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Tortured Women

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Sharp objects and girl flesh have long been a favorite for me. Skewers, for example, can go in about anywhere, cause a lot of pain with minimal damage, and only requires a small amount of manual labor. And if you really want to activate the Scream Generators, just heat them up a little once they're in. :devil2:
Oh yes, my girl and I know it all very well.


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Two pictures show the interrogation of a woman detained by secret service agents. The woman is stretched naked by her arms and legs on a special machine. A soldier behind her inserts a spiked object into her pussy, while another stands in front of her with a whip. A secret service agent is watching the interrogation from another room.
What are the soldiers interrogating this spy and the agent watching her interrogation thinking? And what is the spy herself thinking when she is subjected to such painful interrogation?
Your guess?


This girl first posted her pics and video to a website. Maybe fifteen years ago. I believe it was on alt.com. She is a genuine masochist. She described how she made her "spline whip" for this event. It was a plastic material, cross-section of the individual strips of plastic was a hexagon. Like weed trimmer filament.
Her name is 'Blood is love for me'. She is on fetlife.com, and still enduring.


Older art from various sources. Quality is lacking on some, but there's good torture content.
#1 is by Brain Tarsis, #2 is by Maccadanza. The others are unknown to me.


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