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Welcome To New Members

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A warm CruxForums welcome to all our New Members!

However you found us, it’s great to have you here.
Our Forums provide a safe place in which adults can enjoy their shared interest in the erotic aspects of Crucifixion etc.
Below this message you’ll see a link for a pdf which you simply click on to download,
CruxForums Guide for New Members.
It’s our ‘Welcome Pack’
(Members who’ve been here for some time are welcome to download this pack too,
there’s lots in it that’s useful for all of us! ;))


  • CruxForums Guide for New Members - CruxForums-Staff.pdf
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Thank you for joining CruxForums. Our Forums provide a safe place in which adults can enjoy their shared interest in the erotic aspects of Crucifixion etc. We welcome a wide range of photos, videos, imaginative artwork, reproductions of historical documents and artworks, and other visual images on these topics. We welcome discussion of these topics, historical inquiry into them, imaginative stories and poems, jokes and banter.

There are four General forums:
  • Announcements,
  • Fantasy Unlimited,
  • Technical Questions,
  • and a place for links to pay sites.
There are four ‘Crux’ forums for topics involving crucifixion:
  • Crucified Women
  • Crucifixion
  • When in Rome: Stories, poems, and discussion
  • [CF] Pics and Videos
There are also two BDSM forums, sponsored by ‘Slaves in Love’, these may be used for material not involving crucifixion:
  • Mainly Poems
  • Stories Pics and Videos
And there is The Forum Archive (tab on top bar, and see section F below) where great picture collections, videos and stories that have appeared on the Forums are collected in downloadable pdf form (with all the intervening banter edited out!)

The site is closely affiliated with the Cruxdreams website www.cruxdreams.com,
There are also forums advising of the latest developments on Cruxdreams (Updates) and one for any News and Questions.

CruxForums site is free to use by members, but it is not free to run, and you are encouraged to either join the Cruxdreams site, or to make a donation, or to upgrade your membership, see section C.

Please introduce yourself to other members in the ‘New Here’ thread:

It is possible to ‘like’ posts (or ‘unlike’ them if you change your mind.)

Note that there is a limit of 10,000 characters, and 10 images, per post
(see E below for How to Post Images)

The site will keep a tally of the number of messages you post, and the number of likes you receive. As you post messages and receive likes you will receive ‘Trophy Points’, and your title will progress from ‘Condemned’, through ‘Onlooker’, ‘Spectator’, ‘Guard’, ‘Assistant Executioner’ and ‘Executioner’. After you have posted around 1000 messages and you are an active member, you may be asked to choose your own title.
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Members of this Forum must be 18 years of age or older.

The providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by this web site ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content ("content"). Any content posted only expresses the views of the author.

You, the user, agree to not use the Service to post or link to any content which: is defamatory, abusive, hateful or threatening, is spam or spam-like, contains personal information about any other person(s), risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or may expose the Service to any risk of criminal charges or other legal proceedings.[1]

You should not submit any content that you consider to be private or confidential.

You accept and agree to adhere to our policies as set out below:

Policy on Child Pornography

Child pornography is despicable, it could cause our forum to be closed, and it could lead to criminal proceedings against those responsible.

'Child pornography' includes any photos, videos, digital manips, drawings etc. etc. that appear to portray abuse of under-18s, or any sort of sexual activity involving or witnessed by under-18s (whether or not under-18s have actually taken part in the production).

We do NOT tolerate ANY content relating to underage characters engaged in any way with sexual or violent activity - including simply witnessing it. This includes pictures, videos, stories, or links to other sites. Such content will be deleted and those posting it risk a ban, not to mention the fact that you are breaking the law in most countries.

Policy on copyright.

Pirated copyrighted material could get our site closed, it must not be posted.

Small samples of copyright material or material from pay sites may be permitted, but their source and copyright status must be acknowledged. These may be used as ‘tasters’ to another site, but CruxForums must not be used for free access to material that is under the copyright control of its original author or website. Reproducing a whole series from another website will not be permitted.

We reserve the right to use and publish any content posted on CruxForums within that site as we see fit, so we may copy, move or modify that content at our sole discretion.

If you publish your content on the forum, you grant forum owners rights to this content.

Policy on language

Users from all countries and speakers of all languages are welcome, but the language of the Forums is English. Using only English will prevent our Forums from splintering into different language groups, and ensure that Moderators know what is going on.

