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  1. lember

    Winter in the opera

    Here comes a story about a purification ceremony for lost female souls. I would like to know how would you make these girls committing sin against God confess and truly regret their mistake, excluding any suspicion of lying. After comes my own answer to this question in frame of a story
  2. lember

    Zac, the professional

    I`ve never been in politics at all. But when I heard about that revolt in University, I knew I would be involved. The poor kids thought that they could protect the autonomy of their university if they occupied it at the beginning of the semester in September. The government let them doing it...
  3. lember

    The CruxBar

    When I saw my workplace from the corner, I checked my watch. It was almost eight o`clock PM. Phil did not tolerate the delay. He had accepted that I could not arrive at six as usual, but I promised myself to eight, and I knew I could not afford arriving later than that. I entered the door below...
  4. Rufuss

    Crucifixions of Rufus

    So I am planning my first outside Crucifixion this week, hopefully. Thanks to this forum I learn a lot of information on how to make sure I have the best experience. The pole, patibulum, ropes, loincloth, is all READY. This is the place and the tree I'll be crucified on I will be stretched...
  5. holy68

    New production on females Christ

    Just to let you know that on the 6 of September a new video will be release : The Scourge with a new model Anais who played a Roman slave punish by her master! And on the first of October another one : Carrying the heavy beam.
  6. Sir-Realist

    The Official Sexy Firing Squad Pic And Story Thread :)

    Per suggestion from Barbaria1 I thought a thread for us firing squad fans to look at pictures and read fab stories. I'll start with the stuff I have.
  7. Rack

    The Quartering Torture

    My limbs to carried rope or other restraints, then attaching the restraints to separate movable entities and moving them in opposite directions with the technical application in both ways simultaneous to pull, this is the yale toole effect ... The hooks of the tether loops right on the vehicle...
  8. CorPas

    The Magic Of Being Tied Spreadeagle

    Though crucifixion is about the ultimate bondage experience for us, it's quite complicated in practice and therefore being tied up naked and spreadeagle is a very attractive alternative: you are as well fully exposed and totally helpless! And that is very easy to do! Undress, four small poles...
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