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Travel to Crucifixion Island

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I had bright eyes and dripping pussy after discovering the hidden wonders of this paradise island.

It is true that when you get off the boat it doesn't look like much but then, once the arrival formalities are completed, you enter another world.

I liked everything that we could see and everywhere I dreamed of seeing myself there, I imagined all that I was going to be able to live in this crucifixion paradise.

Our villa is splendid and, in addition to the Roman baths of unbelievable luxury, I was impressed by the single bedroom which is in fact a giant bed or the rest must come only after enormous grouped sexual exploits.

Outside, the heat is suffocating and the marble that we tread with our feet is boiling and I feel my bare feet boil !

Passing through the agora, I saw myself naked, tied to one of the torture poles being whipped, but the greatest discovery comes when we leave the city!

I am stunned, sawed!

This alignment of crosses along this avenue is unimaginable!
All these naked people who came, like us, to be fixed and even nailed to a cross, for some dying in terrible suffering, amazes me.

When I arrived here, I expected of course to discover some people realizing their ultimate fantasy but there are so many that it is beyond comprehension.
If some are already dead and others are dying, they all make me want!
Okay, the suffering experienced must be infinite and insane but, to see them, my excitement increases more and more caused by the mad desire to find myself nailed naked, exposed to the crowd and its jibes on this cross that I love more and more and who will own me very soon.

Although I wanted to talk to these people, touch them, caress them, I must follow my companions on a steep path made of sharp gravel that bruise my bare feet.

At the top of this small hill, there are other crosses awaiting us with their human trimmings against them.

How many fields of cross are there then and from where come so many people who, like me, are in love with these damned crosses.

It is not finished because, at the end of another path, we arrive in an idyllic cove with crosses planted in the translucent water of the sea.

In order to be able to admire these crucified men who have chosen to have the sea as a backdrop for their ordeal, a guard forces us to strip our clothes off.
What this warm water is pleasant and the fact of admiring these crucified ones, stunned by the heat and the rays of the sun, lying in the water gives an additional relief to the beauty of the scene.

Birgitt knows a crucified woman and presents her to us as well as her companion, and then the seaside becomes the scene of pleasant sexual exhibitions.

For my part, having taken pity on a crucified from the previous day, I try to give him a few minutes of happiness by sucking his soft dick which, quickly, thanks to the skill of my lips and my tongue, stands to respond to my caresses.
At the same time, I encourage Francis to penetrate me, he understand and that's what he is doing directly.
While I put all my science into sucking the crucified one who cannot take it any more, Francis surely very excited ejaculates very, too quickly in me.
It's not bad, I'll catch up later!
The victim purrs, arches and sends me a large amount of hot sperm in successive jets in the back of my throat!
I open my mouth to show him that all his sperm has not been wasted and, by fixing it in the eyes, swallows all its production.
I have always loved the taste of sperm and enjoy it.

Lying in the water, we are waiting for Aline to be released before leaving because we are all quite tired.

However, I still have inside me a mad desire to make love, to enjoy and, despite my fatigue, I feel that I will not deprive myself of it.


On the two crosses to the left of Aline are probably nailed definitely a man and a woman in their forties, Karine, Starbuckslut and I talk to them a little!
They have been crucified since yesterday and seem to endure their ordeal more or less well.
Starbuckslut bends over the man and, while stroking his balls, begins to give him a clever blowjob.
She grabbed my cock and, without further ado, directs me into her.
Kathy, for her part, undertakes to relieve the woman !

My name is Mark and right now I am nailed naked on a cross.
My wife Rosa is in the cross next to mine.
We were crucified yesterday and I reckon we will die before Sun sets.
It was our choice. The end of our path into total degradation.
A long story of debasement.
No regrets!
We are in the cove, facing the sea. Close to us a woman is tied to a cross while a man tends to her. He was in the cross before.
I tell myself that they will soon feel the iron in their limbs. They have that look…like almost everybody in this island.

A group of strangers approaches. New arrivals clearly. It looks like they know the couple, talk to them and have sex. The name of the woman tied to the cross is Aline, I learn.
Some approach now our crosses and my cock stirs at the new humiliation of being observed in my shameful condition.
Being naked, exposed in total humiliation, clearly enjoying my execution, with my equally naked and perverse wife is incredibly arousing.
They talk to us a little.
They masturbate us and we experience Heaven in Hell.