So posts in languages other than English will be deleted.

Policy on political and other irrelevant posts

Arguments about politics and other irrelevant topics have no place on this site, they will just drive people away, so they will be deleted.

Discussion of politicians or other well-known people in the context of this site could be perceived as threatening and attract the kind of attention we do not want.

Policies on the portrayal of Crucifixion, other forms of Execution, Torture or ill-treatment, BDSM, and hard-core sadistic pornography.

Our Forums provide a safe place in which adults can enjoy their shared interest in the erotic aspects of Crucifixion etc. We welcome a wide range of photos, videos, imaginative artwork, reproductions of historical documents and artworks, and other visual images on these topics. We welcome discussion of these topics, historical inquiry into them, imaginative stories and poems, jokes and banter.

The wide range of material we welcome is illustrated in the Archive.

But there are certain limits, which must be observed:

First, it should go without saying that any people in photos or videos acting out Crucifixion or taking part in BDSM or similar activities must be freely consenting adults. If Moderators have any doubts about this, the images will be deleted.

We do not allow images or videos which portray real life crux-play using nails, or any content that encourages or assists such activity, which is likely to cause serious, permanent injury or even death, and which could lead to criminal charges.

Likewise, we do not allow videos or images of real people engaged in forms of so-called BDSM which are stupid and dangerous, and could well lead to serious injury or death, or to criminal charges, nor do we allow posts that encourage or assist such activities.

The subject matter of our Forums entails portrayals of cruelty and violence, and the range of acceptable content is wide. However, we are not, and do not intend to become, an "open house" site for all kinds of hard-core sadistic pornography.

Examples of content that is not wanted and will not be allowed include:

 Portrayals that focus excessively on mutilation or dismemberment (body parts being, or having been, cut or ripped off)

 Portrayals or discussion of cannibalism,

 photos or videos of real people dying or dead.

Note: Members are advised to familiarise themselves with the law in their country of residence relating to pornographic material.

Policy on the rights and duties of Staff Members/ Moderators.

All Content you submit or upload may be reviewed by staff members. We reserve the right to remove or modify any content without explanation. It is the duty of Moderators to ensure that these Rules and Conditions are observed, and the standards and quality of the site maintained. Moderators will therefore warn you if you are infringing, or are close to infringing, these Rules, and remove or modify any Content which, in their judgement, is in breach of the rules.

The Moderators' decisions are final.

You may report content which you consider to be in breach of the Rules or otherwise objectionable. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be dealt with by Moderators at their sole discretion. Content once posted on the site may only be deleted by Moderators. Any request from a user to delete his/ her own content will be dealt with by Moderators at their sole discretion.

Policy on banning users.

We reserve the right to take action against any account with the Service at any time. You will be banned and barred from access to the site if you: · flagrantly break any rule (e.g. by posting child pornography), · persistently attempt to post content in breach of the Rules, · provoke quarrels, engage in public dispute with Moderators, or act in ways which spoil others' enjoyment of the site. These terms may be changed at any time without notice. [1] Note that references to law and legal proceedings in this document apply to laws and procedures in force in the Russian Federation, the United States of America, any state of the European Union, or any other jurisdiction that may be relevant in a particular case.

Policy on Spam and Scam

Users who seek to join or use CruxForums for purposes of freely promoting or advertising goods, services, or material without the permission of CruxForums staff, or who seek to target the members in order to defraud or mislead them will be banned or refused admission.

If you spot what appears to be spam or suspicious content, please click 'Report'.
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What can I do to protect my anonymity, and guard myself from unwanted attention?

We strongly advise you to check your Privacy Settings. Put the cursor over your name at the right-hand end of the top bar (if a drop-down menu does not appear, click) then click 'Privacy'. In the option boxes to restrict who can view your details or contact you select 'Members Only', or even just 'People You Follow'. Note well: the default settings, if you leave them unchanged, allow anyone who finds CruxForums to see your Profile and other activity of yours, without even registering.

On the same drop-down menu, you can go to your Profile Page, and to your Personal Details. Check these frequently, delete anything on them that could compromise your privacy, or is just out-of-date or no-one else's business.

