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Medieval Witch Hunters Part 2

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Lady Harrington

Two days had passed since Jacob had left Beatrix. It was early in the morning and he had just finished breakfast when he heard a carriage stop at his door. He headed for his door knowing who it was going to be. He grabbed a coat then put it on as he walked to the door then opened it just as Beatrix was about to knock.

Beatrix was stood there in her black outfit just as before.

“Good morning Jacob. Are you ready to assist with the next interrogation?” She said

“Yes I am ready to help”

“Great now do jump into the carriage car then I will explain on the way”

“Certainly Beatrix”

The pair climbed into the carriage then closed the door. As they did so the driver struck the reins causing the horses to begin moving. The carriage was quite small with a seat at each end so they sat facing each other.

Beatrix lent over and said “You did good with your last job now for this one. We have been granted permission to interrogate the young lady Harrington as a result of the statement we obtained from Anne. Lady Harrington's parents are both dead and the whole family is out of favor with not just the Earl but the king as well. So the Earl is pleased we are to work on her and asks we are very firm when torturing her”

Jacob nodded “When we torture her? What if she confesses before?”

“Well as her family have lied in the past we are not to trust her world unless it is spoken while feeling much pain. It is the only way to be sure. Plus the information we get from her will be vital to catching the rest of the group”

“I understand, are we not going to the castle?” he responded.

“No but we have sent word to Lady Harrington that we are arriving and plan to question her. The Earl does not want the other suspect to know of this so we are to go to her family home to torture her. But don't worry I hear she only has two maids who are both women so it wont be a problem”

Jacob nodded.

She continued “The Earl has also given us specific instruction to use the pear on her and ensure it is opened fully while inside her”

A little taken back Jacob said “She really must be out of favor”

“Indeed she is”

Two hours later the carriage stopped at a country manor house. The house looked a little run down and the gardens had not been attended to in some time. The driver stayed with the carriage while Jacob and Beatrix both went to the front door. Jacob banged on it to alert them of their arrival.

A few moments later a young girl of about 19 opened the door. She had blonde hair with blue eyes and was dressed in a simple gown.

“Are you here to ummmm. Question, Lady Harrington?” She said in a worried voice.

Beatrix confidently said “Yes we are. Is she ready to receive us?”

“Yes ma lady we have readied her. Please follow me”

They picked up their bags then followed the girl into the house then down a corridor. Jacob noticed that there were black spaces where pictures had hung from walls and the place looked as it was falling into disrepair. At the end of the corridor they went though a set of double doors into a good sized room. The room had a wooden pillar about four feet out from each corner that appeared to add support. The room was a rectangle with a large fireplace on one length and with three large windows on the other. At the end there was a table that was 4 feet by 9 feet and looked very sturdy Jacob thought to himself “That might be useful”.

Then sat on a chair in front of the fire was lady Harrington. She was 28 years old with shoulder length brown hair. She had a fair complexion as well as large brown eyes. When she saw them she stood up then turned to face them. Jacob noticed she had a curvy figure and appeared in good health.

She said calmly “Are you the ones who are here to torture me?”

Beatrix in a similarly calm voice responded “Yes we are ordered to use torture when questioning you I am afraid” Beatrix saw the woman was well away of her situation and saw no need to lie.

Lady Harrington nodded “I understand. I suppose I must continue to pay for the crimes of my family”

It was if she had already accepted her fate. Her demeanor showed a woman that had long ago made peace with what was about to happen. She then stood quietly in front of the fire gazing into the flames.

Beatrix said “May we prepare for your torture?”

The woman nodded her head very slowly “Do as you must:

Beatrix then closed the curtains down the length of the room so the fire was the only light. She then lit a few candles placing them in candle holders to provide more illumination. The many flames caused the shadows to move around erratically which only added to the suspense in the air. The maid moved out of the way then stood with her arms folded awaiting an instruction and trying to hide her fear.

Beatrix gestured to Jacob then they both moved the large table so it was positioned length ways in the room. Then they pulled it down to the far end so it was in between the two pillars at that end of the room.

Once Jacob realized how they were to position their victim he picked a hammer and large nail from one of the bags. Lady Harrington continued to watch the flames as Jacob climbed onto the table then at the end furthest away from the pillars placed the nail on the table. He then struck the nail with the hammer.

The sound bounced around the room as he forced the big nail down into the thick table top. He hammered it down until only about 3 inches was exposed. Next he pulled out several lengths of rope then placed them on the table. He tied one rope to each pillar then one to the nail leaving a good length of rope available on each point.

