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Waiting for Judicial Corporal Punishment

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Aslin nee 8ball

The women of the town had come to the magistrate en mass ,without their husbands, not a normal happening ;claiming that their men had been bewitched by the gypsy women with the flaming hair. The magistrate knew that the men of the town always abandoned their women this time of year when the gypsy band passed through the territory, hell he had even enjoyed a roll or two with the gypsy wenches himself. For a couple of coin you could get one of the red haired beauties to perform just about any deed that one could imagine. Not the types of things that the men’s wives would do.
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But never in all his years as magistrate had so many women come in protest. They even brought the village priest. The priest proclaimed that the red haired vixens had performed unnatural sexual deeds with the women’s husbands, bewitching them, causing the husbands to desire their wives to perform similar acts. The women claimed those acts were acts of the devil. Surely the red haired gypsy women were vessels for the devil himself. They must be punished...the devil must be beaten out of them.

What could the magistrate do. These were his townsfolk. Although he knew the gypsy women were not guilty...and the men of the town would not be happy...This was a chance to gain favor with the church. He decided to have the four red headed gypsy wenches arrested......tomorrow was market day, he would have them whipped. It would be quite the spectacle. A spectacle that the men of the town would enjoy very much.
Milady peeling down as ordered, to reveal her bountiful breasts to the huge crowd of common rabble assembled in the square to witness her pubic whipping. Her crime, adultery.
As her husband is a high ranking officer, she will receive fifty lashes with a military cat o' nine tails from the regimental whipmaster, well laid on.
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