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Gabriella flogged to death

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Ah, Gabriella, my friend, Gabriella I suffer with you!
Ah, Gabriella, I want to look away from the heinous punishment on your body, but I can't!
What hypnotic power draws me to see the vicious cuts of the whip in your flesh? Perhaps it is that I feel pleasure, like the soulless who are doing this to you?
Ah, Gabriella, my friend, I already see your semi-kneeling body!
Ah, Gabriella my friend! Soon your knees will touch the ground! And when this happens, do not worry; because the end of suffering is near!


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It seems to me that Gabriella's story has inspired so much wonderful art-work, we might have a new edition in Archive with an 'album' of the great manips and sketches that it has - literally - aroused - @Madiosi ?
Ah, Gabriella my love! She looked now at your limp body on the ground!
Ah, Gabriella my love! My brave lady! You did not want to accept that Rome is now the most powerful!
Ah, Gabriela, you have been horribly scourged!

They've whipped you to death Gabriella! And I don't want to look at your body lying on the ground, I don't want to look at those horrible bloody marks, but looked nevertheless!

Ah, Grabiella my love, flogged to death!


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"The pain explodes in her head and deep in her soul, and seems to go on forever. And she screams again and again.."
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Loved this. "The beginning of the end." The first? of her last sensations in this world, all of them super painful and degrading. i only miss some public around in the pic.
Yeah, wondeful indeed! Amazing! I can feel the pain of the whip!!! aaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

You feel that the end is approaching little by little Gabriella my love! Your once wonderful back has already become a bloody wreck! Do not worry, since the eternal sleep will come to you little by little!

Ah Gabriella my love! Flagellated to death for the pleasure of many!

Ah, Gabriella my love: for soon we will collect your bloody body to bury it properly! But, Gabriella, we will forever have in our minds, and especially mine, the moments when you scream horribly at the caress of the cruel scourges and the splash of your blood!
Ah! Gabriella my love! In my arms I now have your inert body!
Ah, Gabriella my love! I have stained myself with your blood! Now that you are in my arms I see the true magnitude of what the bloody Romans have done to you!
Ah! Gabriella my love! Your whole back is bloody! Oh gods, I see some bone white appear in the wildest wounds!
Ah, Gabriella my love, how viciously they flogged you!
Ah, Gabriella my love! I don't want to get excited, but I do! And it is time to leave your body in the grave where it will rest forever!

Ah, Gabriella my love, your memory will always haunt me!
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