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Cartoon Style Crucifixions by Brambleberry-Rose

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Hair and Nails
One of my favorites!


Assistant executioner
So this pic of my characters suffering gave me a crazy, idea. I call it the "Divine Body Show." It's like a beauty/bodybuilding contest, but a lot more sadistic. Basically, strong/athletic women (and the occasional strong girly boy) are captured and crucified for the crowd. The "contestants" are judged by their physique, their struggling, and audience reaction (the hotter, the better). And the "winner"... gets to spend their final hours dancing and moaning in agony on the cross for everyone's delight! :devil: The others are taken down, patched up, and have their minds wiped of the ordeal (how is unknown).

Schyla and Schylo here would make the perfect first victims.

Hope you enjoyed that brief glimpse into what goes on in my sick mind.


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Crucified Life

While I'm trying to get a commission done, here's one meant to take a jab at myself for being a freak who draws pixel crucifixions.
Their retort at you while on the cross is equally due to many of us!!! And happily so in my case! (Except not all of us are artists or even capable of drawing!!!)
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