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Bartnel's Inferno

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Hair and Nails
Looks like there is a zoom blur, but it seems like from her perspective, that’s just how the pain has tunneled her vision. Big fan of slaves suffering in crosses, and this one is no exception. Great work Bartnel!


The current scene I'm working on is one of the hardest I had to do for this movie :
Elaine is raised to her final position on the cross (before the nailing of her feet)

Movements of the suspended girl, one of her executioners pulling on the rope, the other climbing on the ladder to secure the patibulum ...
Short extract :

View attachment 553796
( Also one of the most cruel in my idea )
Magnificent, really. You render movement and expression so well.


Well... becoming very hot here :demon7:

I have a question to everyone who wants. Here's another view from the same scene as previous one :

View attachment 554121

( and the previous ) :

Which one do you prefer : close view which make feel as part of the action or larger view that shows more things ?

For me, it is sometimes very difficult to choose the better point of view in order to create a good movie !
I know my answer will no longer matter, but the closeup has more oomph! IMO
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