For my part, having taken pity on a crucified from the previous day, I try to give him a few minutes of happiness by sucking his soft dick which, quickly, thanks to the skill of my lips and my tongue, stands to respond to my caresses.
At the same time, I encourage Francis to penetrate me, he understand and that's what he is doing directly.
While I put all my science into sucking the crucified one who cannot take it any more, Francis surely very excited ejaculates very, too quickly in me.
It's not bad, I'll catch up later!
The victim purrs, arches and sends me a large amount of hot sperm in successive jets in the back of my throat!
I open my mouth to show him that all his sperm has not been wasted and, by fixing it in the eyes, swallows all its production.
I have always loved the taste of sperm and enjoy it.

They leave us to our crosses.
It´s clear how much our condition has excited them. Specially our eager and final submission. Our fulfilled desire for the cross.
They will join us in Hell soon; I am sure, and I silently wish them a good crucifixion while a take a look at my naked wife thrashing on her cross.
In spite of her pain Rosa smiles to me…I push on my feet´s nail and raise myself to get some air. Soon, my cock wobbling up and down and the wood scratching my ass, a fall again and hang from my wrists.
Looking at the sea, I give myself again to my cross so she can keep killing me…


Or perhaps I will be just one of those anonymous characters. A man nailed to his cross in some corner of the Island. Dying naked and content next to some crucified lady...
Dear Carlos, the island is open to you, you are welcome and when Karine, Kathy, Starbuckslut, Aline and Birgitt will be on a cross, I suppose they will be delighted that you come to take care of them!


While supporting Aline who is relatively ankylosed by her past hour tied on the cross, we resume the direction of the city.

As weird as it may be, none of us have thought of getting our clothes back, so it's naked that we are entering Avenue of the crosses !

The atmosphere is very different than when we passed because all the bound volunteers were removed from the crosses leaving only exposed those who are nailed and who will die sooner or later.

We stop in front of the crosses of two very pretty women, a blonde and a brunette who, according to Aline, have been crucified for two days and who seem to be completely exhausted, near their end!
Aline tells us that two days is a maximum and that they will break their limbs to accelerate their death.

Indeed, as the program desired by these women must stipulate, two guards armed with steel bars approach them.
The terror can be read in the eyes of the two women but there will be no pity on the side of the executioners.
Without making feelings and almost simultaneously, their bar crashes on the left shoulder of the crucified who howl to break their vocal cords.
Without waiting, their right shoulder suffers the same fate then it is the turn of their legs to be broken just below the knees.

Aline tells us that thus disabled, they will soon be unable to breathe and with this additional pain will be dead in a few hours .

We move slowly, this violent interlude in mind.

Other tortures are inflicted on the crucified!

Thus, a man is being emasculated, in a few strokes of the scalpel, he undergoes the total removal of his reproductive system, no more penis, no more testicles, in their places, a gaping wound by which he will empty himself of his blood and die fairly quickly.
Then it is a woman whose breasts are cut in successive rings starting with the nipples and next to her, it is an excision which is practiced on another woman.
For others, they are classic flogging which can go as far as death.

Nothing is compulsory but everything is allowed, this is the driving principle of the island.

Everyone is therefore free to request the tortures they want, but once these wishes are recorded, there is no more reversing possible, everything will be carried out as requested.

We arrive in our villa which Aline and Pete will occupy with us.

We are all now in the thermal baths and, while enjoying the benefits of the hammam, we listen to Aline explain the principle of the occupation of the crosses!

You can rent a cross from one day to one week!
One or two days is more to test yourself, to be tied to the cross and to judge if it is really what you want.
From three days, the really serious things begin, there, it is for good, it is the real crucifixion with nailing and death as inevitable outcome.

She offers us for tomorrow to rent three crosses on which each of us, with the exception of Pete and she who have experienced it today, will take an hour.
An hour linked to a cross, it can be very short or very long .
For the next day, we would then take four crosses with two or three hours of occupation each.
For the rest, everyone will make their decision and, if they are ready, will establish their program.

With that, we go into the massage room where our slaves undertake very advanced and very erotic treatments on each of us.

We are served a meal in the atrium and afterwards we all go to the single room to "sleep".

The night may be long.



I thought I was failing when I saw the brutality with which the guards inflicted the last torture on these crucified in order to hasten their death.
And yet, at the same time, I felt lightning in my belly and I felt my pussy squirt between my thighs .
In a short time, I will be in their place and I will be the one to inflict the final tortures which, despite everything, I have chosen myself.