Lady Harrington turn to look then her bottom lip trembled as she saw how she was to be restrained. She took a few steps towards the table as Beatrix moved a heavy bag full of various implements next to one of the pillars. Then in the same calm voice she asked “May I enquirer what torture I am to be subjected to” It was a fight but Lady Harrington managed to hide her fear. Her young maid just stood quietly not knowing what to do.

Beatrix then pulled out of the bag then placed on the table some a whip, some pliers and finally the pear. Lady Harrington's eye widened as she saw the pair. Seeing this reaction Jacob knew she must have knowledge of the device.

Yet despite her fear Lady Harrington reached out and picked up the pear. She inspected it closely before holding it as if she were about to use it. She then turned the handle and gasped as the three petals parted slightly. Another turn opened it wider then she put it back down on the table and covered her mouth with her hands.

She stepped back leaning against the wall. She then shook her head side to side “No, no you cant use that on me please. You cant”

Beatrix then said “I am afraid we must. It must also be opened fully so you can benefit from its full effect. Now come to me”

Lady Harrington started to tremble as she walked over to Beatrix. Beatrix was stood between to two pillars waiting for her victim. When Lady Harrington was next to her Beatrix placed her hands on the frightened woman's shoulders then slid her gown off. The gown then fell to the floor leaving Lady Harrington stood there naked.

Jacob looked and saw she cut a beautiful figure with good thighs and muscles from exercise. She placed her hands between her legs to cover that area as Beatrix moved her so her bottom touched the table.

“Now sit upon the table” Beatrix said to her then with a moments delay she did just that.

Once she was sat on the table Jacob grabbed one of her arms then pulled her back so she was lying flat on her back. He then grabbed the other arm and pulled them both together over her head. Next he got the rope attached to the nail then bound her hands together then made sure they were Pulled tight limiting her movement.

As he did this Beatrix picked up one of her legs then wrapped the roped attached to one of the pillars to it. Jacob then came down and together they attached her last leg to the other pillar. Their victim breathing had increased causing her breasts to move up and down. Jacob then pulled the rope around her legs very hard to add tension to her body so she was unable to move. She let out a cry as this was done to her then tied to move. Lady Harrington then realized she was totally restrained and unable to move, she was at there mercy.

Jacob looked at her body from the side and found the sight of her bound with her arms over her head and her legs parted wide a pleasant one to behold. Her buttocks and body were on the table while her legs were over the edge held in place by the rope. Lady Harrington let her head rest back against the table then lay still. She was ready for torture.

Beatrix then looked at Jacob “Come down here now we shall begin”

He walked back down so he was between the pillars. Beatrix handed him a whip that was quite short. It had a wooden handle then a peace of leather that was about two and a half feet long by 2 inches wide. Beatrix then pointed to the exposed area between her legs then said “That is where you will lash her. We are not to mark her body by order but that place is very sensitive so hit her hard”

Jacob then stepped forward. He saw the young maid watching with fear with what was about to happen. He reached out with one hand then ran it though the fur between her legs. He slowly moved his hand down over the lips causing her to lift her head. The two looked at each other for a moment then she let her head fall back.

Jacob then stood in position then sent the whip flying forward so the leather landed on the lips.


Instantly the girls body shook all over as she felt the pain and she cried out


The cry filled the room then CRACK!

He struck her with the whip again. Her screams continued as the lashed struck her one after the other.


Jacob saw the flesh wobble after it was struck and the force passed though it. Her cries assured the other three in the room her pain was high.


Lady Harrington shook her head side to side as she cried out in agony.


As her lungs emptied another lash struck her sensitive lips causing her to scream again. Every eight seconds or so he struck her womanhood with the whip directly. He thought to himself that while restraining a woman in this way was a bit more difficult the pain she felt from being whipped between the legs was worth it.


He saw her lips were becoming very reddened and were starting to swell up from all the strikes. Her cries of pain were also constant now. There was no break in the cries except for a quick gulp of air.

He wanted to satisfy Beatrix who was leaning against one of the pillar staring between the woman's legs as she was tortured. He made sure each lash was a painful one despite his target being an area so sensitive.


Jacob noticed that each time a lash landed on his victim the young maid shook with fear from it. She obviously cared for Lady Harrington and seeing her in such pain distressed her.


