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Volunteer girls to the cross

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The crucifixion of the two volunteers turned into a bloody orgy. The executioners took turns raping Kylie who had already nailed both arms to the patibulum.

How that volunteer screams Mr Smith,! said Count Salvatierra, it is difficult to know if they are screams of pain or pleasure.


The one that is really enjoying it is the public, more and more people are fucking, I'm sure it's full of beautiful masochists who will soon give themselves up.

Mr Smith then picked up his cell phone and called his secretary.

Jimmy!, bring the new volunteers just now to the stadium, quickly, if necessary carry them in cars trunks, they'll entertain the crowd during the show. Perhaps so we have more candidates.

Jimmy obeyed Mr Smith at the time and the first volunteers were taken to the amphitheater in the trunk of the cars, tied and naked.

test svetlana 002.jpg
Soon they were paraded with whips to the stands where dozens of habit men took them as if they were whores.

Meanwhile, the executioners who had been raping Kylie finally left her alone.


Well, it's about time everyone saw those big boobs. Come on, put this whore's cross straight.


The executioners took her cross tightly and held it upright to the cheers and applause of the people.


Kylie cried out in pain as her body slid down the rough wood of the stipe and her back flayed. Now all his weight hung from the nails in wrists making her arms ache like hell.


As the cross straightened up, Kylie's big tits shook like jelly at the slightest movement and streams of milk dripped from them. Many women in the audience laughed mocking the crucified young woman who displayed an indescribable gesture of suffering.


The base of the cross entered the hole in the ground and the shock caused the girl to scream again in pain.

Don't piss off the Romans.jpg

The executioners then rushed to wedge the base of the cross with wedges of wood, stones, and earth so that the torment tree stood perfectly straight.


Once that was done, Sánchez took the hammer to nail the feet that had already tied her to the base of the stipe.

The cruel executioner drove the tip of a huge nail into the girl's instep and threw the hammer back.


Kylie begged for mercy from the top of the cross when she saw what the executioner was going to do, but he did not heed her pleas and gave the first hammer blow.




The girl twisted in pain, turning her face upward and screaming.

While the experienced executioner continued to hammer with cadence and confidence.



With six or seven hammer blows the nail penetrated the wood up to the head, trapping both feet at the same time.

Gabriel Roman arena 312-1-.jpg
The executioners moved a few meters away and looked up, satisfied with their work.

The crucifixion had been perfect, and the victim hung from the cross in a very exciting position, neither fully upright nor squatting, but with arms outstretched and legs slightly bent.

Sánchez was an expert on crucifixion and he knew that this way of nailing him would be hell for the young woman hours later, because she could not find a minimally comfortable position, nor stand nor sitting, to patiently await death.

29 alexis blowjob.jpg1621065_0.jpg

This lesbian slut hasn't cummed despite being fucked by more than ten guys. And saying this, Sánchez went to where Alexis was still sucking cocks on her knees, just as one of the executioners was throwing all his load on her face.

Sánchez brutally grabbed her hair.

alexis  shy.png
Come here bitch, the lesbian blonde likes girls better.

2016-04-18-22-15-10 (1).jpg

Sanchez forced Alexis to kneel at the foot of Kylie's cross. Alexis then saw her friend's feet nailed to the wood and out of pity she began to kiss them.


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The crucifixion of the two volunteers turned into a bloody orgy. The executioners took turns raping Kylie who had already nailed both arms to the patibulum.

How that volunteer screams Mr Smith,! said Count Salvatierra, it is difficult to know if they are screams of pain or pleasure.

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The one that is really enjoying it is the public, more and more people are fucking, I'm sure it's full of beautiful masochists who will soon give themselves up.

Mr Smith then picked up his cell phone and called his secretary.

Jimmy!, bring the new volunteers just now to the stadium, quickly, if necessary carry them in cars trunks, they'll entertain the crowd during the show. Perhaps so we have more candidates.

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Jimmy obeyed Mr Smith at the time and the first volunteers were taken to the amphitheater in the trunk of the cars, tied and naked.

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Soon they were paraded with whips to the stands where dozens of habit men took them as if they were whores.

Meanwhile, the executioners who had been raping Kylie finally left her alone.

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Well, it's about time everyone saw those big boobs. Come on, put this whore's cross straight.

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The executioners took her cross tightly and held it upright to the cheers and applause of the people.

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Kylie cried out in pain as her body slid down the rough wood of the stipe and her back flayed. Now all his weight hung from the nails in wrists making her arms ache like hell.