Back in our villa, I must say that the hammam followed by the learned massages of our two male slaves have done me a lot of good!
It must be said that a cock like that of the one who took care of me, we do not meet every day, really impressive and very effective, very penetrating .

After Aline's explanations and a light meal, we all went to bed in our gigantic common bed but even after enjoying several times without knowing who was penetrating me or who I was sucking, I can not find sleep, the images of the crosses and their occupants occupy my mind too much for me to fall asleep .

So I get up with a mad desire to go and see how the crucified who suffered their last torture this afternoon are doing.
I don't think I'm the only one suffering from insomnia because Starbuckslut follows me and will accompany me on my night walk.

So we always go completely naked towards the avenue of the cross.

The show is also, if not more, impressive under the moon than under the sun with, in addition, the dancing light of torches that line the path and are reflected on the exposed bodies of the crucified.

The man we saw emasculating earlier is dead but the two women who have been broken are still breathing, very weakly, very difficult but are still alive.

We approach them, asking them how they feel, if their pain is bearable but we do not get an answer.

I am now against one of the two and pass a hand on his chest by pinching a nipple that I feel harden between my fingers! I go down and put my hand between her legs, she's soaked!
I spread her intimate lips inserts a finger into her vagina and undertakes to titillate her clitoris with my tongue,
I feel her contract, her belly is widening, I feel that she will enjoy!
Despite her broken limbs she manages to camber a little and lets out a little hoarse cry before falling back, inert!
She just died!
Thanks to me, she died enjoying, I'm very happy to have allowed her to leave this way.

I find that Starbuckslut has stopped the cunilingus she was doing on the other lady realizing that the one I was practicing just died!

A very weak voice calls us:

"Don't stop, make me enjoy, I want to end up in an orgasm like my friend!"

This request seems to come from beyond the grave but we can only grant her this ultimate favor!

Starbuckslut then resumes his caress and puts all his heart,
I pass the hand between her legs and touch her clitoris,
the Englishwoman spreads directly the thighs so that I can deepen my caress!
I position myself between her legs and undertake on her the same caresses that she practices on the crucified while masturbating me!

I do not know which of the three to the first reaches orgasm but I find that the crucified died also while enjoying .

Starbuck and I embrace tenderly, happy and proud to have given the two dying the opportunity to leave the stage in an orgasm!

I hope that when it will be my turn, I can leave under the same circumstances.


Since I saw the guards breaking the legs of the two women earlier, I have been wondering what my wishes will be when my turn comes!
If I understood correctly, if after two days you are still alive on your cross, you must have included in your program something that accelerates your death.
I'm going to talk about it with the others because I don't have many ideas on this subject.

Despite the horror we witnessed earlier, I am still determined to achieve the most painful of my fantasies.

This evening after the hammam, the very sexual massages and the unbridled orgy in the bedroom on our shared bed,
I couldn't sleep and decided to go and see what a field of cross looked like. night.

I am not the only one to have had this idea because, without my knowing it, Karine had preceded me by a few seconds and it is therefore with two, always naked that we head towards the avenue of the crosses.

The atmosphere that reigns is special because of the dancing flames of the torches which are reflected on the crucified ones and give them ghostly looks.

We hear many groans, some cries of pain, some who implore God or call their mother but it remains fairly calm.

The woman whose breasts were cut earlier has her head bent over her amputated chest and seems to be living her last moments, the emasculated man is dead and the two women with broken limbs although still alive are no longer worth much.

We are going to them and trying to talk to them!
The little breath they have left no longer allows them to express themselves and we take pity on them by starting to caress them in order to allow them to enjoy once more before dying.

Each of us begins to take serious care of these two dying. I put a finger in the vagina of the left one while licking her pussy.
Her clitoris points and her vagina is soaked!
I feel that it won't take me long to bring her to her ultimate orgasm.

Suddenly, I am interrupted by Karine, her crucified just died enjoying, she died of pleasure!
Karine looks disappointed to have caused the death of this woman but I tell her that she could not have had a more pleasant death.

-Continue, make me cum, I want to die in an orgasm like my friend!

In a breath and in a barely audible voice, my crucified just made me a request that I can not refuse.

So I start to lick it again and I feel that Karine spreads my legs, slides her head into it by clinging an arm to one of my thighs and, while masturbating inflicts on me the same treatment as the one I am in the process of subjecting my crucified.