After two dozen lashes were given to the girl Beatrix said “Stop now please. Let her have a moment”

Jacob stepped back and waited for his next instruction. It took a few moments for Lady Harrington to stop her cries then she took deep breaths of air as she caught her breath. Beatrix walked between her legs then placed her hands on her inner thighs. She then said to the maid “Young girl will you please find something to prop up Lady Harrington's head”

The girl then picked up a cushion from the chair then climbed on to the table. She placed it under her head as instructed. Beatrix then looked at her to see her face was reddened and she had tears coming from her eyes.

She said “I am a woman so I know those lashes must have been hard. Maybe now we have your attention and you will be ready for questions?”

Lady Harrington nodded “Yes...... Yes I will answer”

“Good, very good. Until a week ago you were at the Earl Creston's castle to preform some duties and try to earn back some affection for the kingdom your family had wronged?”

“Yes I was”

“While there you worked with another girl to keep watch while some noble women committed ungodly acts didn't you?”

She shook her head “Never I would never be apart of that but”

Beatrix was not surprised she said she did not know of it after all confession would mean a painful execution for her.

“But, but I did keep watch one for Ladies Howick and Benezia. I did not know what they were up to at first then I heard chanting in their room. When Lady Howick came to the door she was naked but made me promise not to talk of it. If that was your question then torture is not needed I will tell the truth”

Beatrix took a moment to take in what was just said then responded “There was another girl there with you wasn't there?”

“Yes Anne was her name but she was not apart of it either”

Beatrix nodded “Very good”

She then moved her right hand to the folds of skin between her legs. Then using her index and fore finger she stroked the two lips with a finger each while Lady Harrington watched. Beatrix then said with a smile “I bet these lips are sore aren't they”

Lady Harrington nodded. “They hurt”

Beatrix then looked at Jacob “Another two dozen lashes to her womanhood. As hard as you can”

There was a look of shock and surprise on Lady Harrington's face “What......”

Jacob then took his previous position without talking.


He struck her perfectly on both lips causing her to cry out in pain.


She screamed as he lashes her sensitive place over and over again. She tossed her head and pulled on the ropes. Jacob could see her trying to bend her knees but they moved very little as she was pulled out very tight.




She cried and screamed as the pain filled her. It was an increasingly sharp pain that she struggled to take.

The lashes continued at a constant pace. Jacob notice Beatrix was almost enjoying watching her suffer this type of torture. His victims inner lips were swelling up even more now and were cut in some places.

It took a while but Jacob stopped after he counted twenty four lashes. He stopped then stepped back to she her still twitching from the pain. Once she calmed down she took several breaths then appeared able to focus. This was when Beatrix went back and stood between her legs.

Lady Harrington looked at her with a look of anger “Why did you order that done to me I was telling you all I could? You just want to hurt others. This is not about information is it?”

Beatrix smiled “You can say all you want but I am in control here. Now tell me of who Benezia and howick were with during these times?”

“I honestly do not know I only saw those two as they were the only ones who came to the door when I was outside”

Beatrix stroked the girls lips again and noticed how swollen they were. Lady Harrington clearly did not like Beatrix touching her but could do nothing “It is a pity you cant tell me any other names”

Lady Harrington grit her teeth then almost snarled at Beatrix “It is a pity for my body but not for you. You now have your excuse to continue my torture and hear me scream”

Beatrix appeared to ignore what was said and continued smiling while stroking the girls lips “I can tell the lashes hurt you, these lips are very swollen. They are almost hot to the touch now lets make them hotter”

Lady Harrington looked shocked fearing what that meant then Beatrix whispered something to Jacob then he moved away. Lady Harrington struggled to raise her head to watch as Jacob picked out then put on a pair of thick blacksmith gloves. He then walked over to the fire place out of Lady Harrington's view then picked up a set of tongues. With the tongues he pocked around the fire until he found a large hot coal. Lady Harrington had her head leaned over as far as she could trying to see what he was doing then she saw him walking with a hot coal.

As soon as she saw it her eyes opened wide then she looked on in panic as he walked back down between her legs. While she stared the maid started to cry. Jacob picked up a smaller set of tongues then used then to grab one of her lips then pull it up. Lady Harrington knew what was coming and took steady deep breaths as she waited for pain.

Beatrix looked at Jacob “Your doing well now just touch the skin lightly for a few seconds at a time. Then move onto another patch and then do her other lip when you have burnt that one”

He nodded and turned back to face Lady Harrington. He saw her looking at him then noticed a tear roll down her cheek. He slowly moved the hot coal towards the lip he had gripped in the other tongues. Lady Harrington whimpered as she felt the heat on her womanhood then screamed.

