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Illustrated short stories

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Maybe some girls were grateful to be visited that last night by the lustful guardians.
So at least they didn't have a chance to think about the hell that awaited them the next morning.
A few hours after the guards left and left them full of semen and urine, the girls could see the first rays of the sun and felt chills of terror because that meant that their torturers would soon come looking for them.

images (12).jpgimages (13).jpgimages (15).jpg

Soon there was the clanging of keys and bolts and the shouts of the executioners giving orders to the guards. The girls only had a few seconds to say goodbye.

images (14).jpg
- Ha, ha, come with me, beautiful girl, I have a piece of wood to put on your shoulders.


29.jpgimages (17).jpg3012215_293_9478.jpg
The girls were dragged out of their cells by the brutal guardians
Once outside they were given the humiliating shower of the slaves on the outside ...
and a painful and humiliating enema to avoid "unpleasant surprises" when they hung from the crosses and had to relieve themselves in front of everyone.

The guards held their noses and laughed at those naked slaves farting as dirty water spurted from their asses.
Finally they forced them to kneel and placing the wooden legs on their shoulders, they extended their arms and tied them to the end of them.
The girls submissively agreed to carry the cross bar, what else could they do?
- Come on bitch, move your ass or I'll skin your skin.



Actually the massive crucifixion movie was filmed. It would later be edited in BDSM and Snuff versions for the legal and illegal circuit respectively.
1633015994162.png1633010193298.pngMadiosi-2020-080-Last Day-01.jpgMadiosi-2020-081-Last Day-02.jpg
As if it were a masquerade or costume ball, the guests of the tycoon and several thousand rented extras agreed to dress up as Romans and participate in the film.
The only ones who did not need to act or disguise were the girls because they were completely naked and bound because they could not do anything but cry, beg and scream while they were savagely tortured.

images (4).jpg

The whips were not simple atrezzo as the girls could taste.


3 models 35a.jpg3 models 36a.jpg3 models 37a.jpg
Despite the lashes, the weight of the wood on their shoulders and the continuous humiliation, some of the girls arrived at the scene of the torture hot and horny.
venus f_c 27.png
This sexual arousal was evident as many had prickly nipples and the vagina constantly distilled vaginal discharge. Probably showing themselves naked and defenseless and receiving whipping made them horny as many were masochists.

3 models 38a.jpg3 models 39aa.jpg
Once they arrived at the place of the torture, they removed the patibulum from their shoulders and tied their arms behind their backs. This was unnecessary, where could they run?

1633190994854.pngdescarga (2).jpg

After this they took most of the girls to a wooden portico and tied them in a row with their arms raised to witness the torture and crucifixion of their companions. The executioners were going to flagellate, torture and crucify them one by one, slowly and in the most cruel way so that the show was going to last many hours, probably all day. In this way the girls could patiently see the horror that awaited them in the their companions´ body.

3 models 40a.jpg
Three girls were separated from the others to begin the torture and were shown the long nails with which they were to be crucified.


- Ha ha, bitch I have paid a great amount of money to whip you. The condition is that I must be naked when flagellate you, but I don´t mind.


When they saw the size of the nails, some girls who had not yet been tied tried to run away. The guardians didn't even bother to chase them. Where could they flee on such a small island?
PERRO-PRESA-ktZH--620x349@abc.jpgimages (1).jpgfeeding-the-dog-animal-sex-comics-7.jpg
Instead they released the dogs that were trained to hunt female slaves. In fact they took little time to catch them.


The guards caught them again and this time they tied them solidly and carried them to the whipping posts.

All the girls who were to be crucified were first to be subjected to a long and cruel flogging in the purest Roman style. That was the tradition.
To whip the girls, the tycoon hired a gang of professional executioners. They were actually dangerous prisoners who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for sadism and rape. The tycoon used large amounts of money and their influence to get them out of the worst prisons in the first world. The girls were handed over naked and defenseless to this gang of psychopaths.


Before starting, the executioners carefully chose the torture instruments and showed them to the first victim.



The girls were flogged one after another in the cruelest ways those criminals could imagine. For this they used a great variety of whips, single tail, bullwhip, flagrum, dry or impregnated with resin, chili, vinegar or salt.
With them they slowly flayed his skin between screams and screams. The girls wriggled together helplessly, crying and screaming as these savages slowly skinned their backs, assholes, and thighs.
However, they were not satisfied with the flogging and before the crucifixion the girls tried the bite of the hot irons, especially on their sensitive tits.
- Ha, ha, have you seen that I have barely spanked your tits, it is to pinch your nipples and twist them with the pliers.

- No, no, please, no.
- Come on, you asked yourself in your fantasies to be tortured in this way. Now you're really going to try it, the irons are red hot.

