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This is going to replace the old cinema and we'll start with Eulalia being whipped in the Coffee Grinder.
Here's a pic from the film (4m 47s) View attachment 662182

The film can be watched and downloaded from
Screen 1

I would just like to say, as someone who takes his coffee very seriously, that I approve this method of grinding beans (the grinding is where a really good coffee is won or lost). I love to see @Eulalia put to this use.

Incidentally, the most important part of a grinder is the burrs........


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! Always nice to see again this video ! How wonderful it is, and I could be in her place with my Judith tied to the three near me : I think that soon we'll do !!! :rolleyes:

That oil is to intensify the kiss of the flames that are to follow. Short fast burns of dried straw.

But not before she watches her lover, the one who condemned them both with her confession , given the 'mercy' of being whipped and thrashed with rods till death.

Serves them right....whatever they did


Helpless in the dentist's chair yesterday, my Novocain-addled brain idly drifted between some terrifying tales @Eulalia once told, and this cruel clip from my Asian collection...

View attachment 795902View attachment 795903View attachment 795904View attachment 795905View attachment 795906View attachment 795907View attachment 795908View attachment 795909View attachment 795910View attachment 795911
So much about this clip is the essence of kink for me -- the innocence, the injustice, the terror, the savage cruelty, the tears, the pitiless humiliation -- but all in good fun!

View attachment 795919View attachment 795920View attachment 795921View attachment 795922View attachment 795923View attachment 795924View attachment 795925View attachment 795926View attachment 795927View attachment 795928

These two links seem to be down. Any chance of a re-upload -- the captions look interesting.


Many thanks, nardnob. Your Google Drive is restricted -- can you give me access, or set it to public? Much appreciated!
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