Our position is weird but very erotic and I don't know which one of us at first reaches orgasm but in any case, the crucified woman died while enjoying.

We return to the villa in the company of Kathy who has just emerged from I don't know where!

Tomorrow we will finally get to know the crosses!
I'm really looking forward to this moment.



When I think that all the tortures that we have witnessed have been requested by the crucified themselves and that, in my program, I will also have to choose one, I am a little scared but that's not what will stop me because I am totally determined to go all the way.

The explanations of Aline were welcome because now, I see all much more clearly.

In addition, she suggests that we go there gradually to get an exact idea of what crucifixion is and get used to it. position that we will normally occupy until our death.

Everyone seems to agree and therefore, tomorrow, we will have three crosses with their feet in the ocean.

The first three will be linked at 11:00 am and the other three at 12:30 pm.

For the next day, it will be on the top of the hill that we will spend all three hours on a cross.

Then we will see if everyone wants to go further, until the end of a crucifixion as in the time of the Romans with judgment , condemnation, flogging, via crucis to finish with the final crucifixion and death within three days in abominable suffering.

The papers for the next two days being completed and signed by all, it is Bjorn who goes to the central office to reserve and formalize our decisions.

So we can go to sleep but everything we saw tonight and knowing what to expect, I am terribly excited and will probably not sleep until I have had sex.

The night promises to be warm.



Since the crucifixions that we lived in Libya, Pete and I, we are no longer the same!

It is as if the spirit of the victims chased us non-stop, haunted us.
We feel possessed by the ghosts of all these people whom we helped to realize their final fantasy and who push us to join them, to undergo the same torture as them, to die on a cross.

We thought that by meeting together we could help each other and get healed of our obsessions but the opposite happened and, except when we let off steam sexually, we realize that we there is nothing we can do, that our destiny has been traced and that, whatever we do, the only possible way out for us is to end our life crucified, that the only possible medication to fight against what we have is the cross.

When I learned of the existence of the island, I did not hesitate for a moment, it is here that we will be able to cure ourselves of all our ills.

Yesterday, when I succeeded Pete on the cross that we had rented, I was happy because I was finally going to feel the first sensations and even experience the first pains felt by a crucified except, of course pains that would have caused the nails by crossing my wrists and feet.
I felt at ease, really in my element, the dripping pussy and the ends of breasts hardened to the extreme.
I also experienced a terrible orgasm thanks to the caresses of Birgitt.

The fact of finding Birgitt and getting to know all those who accompanied her strengthened me and now, I am really ready and determined to face my ghosts, to fight against them, to end them definitively by dying on the cross.

Tomorrow is their first contact with the cross!
Will they always be as determined or will some give up?
The future will tell us, but I will be there to help them get through this first test.

I am a little sad not to go up on the cross tomorrow and I look forward to the next day because my first experience was great!
I felt like a fish in water on the cross and my excitement far outweighed the pain that the position causes.

Just thinking about what awaits me, I can not help slipping my hand between my legs and starting to masturbate.
My enjoyment is fast, intense but I hope much lower than all I do will not fail to experience during my crucifixion.

I can not wait to be there, to be nailed on my cross .


Terra Nova Tramp
My eyes and head are filled with everything I have seen today!
It is especially these ultimate tortures that have marked me the most.
And to think that, in a few days, it will almost certainly be me who will undergo these last abuses which will lead me to death.
When I think my friend, almost my sister died this way I tremble everywhere.
It is not that I am afraid but I always wonder if I will have enough courage to face my terrible fantasy.

The proximity of death gives me cravings for sex and enjoyment and if my ardor was a little calmed by our passage in the thermal baths, my sexual drives returned as soon as we went to bed.
If you also told me that such a bed that occupies a whole room is really made to rest, I would not believe you and I must say that all my companions must have the same desires as me because we all mixed for hours without my libido calming down.
Everyone will believe that I am a whore, a bitch of the worst kind, a nymphomaniac and they will be right!
Sex is what matters most in my existence and if, in addition, it adds pain and sadism, I then reach heights of enjoyment.

There is nothing to do, I can't sleep!
To calm down, I decide to go out for a walk!
Although we are at night, the heat is still there.
So I walk alone lost in my thoughts!
On the Avenue of the crosses, I see Karine and Starbuckslut taking care of the two women whose limbs were broken in front of us!
My friends are so focused on what they do that they don't even notice me.
I continue my way towards the cove with the intention of bathing in order to calm my sexual impulses.

