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I`ve never been in politics at all. But when I heard about that revolt in University, I knew I would be involved. The poor kids thought that they could protect the autonomy of their university if they occupied it at the beginning of the semester in September.
The government let them doing it, gathering, holding forums, standing out to press conferences, until all the data were being collected. I was watching them in TV and guessing which would be my client. That slim guy with cheap eyeglasses? Or that busty girl in loose sweater that still could not hide her huge tits?
Then the operative units broke down all that nonsense and the trials have started and lasts all the winter. Sentences were coming out one by one: Crucifixion, five hours, crucifixion, ten hours, twenty hours...
By march our operative team got the schedule. All the sentences were suspended until June, some for next year. The summer was the season of execution. We had three months to arrange the shifts. I got the name of my first: Leia Parry. When I started this job, I used to search for it on facebook. This year I just checked it when I had business around Crassus Park. This was a normal park during the year, even not the most popular. It was a long, narrow green field between the river and the tramway, with two curvy passages among the trees, crossing each other sometimes. The crosses along them were just like park statues, work of a constructivist sculptor, until spring, when tables were posted besides them with pictures of convicteds and exhaustive, but comprehensive text about their sentence, crime and their background that lead to their faith, at least regarding the Court of the Dtate. This was the first time I "met" my client, when I checked this poster identified by the cross number I got. When I stopped in front of it, I faced a young slim girl, just caught, scared, in a comfortable high-waist jeans and loose T-shirt suitable for sleeping in a lecture room. She had adorable face and beautiful long, deep black hair. Regarding the text she was a second-generation city-dweller, using the opportunities of public scolarship to get higher level of graduation than her parents. She listened to indie-music and joined some urbanist NGO, like Cyclist Federation or the Office of Student Government. I didn`t know how much dignity she got of all these things, but I knew for sure that the government wanted me to deprive her all of it, within two months. She was going to be crucified on 6 of June, 9 AM.
When I arrived to the cross on the day of her scheduled day, I knew that I would meet a different person.
Apart from the tracking leg-brace she had to wear she could live her normal life, but with the knowledge that her time was approaching. She might tried to prepare for her twenty hours on the cross somehow, or she just tried to forget it, but it did not matter. This was the experience she would never get prepared to.
By the time she appeared, already a dozen people gathered who had checked her picture besides the cross and were curious about her body and suffering, not counting the two policemen to secure the event. She was in another, darker jeans and a brown summer top, with buttons above her chest. She was slim and quite flat. It was clearly seen how she backed away seeing all the peope around her cross. I wawed her to let her know that I was she had to forward.
-Miss, I am Zac Edwards, the executioner of your sentence. I will be here with you all the time until the end of the process. First we must wait for the official representatives of the State to get all the official affirmation before we start. -She listened to me paralyzed and that was what I wanted. It had a tranquillizing effect to know what would happen from minute to minute, even if it was a bad thing for her. My duty was the smooth fulfillment of the whole process, and this was something that could not be done by primitive sadists, but only real professionals.
The bailiff, the lawyer, the notary and a medic gathered in the office in the building beyond the tramway and the four-lane avenue, but they were not going to late.
-Have you made lots of crucifixion? -The girl asked me to escape from the fear running up from her stomach. She took the glances of the people around who checked her body in real life.
-Trust me, miss, I will not cause unnecessary pain. -I answered the almost official response. She put her hands to her backpocket to do something with them, and started chattering.
-This underwear they sent me is very comfortable. I may use it later. -She laughed nervously.
-I hope you brought a change, miss. You will not get it back when we will be done. -I warned her.
-Yes, yes. If only I could put it on already.-She was silent for a moment. -Do you think I can survive twenty hours up there? -She asked at last.
-It`s very unlikely, miss. But do not worry, my responsibility to take you down before it get dangerous.-She was thinking a moment, trying to understand what I had said.
-And what then? -She asked finally.
-Then you will be rescheduled for the remaining part of your sentence. -This was a risky moment, when she had to realize that this was not the only occasion she had to go up to the cross. But at last she was able to comprehend and accept it.