- NOOOOO, NOOOOO, ssssshhh, aaaaaggghhh


The show was very exciting but it was even more so if some of the condemned to the cross sucked off the tycoon guests while they watched the sadistic show.
7VKmnZv (1).jpg434391.jpg6.gif
The girls would be the last to be crucified and agreed to suck off the men responsible for their torture in exchange for the promise that their torture would be somewhat milder. and fast. Actually, there was no intention of keeping that promise, but could they do something else?.
Once scourged and tortured, the first candidate was crowned with thorns and crucified. It was another tradition.


While the first victim was being crucified, the second was taken to the whipping post. Their screams mingled with the clicking of the lashes against the skin and the hammering against the heads of the nails.


While the first victim was being crucified, the second was taken to the whipping post. Their screams mingled with the clicking of the lashes against the skin and the hammering against the heads of the nails.


The girls went crazy with pain when the knots of the flagrum scratched their skin and they twisted like crazy, crying and moaning. Everything was useless because the more they struggled in their bonds, the flagellers found more pleasure in torture.
Anyway, that was just a prelude to something much more horrible. The process of driving the nails into the wrists was especially painful. The girls screamed like crazy when the iron pierced the carpal tunnel of the wrists, breaking nerves and tissues as it passed.

However, the pain and agony were much worse when their feet were nailed. The executioners had been practicing for days and had become real experts. The nails entered the key places making the crucifixion hell on earth for the girls.


The worst type of whip was undoubtedly the flagrum taxillatum, that is, a flagrum bristling with balls, bits of cutting metal and even hooks.
The blows of such an infernal whip on the delicate skin of the girls was brutal.
With each blow the pieces of metal left open wounds and cuts, skinning parts of the victim's back, ass and thighs.
And yet, despite the cruelty of this type of flogging, deep down it was better for the condemned woman because it accelerated her death.


Despite falling to the ground faintly with half of her body skinned by the flagrum, the girl did not get rid of the cross and the executioners dragged her towards the timbers because she did not have the strength to walk on her own feet.

Nailed 10 5.jpgnailed.jpg

The cruel ritual of the crucifixion continued to hammer her wrists into the wood with hammer blows and even rape her to the ground.


Once the hands and feet were nailed, the victim probably thought the worst was over, but in reality that was the prelude to hell and a small part of the ordeal. After dancing for hours hanging from the nails that hurt hundreds of nervous movements at the slightest movement came the cornu, a thick, unbrushed wooden stake stuck in the ass. The young woman injured herself with the splinters of the wood every time she scraped her skinned back against her stomach and buttocks and rectum with her cornu.

There was no forgiveness or mercy of any kind. Those who were waiting their turn saw the torture in all starkness, waiting for a miracle.

New Arrivals.jpgAbout to Begin.jpg

More and more victims were carried to the posts of the lashes and then with their bodies covered in marks, sweat and blood, the cross awaited them.

- No, please don't crucify me, I'll do whatever you want, I'll be your slave.

- I can't do anything to help you, pretty, nobody can. Your destiny was written by yourself when you agreed to come to the island of your own shoes.

G8 Abbi version May 021 06a.jpg15239083-A025-4EA0-9C44-7E4745963107.jpeg

More and more crosses were raised and more nude girls were crucified to the enjoyement of the crowd.


Don´t cry so loud whore, you asked for this yourself


B87DD0FC-846C-4FF8-B6C9-39B71F47E404 (1).jpeg19D1D3F7-1917-4D31-B08E-60911F51EEA9.jpegcloudgirl2 10 21.jpg
Many masochistic girls had confessed that one of their fantasies was being abused on the cross by men or women. Some had their last orgasm in the arms of unknown lovers who fucked them taking advantage of the fact that they were defenseless.

beauty and the beast 9 30.jpgThe Carnifex's Men.jpg
Others, however, had to be content with disgusting old men who did whatever they wanted.

When there were already more than forty naked women hanging from their crosses, it was time to move on to the second part of the show.

- Come on, people are getting bored, are the braziers ready?
- Yes, the embers are red hot
- Well, what are you waiting for, bring them and introduce the instruments of torture in them.
- You yourself confessed that one of your dreams was to be tortured on your tits with hot irons once on the cross. You said you always came in that dream. Now we are going to make your dream come true, although I fear that it will rather be a nightmare. Are you ready?


- What are those needles for?
- They are for your sensitive tits, they are so big that we need needles eight inches long to pierce them, and now beautiful Japanese girl lie down on the cross and extend your arms .....


Come on japo whore, lie down here I already have sharp nails, you're going to come out in the camera, ha, ha.