This cove is very calm and is bathed in the light of the moon with in addition torches whose dancing flames are reflected on the crosses and crucified ones.
Like a ghost, I enter the warm water of the sea, swim a little and then return to the shore near the cross where Aline was tied.
I approach this cross, caress the wood and stick myself against the stipe, spreading my arms as if I was going to be fixed there.

- You came to the island to die on a cross asks me for a very soft voice!

I look for where she comes from and realize that it is none other than the woman that I brought to orgasm this afternoon.

- Yes, madam, that's my desire but I don't know yet if my courage will be enough!

- Call me Rose! My husband Mark and I also took a long time to decide but now that we are nailed down, we have no regrets.

-Do you suffer a lot?

-Yes, but we cheated because we took the drug that is offered here and that allows us to better endure the unimaginable suffering that we experience on the cross.

- Have you been crucified for a long time?

- Since yesterday morning, replied her husband Mark; and if we are not dead tomorrow morning, they will break our legs, this is what is provided for in our contract. Did you make me ejaculate earlier?

- No, it's my friend, I took care of Rose your wife!

- And you gave me a lot of happiness, said Rose

- You have already planned a complete program for your crucifixion, asks Mark

- I know that tomorrow I will spend an hour tied on a cross and after tomorrow two or three hours!
For the rest, everything will be decided after!

- You are right, it is better to test yourself before making a final decision.
Beware because once the contract is signed, you will no longer have any possibility of going back!

- I understood correctly and I will think twice rather than before I commit myself definitively.
Can I do something for you?

- So close to death, I would still like to be able to penetrate a woman for the last time and I suppose that you will once again grant to my wife what you so kindly already offered her earlier.

I ask the nearest guard if it is possible to get a small platform and, within a minute, the platform is there.

I start by masturbating delicately while not neglecting his balls that I knead briskly!
I then take it in the mouth and I must say that, for a man whose death is so close, his virility is always to the point.
I climb on the stepladder, hang my arms around his lower leg and impale myself on his cock very hard by putting my legs around him and the post.
I try to make myself come and go on him and, when I start to feel a soft heat in me, it rears up and ejaculates in me.
It was short but, I hope, good for him.

I tighten my thighs and head for Rose.
Once in front of her, I run my hand between my thighs and collect some of Mark's sperm which flows from my vagina.
I reach out and give my hand to lick Rose who tells me she recognizes the taste of her husband's sperm.
I lean over and start tickling her clitoris while my other hand masturbates mine.
I replace my hand with my mouth and very quickly, we are both crossed by flashes of pleasure.

I step back, look at them and will leave them in their pains and their thoughts by promising to come back tomorrow!
They thank me for the favors that I granted them but add that tomorrow is a big word for them because they may not be of this world anymore.

I leave towards the sexually calm villa but my head is filled with crosses which, decidedly, obsess me more and more


The wake-up call this morning is very painful!

Some of us have eyes marked by dark circles caused by a very hectic night but everyone seems happy to know that it is finally the day when we will all have our first contact with the crosses, that we will begin to realize the reality of the crucifixion .

We have drawn lots and the first three who will be bound on the crosses will be Birgitt, Kathy and I, Francis.
After an hour, we will be replaced by Karine, Starbuckslut and Bjorn.

The breakfast finished and the morning toilets finished, so we leave for the creek.

As we will anyway have to strip when we arrive, we decide to leave naked.

The sun seems to hit even more than yesterday and the marble slabs of the floor are already boiling and burn the soles of our feet.

Passing through the agora, we see that two women and a man are tied to the flogging posts and waiting for the whipping!
I guess then they'll be crucified!
The crosses need their daily dose of human flesh and these three volunteers are more than likely their ration of the day.

On the avenue, all those who inflicted their ultimate torture yesterday are dead but remain on display on their crosses.

A dozen people, mixed men and women wait naked to be bound like us to a cross.
It seems that many people come here as tourists, test the crosses once or twice during their stays and then leave!
Many are there as voyeurs, who have come to revel in the nudity, suffering and death of others.
Few, like us, are there to go all the way and die crucified.

We arrive in the creek, the three crosses reserved for us are central, right next to Mark and Rose who are still alive.
Guards are busy with them!
They have just been injected with a final syringe of drugs and are about to break their legs.
In a dry wood noise that breaks and in shrill howls of pain, their shins and fibula are broken with a blow just below their knees.