She screamed as loud as she could and with a sound that could have been heard from all around. She could not believe the pain as the coal touched her skin. After it touched her the hair in that area caught alight. It burned very quickly but once gone to allowed him a better view of that area. Jacob let the coal touch for a few seconds as requested then pulled it back. It had left a black burn mark on the delicate lip which he knew would be painful.

After a few more screams Lady Harrington looked back at him, she shook from shock and fear.

Beatrix said “Good now burn her again”

Jacob moved the coal lower then applied it to the skin again. Apart from the screams he could hear a hissing sound as the coal burned her. Then pulled it back after a few seconds.

He continued to apply the coal then after the fifth burn he had marked all of her left lip. He has also caused her massive amounts of pain. After that one he stopped then Beatrix said “Why are you stopping?”

He turned to her and said “The coal is cooling down so it lessens the pain. I want to get another hot one”

Beatrix smiled after hearing that “That is how I want you to think. Very good young man”

Lady Harrington looked up to see what was going on then saw Beatrix stood between her legs “Don't worry Lady Harrington. My associate was concerned the coal was cooling so it would not burn you enough. But don't worry He will collect a fresh hot coal to continue torturing you”

Lady Harrington stared at Beatrix “That's good it would be horrible if my...... Screams were not loud enough”

“Yes it would”

That moment Beatrix stepped away to let Jacob come back. Then Lady Harrington screamed as he continued the torture. rscreams were starting to strain her voice as the coal deliver heat to her other lip. She dare not think of the damage this was causing her but then again the pain caused a good distraction.

Carefully he used the hot coal to burn her lips then Beatrix came up to him and pointed at her bud. “There you see that spot. Pull back the skin then force the coal in, hard”

He nodded then used the small tongues to pull back the skin then her forced the coal on the spot as commanded. Lady Harrington stared upwards and cried out as she felt her most sensitive spot burn. After about ten seconds Beatrix gestured to Jacob to move back. He saw the maid was wiping tears from her eyes but did not speak.

She stood between her legs then saw both lips were black and burnt. Then between the lips the skin had been burned as well. As a woman she knew how much pain she had ordered the woman tied down to feel. She touched her as before running her finger over the folds of skin. The woman's skin was hard and dry from the torture yet the rest of her body was unharmed just as was requested.

Lady Harrington did not raise her head like before but sobbed to herself as if defeated.

Beatrix picked up the pear then rested it on the girls chest. Lady Howick looked at the device which shock Then shook her head “No, NO! Please not that. Not that please!”

She tried to shack it off her body but was tied down to tight.

Beatrix said “Tell me more names and I will maybe spare you the pear”

Still shacking her head Lady Harrington said “I don't know any others I don't. There were maybe two others but I don't know who. Please not the pear. Please”

Beatrix picked up the pear in her hands then held it so Lady Harrington could see. She then turned it so it opened up Lady Harrington watched as it opened wider and wider to a point she knew would rip her.

“No, no please don't”

Beatrix began to close the pear “If you don't tell me then I have to use the pear on you. It will be a shame but if you will not give me names I will have it used on you. Just imagine what you will feel as it tears you”

“I cant give you any names. You know I cant”

“Well then” Beatrix handed the pear to Jacob “Then you will have the pear inserted into you then slowly opened up inside you. I can only imagine the pain”

Jacob stepped forward with the pear lined up to be inserted. Lady Harrington shook her head then pulled as hard as she could on the ropes “No. No Please NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

She cried out as Jacob found the hole then began to push the pear inside. The bulb was a bit larger than the opening so he pushed it in. Her eye opened wide then she screamed as the pear was pushed in to a depth of about 5 inches. The pear cut her as it went in then Jacob stopped when it was at the correct depth. He stepped back and thought it was a strange to view the girl tied up like that breathing deeply with that metal contraption sticking out of her.

Beatrix put a hand on Jacobs shoulder “Ok turn it slowly. When I give the command open it up a little more each time. We are to do this gradually”

He then stood between her legs while Beatrix walked down the side of her. “Well then now you can feel the pear inside you you know we are serious. Now tell me more names”

“I can't, I can't you have what you want now order you man to do it”

Beatrix nodded to Jacob then he turned the pear. Lady Harrington froze still as she felt it open then cried out.


She felt the device stretch the skin inside her. She grit her teeth as the pain grew.

Beatrix placed her hand on the woman's lower stomach then pushed down a little. “Give it another turn”

Jacob turned the handle again and Lady Harrington felt it open even more. Beatrix smiled as she felt the movement from her victim as the torture progressed. Lady Harrington felt even more stretching now. Her breathing was rapid as she was suffering with pain.

