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Some Sketches

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The mixed crucifixions: the utmost shame of being hanged together with their fathers, husbands and sons.

The women with the seed of random men coating their bellies and dripping from their cunts; the men with their cocks and balls dangling uselessly.

The cross sends different messages to each sex. To women, the cross fucks them into eternity, a sign that Rome can exercise any power it wants over them. To men, the cross makes them impotent, strips away the sexual strength that makes a man powerful. Instead of a symbol of fertility and strength, the crucified man’s limp cock makes him an object to be scorned.


The ultimate humiliation.

The ultimate humiliation.

“her full frontal nudity exposed to the crowd...”

You’ll find many pastors and preachers, particularly among the Protestant traditions but some Catholics, who claim (with no evidence they’ll ever share) that women were crucified facing the cross because “men could not bear seeing women in such pain (unlikely...)” or because “it was less shameful.”

I fail to see how having your naked ass dangling out behind you for all the world to see wouldn’t be just as humiliating. Even more so, given my fondness for cross-as-phallic-symbol imagery. Wrap her legs around the cross, giver her a cornu or sedile, and let her ride her final lover into the next world.


...and three women sentenced to follow the same way of the cross.


“You will each be nailed to a cross, where you will hang until you are dead, and for two days after. Your bodies will be disposed of in the refuse pit. No funeral rights will be permitted.”

Crucifixion. Oh, Mother Isis, give me strength to die with dignity...


“Mother Isis, please just let me die!”


“Hey, Lucius, this one trims down there!”

“Ha! An equites’ daughter. Of course she thinks she’s better than her queen!”

“Come on, turn her over and give me a turn! I always wanted a rich girl’s ass!”




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The desolation of the Caesar's legions

“Where they make a desert, they call it peace.“

A desert populated by half-wild tribal girls nailed naked to crosses. Sure, they hadn’t resisted Rome personally, but their fathers and brothers had. There weren’t enough surviving men to make an impressive display, and the mostly-starved young women weren’t worth the trip back to any civilized slave market, so after being thoroughly raped by the legionaries (all but the greenest new recruits were disappointed with the quality of the cunnus in these lands), up the girls went.
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