It is in this atmosphere that we are invited to introduce ourselves to the guards in order to be fixed on our cross.

It is the pretty Kathy who introduces herself first, she climbs on the small platform, sticks to her cross and extends her arms to the horizontie to allow the guards to tie her! His wrists are quickly tied to the patibulum and, directly, they remove the stage.
Kathy will not be hung by her wrists for long because her feet are fastened so that her legs are bent and she has to bow and push on her feet to be able to breathe at her ease.
She looks quite relaxed, happy to be there right next to Rose whom she brought yesterday to orgasm and who is in the process of living her last moments .

I find it really beautiful as well offered but I do not have time to look at it any longer because it is I who is expected on the next cross .
The process is the same as for Kathy and I finally find myself on this cross that attracted me so much!
I feel very excited and obviously can't hide the splendid erection of my cock that is eagerly waiting for someone to come and take care of her.

Birgitt is now coming to join us!
For her, there are no discussions possible, she is here to die on the cross and nothing in the world even Bjorn could prevent it.
Nevertheless, this first contact with her cross is very important, she frequented crucified people, nailed people on their cross but never found her back against the stipe and arms immobilized on the patibulum .
This is how she finds herself now, she seems to be now on the threshold of her dream, on the first step of the stairs that will lead her to ecstasy.
It is the turn of her feet which are quickly linked.
Immediately, it rises but comes down quickly, I do not know if it is she who tests her cross or if it is the cross that is testing her .

This is a great start and I am terribly proud to be crucified between two such beauties.

I concentrate because I want to make the most of the present moment, I know for a fact that my life will soon end and I want my last days I live them fully, totally .



This morning, I got up, happy!

It is the first day, the beginning of our program that will lead me to the realization of the worst of my fantasies, my crucifixion!
Since I was a child, I dreamed of it and finally today I will find myself, not yet nailed, but in close contact with this cross that haunts me every day and every night .

I think we are all impatient and it is naked of a decided step despite the burning marble slabs that scald us the soles of our feet as we leave to get to know the real star of the island, the cross .

Three people are waiting to be whipped tied up at the torture posts on the agora!
Aline tells me that she spoke yesterday with them and that for them, these two women and this man, it's the big day, in a few hours they will be permanently nailed to their cross!
Logically, as they have chosen to be crucified in front of the sea, we will be in the front row to witness their nailing .
I would like to be in their shoes but, let's leave time to time, our turn will come soon.

The Avenue of the Cross is rather quiet and I can not stop by touching the two women we helped to die last night .

Finally here is the creek, the sea and, above all, the crosses reserved for us, which, in a way, extend our arms.

Kathy, my Francis and Birgitt are the first to find themselves on the crosses!

Women are beautiful, well exposed, ready to suffer the touching that one will grant them.
And my Francis!
I see him for the first time in this position though, this is not the first time I can admire the remarkable erection that he cannot hide from anyone.

I approach him, grab his dick and masturbate very gently!
With tmy left hand, I knead his balls and then go exploring to his anus in which I insert my index finger and make him come and go! I know he loves it and I feel his cock ready to explode that hardens a little more!
I approach my mouth and play delicately with the tip of my tongue on his foreskin before swallowing it completely and sucking it greedily.
He explodes in my mouth but I do not stop my sucking, even increases it!
He would like me to stop, beg me, but I am deaf and always continue my oral sex!
He tries to escape me but, in his position, can not get there, he screams but I will not stop until I have caused him a second ejaculation which finally comes at the same time as an uninterrupted rattle on his part .

After swallowing all his sperm, I look him in the eye and tell him that I am very happy to have been able to put him through what he has put me through so many times, when, attached, he made me enjoy with a vibrating dildo and continued even when I begged him to stop .

It delighted me but I must expect revenge from him because, after him, it is me who will find myself on the cross, helpless and totally at his mercy .



I greatly appreciate the will of Birgitt and her companions!

They all seem absolutely sure of themselves and decided to go to the end of their fantasy.
If I had still had doubts about dying on the cross, they would have dissipated very quickly thanks to their presence.

I am now certain that nothing will stop me and that I will defeat on the cross all the ghosts that haunt me.