Apart from that, and the obvious advice not to post information about yourself on public threads, you can:
  • use a user name, password and avatar for CruxForums that you don't use for any other purpose (see section E),
  • use a browser that you don't use for any other purpose,
  • use an e-mail account that you don't use for any other purpose,
  • use an e-mail service provider that you don't use for any other purpose,
  • even use a computer that you don't use for any other purpose (and isn't networked to, or sharing any data with, any other computer)!
We recommend you check the privacy, access and linking settings on your browser, and on any accounts that are likely to give access to information to others about you and your activities (e.g. Google+).
If you use social media (Facebook etc.), you need to be aware how easily any links you make between those media and this site can become public.
If your security system has a 'do not track' option, you can use this to block the 'trackers' that collect and pass on information about your activities.
If you post links to videos that are stored on your own YouTube (or other video-sharing) account, you need to be aware that users of, and even visitors to, this site can access other content on your account via the link. The default setting on YouTube is "Public". You can post discreetly however by clicking on "Public" which will then turn to "Unlisted". This means only members of this Forum can see it.
So we strongly recommend that you keep a separate, "anonymous" account reserved for your CruxForums related activity/ content.


I'd like to get to know an individual member better, can I invite him/ her to get in touch?

Yes, you can. But CruxForums is not a dating site. So make contact by sending a polite Private Message. Don't use public threads or members' profile pages.

How do I send a Private Message? Just click on the member's avatar, an 'ID card' appears, click on 'start a conversation'.

What if I receive an invitation from another member to get to know them better? Of course, whether you accept or refuse is up to you. But be careful. We strongly advise you not to send photos of yourself , email address or any other personal details, even if they've sent (what they say are) theirs, until you're sure you can trust the correspondent. Use PMs till
you're quite sure.

If you accept such an invitation and then something happens that makes you regret it, pull out quick, take the advice given below, and let us know what's happened.

What can I do if I send a member an invitation and s/he refuses? Nothing. End of story.

Pestering will not be tolerated.

Pestering and Stalking

What should I do if I see a post on an open thread that I find offensive?

Report it. Just click 'report' at the bottom left of the post. A window will appear where you can add a comment if you wish, then click to send in the report. Moderators will investigate, we may or may not agree that action is needed, but we'll let you know what we decide to do.

What should I do if I get a post on my Profile Page that I find offensive, or I just don't want?
  1. Report it, as above.
  2. Delete it.
  3. If you don't want any more attention from the member who's sent it, go to his/ her Profile Page (click on their avatar, then click 'Profile Page'), then click Ignore at top right. This will block that member from posting on your Profile or sending you PMs.
What should I do if I get a Private Message that I find offensive or I just don't want?
  1. Report it, as above.
  2. Click Leave Conversation at top right of the conversation thread.
  3. Ignore the member who sent it, as above.
What should I do if I'm worried or unhappy about anything that's happening on CruxForums?

Send a Private Message to one (or more) of the moderators – ImageMaker, Melissa, Erin the Brave, Eulalia, Admihoek, Helmut, The Hanging Tree, Barbaria, Madiosi, Wragg134, Jollyrei, or Phlebas. Find one of our avatars, click on it, on the ID card that appears click on 'Start a Conversation'.

No member of CruxForums should have to put up with offensive behaviour, unwanted attention or stalking.

Any member who posts offensively, or pesters or stalks another member, will be banned.


It's okay (even desirable, given that our site is a forum) to reply to posts on any open thread, try to keep on-topic if there's a discussion, and in stories or series of pictures, only post comments that are relevant, such as compliments or constructive criticism or imaginative responses;

If you're unhappy with replies to posts in a thread you've started, ask the members in a polite and friendly way not to disrupt the thread;

If that doesn't work, contact staff by clicking 'Report' on the post you're unhappy with, or send staff members a Private Message (open a conversation with any staff member);

Whatever the 'rights and wrongs' in such a case, abusive language directed at other members, or at staff, will not be tolerated
(see Rules and Conditions above)
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It may come as some surprise to hear that CruxForums has been in existence in one form or another for twelve years. In the early days it was mainly a showcase for the photographic work of Makar who sadly is no longer with us. The Forum has moved with the times in those years. ImageMaker continues with the photographic stills of super models and excellent videos for sale in his online shop at Cruxdreams. Many other members enjoy the freedom to post artwork, stories, videos, poems and whatever takes their fancy on this brilliant free site. People have seen their original ideas turned into illustrated books in different formats and published for free download from our Archive or one of the virtual shops on CruxForums. It is all free for members and ImageMaker would like to see this continue for the next ten years.

