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Mixed artwork by ruoliuming

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Lazy, busy, cold, really don't want to move, how I want to stay in bed all the time! :(Just a ps work, I want to sleep a little longer.

In 1855, Quanzhou, China. Qiu Er Niang(邱二娘), only 22 years old, was punished by lingchi for resisting the rule of the Qing Empire. In order to send her to the execution ground, the executioner has prepared a new beautiful wooden donkey for her, and she is trying to adapt herself to this new partner.





how come that I get the impression that the chinese are real masters if not champions in torture and execution?
Human nature is evil, and I believe that any civilization, if it can develop steadily and continuously, will definitely form cruel methods of torture and execution belonging to its own civilization. ;)
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