I could have gone with Pete for another hour on the cross but I preferred that we abstain so that we are on par with the others tomorrow and in addition to be able to help them in case one of them had experienced problems.
For the first three, everything has gone very well so far and they seem to appreciate their situation.
In addition, they are very beautiful and exposed!
I admire and envy them but I know that after this first contact, I will be with them for the rest of the program.

I'm still very excited and take Pete by the cock and after having shaped him, I invite him to penetrate me.
The hug is brief but very pleasant.

Since everything is going well for my friends, I decide to return to see the crucified couple next door and whose legs have just been broken.

It's strange but they remind me of people we crucified in Libya!
Especially the man who reminds me of a Spaniard who fell in love with Christina the "mistress of the crosses" and who both died crucified.

I come towards him and begin to masturbate him delicately.

Despite the pain he experiences and the little life he has left, his cock reacts directly to my caresses.
Despite his silence, I think he appreciates my caresses and seems to be even happier when I take him in the mouth.
I put my whole heart into the fellatio I give him and, in a rattle, he ejaculates in the back of my throat!

I step back and, swallowing his semen, realize that he has just died, that he passed from life to death by ejaculating!

- It's a very nice gift that you just gave him by allowing him to die this way, said his wife in a small voice.

I smile at her and go back to my friends because the first test hour will soon end and the other three will take over.
I want to be with them!


Terra Nova Tramp
I felt terrible pain when Mark and Rose's legs were broken,
I bed attached to them and I felt like my legs had been broken at the same time as theirs.
I look at them in their pain, they certainly don't have much longer to live and it breaks my heart.

But I got out of my torpor by one of the guards who called me to walk towards my cross!

I'm going to be the first of the group to be exposed to the sea.

I climb on the small platform and stick my back against the stipe, I feel as attracted, irresistibly obliged to spread the arms, to give them to the guards so that they bind them to me on the patibulum!
Almost immediately after, the stage is removed and I find myself hanged but the executioners grab my legs, bend them and tie my feet .

This time, that's it !,
I'm for an hour on this cross! I wanted to and it's done!
I realize that my position is very uncomfortable but I did not expect to find myself in an armchair!
The crucifixion is a cruel and painful torture, perhaps the most painful that exists but I chose it because I do not see myself ending my life otherwise!
It's really become a fixed idea that's going to become reality like it was for my friend that I let loosely give up.

I push on my feet to stand up, to stretch my legs and climb a little more!
The rough wood peels my back a little but it doesn't hurt!
I let myself go down legs apart, the tempered sex totally exposed I feel at the moment no pain, I feel good, very well .
I really feel like it wouldn't take much for an orgasm to go through me.

" So, my pretty one! A little voice tells me, how is that first contact with your cross going?

It's Rose talking to me, I turn my head to her and smile at her!

- I feel in my element, I feel a feeling of infinite happiness to find myself so exposed, vulnerable but happy and sincerely ready to go all the way, to catch up in your suffering, in your slow journey towards this kind of painful but so exciting death.

- I'm very happy for you!
For me, it's the end, I feel my strength abandon me and, with my legs broken, I can no longer stand up and breathe!
I'm dying just like Mark who's worth no more than me.

- Try to hold on while I'm on my cross, I really want to help you leave this world!

- I can't guarantee anything, I'll try to spare myself to wait for you!

I feel sweetness and kindness in the slight trickle of voices that he has left and is looking to think of something else
to pass the time .
I think of my friend,
she is the one who should have been there next to me so that this fantasy, it is together that we could have lived it!

Yes, now my decision is irrevocable, I will never leave this isle, I will die, for sure, on a cross



Finally, it's decided! everyone agrees on the program for two days and today, for the first time, I will be able to face the demons that haunt me every night!

I will be fixed on a cross!

Obviously, it is not yet like these three people who are going to be whipped and then nailed to their cross but it is a beginning, a first step!

Aline had a good idea to advise us the seaside for our first contact with the cross because it is here that the temperature is most bearable.

What is unbearable on the other hand is the infamous noise of the broken legs of the couple who is crucified right next to us!
I will have to opt for a final punishment to accelerate my death if I survive two days of crucifixion but it is not this solution that I would choose because I would like to keep my bones intact until the end.

Lost in my thoughts, I am drawn to my cross by a guard!
Kathy and Francis are already in place and it's mine now, I'm going to join them!

It was quickly done and, for the first time, I found myself on a cross!

I have known more comfortable positions but that's how I chose to end my days and, today, I'm here to try to get used to what I will have to endure!

