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  1. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part VI - The Game of Crosses

    Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Prologue The Festival of Bountiful Harvest was approaching. The recently crowned King Niro was thinking of a way to reward his people for their diligent work and loyalty. In his time as King he had restored the Sisters of Suffering and brought back...
  2. Illara

    Gods’ Edicts Part V - The Crucifixion of the Queen

    The Crucifixion of Queen Lucie Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more.
  3. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part IV - The Crucifixion of the Duchesses

    The Crucifixion of the Duchesses Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Prologue King Titus VI is dead. He perished of natural causes a mere three weeks after becoming betrothed to Queen Lucie of Avondaläe. She was a beauty of unmatched quality from the nearby nation; a short, slim...
  4. Illara

    God's Edict Part I - The Crucifixion of Illara

    The Crucifixion of Illara By Anonymous Note: This is a fantasy story. Nothing more. Chapter 1 - Arrest Illara was a Prefect’s daughter, and for the preceding months she had been pouring over texts and tomes about diplomacy and economic theory and philosophy. She wanted to submit herself into...
  5. lember

    Cross Workshop

    This is a workshop where we can collect and discuss our own cross designs. You can give photo, manip, drawing or just pure description. It can be a very strange design, even not a cross, but any kind of restraining eqquipment, or it can be a small addition to an existing cross, a kind of cornu...
  6. montycrusto

    All About The Cornu

    This thread is for pictures, discussion, ideas, etc about the “cornu”, which is an appendage to a cross, designed to penetrate or impale the crucified victim’s pussy or anus (or both). Please include here also links to stories or other content that feature the cornu, such as @Barbaria1 ’s...
  7. Baron Von Sade

    Crucifixion and Crown of Þorns Photpgraphy by Thomas Shillea

    Recently found a photographer named who does artistic nudes. Hidden in his portfolio is a couple dozen gorgeous shorts with crucifixion and crown of thorns (or Þorns as I like to spell it now hehe) themes. Here are some examples - with more on the way!
  8. holy68

    Showing off on the cross

    A beautiful blonde girl nailed on the cross but she's still showing her feminity and her sex appeal. Great exemple of body expression to improve those five pictures. Those pictures came from females Christ. vimeo.com/femaleschrist
  9. R

    Crucifixions of Rufus

    So I am planning my first outside Crucifixion this week, hopefully. Thanks to this forum I learn a lot of information on how to make sure I have the best experience. The pole, patibulum, ropes, loincloth, is all READY. This is the place and the tree I'll be crucified on I will be stretched...
  10. holy68

    The cross road of Leila Part 2 (from femaleschrist)

    Pics no 1) Back on her feet Pics no 2) She's more and more tired Pics no3) The second fall Pics no4) She's so couragous Pics no5) Arriving at the crucifixion site
  11. Fox-on-Cross

    Bene Cruxday 2017

    The day appears step for step and what will be do? See to some fanatic Philippians who let crucify them. Other countries (Spain) with suspect religious tradition. Roman Catholic church with Friday liturgy (without organ). We, with our cross, but that is not a specific Eastern commitment. That...
  12. holy68

    The Crossroad Of A Young Sexy Girl

    This beautiful model has participated in the females Christ project. She's carrying the heavy beam in the hot sun just before her crucifixion...
  13. holy68

    Half-naked Pretty Girl On Females Christ

    I've just took a look on there website and it was very hot specialy the crucifixion. The girl has a middle-east kind of look and she was not only beautiful but sensual too! (good looking boobs)
  14. Fox-on-Cross

    The Last Knock For The Beginning

    After words and accusations, the verdict, flagellation, bearing the cross on your shoulder, you reach the location for the crucifixion. Your clothes are pulled away and you get the ultimate knock on your shoulder, your both legs drawn to force you to stretch on the row wood of the beam. They...
  15. Fox-on-Cross

    Can You Ever Say Not More Crucifixion?

    I do not think so. The cross plays such crazily important role in my/your life, since our earliest youth, become elder to say I will stop is to betray yourself. The cross is your fate, your Schicksal or your fatalité. You must accept the patibulum on your shoulders and walk with it life-long...
  16. Fox-on-Cross

    Crux, Quo Vadis?

    How far can you go to lead a girl to the cross? First talking..., make her interested, undress her shirt and see how she reacts, grip her wrists and let her kneel, stretch her arms highly, to prove how she endures the pain, put of her pant, bound her wrists and ankles with triangular folded...
  17. crumera

    Snapshots From My Timetravels

    Tripping and spilling red wine over the toga of the local magistrate was her first offence. He had been the guest of honor, so whipping was the least she could expect. I had hoped master's anger had cooled down after he whipped her. Her wounds had closed but we both knew the marks would last her...
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