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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Portrait of the Actor as a Young Man
John Wayne, 1930 (aged 23)
Elizabeth Taylor "Violet eyes to die for!"
Portrait of the Director as a Young Man
Alfred Hitchcock, 1920’s
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow
Portrait of the Writer as a Young Man
Ernest Hemingway as an American Red Cross volunteer during World War I, 1918
Portrait of the Writer as a Young Man
Mark Twain, aged 15, 1850


Real photo, fake Gandhi.
The person in the photo is an Australian actor dressed as Gandhi at a charity ball.
My mother got that same group of pictures in an e-mail from a friend a few weeks ago and forwarded it to me, so I guess it's making the rounds.
Although you didn't post it here, her e-mail included a pic of Abraham Lincoln and Edgar Allen Poe posing together. That one's a fake. It's two separate photos mashed together and was used in the book "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter".
The rest of the ones you posted are real, I know because I checked when my mom sent them to me.:cool:

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Early American Photography
Ocklawaha River, Florida, 1902
The original Old Curiosity Shop
unnamed (1).jpg
Pulpit Terraces from Yellowstone National Park circa 1898. They may have changed names to the Travertine terraces .
unnamed (2).jpg
The Lobby, Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone Park, ca 1897, still open

unnamed (4).jpg
Navajo Woman Weaving a Blanket, 1902
unnamed (5).jpg
Interior of Corridors, Mission San Juan Capistrano, 1906.
unnamed (6).jpgOld Caretaker at Mission San Juan Capistrano, 1897unnamed (7).jpg


Monday will be Labor day in the US. Traditionally, this is considered the end of Summer, a time to picnic, travel, go to the beach or just lounge around the house and enjoy a day off from work. But, in these times of Covid, thing are different.
It seems one man in Brazil has found a way to enjoy the outdoors, relax on the couch and maintain social distance......a lot of social distance.

View attachment VIDEO-2020-07-05-04-44-54.mp4

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill


Staff member
I guess it was bad luck that the very first card I pulled was the one we call in German Kreuz Dame, should have told me something...
There is a certain inevitability about it, isn't there :)

Change of direction, some posture pics

34123937054_08c2f2494c_o.jpg34123938544_9eac356936_o.jpg34926083026_dbcbc3f91d_o.jpg34123928994_6f72025f71_o.jpg34156284183_473cca1cc2_o.jpg34926090576_1fd939c0df_o.jpg34926095136_ca4e834ddc_o.jpg!posture_19 (6).jpg!posture_19 (2).jpg
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