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Whipping Stories (Sympazero)

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Cruciformae Studiosus
Your husband Roger has just left his office,
bringing with him the proof of your infidelity!

When he arrives home he expects to
find you completely unclad! Without a stitch!
The maid here will help you undress.

B...but what does he intend to do?
He intends to hang you by your wrists from the
chandelier and horse-whip your nude body
from head to toe until you gush blood!
And I intend to assist him!

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Cruciformae Studiosus
The Price...

Nora couldn’t afford to lose him.
Giles was immensely wealthy…
And a sadist.
She knew what he wanted; he wanted to lead
her down to the stables where he would rip off her dress-top,
front and back, baring her body to the waist.

(Truth be told Nora had chosen this
dress with this potential scene in mind.)

Next, Nora, choking with fear – would be expected
to offer her naked breasts and back to Giles’s steel-lined
riding crop – his preferred weapon – who would then begin
to beat her with such insane savagery she would faint in minutes.
Nora’s greatest fear was that once before, he had hinted
that one night he might continue beating her while she
was unconscious, just to see how much she could take?
Would this be that night?



Cruciformae Studiosus
The Deal
(A Zoom First)

Here's the offer: If she can take 150 short bullwhip
strokes - neck to knees - without blacking out, he’ll marry her.

View attachment 911307
She’s up to 25. A long way to go...,
but her friends are cheering her on (via Zoom).

Half-way through (75 strokes), a ten-minute rest:
View attachment 911308

They're Engaged!


Cruciformae Studiosus
High Finance:

You seem anxious tonight. Are you in a hurry?
Not especially. Though I would like to get started.
Why? The room is ready, the whips aren’t going anywhere.
It’s just I want to get it over with.
I never met a girl in a hurry t be whipped bloody!
If you want I could whip you harder and faster than
I ever have but who's going to drive you to the hospital.

I wouldn’t object if you beat me senseless
in two minutes; I have a driver waiting. Let’s go!

Ok, here's the deal; I'll get you out of here
in two minutes but I'm going to use some toys on you
I never have before, notably the steel tipped flogger!
Your breasts will be destroyed! Ripped to shreds!

Your back will be gushing blood and your driver will have
will have to carry you to your car, you'll be unconscious!
Fine by me - we have a deal!
(nonplussed) Is it a baby sitter problem?
No. I have six other clients tonight after you.- Saudis!
If things go the way they did last year
I’ll have enough to buy the hospital!

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Cruciformae Studiosus

Fun and Games at the Chateau

It's all been a giggle so far at this
Roissy place. A Grand adventure...

She doesn't know that next comes the ball-gag...
Then the steel manacles, wrists and ankles...

This is fun... I love this!
And the hook they're going to hang her from...
They keep the whips hidden in the cupboard
from the newbies until the last moment.

Oh, what's that for?


Cruciformae Studiosus
This poor girl looks exhausted,
And she's only been hanging there for three hours.
Somebody should remind her she
has a whole night ahead of her.
Maybe she missed the memo, that the last
ninety minutes of the session, the whips come out.
All the Whips.
Someone should tell her.

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