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As the cross straightened up, Kylie's big tits shook like jelly at the slightest movement and streams of milk dripped from them. Many women in the audience laughed mocking the crucified young woman who displayed an indescribable gesture of suffering.
Some fancy crosses here...


Kylie, what did they do to you?

And little by little Alexis sat up while caressing Kylie's bare legs.

Alexis, please, kill me now, please, make it quick, I can't take it anymore.

Quick? Don't even dream of it bitch, said Sanchez, you're going to be dancing on the cross for several hours while the sun is high. Later in the afternoon we will continue torturing you for hours to death



Compassionate for the sufferings of her friend Alexis opened her legs imperceptibly and after kissing her thighs on her inner side, she began a sweet cunnilingus.

944_1000.gifimages (3)a.jpg
Alexis, no! Don't do that, please!

The executioners smiled.

You bitch! Let's go on!, ha, ha, like this we see if the blonde lesbian cums or not.


After several minutes of sucking and licking, Kylie stopped resisting and began to sigh with pleasure on the cross until several minutes later she had a deep orgasm.
th (1).jpg


In hr orgasm, Kylie was accompanied by dozens of girls who watched the exciting scene excitedly at home and in the stands.


Ha ha, what a naughty whore, Sánchez said to Alexis after slapping and showing her the nails and the hammer. Are you ready slut?. Now it's your turn.


Sanchez planned Alexis's crucifixion in an especially cruel way. He wanted to take his time and enjoy nailing her and not rush at all.


All those sadistic executioners ignored Kylie and left her suffering on the cross as they surrounded Alexis like a pack of coyotes around a gazelle.


For her part, the girl felt that way, after all she was naked and defenseless in the center of an amphitheater surrounded by thousands of people who longed to enjoy her torture and in the hands of sadistic psychopaths who looked at her as if they had never seen one naked woman.

Alexis gave herself up to whatever they wanted to do to her and when they grabbed her to fuck her in a massive gangbang, she submissively collaborated sucking all the cocks that were put in front of her and allowing herself to be penetrated by all her orifices.

My God,! that bitch doesn't even resist. Don't you know what those beasts are going to do after filling you with semen? Damn I'm going to come.

43 stella.pngKaede crux2.pngunnamed.jpg
While Alexis was raped in the arena in full view of all those people cheering on the rapists, the insatiable executioners were preparing the following victims: Stella, Kaede and Lilly.

All three were handcuffed and carried to the center of the arena to be tied to the different poles and crosses displayed to torture them before the crucifixion


The three submissive volunteers were tied to said structures and savagely tortured

1Tough93013 Vanessa_the_Barbarian_Queen.jpg
First, Lily and Kaede were flogged tied to whipping pole .....

001.gif006 (3).gif
The girls screamed while public counted the whips in chorus

......and later tied eagle spread to feel the "hot irons kisses"
Stella was tied to the whip post with her arms raised and flogged by several executioners disguised as Roman legionaries. This scene was recorded by several cameras at the same time. Stella was shaking with screams and her big tits swayed like jelly puddings spitting drops of milk.
While the busty Stella was being flogged, her former owner brought his new slave Zafira naked and bound into the presence of Mr Smith.
Master made the girl turn around to show those men her perfect body

What a beautiful slavegirl, Mr Smith, is she a new volunteer.

No at this moment. Ha ha, listen, I love this story. This man was Stella's former owner but apparently he got tired of her and replaced her with this hottie. Then, seeing that her life without her owner made no sense, Stella decided to end her life, but instead of committing suicide by jumping off a bridge, she decided to come here and die on the cross as the last service to her owner.

That really is fidelity.

In reality, this is not the case, Stella has invited her owner to come and see her sacrifice but on the condition that when tired of Zafira she is taken to Cabo Florido and delivered to Sánchez. Zafira will have to suffer the same torture as Stella for which she has chosen to die in an extremely cruel way. Once she is crucified, the executioners will amputate her enormous boobs, slowly cutting them at the base with ropes. In other words Zafira had been brought to Mr Smith's VIP box to witness a torment that she would possibly suffer herself in the future.

Of course Zafira did not want to suffer such an atrocious torture so she begged all those cruel men.

Ha ha, you are the victim of a cruel revenge, bitch, and everything for the love of your master! Mr Smith said caressing her naked body.

What perky tits your slave has, I hope she enjoys the show.

Zafira trembled with fear seeing the bloody torture that was taking place at that moment in the arena.


