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  1. Peony

    Scum from the Steppes

    Another collaboration between Peony and Fossy. This story begins in the Eurasian plain that stretches between the Dneipr and the Danube, and is set in the early 2nd Century, during the times that the Emperor Trajan was persecuting and destroying the Dacians. Prologue I remember my mother. I...
  2. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part III - The Crucifixion of High Priestess Vera

    The Execution of High Priestess Vera Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Chapter 1 – The Discovery King Titus was in his pleasure chambers, being sexually serviced by a number of slave girls. A pair worked his massive cock with their mouths, another pair were on either side of...
  3. corncobby

    The Galley Slave

    A standalone tale from subscribestar.adult/darkstories
  4. Cruxkilla

    Free 3D torture props?

    Does anyone have any links to free 3d torture props, like a Judas cradle hopefully:)
  5. TortureECT


    The head doctor gives the signal for the ward boy to start the process , machines hums as the dial is turned , he loves her writhing convulsing body covered in fem sweat trembling and trying to free itself from her asylum restraints while she pissed herself again , foam starts to form at her...
  6. Cruxkilla

    Me and my mother

    Would anyone be willing to render my mother and I crucified?
  7. Perilous

    The Ultimate Sin in Sinaloa

  8. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part II - The Princesses are Crucified

    Note: Gods' Edicts Part I was posted simply as The Crucifixion of Illara Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Chapter 1 – Schemes for Succession High Priestess Vera was a lovely woman to look upon. Long, flowing black hair framing a beautiful face and green eyes. Her skin was lovely...
  9. youna18

    The perfect impalement of my sweet babe

    So hmmm when I'm alone and have time then infinitely like to dream in my imagination.... I wrote a story for a very good friend in this forum, but I'm extremely curious if anyone else will like this story... it is one of many stories that are in my head... :aaaaa:... let's see...
  10. Illara

    God's Edict Part I - The Crucifixion of Illara

    The Crucifixion of Illara By Anonymous Note: This is a fantasy story. Nothing more. Chapter 1 - Arrest Illara was a Prefect’s daughter, and for the preceding months she had been pouring over texts and tomes about diplomacy and economic theory and philosophy. She wanted to submit herself into...
  11. Dafmads

    Automation and Robotisation in torture

    The world is turning on and changes habits we are used to. Digitalization and robotisation are keywords of technical developments, we meet nearly everywhere in our daily life. Let’s have a look at the ways, these trends could change punishment and torture in the near future. Imagine, how...
  12. dommmu

    Tulip and Orchid

    Abstract She wanted to do something good. She wanted to help. But Anouk's latest errand for the aid organization she is volunteering for goes terribly wrong. Suspected of being a spy, she becomes the prisoner of a foreign dictatorship. In custody, she will undergo merciless interrogations and...
  13. naked_slave

    In Hell

    For a BDSM aficcionado with the taste for the unusual an interesting field may be the depictions of hell by old painters in the late Middle Ages or early modern times. They are surprisingly graphic, the damned usually being naked and the tortures in hell obviously inspired by the torture...
  14. corncobby

    Hard torture and slavery story

    This is a long tale of torture and slavery set in a fantasy world of amazons, elves, dark elves, orcs and demons. First chapter posted here!
  15. tygavin


    I wrote this story last weekend. It has seven parts. I thought I would post one every other day while I commiserate with Jace and Liz. This is set in modern times in an alternate world where a new Roman Empire is at war with the rest of Europe. It is the story of General Alina, a warrior woman...
  16. tygavin

    Unconditional Surrender

    Due to needing to reformat my latest story and rethink the way it will be presented in a forum format, I've decided to go ahead with this one, since it is shorter, simpler and more action with less emotion involved. It's based on the 2013-2020 Tomb Raider video game series reboot, Lara but you...
  17. Doragon

    A Roman Love Story

    I have started writing a new story, this time set in the Roman Empire, and it's going to be a love story with a crucifixion at the end of it. In other words, a tragedy. I got inspired when I came across the following piece of art, made by the French painter Louis Joseph Raphael Collin (1850 -...
  18. Volod


    Hello everyone. I decided to create this thread to publish the results of my humble work.
  19. Kav

    Manip Central

    A collection of my Manip work. STRICTLY ADULT 18+ Since I got banned from DA, I figured I could host my work here. I hope you all enjoy my work.
  20. evilmercenary

    [evilmercenary] some of my renders ;)

    Hi! Maybe some of you already know me, maybe you don't. I found this forum few days ago and decided to share some of my renders here, I hope you'll like them. I didn't do that much crucifixions so I mainly will be uploading just torture pics. But this is after all crux forum so let's start with...
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