-How many times used to be carried out a 20 hours sentence? -She asked.
-Depends on you, Leia, can be just two. -I answered. I used her name very consciously. She had got some honest answer from me, this was the right step to deepen the trust between us. Trust was the most important factor between executioner and condemned for a smooth execution of a crucifixion. I wanted her to bear the hanging as long as possible. If the sentence was fragmented to too many pieces, the last ones were very toilsome. There was a former politician who was sentenced to 50 hour for corruption. It costed nine occasion. The last ones were bearable, but after the third one we had some very nasty crucifixions, full of application of force and unnecessary struggling. I tried to avoid these kind of events.
The officials arrived in time, exactly at 8:40. They ordered the girl to sign her name and give fingerprints to prove her identity, and they validated all the parts of the cross. The medic prooved that she was prepared to the crucifixion. I didn`t miss that her breathing slowly accelerated, even if I just saw her back and shoulders. I knew when the official part ended, and softly turned her back and led to the cross. The audience started to murmure. I tried to drove away her attention from them with exact orders.
-Take off your shoes, socks, jeans and top.-I avoided polite forms, it would be weird in this situation, but still I stood calm. She nervously unbuttoned her jeans, than changed her mind, crouched and got rid off her shoes and socks stealing some glance around to the men gathered. She was thinking just about the next moment when she had to take off her jeans, but it was the better way than worrying about being tied exposed to the cross within a few minutes. She had time to prepare. I tried to keep her in the moment.
-Put them to the edge of the poster. -I commanded, then I pulled out the fixing beam at the bottom of the cross and I laid it on the ground. She stepped back, covering her underwear with her hands. I looked at her eyes and tried to be very intended, without any agression.

-Lay down!-I comanded on a flat, but strong voice, then I added more softly: "Now", as if I did say "Please".


-Lay down!-I comanded on a flat, but strong voice, then I added more softly: "Now", as if I did say "Please". She came closer. I recognized the little differences of her shape without the tight jeans and skinny top. I knew that this was the first time she was in underwear in a public park, and suddenly she faced the other new experience of lying down almost to the ground. This state of mind was that full aware made by total lack of any ordinary, any normal, that just could be compared to the feelings of explorers in the new world like Cabot or Hudson.
-Shouldn`t I take off...these? -She asked, showing unusual courage.
-No. Just come and do exactly what I say! -She crouched awkwardly besides the cross, then changed her mind, stood up again, sit on the beam and put her left leg to the other side.
-Position your buttock on the seat there at the middle! -I instructed her. She obeyed.
-Is this a seat? This is? -She asked, looking at the piece of wood between her legs that emerged out from the beam at 20 degrees. She understood another piece of her future.
-Lay down to your back. It may cold and sharp a little, but not long. -I said. When she was stable, I grabbed softly her left hand and tied her wrist with several bindings than with the same rope bound it to the crossbeam, again several times. It perfectly fixed her hand to the point where I wanted to. We practiced this earlier again and again in the school until our couple reported that the hanging did not even harm his wrist and it didn`t slipping in any direction. I recognized that she was watching.
When I finished, she touched it with her free left hand. I walked to the other side around her lying body. She quickly flipped the brace of her bra and pulled up a little bit her panties.
-Put your buttock back to the seat! -I warned her. I must have adjusted the geometry very carefully.
-Sorry! -She said and tried to squirm back. She felt the excitement in my voice, and worried about my anger. She was afraid of me, it was normal.
When I fixed her other arm, I was relieved a little bit. The following were easier a little bit. While I walked forward around her body, she pulled a little bit her bounds. Her chest lifted and sank under the bra.