Zafira trembled with fear seeing the bloody torture that was taking place at that moment in the arena.
Capture d’écran 2016-12-03 à 14.03.32.pngGabriel Roman arena 282-1-.jpgliviiaFS.jpg
Five girls were already crucified in a curved line about thirty meters long, displayed before a cruel people who enjoyed watching them struggle.
On the other side of the arena they had Kaede tied eagle spread while they twisted her meat with blacksmith's monstuous tongs.
Gabriel Roman arena 306-1-.jpg
Lilly's belly was being scratched with a huge razor with sharp points. The poor woman could only scream helplessly because she had been tied to the posts with strong knots that immobilized her as if she were a skin stretched in the sun.

After receiving more than fifty lashes on the back and ass, Stella was freed from her restraints and led to a cross. There she was tied up to suffer cruel torture on the front of her body.


My God, no!

Zafira was sweating with fear when she saw how the executioner touched Stella´s brest with a hot iron. The horrible hiss of red-hot iron burning skin mingled with howls of pain. Stella writhed in pain in an erotic contraposto. Then the executioner withdrew the iron and after taking another, he burned it elsewhere.

A feet away Holly and her friends had come to torture Sybil's tits by sticking hot needles into.


They were steel needles about six inches long. Kendra picked up a reddish-colored needle and ignoring her victim's hysterical pleas, she pricked her boob right in the middle and began to squeeze.



A thin column of smoke rose as hot steel pierced Sybil's fleshy tit. The penetration was slow and painful. Sybil writhed, hurting her nail wounds and didn't stop screaming until the needle exited the opposite side of her breast.

Sybil stopped screaming and stared at her chest pierced by steel in tears. When looked up, she saw in horror that Shae had another hot needle in her hand.



The three women took turns sticking hot needles into Sybil's breasts while she screamed like mad.
The women protected their hands with gloves to avoid burning themselves and took the needles one by one by the head. The intense heat from the brazier plate made the needles quickly turn red.
As Kendra drove the needles through Sybyl's fleshy tits, Holly and Shae put more needles on the plate to warm them in turn.

gabriele dungeon 905-1-_l.jpg

I begg your pardon Sybil, but if I don´t do this my fate will be much worst than yours.
images (21)a.jpg
Three girls competed with one another in cruelty as they squinted as the water in the large pot began to boil.
Of course, the show was the show was liked by the spectators who enjoyed unspeakably watching three beautiful naked women torturing their friend without mercy.

As they were also women, they knew that the most sensitive part is the nipple and the areola that surrounds it, so apart from the large needles, slightly shorter needles were inserted into Sybil´s nipples, passing through the tips of her breasts through the areoles.

unnamed (15).jpg

After making her visit hell for half an hour more by nailing hER and unlocking small burning needles in her sensitive nipples
They even drove two-inch-long red hot needles into the tips of her nipples pointing inward.

Poor Sybil would roll her eyes and drool and cry at such brutal punishment. The poor woman begged for mercy in vain while her former friends seemed to have gone mad.

Finally. The needles torment finished and all of them were removed from Sybil´s boobs.

Then the girl trembled with terror when she saw what Kendra was holding in her hands.


Kendra had picked up a breastripper and showed it to Sybil closing it before her eyes to show her how it was used.
images (47).jpgunnamed (2).jpg
Then she placed it framing one of her tits with his spikes to show the public how she was going to do it and pressed the spikes against the flesh of her tits.
images (35).jpgiStock-533347686.jpg
Sybil cried again for mercy and Kendra opened the infernal torture device, but only to carry it to a brazier and warm it up.

For her part, Holly placed another similar instrument on the brazier, a sign that they were going to rip and tear off both teats at the same time.
Say good bye to your boobs bitch!
From home, Yasmina was fucking with her husband while he was watching the show on the giant screen in his living room. Yasmina was already used to doing it while her husband was watching those sordid torture scenes and always suspected that one day he would torture her in a similar way just for her pleasure. The Muslim girl longed for her husband to decide to do it at once.

What are those horrible hooks that heat up on the embers for? he said fearing the worst.
Her husband simply took both of her tits in his hands and imitated the shape of the breastrippers, digging his nails into the flesh of her breasts.
Yasmina almost felt an orgasm.


cumshot-x-alexis-adams-big-cumshot.jpgunnamed (1).jpg5_yskhuw06.jpg
Meanwhile Alexis, with her face and breasts covered in semen, was led by the rapers to the place where the cross rested.
With a shudder the girl saw the huge iron nails and hammer as well as the crown of thorns. One of the nails was quite longer than others and the girl understood it would be used to nail her feet together to the hard wood.

Alexis tried to control her nerves and told herself that deep down she had chosen it herself,...... that it was the experience she had dreamed of going through for many years ... besides, it didn't matter if she resisted because nothing and nobody could free her from the long and painful brooding that awaited her.

