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  1. Illara

    Gods’ Edicts Part VII - A Slave is Crucified

    Note: This is a fantasy nothing more…
  2. crucifixionworld

    Asian Boys Crucifixion

    Hi all, Actually I've been joining this forum since 2012, but then I forgot my password and started to forget about my account here, until 2022. I would like to share some of my collection about boys crucifixion. Especially Asian boys. If some of you have same interest as me, please kindly help...
  3. tygavin

    Kara's Crucifxion

    A story about Supergirl based off the CW show. Not needed to watch the show. I'm sure everyone knows the basics of Super people and Kryptonite. Kara Zor El woke up shivering. This was her first indication that something was very wrong. She was Supergirl. Temperature had never bothered her. She...
  4. Femsnuffer22

    Crucifixion Manips by Femsnuffer

    Be sure to check out my photo-story, "The Runaway Slave" at https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/the-runaway-slave-by-femsnuffer.9841/ Sister Slut's Punishment (Image hosted on Imgur) Bishop Femsnuffer caught Sister Slut and Mother Superior fucking when he made an unexpected visit to the...
  5. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part VI - The Game of Crosses

    Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Prologue The Festival of Bountiful Harvest was approaching. The recently crowned King Niro was thinking of a way to reward his people for their diligent work and loyalty. In his time as King he had restored the Sisters of Suffering and brought back...
  6. Illara

    Gods’ Edicts Part V - The Crucifixion of the Queen

    The Crucifixion of Queen Lucie Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more.
  7. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part IV - The Crucifixion of the Duchesses

    The Crucifixion of the Duchesses Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Prologue King Titus VI is dead. He perished of natural causes a mere three weeks after becoming betrothed to Queen Lucie of Avondaläe. She was a beauty of unmatched quality from the nearby nation; a short, slim...
  8. sifax

    The crucifixion of Alba, the german slave

    The beautiful german slave Alba was going to be a luxurious gift to get political favors but she did not resign herself to being a sex toy, that's why her owner punished her with the terrible ordeal of the cross.
  9. Magister_militum

    My Koikatsu Crux work

    I feel like it's time I stopped being a borderline lurker. So, I've grown to quite like Koikatsu after I downloaded it was given the game by Tzeentch and tried it out. The character creator is superb. What's also amazing was that Aves posted several crux resources on this forum and I knew I had...
  10. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part III - The Crucifixion of High Priestess Vera

    The Execution of High Priestess Vera Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Chapter 1 – The Discovery King Titus was in his pleasure chambers, being sexually serviced by a number of slave girls. A pair worked his massive cock with their mouths, another pair were on either side of...
  11. Yupar

    Yupar's Kinky Creations

    After a year of struggles in my unrest home country, finally I managed to move my neighbour country. As I'm staying alone so far, now I get more private times to create my kinky fetish manipulations and I created my Patreon as one day I highly hope to to create my own photography series like...
  12. Cruxkilla

    Me and my mother

    Would anyone be willing to render my mother and I crucified?
  13. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part II - The Princesses are Crucified

    Note: Gods' Edicts Part I was posted simply as The Crucifixion of Illara Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Chapter 1 – Schemes for Succession High Priestess Vera was a lovely woman to look upon. Long, flowing black hair framing a beautiful face and green eyes. Her skin was lovely...
  14. Illara

    God's Edict Part I - The Crucifixion of Illara

    The Crucifixion of Illara By Anonymous Note: This is a fantasy story. Nothing more. Chapter 1 - Arrest Illara was a Prefect’s daughter, and for the preceding months she had been pouring over texts and tomes about diplomacy and economic theory and philosophy. She wanted to submit herself into...
  15. Cruxkilla

    A modern Christian families torture and crucifixion story

    Written by myself and Sebastian It had been a good haul. There were still Christians to be found and eradicated. The new group discovered, comprising of 5 females and one male, would ultimately provide quite the spectacle when they were put to death. A family execution could always be relied...
  16. sifax

    Conspiracy and torture at Versailles

    King Louis's lewd fondness for young and beautiful girls was well known at the court of Versailles. The king's lust was so strong that it could not be suppressed before a pretty face and a bottom of twenty years. Of course, this weakness of Louis allowed to some highborn young women who had...
  17. lember

    The worst department

    The annual performance assessment mail arrived on Wednesday, 1st of July. First I heard the murmur, before I checked my mailbox. Then I learned that this year our office had the worst performance at the company. Following the company policy, half of my wage -so as of every men- withheld and the...
  18. tygavin

    Love and Death among the stars

    This story is set in the future and will contain crucifixion, beheadings hangings, firing squads and crucifixion. It will also include a love story between a starship captain and her condemned slave. Year 2152 It pained Nancy to rise from bed. She was wrapped in the arms of her brunette lover...
  19. tygavin

    Death of the Tomb Raider

    Hello everyone. I have read stories on this site for years and joined a few months ago. I have been a writer for years but never written any fantasy or erotica. I have been inspired by those here and thought I would give it a go and write out some of my favorite ideas that have floated in my...
  20. brasileiro

    Ultimate Christian Challenge -Easter

    Something for those who favor a fairly 'soft' and consensual approach... Ultimate Christian Challenge – Easter Television Script Written and Produced by Thomas Christian and Directed by Greg Gregson Camera pans a bucolic scene, an open green meadow fringed by trees, ruins of a Spanish-style...
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