However, it is only free for us because ImageMaker pays all the fees out of his salary to the hosting company XenForo who have provided excellent service. Now we all have the opportunity to help pay the bill by making a voluntary contribution through PayPal. You will have noticed the blue DONATE box at the side of the page. (Circled in red in the 1st figure in section G) The minimum donation that can be handled is $1 and all donations are welcome. All donations are confidential and cannot be linked to any particular member. At the moment PayPal is the only means of donating. An account can be easily opened in any participating country.

Alternatively, you can upgrade your membership by paying a regular monthly subscription to support ImageMaker with the running costs of the forum.You can subscribe between $5 a month and $50 per month: simply place your cursor over your name at top right and select 'Account Upgrades' from the drop-down menu.

Let’s make the effort to ensure the continued existence of CruxForums. Here’s to the next ten years!
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When you first join your avatar image will be a simple male, female, or ? symbol, according to which sex you have specified for yourself. However, it will greatly help both you and the other members if you could choose an avatar for yourself.

You can use an image file downloaded from the internet, or there are lots on this thread:
You can download one of these to your computer - click to see it fullsize, then right click and select 'save image as', choose where you want to store it on your hard disk, and click 'save'. Or find any pic on the Forums or elsewhere on the net and download it the same way.

[Note: several of these avatars are now in use]

Once you've got a suitable pic to use for your avatar stored on your computer, it's quite easy.

1 Click on your name near the right end of the top bar


2 then on 'Account details',
3 then on the avatar box on the page that comes up,
4 click 'Choose File':

5 which will bring up your own hard disk directory, where you find and double-click on your chosen pic.
Then click 'Okay'

Your new avatar should appear in the Avatar box.

If it doesn't, it's probably because the pic's unsuitable in some technical way, you may need to try one or two others.

If you have any further problems, do contact any staff member -the home page shows which staff are online -
click on their avatar, then on 'Start a Conversation' on the ID card that comes up.
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There are two ways to post images:

Fig 1: Uploading / linking images

To upload an image from your computer, use the 'upload a file' button at bottom right,
then select 'insert as Thumbnail' *

Fig 2: Thumbnail button

Fig 3: After you’ve clicked ‘thumbnail’ the thumbnail image will appear in the message.

Please credit the artists/ makers of any images you post.

You can now click ‘Post Reply’.

Note: there is a limit of 10 images per post. You can use 'insert all as thumbnails' if you want them to appear together.

*We ask members to please upload images as thumbnails, not full-size. There are two main reasons:
  • the site is subject to usage limits, the site-owner incurs significant extra charges if these are exceeded;
  • some members have slow and/or expensive internet connections, viewing full-size images can cost them time and/or money.
Thumbnails can easily be opened by members: click on the image to open full-size in slideshow, or right-click and open in a new tab (where you can usually enlarge the image further).

images linked from external websites
we do allow full-size images that are hosted on other servers, as these incur no usage charges to the site.

  • please state the source of linked material (e.g. "Image hosted on Imgur"), and credit the artist/ author;
  • please make sure not to post links to sites that may introduce pop-ups, illegal content, or malware, adware etc.
  • images or texts containing links to paysites must only be posted in the 'Links to Paysites' section.
Moderators reserve the right to down-size or remove images that make excessive demands on site usage, or take up disproportionate space within threads, and to remove links to sites that may introduce content that is unacceptable on this site, or may introduce threats to members' devices.

can also incur excess usage costs. While short videos and clips can be uploaded, links to YouTube or other sites where they can be viewed are preferable. Videos may be streamed from other sites (if not in breach of copyright), but the above provisions apply to videos as to images.

URL links to other sites: occasional links to 'safe' sites that are of genuine, relevant interest may be permitted, but the Forums are not to be used as a platform for persistent, repeated posting of links to other sites. Again, moderators reserve the right to delete any links to sites that may introduce pop-ups, illegal content, or malware, adware etc.

If you have any doubts about the acceptability of material you want to post
(e.g. its content, usage load or on-screen dimensions)
or any problems with posting images, do contact any staff member.
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The archive can be found here:


Or by clicking on the button shown in figure 5 in section G below.

The archive page will then open


The archive contains material (mainly) by CruxForums members, and the main advantage of it is that it allows you to read the original story, or view the original images, without the intervening ‘chatter’ that is such a feature of CruxForums.