-Now I tie your feet. -I told her, and put her soles against the footrest. This was measured earlier to her height, as if the "seat". I just had to use the well practiced bindings to fix her legs to it. She opened her knees to see what was happening, but I closed them together with my forefinger. I was proud of my professional attitude, but the sight of her panties and the touch of her soft skin not so far from her hips still moved me. But I needed closed legs for proper binding. The footrest just emerged out from the cross at 30 degrees, it was important to fix the leg of the client properly. I checked again all the ropes, then took my position behind her. Everyone stared at her. She was dragging her ropes carefully, looking around then tried to look back at me. I looked back, then I was watching again the bailiff. He was checking his watch, then exactly at 9 AM nodded to me. I grabbed the cross and lifted up to upright position. I saw her legs leaning against the footrest. I knew that she bent her arms as much as my knots let her, preventing herself to fall forward. I put back the fixing beam on the ground to secure the cross in vertical position, and walked around again. I found her desperately struggling against slipping down with trembling thighs. I reached up and released the three buckles of the bra that had been given to her by the Correction Bureau, designed for the crucifixion, to be taken off easily from a fixed body. A murmure rose up from the audience as I revealed her small tits. I put the bra onto her jeans and released the two buckets of her panties to finish her crucifixion. I took again the bra and gave it to a bystander together with the panties. I should have thrown it to a trash as a single use item, but I knew that they would collect it anyway. She followed her former underwear with her eyes, then looked down to her own body. Then she looked up to the sky and moaned a little. The first part of my job finished. But the longer part was ahead of me.



The longer part was ahead of me.
As she knew, everyone stared at her pussy, and when the clerks left, I also had a glance, when she looked somewhere else. It started quite low on her loin, below a tiny trimmed stripe, surrounded by freshly grown short hair. It was pathetic somehow, as her tiny, but not entirely firm tits. I took my eyes away in time before she ran her eyes over her naked body again and tried to map her cross she was tied to. After she looked at me, and I knew she wanted me to say something. I followed the bureaucrats as they approached another cross fifty meters away where a short busty blonde was waiting for them.
-So this is it? This is when somebody is crucified? -She asked at last. I nodded.
-But it`s not...stable! I`m slipping! If my arms did not hold me, I would fell down! -She complained.
-Knots are secure. If your arms are tired, you may relieve them by your footrest and seat. -I told her what she would learn anyway. She looked away.
-Oh, shit. -She hissed between her teeth. -I cannot bear it even for fifteen minutes.
-Haven`t you see this before? -I asked surprised from the crucified girl.
-Some pictures. Seemed uncomfortable and degrading, but this really freaks me out here. -The bystanders started to comment the conversation.
-Poor girl!
-How long is her sentence?
-20 hours.
-Imagine if she even have menstruation cramps!
-I don`t think so, I don`t see anything hanging from her cunt.
-Yes, it would be obvious in this toilet.
-She`s probably right in this hanging thing, look at that seat!
-I don`t see it accross her groin.
-Stand over here!
-Yes...Oh, how curvy ass she has!
-It`s shame she didn`t shave properly today. What she thought? Nobody comes to see her?
She looked out at the spectators, then to her clothes on the table. They were so closed to her. She left the cross with her body until her tied wrists and ankles let her to do. She felt the tension in her back and put her buttock back to the seat. This was the most obvious position, and she had not explore all yet. She may thought this way she should stay during her sentence. Moreover she recognized as the men around followed all her movements and it mixed with the feeling of the strain in her thigh that prevented her from slipping off the steep seat. She leant forward with her upper body to push the seat in a more perpendicular angle, but it strained again her back and in the same time she was clearly aware that everyone followed the changing of the shape of her boobs as they hanged down. They were small, but the nipples I just revealed a minute ago emphasized the movement like a tracker. She snatched herself back which moved her nipples again to the first lower position, than she gave a frustrated moan, and sank down from the seat. Now the seat pushed her back a little bit forward, fastening her tits, and she learnt that in this position she had to be careful not to open her legs if she wanted her vagina at least partly hided. As she learnt the different positions of the cross, she tried to check her loin above her breasts, then looked up and realized that she drove the attention of everybody else with her glance. She started sobbing of powerlessness and frustration. From that time she just made small frustrated moves with her head and hips.
