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Palais-Royal Reno - A Study in the Modern Gaming Business

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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
December 19, 2017, Palais Royal Reno

Early the next morning, Jill slipped quietly out of the bed. Leaving the two French girls lovingly entwined, she put on her dress and departed soundlessly. She smiled, riding the elevator down to her floor to recall the night of passion with the visitors. The Silicon Avengers would have a delectable treat in those two, she thought. Exiting for her room, she reminded herself to call Marcum and report on his guests.

Much later in the morning, Judith stirred. She rolled over and spooned her lover in the expansive bed. She wrapped her arms around the blonde and stroked her soft breasts with one hand as the other slid gently down her belly. Nuzzling in, she kissed and licked the back of Messalina’s neck.

Of course, the other girl was soon fully awake and partially aroused by her partner's attention. At first, she just enjoyed the attention. Soon she was moaning with the heat as Judith stoked her passion. She reached around with one hand and squeezed the other's part, rounded buttocks. After another minute, she turned slowly in the embrace to face her lover and engage a deep, wet kiss.

Even with the long flight from France and the energetic threesome early in the morning with Jill, the girls were soon fully aroused and moaning with mutual pleasure. Jill had proved every bit as erotic an addition as they had hoped. Her ass, which had looked so good in her tight dress, was even more delectable after she'd stripped and joined the two French girls in the shower. While Jill strove to please her guests, the two took to her body like ravenous wolves, driving her to peaks of passion. Soon, she was screaming with an earth-shaking climax!

But now, it was just these two. They leisurely employed all of their familiar techniques on each other, and slowly each moved to a satisfying orgasm. Afterward, Judith and Messa lay side-by-side, breasts rising and falling rapidly with deep breaths from the pleasurable exertion.


Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
December 19, 2017, Palais Royal Reno

After a long, languid recovery in bed, the girls finally arose. As Messa opened the remote-controlled curtain, the view presented took her breath away.
" Oh, viens voir, Judith! C'est comme si nous étions dans les Alpes," she cried to her partner. The midday sun caused the frosted foothills and peaks of the Carson range to glow dazzlingly white.
The pair revisited the walk-in shower. Now, partially satiated with sexual activity, the mutual shower wasn't a wholly sensual experience. But with the large facility and the action of the last twelve hours, the two frolicked in the multiple jets like little girls, playing around and laughing hysterically.
After dressing, they rode the elevator down to the lobby and headed toward the casino. Halfway across the rich space, they were met by Jill and a large, handsome male security guard.

"Good morning, Ladies," said Jill. "Though more properly, Good Afternoon. I hope you are well-rested."
“Oh yes,” said Judith with a wink. “We wanted to check out the casino before we get down to our other business.”
“That will be fine. The affair with the Silicon Avengers is scheduled for eight this evening. Mr. Marcum would like to see you, Judith, in his office in an hour to discuss the arrangements. He thought that would allow the two of you to agree on the exact nature of the ‘entertainment’ while keeping the details as a surprise for Messa.”
“That would be most satisfactory,” replied Judith. “I take responsibility for Messa’s well being while we are here. She enjoys being pushed to her limits, and even a bit beyond, and she trusts me completely in that.”
Messalina smiled and took Judith’s arm and gave her a hug. "Je fais totalement confiance à Judith, elle est ma maîtresse adorée."
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