“Any names for me?”

“I.... Cant....”

“In that case another turn is needed”

Jacob turned the handle again then Lady Harrington screamed out.


She felt the pear tear her skin as it expanded. Jacob noticed some blood coming from her as the tear bled.

“It hurts.... It hurts ….. Please stop......”

Beatrix looked strait at her “Do you have any names?”

“I don't.The pear... It is tearing me inside. Please, no more”

“In that case I will tear you more. Another turn is needed”

Jacob nodded then turned the handle slowly. He felt more resistance as he turned it this time.


Lady Harrington threw her head back and forth as the pain gripped her. She clenched her hands into fists and her whole body shook as she felt her inner flesh rip from the device. She screamed solidly for a few minutes not easing at all.

Beatrix could feel the metal object inside her victim as she continued to push down on her stomach. She then said “Another turn please but do it slowly so she can feel the pear expand inside her”

Jacob turned the handle once more then her screams became more twisted.


Lady Harrington's eyes were open wide as she cried out. Her young maid still watched on as her torture continued. The sound of her crying out filled the room with a noise that stopped only for a second so she can take a breath.

As Beatrix lifted her hand off the woman Jacob noticed her stomach protruding from the expanding device. Her body showed the physical strains of the pear yet there was still more to go. He knelt down a little then looked at the hole the pear was inserted into. He could see right down inside past the burnt lips to the area made as the pear opened. Even the skin at the opening was stretched tight and more blood was flowing from her wombs.

Beatrix ran her hand up Lady Harrington's tort body then stroked the side of here face.

“There, there little one. Not many women ever feel the pear opened this much. They usually confess before they are torn this badly. I have found the opening of a pear inside a woman to be a beautiful thing. It is such an intimate torture and it is a shame I don't get to see it fully completed that often”

Jacob was taken back by Beatrix and her joy for such a thing but accepted these were the orders.

Beatrix looked down into Lady Harrington's eyes as her screams subsided a little.

“Now you will feel it open all the way”

Lady Harrington struggled to speak but manage “Have......... Mercy........”

The maid piped up “Have mercy please”

Beatrix quickly turn to her with a stern look “Shut up girl or you will feel it too”

The girl then looked to the floor and cried.

Beatrix then nodded to Jacob who then gripped the handle tight. He then slowly turned it as her screams resumed. He noticed her stomach raising as he turned it and the flesh at the opening of her hole tearing from the metal petals. He could really sense the reality that the pear was ruining her.


Despite her strained voice she let out a terrible scream as she felt the flesh tearing even more. The pear had distorted her opening and created a cavity inside her that she could feel. Jacob could see every muscle tense as she felt the pear open up.

Beatrix then walked down to Jacob then inspected her womanhood to see the damage. She appeared pleased at her ruined form then watched her struggle in agony from the pain. The two watched for a few minutes as she suffered with the pear hanging out of the her as she twisted and cried out.

Beatrix said to Jacob "Now pull on the pear. Slowly pull on it"

He nodded then griped the end f the pear's handle. Then as instructed he pulled the pear.

Lady Harrington managed to raise her head to see him preform this cruelty on her. She felt the pressure worsen around her lips as the tears in the flesh widened. After a brief pause in screaming she resumed crying out. Beatrix leaned down placing her hands on Lady Harrington's thighs then getting a good look at the pear.

"I find watching a pear open up in a victim very fascinating but unfortunately I don't get to see it open fully most of the time. The pear if defiantly one of my favorite instruments. Jacob just let the pear rest"

He let go of it causing it to snap back a inch and the pitch of her scream to change as she registered the pain. Jacob still found her female form appealing as he gazed on her stretched out body. A few more minutes passed then Beatrix said to Jacob “We have hurt her enough, remove the device. Carefully”

He nodded then gripped the pear. He turned it the other way to close it at a steady pace. Her screams continued as he watched her stomach flatten as the pear closed up. Then when it was closed he pulled it out as blood dripped from it. Jacob placed the device on the table as they both looked at it for a moment. They both thought about what had been done to this woman and the pain she must have felt.

Still pulled tight from the ropes they saw her body shack as her cries died down. She was still in a lot of pain but it was less now. Beatrix then said “Do you have any other names?”

It took some effort but Lady Harrington raised her head. The look on her face painted a picture of what she had endured.