The audience started to drif off. A tram came and went away. She was just breathing, always a little bit harder and harder which just recognized by me yet. Soon she forced herself back to the seat, and her breathing sped up. But this was the crucifixion. She stood up, then sank down, and kept changing all these positions.
-What time is it? -She breathed.
-9:18. -I answered the exact time. She groaned. It was not new for me to see a crucified, but I never could close out her feelings: The trembling thighs, aching back, the pain in the lungs, the helplessness. She calmed down at last and her breathing slowed down. She started to change her position more mindfully. Within a few seconds sweat covered her entire body, which made the seat slippery. When she slipped slowly down from it, she opened her legs wide, which made a passanger stop and stare at the most female entrance to her body and her thrusted tits which her arched back pushed forward.
-Everything is good? -She asked maliciously. I did not know what he would answer, but the rules made me intervene and I considered it better at all.
-You can`t talk to the condemned.-I warned the man, while I heard the rubbing voice of her thighs as she closed her knees to hide her most intimate parts as much as she could on the cross. -Watch it, stay as you wish then go! -I added, which made the man to walk away, as I planned. I turned back to her. She lifted her head.
-Zac, may I ask you to wipe my forehead? It is so annoying. -She asked sheepishly. I went to my working set, took the towel out from the toolbox and wiped down the sweat from her entire face.
-Thank you. It`s good. -She whispered, then started to gasping after a numb moment. Her back tried to roll sideway from the seat that cut between her ribs as she exhaled. I understood that her mouth dried, probably her tongue stuck to her palate when she had spoken.
-Do you want to drink a sip of water?-I asked. She looked at me again.
-May I ask for it? -She wondered.
-You can ask anything from me, I do it for you if I can.-I said, and brought a nursing bottle from my toolbox. She stared at it incredulously.
-I did not drink from things like this long time ago. -She gasped. I saw some people to come on the passage, whom she didn`t recognize yet.
-Drink! -I ordered, and she sucked gratefully the bottle. Somebody yelped in the park. A cross was erected from the ground not so far, with another naked body tied to that, desperately seeking balance. When she finished drinking, I step aside, and we waited the group passing. She looked down to the ground, I looked at the men whose collecting all the memories of her bare body.
The time went. She was transferring the strains and pressures between her bare bodyparts calmly. I could tapping my phone or reading something as in my former security jobs, but I could not ignore her permanent struggle. Everything could change in a second. I wanted to sit down to the top of the low stone wall in front of her that separated the tramway from the park, but I would have felt myself guilty if I did it while she worked so hard on the cross.
-What time is it? -She asked again and again.
-I`m longing so much for the ground. It`s just below me within a few feet. -She answered once, when I told her, how long she was on the cross. -Give me some more water, please! -I obeyed. I knew it was very important to water her body well. I found myself sometimes staring at her body like the walkers and passangers did. At first I did not like it, it wasn`t so professional, but I accepted that I could not resist entirely the presence of a naked, quite attractive girl. I turned away and followed the tram passing on the railway, until I heard her sudden scream out.
-Zac! Come! Chase it away! Chase it away! -She was repeating on higher and higher voice, pressing herself to the cross, pulling her tied hand in vain. I looked at her scared and puzzled, until I saw the blue-bottle buzzing around in front of her chest and face. I jumped there and waved it off in hurry. She slipped down and started to cry of powerlessness. I wiped up her tears.
-Don`t let it happen again, Zac! -She cried like a child. I had to look down to her tits and the small hair between her legs to keep in mind she was an adult woman. I carressed her face to calm her down before she would start to hiperventillate again from the strain on her lung. She had to concentrate to the cross and her body.

-Tell me when it comes back. I will be here. -I told her. She nodded, and calmed down her breathing to collect her strenght for the next inevitable push up which she had learnt that it would come soon.


As the time passed, her movings became more and more periodic, as she was learning the different supports. There were several: The seat to ease her arms, the crossbeam for her head, her tied arms to hang from it when her thighs were too tired, the bound on her left wrist for her right hand or inversely. When nobody came, she was really immersed in it, I did not want to disturbed her with anything. She asked the time less and less frequently.