My Bjorn is at the foot of my cross and has eyes only for me but Starbuckslut approaches him, caresses him quickly before kneeling in the water to make him an offering from his mouth.
I would like someone to take care of me too but I have to make up my mind, when we are on a cross, we don't order anything or anyone and we depend entirely on the good will of others.

To see them, I feel my pussy wet very hard especially since now she is lying in the water and Bjorn's cock which has already given me so much pleasure is in her and will soon explode.
He knows how to do it, my man, and brings Starbuckslut towards a good enjoyment.

Seen from here, it's frustrating but very beautiful and I'm happy to see that Bjorn has not forgotten me because he has now started to offer me my first orgasm on the cross by stroking my vulva and especially my clitoris wjth his avid tong .

It seems very good to me and I quickly realize that the intensity of the orgasm which crosses me very quickly is much stronger on the cross than in other circumstances.

This promises for the future when I will be really crucified, nailed because if I want to die on the cross, I also want to be able to enjoy as much and as often as possible.

It will be really good to die in this way.


Crucifixion Island

It is unbelievable to see hundreds of mostly young people gather to be crucified. Yes, the many followers and voyeurs are always present but still, this is no children's fair.

The four of us have also signed up. They are Miriam, a 32-year-old, tall gazelle, as sporty as I have not seen a woman for a long time and a great lover as well. She lived with me for three years now.

Sassia, one of our youngest chicks in our litter. She just turned 29 years old, a light blond angel and every man should be after her. But she chose this walk. Somehow the men hurt her and she couldn't find her way anymore, so she came to us and accompanied us for half a year. She calls herself a skinny bitch and she is.

Helena, 26 years old and my personal chick, she is a red curly beauty with a wonderful freckle face and a face that fascinated me immediately three years ago. Helena is very slim and has a strong bosom, she is the woman with the greatest tendency to endure pain. She came to me three years ago and immediately fell immeasurably in love with me.

Finally me, Beate, a 35-year-old woman who, together with the three other women, lived in an older farm estate, but from which we were driven away with advocacy tricks. We were chased away from our own farm. The promise to kill us in agony or to sell us as slaves was enough to make us think about what we should do. Two artificially produced punishment orders were shown to us, if they were valid, we could not check them anymore, but we were afraid and had to leave immediately. So we decided to go this way.

After the sea voyage we penetrated the wall of fog. The compass was spinning in circles and the mobile phones were failing one by one, it was as if we had landed in another time.

So now we are standing in the large gathering of people who all want to find their place here on this island to be crucified. Within a few weeks Crucifixion Island has triggered a real rush. In the beginning, the authorities wanted to ban it, but they had to realize that this island is not subject to simple law.
Meanwhile we walk along the long main road and look at these crosses with people on them.
All newcomers have to report to the administration, there they are registered and the powers of attorney and wills are checked. After a test, in which one must finally decide to go this self-determined way or to leave the island, there is no other decision.

We spent the last night in an empty tent. The owners are already dead, we think. Maybe they are hanging on the crosses here somewhere.
So we lay together one last time and make love as intensely as we haven't in a long time. Our cries of lust are so loud that some people are interested in us and they watch us spellbound through the windows or open side parts. These are probably also these spectators who don't want to hang on the cross themselves, but they like to get excited. Since this is also allowed, we ignore them and continue to love each other.
In an unbelievable orgasm my eyes finally close and kiss me to sleep.

Out there it has already become light early. We get up and orient ourselves. A lot of people don't have any clothes and since nudism is allowed on the whole island, it is ok. We check ourselves briefly and decide to leave our clothes here as well. Many people already walk to the central registration office. There are also drinks for the arriving guests. Those who are registered are allowed to help themselves, the spectators have no business here, they are driven out to the other squares and streets.

We meet Angela and Ivan again, we had met them years ago. Angela comes towards us beaming with joy. "I've just enrolled and so has my husband. "We're finally going to let our imaginations run wild."
"What did you have to do?"
"Yes, the whole legal thing, it'll be quick, we were prepared. Then the questions about the wish and where and when we wanted to do a test run."
"Yes, that must have been difficult for you, right?"
"On the contrary, we love it, but we always played it hidden at home with strings and couldn't really act it out. But since we both got cancer, we decided to do without a test run, after all we know what's in store for us."
Over coffee they tell us more.
"The rush is enormous. "The floggers are the busiest people here, they have to give
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