“No I ….... I Don't. If I knew I ….. I would say but I suppose now I must suffer more pain” She turned her head to a side then sobbed.

Beatrix responded "I think you are right more pain is needed. Jacob collect the hot iron poker from the fire place. It must then be inserted into the girls womanhood"

Beatrix looked at Lady Harrington "You have until he returns to talk or you feel six inches of the hot iron inside you"

Jacob put his blacksmith gloves back on then picked up the iron as ordered. The tip was a dull red as he inspected it. Slowly he walked back as Lady Harrington pleaded. "No please don't. Please nooooooo"

"Either talk or take the hot iron"

A few seconds past as Jacob waited between her legs for an answer.

"I can't"

Beatrix then said "She must now feel the iron. Slowly push it inside her until it is about six inches deep"

He nodded then moved the iron down. He aimed the hot tip at her opening then moved in slowly. First she felt the heat from the iron as it got close then it touched her skin.


There was a hiss as the metal touched the skin then he pushed it deeper. Slowly he pushed it inside her as she screamed out. Inch by inch she felt it burn her more. He pushed it until he thought the depth was right.

"That's about six inches now" He said.

"A little deeper please"

He nodded then pushed it in another inch. Still the metal was hot so it added more heat to her body. She was in the most horrible pain as the burning continued. Jacob watched her squirm as he held the rod still. he could only imagine what he was doing to this young woman.

After about a minute Beatrix said "Remove it please"

He pulled it out then let it fall to the floor.

After some time Lady Harrington Said "No more please.... I can't tell you anything"

Her head fell back then Beatrix said “I believe you. We were instructed to be hard on you as you figured out but I personally needed to be sure you were telling the truth. It is a shame we had to hurt you in this way. Few women experience the pear opened fully inside them but you took it well”

Beatrix then walked down the side of her body that was still pulled tight by the ropes. “I will take the information you have given us and put it to use. I will order you to stay at the house until your fate is decided. I will speak on your behalf and say you were not involved so you will hopefully be spared death”

The woman was overwhelmed by what had happened but looked up at her “Thank you for that mercy, I suppose”

Beatrix stroked her body just below her breast. “I wish you no further harm. Actually maid”

Beatrix caught the maid attention “Your employer has suffered much so please tend to her. There are bandages in one of those bags. Now with proper rest you should heal from your injuries”

Beatrix then looked to Jacob “Please untie Lady Harrington her torture is over”

Jacob was surprised by her change in character but he noticed Beatrix was a very complex woman who can change quickly. He then did as her was told by first releasing her legs. Once untied he saw red marks where the ropes had dug in as she struggled during her torture. The legs the fell loose and the pain was so much she could not close her legs.

Next Jacob untied her hands so she was free. The maid got onto the table as Lady Harrington was weak form her ordeal and could not lift herself up. With help Lady Harrington was able to sit up to look at her tortures.

“I understand you needed to do that to me. I... I forgive you”

Both were surprised she said that especially considering what they had done to her. She was still bleeding from the pear and her body was shacking from shock. She used her hands to gently cover herself.

“Ouchhhhh. It still hurts”

She then leaned back sobbing as pain still gripped her. Lady Harrington's legs fell open again and she made no effort to close them. This gave them another glance at the damage they had caused her.

Beatrix said “Please rest now. You will heal in time”

As the hour was getting late Beatrix and Jacob packed up quickly then headed for the carriage. The driver was very quiet as he must have heard what they did the their victim. As the carriage moved away they discussed what had happened.

Beatrix said “Are you ok Jacob. That was a difficult thing to do to a woman but we needed to do it”

“I understand. Its ok”

“Good because they were are order and she did tell us the same thing as Anne did so now we can request permission to investigate Ladies Howick and Benezia. We also know there were more people involved so we know to ask about them as we question the women”

“Very good the Earl will be pleased”

“That he will now here is your payment for a job well done”

She handed him a similar amount of coins as before.

“Thank you. I am ready for whatever we have next”

“I heard you began working on a torture rack back at the castle?”

“Yes It will take me a little longer but it should be done soon”

“Excellent. Before we met I ordered a young woman stretched on a rack. I think you will agree it is a very effect way to torture a body. I can still remember her screams”

“I will work on it as soon as possible”

Soon after the carriage stopped and the driver got down then came to the door. "As the hour is so late and there has been bandit activity I have stopped at a local manor. I am sure once you explain who you are rooms can be secured for the night"

They the spoke with the mayor of the small township who let them stay in his house. All three of them were tired so they went straight to bed.
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