I walked up and down and I felt the lunchtime in my stomach. I felt it awkward if I just would take my sandwich and start to eat in front of the hanging girl struggling for releasements of the strains of suspension up on the cross.
-Leia, aren`t you hungry? -I asked. She did not answer. She was occupied of testing if her left or right buttock was more relieving to push against the seat at the moment. I saw her lips pushing against her left and right inner thighs. I had a look to her jeans hanging from the table. I thought I should put it somewhere else, out of her sight.
-Leia! -I asked again. She moaned up with with questioning emphasis. She knew my voice by then and recognized it.
-Don`t you want to eat something?
-Can I come down for lunchtime? I didn`t know. -She asked on a weird happy voice. I knew she didn`t mean it, just her crucifixion ruled her mind in every moment, and it was working hard on finding every releasements, grabbed impossible chances, making them real by saying it out.
-Should I eat like this or can I dress up? Or at least just hitch up my jeans for a while?
-I can give you biscuits and candys, any time you want.-I said. I waited until her instincts let the illusive hope to go. -You may just swallow it.
She pushed her buttocks to the seat and let herself bending over to transfer some weight from her thighs to her arms and back. She hanged down her head to rest her neck. Her beautiful black mops fell down one by one from her shoulders.
-Thank you, Zack, maybe later. I`m quite busy by being crucified. -I processed her response.
-You don`t mind, if I eat my sandwich? -I asked. She lifted her head and looked at me. She even collected some energy to shake it.
-Not at all. -She may wanted to say some other polite words, but instead of she released her aching shoulders and pushed her back back to the cross.
-But that would be nice if you gave me a gum. -She shared a sudden idea. I hesitated.
-Actually I have, but it`s not part of your ration. I`m afraid it`s not allowed.
-Pleease! -She repeated, elongating the word and shaking her naked upper body, like a little girl begging for a pony for Christmas. I worried that she would be depressed or exhaust herself, so I decided. I went back to the toolbox and took out an Orbit, but from my chestpocket. I turned back to her. She followed the wrapped gum with ere eye from her post. She bent forward to lower her mouth.
-You give me back when I say, and until that be careful not to suck in!

-OK! -She agreed.


-OK! -She agreed. -I trusted her, because it helped her to trust me, and I knew that by that time she deeply understood my power above her. Her nudity made this quite quick, that was taught by Dan, one of our colleague. He had been gynecologist before. Actually he escorted an older lady, an around fourty years old one in her crucifixion. It must have been a teacher involved in revolt, thought she was not so different of the other condemneds on the cross, except her older body: some overweight and freckled skin. She looked well, but in her age crucifixion used to end sooner for the day, it was better if an executioner more educated took care of her during her ordeal.
So Dan had told us that most of his patients hided their intimate parts even after he had touched over their breasts or pulled out his tools from their vaginas, especially during talk. I understood that the girls on the cross never forget that their intimate parts are displayed and even if I cannot see it on their fixed body, they want to do the same movement when someone look at them or talk to them, and even if we were talking about a gum with Leia, partly she`s wondering about when I would look down to her nipples from her eyes, and she had to deal with it. And to deal with it not the struggle against me was the best way, moreover full contribution and hope of support could be provided by only me in change.
-And you hide it if an inspection comes! -I added for clarification.
-OK, OK! -She said impatiently. I suspected that she expected more from this gum than it was able to give, but I hoped that she could spend some time with that. I should get it back when her consciousness would start to be weakened. But it was long ahead of her.

A tram trundled past. The passangers looked at her, since she was the closest crucified girl, then gazing around toward the other crosses to find bigger tits, different pussies and asses fit more to their particular taste.


A tram trundled past. The passangers looked at her, since she was the closest crucified girl, then gazing around toward the other crosses to find bigger tits, different pussies and asses fit more to their particular taste. She looked left above her shoulder, not far, just to her arm until the vehicle passed, the most she could do to not participating in this exhibition of her body, then continued the swinging of her upper body on her ass. During I unwrapped the gum, and when the tram has gone, I slid it between her lips. She forced herself up again to vertical sitting position, and started to play with the gum.