3 models 45a.jpg3 models 49a.jpg3 models 50a.jpg
Aimi submissively lay down and spread her arms without anyone forcing her, however when they placed her she felt the tips of the nails scratching her wrists, she couldn't help but tremble and had to hold back the urge to urinate.
3 models 54a.jpg3 models 55aa.jpg
All the dignity and calm of the Japanese girl ended when the executioners began hammering the nails. The girl began to scream and writhe in pain and finally she pissed.

3 models 56a.jpg
After the dolls came to nail the feet. The pain was so great that Aimi began to bang her head against the wood of the stipe in the hope of losing consciousness.

3 models 67a.jpg3 models 60a.jpg
However, once crucified Aimi did not despise the cock of the executioners who fucked her half crucified. The girl had such sensitive nipples that she had a deep orgasm in full torture and she agreed to swallow her rapist's semen.

Finally Aimi's cross was upright and she screamed again like a madman as her injured back was hurt by the splinters of the rough wood.



- Here comes the brazier with the instruments of torture. Cameramen records this scene well. The torture of this busty jav will be a success.

- You, you are a woman and you also have tits, help me, do something so that they do not torture me with needles.
- I'm just a worker and I'm looking for the success of my film, get ready to suffer bitch.


- The irons are prepared bitch, pray what you know.
- No beautiful japo I love too much my work
- Slowly my love, very slowly, I know you can feel the pain each milimeter.


To better see Aimi's torture, a series of guests who had dressed up as Roman ladies approached. They couldn't help but masturbate while watching the the beautiful Japanese´s ordeal.

- Whip her executioner, whip her and I give you 1000 bucks
- You don´t need to pay me anything, I am enjoying my job



The vinegar and salt-soaked braided leather whips slowly flayed the front of Aimi's body as she screamed like mad. However, in the midst of the torment the young woman had a deep orgasm.


The savage torture of the girl lasted for many more hours and after removing the needles stuck in her nipples, it was the turn of the hot pliers.

Another girl who was to be crucified could see how the executioners pinched Aimi's nipples and stretched and twisted them without stopping to tear them off.

The poor girl regretted a thousand times before dying that her tits had grown.


3_daughters_by_masterkav_deftz71-fullview.jpegRebellion's Price  r.jpg1633461727667.png
The massive crucifixion of more than seventy masochistic girls between the ages of 18 and 25 lasted fourteen hours after which the executioners finished off the survivors by the crurifragium.
Thanks to certain digital effects and editing, they made the film look like a real "Roman" movie a "sadistic peplum" in the line with the "Sparthacus series" full of sadism and sex.

db barbaria with dart.jpg
The bdsm peplum was a hit especially for girls with masochistic tendencies who praised the realism of the scenes.

Among all those masochists there was enough quarry to continue using the trick of false casting.

However, a hunter cannot stop being a hunter, so I prefer the traditional method.


Extracurricular activities

descarga (11).jpg
- Please, Miss Adrianna, the director calls you into his office.

- Thanks Aidra, now I'm going

images (3).jpg
- Mr. Director, can I? ... oh my god.
- Go ahead Miss Adrianna, come in and don't stay at the door.








- Are you sorry, bad girl?

- AAAYYY, Yes mister, I am sorry my fault.
images (13).jpg


- Very well, get out there, now it's your turn, lower your panties and lift your skirt with your hands.
images (3).jpg
- What, ... what have they done these two students to be punished like this?

- Their behavior is getting worse every day.


- This time they have been caught kissing in the toilet, what will be next? Assemble the teachers immediately and inform them. I have come up with an after-school activity to correct the students....


- What I just told you, the director wants to do an extracurricular activity with the older students in the Island Jail.


- The Island Jail ?, is that sordid prison on the islet in the middle of the bay ?. I have heard that it is a women's prison.


- I have heard that the inmates are all the time naked and handcuffed and that they are mistreated by their female guards.

images (27).jpgimages (51).jpg
- I have heard worse things that there are also male guards who rape and torture the prisoners. Why does the principal think it is educational for our students to visit such a place?.


- The principal is upset with the behavior of our students.
They dress indecently in extremely short skirts.
They are always on drugs and luring the janitors into getting them drugs and alcohol.
- That's not the worst, the other day I surprised two of them with lesbian games.


- Let me explain you. The director believes that if the students see what happens to the inmates, it will deter them from misbehavior.
1 (2).jpg
- Really?

- The director asks for volunteer female teachers to accompany the girls to the jail. We ourselves will choose the girls who will go on the excursion. They must be of legal age and the dirtiest and most depraved of them.
descarga (6).jpg
- Let me see, what can we find in that prison?