You can download the stories in pdf format from the archive. If you would prefer epub or mobi, then there is this thread:



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Top of screen.jpg

Finding your way around

The CruxForums screens may appear with either a white background, as here, or with a black background, as below. You can switch between the two using the ‘default / blackend’ button shown below.

Blackend - Default.jpg

Changing screen colour

Returning to the first image above, we saw how to donate (red ring) in section D, and we learned about the archive in section F.

On the top right are three buttons. On the right is the alert button, which shows a red flag when you have alerts. You can set your own alert preferences, as we shall shortly see. Hovering over the button triggers a drop down list, you can select one if you wish. The flag will disappear. Clicking the button displays the alerts in a new page.

The next is ‘inbox’, and this shows a red flag when you have an unread conversation. This time, the flag will not disappear until you have checked all your conversations. Conversations are entirely private between you and the other participant(s), they are not visible to other members, non-members, or moderators (unless a post in a conversation is reported)

Then there is a button with your username, hovering over that will bring down this box, as we saw in section E:


Profile drop down menu.

Personal details, contact details, privacy, and password were dealt with in section C, and Avatar in section E.

Preferences: Here you can set some of your site preferences:

· Whether other users can see if you are online (you will appear in the users online list on the right of the forums page, and a little green flag will appear on your avatar.)

· Whether user’s signatures appear or not

· You can also set the blackend / default style

· Your time zone.

· Whether your profile card shows what you are viewing

· Whether threads you create or post on become ‘watched threads’

Alert preferences: Here there are a set of check boxes which allow you to choose when you receive alerts. If you don’t want to receive an alert, say, every time someone likes one of your posts, you can simply uncheck that box. It is entirely up to you.


Before we can go further, we have to understand a site feature called ‘following’. This is similar to following on Twitter, you can select members whose posts interest you, and, using the ‘News Feed’, see what their activity has been on all threads throughout the forums.

In order to follow someone, click on their name or avatar, and a profile card will open:

Profile card.jpg

Profile card.

The profile card gives a short summary of that member, but from it you can visit their profile page, start a private conversation with them, or follow them (arrowed). Hovering over the button will tell you whether or not they are following you. In this example, that button says ‘unfollow’, therefore this member is already being followed by the author.

Following people has a few benefits:

· You can see on the forum front page whether they are online or not

· You can follow their activity using the news feed (Fig 12)

· It can also be used as a mark of respect towards that member.

News Feed: Now we understand following, we can understand the news feed.

News feed.jpg

News Feed.

Conversations and Alerts we’ve seen.

Likes you’ve received: will record and show every single like that you receive, who gave it to you, and when.

Your content: Brings up a list of every post you’ve made, most recent first. (You can also access this from your main profile page, and from there you can also access a list of all the threads you’ve posted.

People you follow brings up an alphabetic list of those you follow, with the option to unfollow any of them. We saw how to ignore people in section B.

Account upgrades: You can, if you wish, upgrade your account by paying a regular monthly subscription to support ImageMaker with the running costs of the forum.You can subscribe between $5 a month and $50 per month, the latter will make you ImageMaker’s Best Friend!

Two Step verification: Imagine if somebody was to hack into your CruxForums account. They could do considerable damage to the site, to you, and to your reputation. You should keep your login details very secure, use different passwords, etc, as explained above. Two-stage verification enables an additional code to be sent to an app or an e-mail address, to further enhance the security of the login process.

Watched threads: Under the default settings, you will automatically watch threads that you have started or upon which you have posted. The ‘watched threads’ button will open a page which will display the 20 most recently updated of your watched threads. At the bottom of that page is a button which displays all of your watched threads.

New Posts: This will display a list of all the threads with new messages in them.

Mark Forums Read: Just as you can mark all the messages in your e-mail inbox as read, without actually reading them, so you can either mark all the messages in a particular forum as read, or all the messages across the forums.


CruxForums is a friendly forum. You are not obliged to participate, indeed many people simply come here to read the stories or see the images, and having done that, go on their way happy. And that is excellent, but please, if you can, do leave a like, or better still a comment, so that artists and authors can get to know what people do or don’t like about what they’ve done.

This little guide is by no means exhaustive, and there is still more to discover about the site, but we hope that it will assist you to have an enjoyable and safe time exploring the Crux Forums.

Above all – have fun!
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