I awkwardly unwrapped my sandwich and started to champing it, listening to her breathing. I did not look at her, but I saw in my mind's eye her moving bare chest. I just looked there for a moment instinctly when I heard the well-known noise as she slipped to hanging position when she used to open her legs. When I occassionally looked at her as a man, I kept the same rules as on the streets when a man check discretely a woman`s ass or breasts. Her tits actually were very tight in this position.
I realized that it was the second glance after her loin, and checked her face too as a third. And as I suspected, she caught me watching, and looked away embarrassed, when our eyes met. I engrossed in my sandwich in front of the naked girl, who was searching something with her ass, or just tried to reposition her feet in my bounds. She did not really chewing the gum, breathing was more important to care of, just sometimes played with it with her tongue for a second.
She waited me to finish my meal and a little bit more before she talked to me again. For her it must have been actually an eternity on the cross.
-Zack! Tell me how is the park now? My shoulders and neck are burning, I don`t want to look back. -She asked on the whining voice of a crucified girl. I got used to it, but I checked her condition for sure. By that time the crucifieds arrived to a state of equalized, but bearable aching in their whole body, signs of exhaustion just came a few hours later. It was wonderful how that small supports below her ass and feet prolonged the process. Her nakedness helped me to see which of her muscles were trembling and how much, how profoundly she was sweating, could she control her stamina and urine. Everything was ok, just her nose was running a little bit. I took the handkerchief and went to her to wipe it, and looked over her shoulder. I felt the odour of her wet body.
-Poplars, maples and some oaks are growing here. I don`t see the river because it`s lower by a three meters behind a vertical buttress. -I started to tell. Sometimes, when she was in a relative balance, some distraction helped her to pass the earlier, even middle stage of her sentence.
-I know the park. -She told on a soft, deep voice. I recognized that she turned her head away, because I stayed too close, within her social circle. I stepped back.
-What about the crosses? Tell me something about the people on them.
-There is a slim, curly girl. -I recognized her neat tits and curvy ass, but I guessed that Leia was interested in other things.
-She is gasping heavily and jerking. I think she`s just tied up an hour ago. She`s still learning how to behave on the cross.
-Do you see her clothes? -She asked, pushing her hip far left to stretch her aching back.
-Dark blue jeans, I think... and a very yellow blouse.
-It must be Hana. -She said with a small smile, and after some strained undulations she "lied up" to her cross, resting her back and head. -She just got ten hours. She may get over it today. -Her body started to tip down to the right, then when her left arm stopped it, to the other way. She slowly let herself down.
-I can check the names of every crucified on VPN, you don`t have to guess. -I said, and took out my phone. I was happy we were talking. She was experienced enough by that time to keep on with the proper moving, but it drove her attention away from suffering. It kept her calm and prolonged her time on the cross.
I was attracted by the most beautiful women, but I tried to be random.
-Now quite everyone is from the university... You may know Elliott Hopkins.
-Where is he turned to? -She asked.
-Toward the river.
-I would like it, more than this tramway.
-That passage is quite popular, lots of people walks there. It`s calmer here. -I picked a redhead girl who was exactly turned sideway to me. Her breasts were interesting and somehow amazing. They came out from her chest quite flately, then became huge and tight. It was like a big milkbag. I checked her name.
-There is Annabelle. She is hanging and taking deep breathes, but I think she does it willingly, tries to stay down as long as possible. Some of you do this sometimes.
-Does anyone see each other? -She asked, swinging again her hips slowly.
-Actually she`s straight ahead a muscular guy, let`s see...Ralph Nicholson. -A cramping ran over Leia`s tormented chest, or maybe she just laughed.
-She just tries to close her pussy from him. They were always fighting each other. What a bad luck to be hanged up just together. Now they can look at each other how they are sweating. -She held a break to collect air. -Every other girl wanted to feel his penis inside, except her. She managed a small smile.
-Actually you see it. How is it? -She asked. I was confused of the question.