- The director has informed me. It is true that the prisoners are naked and bound. In addition, the Guardians can do whatever they want with them....without limits.
- Oh my God, is it possible?
06 - The Prisoners Have returned.jpeg
- Guardians are actually trusted prisoners. actually convicted of rape and sadism.

- So the prisoners are naked and at the mercy of those criminals?

- According to the prison warden, they are the best to be executioners.

- Executioners?

- Yes, apparently skillfull and motivated tormentors are necessary and the sadistic rapists are the best. You have to take into account that many prisoners have been sentenced to months or years of imprisonment and must be punished daily. In addition, torture is allowed in the interrogation of prisoners. New laws against female immorality allow it.
1 (2).jpg
- Yoy are telling me our students are going to see all this hell as an educative experience?

- Yes, more or less, in the director's opinion, that will be enough for the students to piss with fear and behave like educated young ladies from now on.

- At least the director did not want the students to see an execution

- Oh my God are executions practiced in prison?

- Yes, and the law allows the prison warden to choose the method of execution.

And which one, which one is practiced?

- The mayor is very fond of crucifixion.
1 (2).jpg
- Crucifixion? Is he mad?

- No, "she", the warden is a woman.

- Crucifixion in XXI century, I can´t believe it. And a woman....oh must be a very cruel hellcat.

- Yes I would not want to fall into her clutches well, I need three volunteer apart from me. What do you say?
descarga (6).jpg
- Count on me.

- Thank you Anissa.
- Well.....I agree, I go with you.

- Thanks Bobbi, and you Lorelei?

- Okay,.....maybe a shocking experience but.... everything for the good of our students

1 (2).jpg
- Don´t stare at me Adrianna, I don´t want to see other women suffering

- Well, thank you Lena, now we are going to make a list of the schoolgirls. Remember that they have to be of legal age and the dirtiest of all.

- It will be very easy.


- The first one, Zazie, this naughty harlot

- Yes she looks like an innocent virgin but I know she is only a slut.

- Violet, of course

- Yes Violet "naked thighs"...... the shortest skirt in the school.

- What a dirty slut!

- Of course Stella, the masochist whore, she is always speaking about BDSM.

- Perhaps when she see those sadists in action she wants to stay in prison as inmate.


- Sasha the "cocksucker". Despite being so young, she has lost count of the cocks she has eaten.
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7ffb2565-d78b-489c-babd-ccbd72458e89-250.gif407f8996-81b9-4d15-9e06-7cbd8fde9d9d.jpgaidra-fox-5.jpgdescarga (1).jpgdescarga (4).jpg
A lot of nasty and sinful girls were selected to visit the island's jail, none of them could say no because the activity was mandatory.

Maybe the schoolgirls were dirty whores but the teachers weren't better even if they hid it.

Once the rest of her classmates came out of the Teachers' Room, Lena couldn't take it anymore and put her hand under her jeans to masturbate.
images (48).jpg
- Oh, I don't have the guts to see it but I love thinking about those women naked and tortured by those sadists.

Lorelei had a lesbian bdsm relationship with Annete the sports teacher. And it was so hot that two lovers spent the night fucking. Lorelei confessed to Annete that she was a little scared and she agreed to accompany her to the prison.

The very bitch was without a doubt Adrianna who was a secret masochist even though she had never practiced. Her favorite wet dream was being crucified and tortured on the cross by sadistic executioners.
When he found out that he was going to visit the prison where that cruel execution was practiced, he spent several days of enormous excitement and he masturbated frantically thinking about it.


The boat headed to the prison island with the excursion of schoolgirls and their sexy teachers.
- Why did they install the prison on that lonely island? Navigation to it is very difficult. The currents seem very strong.

- That is precisely why. They don't want any living prisoner to escape. If one of them is thrown into the sea and does not drown, it will be the grazing of the sharks. These waters are infested.
-Have you heard? Don't ever put your hand in the water, girls.
- Yes, miss

- In addition, it is very isolated, sometimes bad weather isolates the prison by sea and air for several days.

- We don't plan to stay that long, ha, ha.

- The excursion has arrived, Madam Director.

- Very well, let them show the process of entering the new inmates.

- Come this way. Today they have been lucky because new prisoners have just entered the prison.
- Come on girls! Follow us and nobody gets lost
- The judge sentenced them yesterday: two of them one year in prison, three five years and the rest life imprisonment.
- The first thing is to sign them
- And those two that are separated?

- Death penalty.

- So they are going to be....?

- Yes crucified, they will be crucified but not before suffering daily torture for three months.

- Come on scum, get naked, take off all your clothes. Don't you dare look at me bitch, against the wall.

- That is Olga one of the guardians


- Come on get down and open your ass, I want to see what you hide in here. ..........Puafh, you smell like rotten fish, you have to take a shower urgently.
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