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Victims of the Inquisition.

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It's time for some fresh art. The inspiration for this one is from Montycrusto's wonderful "Inquisition". Thanks for letting me borrow the idea Monty.

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Thank you for sharing all these great images.

This one would be my pic of the day, but they are all very inspiring. ;)
Awesome work @poyeezed! :clap:
Love No4
When the old King died, there was a power struggle between his twin daughters as to who would take the Throne. The ruthless sister, Anne, proved successful, her twin sister, Barbara, mysteriously disappearing. In reality, Anne had Barbara fitted with the iron mask and locked away in an oubliette for several years, during which time she served as a sex slave for Anne`s Praetorian Guard.
The ever feisty Barbara managed to seduce one of the Officers and attempted a coup, which, unfortunately for Barbara, failed. The vindictive Queen had the Officer beheaded and sentenced the anonymous woman in the iron mask to be publicly flogged to death.
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