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  1. Jon Smithie

    Venomstories at Wordpress

    I had long been an admirer of a story I read many years ago on another story site called "Fashion Faux Pas" by the author Venom. At the end of that story he posted that there would be no continuation, no second chapter. Which disappointed me at the time, because the story seemed to beg for a...
  2. K

    Obedience testing (may contain ick)

    (Disclaimer: if this thread goes how I hope, it may well have some pretty messed-up ideas in it. Perhaps enough to turn even my stomach. So read with care.) So, as many of you probably know by now, I've been thinking a lot about a world of modern slavery, where debtors, criminals, war captives...
  3. Ovid

    The Black Rose, by Beate - translated to English by Ovid

    I found a site with really weird fantasies. The stories are in German. I'll try to translate the beginnings of "The Black Rose". Please let me know if you are interested in the continuation (btw. it's getting real cruel). The Black Rose Cast and characteristics (all fantasy names) Eva 40...
  4. Ovid

    The Inverse Y

    There are threads in the forum that deal with X-cross bondage or crucifixion to a St. Andrew's cross and spreadeagle bondage (The Magic Of Being Tied Spreadeagle). But no thread about the so called "inverse Y". The arms are tied above the head to a crossbeam or the ceiling. Arms and shoulders...
  5. Loinclothslave1

    Forever Slavery a story of torture, death and love

    I would like to acknowledge Michael Lanes help in inspiring this fragment. We were just having fun on a random thread, a few back and forth, his character crucified mine. However it then lead to inspiring this. Michael was instrumental in the back story and inspiring me to create this. Hope you...
  6. Jon Smithie


    Meatier I am often inspired by stories (as with King Diocletian’s “Miss Berkeley’s Voyage” inspiring my own “Mina Berkeley’s Voyage,”) to add a sequel or to take a story in a different direction. In mainstream movies and books this can be, and usually is, a simple and inconsequential scene...
  7. NTS666

    Nicole's Vlog

    Green characters appeared in front of black background. “I want to be tortured to death.” Sensual lips filled he majority of the screen, those said this short sentence. They were thin and bright red, probably freshly coated with glistening lipstick. “I’m serious. This is my fantasy. My...
  8. Lord Ludwig

    How to get Ciri to talk - a fantasy GIMP adventure based on JD's art

    I've been thinking a long time about posting this. I hesitate to call my personal contribution "art", but since I am only providing some context to the pictures this, and not the story forum, is where I guess it belongs. A little background: about a year ago, a casual comment I made to a work...
  9. PixelJail

    Pixel's Jail

    Hiya! I came across this forum a while ago and read some stories, but I kind of lost track of it at some point. I was recently recommended to come and try posting some art here as the community was spoken dead highly of, and I wanted to come by and see everyone and chat about torture! :D So...
  10. Rabbit71

    The 'Teacher'

    OK, so I've been putting off posting for many moons now and I trust that you will all forgive my stumbling first attempt at a story (or the beginnings of one). Many thanks to those who have had an input to this (they know who they are) to them I am deeply indebted not just for their help on this...
  11. JoeyRainbow

    Welcome to Hell! (A story of punishment in a futuristic dictatorship)

    Ok, I'm new to this, so please be gentle (though honest) with your feedback. I'm a sadist, not a masochist. ;) This is a story set at some time in the future, somewhere in the West. The government is a brutal, authoritarian dictatorship. Crimes against the state, no matter how small, are met...
  12. John Delves Richardson

    My turn now, comrade (Crucifixion scene)

    Just wanted to try my hand at a classic crucifixion scene, for a change.
  13. Praefectus Praetorio

    Imprisonment and Execution in Modern Singapore Part III of Barb's Singapore Saga

    Having married a previously divorced woman, and now being divorced from her and single, I have come to appreciate the wisdom of Samuel Johnson and Oscar Wilde. In The Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791, the Scottish scribbler, James Boswell, quotes Johnson, on hearing that a man had remarried soon...
  14. Corvid

    "Gut Check: Orc vs. Amazon"

    Greetings, Crux Forumites. I have a new game, "Gut Check: Orc vs. Amazon", now available for sale on DLSite and DLSite English. Though not strictly crux-related, it does involve beating, torture, bondage, and sexual assault; I hope that it might find favor with some of the readers here. The...
  15. bleumune

    Men's Magazines from the 1950's, 1960's

    I suppose I might as well start posting my 3D artwork here since Visions of Darkness is scheduled to disappear in May. Here's an image I did when I was troubleshooting why I couldn't get Daz Studio to render with my Nvidea graphics card like it's supposed to. It kept defaulting to CPU rendering...
  16. vogels

    punishment in sl with cam

    took some animations of a rp in second life
  17. Baracus

    No way to treat a Queen

    NO WAY TO TREAT A QUEEN (A story by Baracus) Part One : Introduction.... The nude,terrified woman,on the Cross screamed and cursed her captors, her whip-marked grimy breasts jiggled with every movement, as she desperately fought against the thick coarse ropes, that bound her wrists,and ankles...
  18. MasterAce

    Torture His Cock Challenge

    Story: Brandon felt groggy. “How much did I drink last night,” he wondered. Last night he was at a bar while going on a date with a woman. Next thing he knew everything went dark. Right now he feels as if he’s sleeping in a small trunk but something is strange. His penis feels like it’s out in...
  19. bleumune

    Misc Arena Scenes

    Instead of the Men's magazine 3D art I've done previously, I have some partial and incomplete scenes from the arena. The first one concerns the crucifixion of the daughter of a rebel general whose attempt to seize the throne failed. The first images are of the daughter being led into the arena.
  20. jbs073

    Middle Eastern women political prisoners sexually enslaved in the harem

    I've always been fascinated by the sexual torture and enslavement of political prisoners. I know its an interest of many with a torture fetish, who don't even care about the political aspect. Just because of all the creative sexual torture techniques the Latin American Juntas came up with. From...
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