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Ponygirl and Beast of Burden

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FrankO you're right. From a later era! It used to be created in a different style. The first 3 pictures are older, the last 3 newer!
Hate taking away from the topic, but Taurus' "Woman-Eating Carnivorous Plants Field-Guide", a series of probably around 20 different visual descriptions of monster plants and how they capture and eat women done in the the style of those first two drawing, wonderful stuff.


Here are the "carnivorous plants"! Really great series! Just a little taste! They prove Taurus' genius!


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Assistant executioner
I absolutely love ponygirl pics. I think there is something so degrading and so controlling about a sexy naked girl in practically impossible to walk in boots (ballet boots or purpose made pony hooves) high stepping (lifting her knees straight up as high as they go).

A big fantasy of mine (and a theme I repeat a lot in art I get commissioned) is the girl(s) is bondaged to a pony exercise circle ring or a treadmill with no hope of release; getting sweaty and exhausted with their massive tits bouncing everywhere. The stuff that goes through a girl's mind when she is worked to exhausted with lots of handicaps is a huge turn on for me - she is forced to exercise relentlessly for hours on end but knows there is no hope of escape, moaning as her trainer crops her ass and tells her to double the pace. You know what a really hard gym session is like? Imagine an immensely punishing one that doesn’t end!

I think a lot of my ponygirl addiction came from EmmaS, particularly this picture of her training the too unfortunate sisters on a ponygirl ring. It's a picture thats inspired me to do many commissioned artworks and even stories with sisters being kidnapped and trained.


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