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Poor innocent women, especially the prettiest ones, are charged with witchcraft and sent to the dark prisons of the Holy Inquisition to confess their sins.
Their destiny is clear: they are going to endure unbearable sufferings and, finally, confess everything.
The stakes are ready……

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gabriel inquisition 035-01-.jpg

"Executioner, this slave of Satan hasn'confessed her sins yet. Burn her body with that iron."

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"Confess, daughter. have you had sex with the devil?"
"Nooooo. That's not true. I'm a good Christian!"
"Is this your answer?"
"Yes. Please, father, believe me...."
"Executioner, use you pliers on this guilty whore"
"Noooooooo! Aaaaaaahhhhh!"
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Akelarre (1984)

17th C.Navarre, Lord Fermin, helped by an inquisitor, has started a witch hunt. Villagers are arrested and tortured to extract 'confessions'. However, Fermin is using this horror to tarnish Unai, a farmer who opposes his rule of tyranny.

Director: Pedro Olea

Writers: Pedro Olea, Gonzalo Goicoechea (as Gonzalo Goikoetxea)

Stars: Silvia Munt, Mary Carrillo, Walter Vidarte

Akelarre 0002.jpg Akelarre 0003.jpg Akelarre 0004.jpg Akelarre 0005.jpg Akelarre 0006.jpg Akelarre 0007.jpg Akelarre 0008.jpg b051Bu.jpg
La Badessa di Castro (The Abbess of Castro) - 1974

directed by Armando Crispino

starring, among others, Pier Paolo Capponi, Barbara Bouchet and Mara Venier.

The film is based on the story by Stendhal written and published in 1839.

The noblewoman Elena Campireali, who has become a nun against her will, falls in love for a bishop, remaining pregnant. The Church, aware of this crime (the story is set in the sixteenth century) instructs the Inquisition to make her confess who’s the baby's father. The woman, after giving birth to the baby, chooses suicide to torture.

01301004.JPG 6467998.jpg 34184134.jpg La_badessa_di_Castro_(1974)_-_Barbara_Bouchet.jpg
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