have been drinking to
Come up with something like this.
So I gave it a shot. You will like it or not.
Sometimes my stuff''s so hit and miss.) :oops:

Dear Dorothy Brown was from well out of town,
An English lass here in the states.
Her car just broke down, which had caused her to frown.
Now she was due to be late.

Out of the city, it was such a pity none
Came by to give her a lift.
A mile down the road she observed an abode
It looked like she’d gotten a gift.

About half past four she did knock on the door and
A kind gentleman let her in.
He gave her a seat which was pretty damned neat
Before plying the lass with his gin.

He gave her a tour; it was over an hour
When he showed her a rug on the floor.
“It’s just a rug,” she observed with a shrug,
When he moved it to show the trap door.

“Now would you care to see just what’s down there?”
He asked as she started to frown.
“I think you’ll agree it’s a strange sight to see
Which I’ll show if you wish, Mrs. Brown.”

Down steps of stone she felt so all alone,
Was this someone she knew she could trust?
He’d let her right in and had offered her gin.
For now he seemed so generous.

The basement was grotty, no signs of a potty
Inside that dark, dank storage room.
Above was a beam, a quite large one. It seemed
The whole place stood out more like a tomb.

She spoke of the rafter. “Just what are you after
To have such a room much too shoddy?”
“The rafter I need to accomplish the deed
Of uplifting a dangling body.”

With a dubious eye the lass said, “You must lie,
For that beam is not sturdy enough.”
He told her it was and he said it because
He had studied and knew all this stuff.

She gave him a smirk and said it wouldn’t work.
“Why I doubt it has ever seen use!
This room is a mess! I can hardly guess you’ve
Hanged someone down here with a noose!”

“You think not, my sweet lass? You have only to ask.”
And he brought out a rickety stool.
She gave out a grin, a result of the gin, as she said,
“Oh I must be a fool.”

She took a step up as she turned her head up
And stood shakily under the joist.
“I hate to be rude but I should be quite nude.”
She was already feeling quite moist.

“I agree, Mrs. Brown. So your arms should come down
As we get you right out of that dress.”
So he slipped it right off and then said with a cough,
“I would say you are one of my best.”

She stood there aquiver with gin in her liver
While he went and fetched her a rope.
He built her a coil while she watched the man toil,
Feeling anxious, excitement and hope.

“Do you want it?” he asked. And thus nodded the lass
As she took it right out of his hand.
It went round her neck. The poor gal was a wreck
While maintaining her pose on that stand.

Then over the beam she done tossed the damn thing
Til it dangled to be all secured.
He found a wall clamp in that room dark and damp.
Twas so easy for her to be lured.

“To do this thing rightly, I should be bound tightly.”
She said with a smile on her face.
A zip tie worked quick and it did just the trick.
She was ready to hang in this place.

“Wow, what a feeling; I’m gasping and reeling.”
Her pussy was dripping away.
“This is so great; I am feeling quite faint.
Too bad we can’t go all the way.”

“But we can, my dear girl. Take that noose for a whirl.”
And his kick sent the stool all a-flying.
She let out a glurk as she dropped with a jerk.
Now she was hanging and dying.

Her legs went a flyin’ as he began sighin’
She was such an arousing sight.
Her boobs bounced divinely, her pussy so finely engorged.
He knew he’d chosen right.

15 minutes long her legs kicked nice and strong as
Her face went a deep shade of red.
When her bladder released he was much more than pleased to
Observe she was thoroughly dead.

He stepped up to her form; she was still a bit warm as
He groped her and fondled her breasts.
He fingered her pussy, all dripping and gushy.
She’d proved to be one of his best.

He left her to dangle all thoroughly strangled as
He went upstairs for the night.
He had wonderful dreams of such perverted things before
Wakening to dawn’s early light.

Back down to the room with its cold, lethal gloom hung
Miss Brown’s naked body to see.
She looked so fair that he had not a care as he stroked
And then splattered her knee.

He hauled her away on this much busy day with
Her body in back of his van.
He’d done this before, it was not a hard chore as he
Followed his usual plan.

Down to the plant that was owned by an aunt, with
Fine chemicals coming in handy.
Into acid she went, he was fully well spent, now he needed
A full glass of brandy.

As her body dissolved, he then further resolved to keep
Hanging hot chicks day by day.
With the lid clamped down tight, she just vanished from sight
Until all traces melted away.

© 2016 (Inspired by a Dorothy idea and written for her Sep 29 ’16 by Riwa)

Ted Parry

(What was I thinking? I must have been drinking to
Come up with something like this.
So I gave it a shot. You will like it or not.
Sometimes my stuff''s so hit and miss.) :oops:

Dear Dorothy Brown was from well out of town,
An English lass here in the states.
© 2016 (Inspired by a Dorothy idea and written for her Sep 29 ’16 by Riwa)

It is not exactly Keats or Milton in fact one might be disparaging and say it is just doggerel.
But I think it is absolutely brilliant .... I bet Dotty is gushing all over her chair !!!

Dorothy Brown

Brown Sugar
Well a motorbike does feel like a
dildo on full power, the girls who
rode with the rockers were well
primed after riding pillion on
a harley.

Dorothy Brown

Brown Sugar
I Don`t know anything about motorbikes
but my Dad has told me about the pitch
battles on Brighton Beach between the
Mods And Rockers and all that shagging
in shop doorways , he is worse than i am

Ted Parry

I Don`t know anything about motorbikes
but my Dad has told me about the pitch
battles on Brighton Beach between the
Mods And Rockers and all that shagging
in shop doorways , he is worse than i am
It was massively overblown by the press ... there may have been a few dozen combatants but read the papers and you would think the town was taken over .... All sold papers.

Dorothy Brown

Brown Sugar
It would have to be a Rocker i`m not into men in suits
i like it rough, going under a big burly man with long
hair and a beard would be ,"DREAMY"
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