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Crucifixion Manips by Femsnuffer

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Sister Slut's Punishment


(Image hosted on Imgur)

Bishop Femsnuffer caught Sister Slut and Mother Superior fucking when he made an unexpected visit to the convent. Since he was also fucking Mother Superior, he didn't want to punish her, so he took out his wrath on Sister Slut. First he nailed her to one of the many crosses in the convent's chapel. He rammed a spiked dildo up her pussy, then pulled it part way out, causing the spikes to penetrate her flesh. He screwed nipple stretchers on her nipples. As she lay nailed to the cross, he flogged her with a cat-o-9 tails, one of many flogging devices kept at the convent for use as punishment or self humiliation, When satisfied, he had the cross raised and instructed the other nuns to pile wood around the base. As Sister Slut pleaded with him, he lit the wood under her. While Sister Slut was burning on the cross, he fucked Mother Superior in front of her.
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