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Hi people. some months ago I bought these interesting figures for art reference, called figuarts body kun and body chan, they're awesome, you can give them almost any position you want.

I'm posting this thread is for giving you references for you art (traditional, digital, manipulation, bla bla bla bla), it works very fine for my drawings.

Look the reference I did for my new drawing.

stock_01.jpg The reference
love in bondage 03.jpgthe drawing

I want to see your creativity, post here your results please.
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I made a little stage and I bought some clay for better pictures. Im not a profesional photographer, but I do my best.

Im uploading my first references again for you art.

Whats happenig to her?

Is she a criminal? For witchcraft? adultery? Murdering? Stealing? Or a innocent condemned to die for crimes she didnt do?

Or maybe a prisoner hanged by the enemy army. Or hanged by men after having fun with her.

Abd what about him?

A criminal? A prisoner? Executed by women? A fallen warrior?

show me your results! Be creative.
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