-His cock. -She said like an obvious thing. I did not answer. She took a breath and looked down at me from the cross.
-Don`t be shy! I am the one tied out in front of you, bare nude.
-I will not sing you songs of a man`s penis. -I pointed out. She was squirming her body constantly to avoid the pain and be able to concentrate to her game. This way she did not let any straining pain being built up, but it was very exhaustive.
-Come on! -She insisted. I decided to finish it.
-OK, but then I go and describe your pussy to him too. -I responded offensively. -How much your lips come out, where it`s positioned on your groin, how deep and thight it. -I felt myself ashamed. I was not there to torture and scare that girl. She had trouble enough. She sank down to rest for a while hanging on her arms.
-And my ridiculous boobs. -She added calmly, and took a deep breath. I did not answer. I let her care for her breathing.
-My back will kill me. -She accosted me again. -And I have to want to inhale, willingly, or I just miss it. It freaks me out.
-You should push up. Don`t hang so long! -I advised, even if I knew that she was more professional by then in these matters than me. She obediently forced herself up to the seat, but sank back soon. I knew that the speaking exhausted her, she would collect her strenght soon. I let her alone on the cross, walked back a little, turning away from her. From the corner of my eye I saw how she started to seek her fragile balance in her bounds. I was sure that still long time was ahead of her. She was strong and clever.
Slowly the discomfort overwhelmed her mind again, and it was good. She had to care of her body before it would be exhausted too soon. She continued the changing of the well-known positions but they gave less and less releasement, so she always tried small differences, a few inches away to one direction or another. After a while she held a longer hanging stage.
A dumpy man stopped besides me, with painted yellow hair on the top of his head, in working class jeans and leather jacket. He grabbed the bottom of Leia`s jeans and lifted it up to read the table and check her picture. She looked at her trousers then turned back to continue the work of releasing and resting her lungs. The man released the cloth before I had to intervene, turned to Leia and studied her body deliberately, piece by piece. He even bent down to look better between her legs like a car repairer, and patiently waited until the soft thighs opened and the most intimate genitals were shown up. He swallowed in all her struggles and when she looked at his eyes, he looked back without any fear, and looked down again to her naked body when he was sure that she sees that. He was experienced, not breaking any rule. Leia looked at me above his head.
-Zack, give me water, please! -She said to me. I relieved. This was around the regular time she used to ask for drink. It meant that she got over him. I saw that she was very embarrassed, but she could handle it at last. I wouldn`t be happy with a collapse, especially because of an asshole like this one. I went and watered the crucified girl. When she finished her few sips, she moved back the chewing gum from behind her back teeth, and continued the searching of the best actual position on the cross. I turned away to put back the bottle to my staff, when my senses recognized the movement. The man stepped closer.
-Keep the distance! -I warned him. He looked at me, then slowly walked away toward the other crosses. Leia cared about the fragile balance of her actual standing position, but I saw the exhale bigger than usual. She was still naked and exposed, but at least just with me, other people were relatively far away from us.
Leia continued the moving within her tight borders on the cross, losing her energy very-very slowly. Sometimes asked for water, wiping or if I may scratch an itching body part. Her sentence was passing, but there was lot ahead of her, and it meant much more in her world up there where I fixed her a couple of hours ago. I remembered as she approached this morning from the southern tram stop in her dark greyish-blue jeans, neat top and well-set, shiny hair. Her hair was banged by then. I still didn`t want to disturb her, but I stepped closer. I knew she did not like this, so I waited until she paid attention to me.
-Just... I think it`s better. -I told, and braided her hair to ponytail. She gave a tired smile.
-You found another part of me to tie? -She asked.
-Thank you. -She said, before I could answer, and broke the eye-contact. I kept following her long and slow suffering.
I saw Arlo coming. He was supposed to replace us a couple of times in the workday. He was a short Italian-faced guy, a beginner in this job. It was thought to be a good practice for him before he got an own client. I looked up to the crucified girl.

-Leia, I leave for a while. -I told her. She looked up to me with her weary eyes.
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