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Burned at the stake

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Date is right, but that's not Vincent Price. However, there is a glimpse (as the straw is being lit) of Victor Mature. I believe that makes this the movie "Zarak" (1956), and the girl tied to the stake is Anita Ekberg. The person mistaken for Vincent Price is likely German actor Frederick Valk (who died shortly after the film was made).

Looking at the cast list of The Bandit of Zhobe, I think the chief villain is Walter Gotell (another German -- in the post-war era Germans were cast as villains even when it's ethnically absurd), and his henchman is Paul Stassino. Both of them later to be regularly cast as villains in Broccoli's Bond movies.

I have found a full version of the movie online and in English (at vk.com), but it's even lower quality than the clip I've posted. There are heavy edits in the clip, cutting out Mature's elaborate escape operation going on in parallel with the burning. Good thing too, as the escape and rescue is logistically absolutely ludicrous.


Probably more effort than this rather minor B-movie warranted, but I've made a new edit of the scene from the English version I found (unfortunately letterboxed 4:3 rather than original Cinemascope), preserving more context as to what is actually going on that the original dubbed clip. Not that this makes much sense. Setting the scene: swarthy bandit Kazim Khan (Victor Mature) has a prize on his head for fighting the English, under the command of Major Crowley. The Major's daughter Zena (Anne Aubrey) feels pity for Kazim whom she thinks was stitched up by the evil Azhad Khan (Walter Gotell). The Major sends his daughter away "for her safety", escorted by Corporal Stokes (Anthony Newley). Inevitably, they are ambushed and Zena/Anne is captured by Azhad Khan's men whereas the Corporal makes his escape (great escort, clearly). When Kazim/Victor hears of this, he goes to see Azhad to plead for her life, arriving at his lair before the captured girl does. Azhad puts him in a gibbet and proceeds to sacrifice the girl by burning her at the stake, intending to blame Victor for her death and also claiming the prize money. I start the clip with Victor dangling in his gibbet (which doesn't look remotely escape-proof) and the corporal outside the town gates hiding behind a tree as Anne arrives with her captors. The first 50 seconds or so are scene setting, you can skip forward to 0:55 when Anne is delivered to Azhad Khan.

By and large, I have a lot of sympathy with the Radio Times review quoted by Wikipedia: "a very silly Northwest Frontier romp, with Victor Mature in dark make-up as Kasim Khan...romantic interest from forgotten starlet Anne Aubrey and some wince-inducing comic mugging from Anthony Newley. Quite a lot of money was thrown at it, but this remains a B-movie at heart."

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Angelus Mortis
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Found it, I think. It's "The Bandit of Zhobe" (1959), an early production by Albert Broccoli (of James Bond fame). Confusion with Zarak is entirely understandable, though -- it's the same director (John Gilling), the same lead actor (Victor Mature) and to save money they've extensively reused the action scenes from Zarak. The girl is Anne Aubrey.
By Jove, I think you're right! :)


Here is another burning at the stake scene. No idea what the name of the movie is -- when I found it, the clip was simply called "Colonial movie". From the costumes, this seems to be a 19th century British empire setting (the Mahdist War in Sudan, perhaps?), with an out-of-place prim young British lady being captured by an evil Arabian (?) ruler and tied to the stake surrounded by burning straw. The rescue party arrives rather promptly before the flames reach the girl, and there is no nudity either, but I quite like the scenario.

Although the uniforms and the lady look British to me, the language is Spanish (but may be dubbed). Does this look familiar to anybody? Late 50s or early 60s, I would think.

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interesting. but what a pity: no nudity


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hot time in the old town tonight

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he very s his work across most forms of execution


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