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Cruxer's Digest 2020 - Part II - Members of CruxForums
View attachment 944047

Table of Content
Viper18Y - Island Crucifixion
Viper18Y - Crucifixion on the Beach
Viper18Y - Island Crucifixion 2 - The Contest
Nicole - Masochist without limit
Serva - On Harems, Concubinage and Fiqh in the World of Gulistan
Darkmind - The Princess and the Pear
Gerembeau - Spartacus
Chapter I: Spartacus
Chapter II: Crassus
Chapter III Varinia
Eulalia - Andromeda's Challenge
Cruciaris20 - Birthday Party
Jackie1111 - Jackie's Pillory Fantasy
Lucia - Pau de Arara
Severianus Latro - The Punic Cross
Cruciaris20 - My real experience
Riwa - My mother hangs my girlfriends…
Riwa -Hanging Suzan Rose
Riwa -Laura and the Strangler's Playroom
Leatherchain - A Nap on the Couch
Chaper one
Chapter Three 1 of 2
Chapter Four
Leatherchain - The Inheritance
Leatherchain - Taken in the Field
Leatherchain - Fantasy Camping Story
pt 1
pt 2
pt 3
Leatherchain - Travel story
Chapter One pt 1
Chapter One pt 2
Chapter One pt 3
Chapter Two pt 1
Chapter two pt 2
Chapter Three
Leatherchain - Arena Story
Jollyrei - The Cruxton Abbey Charity Slave Auction:
Adobe - Origin in All
Keigera - The Tribute
Montycrusto - The God of Filth. (First Crux story), by montycrusto
mp5stab - The Forgotten Queen
Juan1234 - Waiting
Fallenmystic - A Schoolgirl's Dream
Crumera - The denouncment
Wikk - Promise
Crumera - Rightfull Queen
Crumera - Betrayal
Kegeira - The sad story of Tusnelda
Aralav - -Two-on-One-
Eulalia - Lord Minos
Yupar - Saw Yupar of Pagan
Frank Petrexa - SciFi Crucifixion
Adobe - Crux Cruise
Phlebas - She's actually a native queen :)
Bastonandi - A demonstration of Power of the Roman Empire
Part 1 (Male scourging and crucifixion)
Part 2 (male crucifixion)
Crumera - Queens household
I'm so glad and thanks for putting " Saw Yupar of Pagan " :)


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Barbaria and Friends - Vignettes from Barb's ancestral past
Vignettes from Barb's ancestral past - Barbaria & Friends.jpg
As nearly everyone here at CruxForums knows by now, I am not in the least bit responsible for causing the infamous CruxForums site crash of the summer of 2013. Yet, being as isolated and bored as everyone else during this pandemic, I’ve been amusing myself lately by delving into my ancestry. And, low and behold, I’ve discovered that miscues and calamity, intentional or not, have been Moore or less a plague of sorts throughout the family line.

For comments visit the original thread:


  • Vignettes from Barb's ancestral past - Barbaria & Friends.epub
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