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Open Sky and Endlessness!

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Her name was Claire ...
Claire Voyant to be precise.

Autumn in upstate New York can be a mix of chills and flashes of “Indian Summer “.

Trying to track this girl down would be an obstacle and quite possibly an adventure.

She was last seen at a cabin resort near and around the Genesee river or crick , depending on your point of view.

Shapely little Gal , she is. Kinda tall for her age.

all this way to live in the woods.

It’s cold in the winter and way out of the way.

But her Daddy seems to think that something is wrong.

The address he gave me was just ... area C , cabin 3.

I hope they have showers because I have been driving all night and getting kinda ripe.

I’m sure you gals know what I mean ... I need a new pair of roller skates!

I think I’m here.

Letchworth State Park!

That’s it!

Thank Goodness!

The fog off the side of the road and those steep drops, I thought , I would drift off ... for real!

It’s 6:30 in the morning and I was fortunate enough to see the grounds keeper at the gate.

The rates were cheap! I almost laughed when he told me it was $3 a night.

Walking to the cabin, I did notice ... 7 foot posts between each one.

Strange, but not anything to be alarmed about .

Rustic was an under statement but there was a frig and a stove.

I just dropped on the bed and fell right out.
In mid afternoon, I was awakened by pounding on the door.

It was Jeff. The one that checked me in at daybreak.


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Autumn in upstate New York. Sounds pleasant, but something here isn’t quite what one might expect. What happens next? Only the Shadow and @LittleSiss know for certain. The rest of us just have to guess, unless ...... :rolleyes:
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