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The Beauty Of Wooden Pony

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Of course, as usual, it's reserved for rich people or people who have relationships ... We only can dream ... :(:tejeqteje:
Not necessarily true Messa. There are a lot of BDSM clubs for "normal" people. Sometimes they are in private homes.

I never wanted to join one because my job is "sensitive" in that I work closely with lawyers and sometimes law enforcement. But we got the invitation and went and when I saw the clientele (some of whom I had worked with) I understood all the rules and exclusivity.

I could lose my job, most members could lose more, a whole lot more.

And we couldn't afford to be members, I only found out after we joined that the person who sponsored us paid our membership fee.

And then I found out I was part of the reimbursement to her. A bit shocking but I also found it very erotic to be bartered like a toy.


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