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Bartnel's Inferno

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Hair and Nails
First :Constructive criticism is something I love getting and that can be quite negative too :)


There is reasonable criticism and there is haters/trolls
I tend to ignore the haters who dont like me doing what I like best:
Rendering women crucified. If they can't accept my subject matter
or similar unreasonable demands why I should things different.
3D rendering is not art like someone on DA (before my ban)told me well they are going to be on my ignore list.
They can still see my stuff, but I will not read their BS :)

But maybe you are right and I see the world to thru pink glasses :)


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Do you really have many trolls? I think within this scene your work is universally well liked!
Art is what you make, no matter the medium. I sketch maps of cities to satisfy my road geekery fetish for freeways.... is it popular? Am I any good? I don’t care, it’s my art. And in this crazy internet age, I’ve actually found people who do the same thing.

I say all one needs for art is inspiration, creativity and a medium - ANY medium.

it doesn’t have to be liked at all, it’s still art.

Anyone who says 3D Manips or others art using computers isn’t art is, imho, a complete moron who probably wouldn’t know art if it smacked them in the face...

ignore or slap down such ignoramouses is my advice. Preferably the later!


Hello everybody,

I would like to share 2 extracts of my latest works,

"The Chamber of the Seven Ordeals" pdf e-book p.119


A scene from my latest movie (half-sized):
This extract was intended for Elaine crux movie, but I finally changed the light settings. I rerendered the scene in HD 1280x720 for this new movie


  • CruxExtract2021a.mp4
    1.1 MB


안녕하세요, 여러분.

최근 작품 2개의 발췌문을 공유하고 싶다.

"7대 오르달의 방" pdf e-book p.119

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내 최근 영화의 한 장면(반 사이즈):
이 추출물은 일레인 크룩스 영화를 위한 것이었지만, 나는 마침내 조명 설정을 바꾸었다. 나는 이 새 영화를 위해 HD 1280x720으로 장면을 리렌더링했다.
wow~~ :jump:

ERIN the Brave

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Ahah ! I like the variety in this word : Even on pink glasses, there are so many different shades of pink!!! ;)
Bartrel, I love your artwork...you have great talent...you are a master!

Leicam Alex

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