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This thread is going to be one of those that give me one of my headaches... :(

Rabbits? World dominating squirrels? Double barrelled asses?

No, the additives in the multicoloured cake! :doh:
I thought those were powerful hallucinogens.

Maybe should take over from this fella Phlebas found



Stumbling Seeker
Also considered a remedy for many diseases.
They are masters of regeneration also ... repairing damaged limbs or even regrowing them? no big deal.

That's why a lot of the research into them is privately sponsored by certain individuals and groups,
who would benefit from applying that regeneration capability to humans ...
... among them of course the cryptic Crux Cabals who see an opportunity to recycle their preferred victims more quickly and more reliably
I don’t want to receive Doctor Johnson’s critique to a young writer: “Your work is both good, and original. But the good part is not original, and the original part is not good.” :confused:
I can only attest to my own feelings but you borrowed from a classic and your own contribution was superb.
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