Sánchez took the nails and the hammer and threatened her with them.

Come on bitch, it's time!. lie down there!.
The girl looked at the executioner but obeyed, fell on the ground, Cruelly an executioner showed him the nails so that he could see you closely. The girl hid her breast with her hand because her nipples had risen with excitement.
Then she lay down on the ground and closed her eyes, willingly giving himself up to the torture. Alexis did not resist when the executioners extended her arms over the patibulum. Despite her submission, other executioners held her body and legs to prevent the girl from trying to escape when they began to drive the nails into her wrists.

Well, my baby your time has finally come, said Sánchez, scratching her nipples with the hideous iron nails.

The girl looked at them with her heart galloping in her chest, she could no longer do anything to avoid that horrible death, probably one of the worst created by human beings. Actually, she was unaware of the terrible trials that awaited her and the rest of the volunteers in the following hours.

Instead of nailing both arms at the same time, Sánchez started with her right arm because he wanted her torture to be longer. The executioners took them hard and pressed them against the wood while Sánchez placed the tip of the nail in the exact place, on the wrist, at the entrance to the carpal tunnel.

The executioner raised the hammer but was slow to strike the first hammer while smiling sadistically at his victim.

Ha ha, the whore is horny, look at her nipples they are stiff and grown because she has been about to orgasm.

Come on executioner, she said bravely, do your job, I'm not going to beg you.


Enchanted baby, KLANG




Alexis felt a terrible pain when the tip of the nail began to penetrate her arm and she twisted, directing her head upwards and letting out a liberating cry, the executioners had to strain to hold her still.


The public that did not want to miss the crucifixion of the beautiful teenager got up and hundreds of eyes put on their binoculars to lose nothing.


It hurts, right? Take another, KLANG

IAAAAYYY. Alexis closed her eyes as she screamed and her face filled with tears and drool.

Sanchez looked at her through gritted teeth sadistically.

Now you ain't that brave bitch, take another KLANG


In spite of all the sadistic executioner did not strike with all his force because he wanted to prolong the torture of the girl.

As they crucified her, Alexis struggled crying and screaming with all her body glistening with sweat, in her dreams she had never imagined that the pain would be so intense and brutal.


Sadistic Sánchez recovered his erection while hammering because he was enjoying the erotic movements of that naked girl. As usual, when she was tortured Alexis had her nipples stone hard, and her clitoris and labia stiff on the point of orgasm. Since the day he saw Alexis for the first time in the dungeon, she had been Sánchez's favorite because she was a true masochist. He especially liked to subject her to the torture rack and while he was torturing her it was never clear whether while suffering the woman had moments of pleasure and even orgasms.

It took about thirty hammer blows for the expert executioner to fix the girl's right wrist against the wood of the patibulum. Then he stepped over her body and prepared to nail left arm.

No, please, not again.


Alexis surrendered to the possibility of experiencing that excruciating pain and anguish again but there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

Come on bitch, you already knew this was going to happen. Grab it.

Andaroos 14 - Page 875.jpg




The young woman writhed helplessly on the cross as her other arm was nailed.


Among the audience in the stands, the madness for what they were seeing was growing, especially among the women who did not understand that this beautiful young woman seemed to experience pleasure in the midst of her torture.
images (26).jpg
Take it slut! Do you have enough?

A group of women disguised as Roman patricians made fun of the volunteer
Have you seen what a masochistic whore?

She deserves all those tortures.
I hope her ass to be fucked by a thick cornu, ha, ha

Althought so much fun the erotic crucifixion of Alexis probably convinced some hesitant women to become volunteers.


I my God I am cumming.
Meanwhile, the other three condemned women were brought in to be crucified with Alexis. The other executioners helped Sánchez who could not cope.
This is how Stella, Kaede and Lilly were nailed to the cross.
Te first one was Stella who pulled her hair to force her to lie on the cross.
When Zafira saw Stella being crucified, she felt chills of terror seeing her convulse and hearing her screams. The girl sweated with terror because that was what awaited herself months later.


As they dragged her to her cross, Lilly tried to resist, but to no avail. She was desperate to buy time so she offered herself to her executioners and let to be fucked by them in the most depraved ways.
unnamed (1).jpg
However that was useless and Lilly was quickly crucified mercilessly despite her pitiful screams.

double105 1.jpg

double106 2.jpg
The two executioners nailed her to the cross as if they were two automata, without showing any emotion or pity. They just did the job and nailed the nails like two carpenters.
When they finished with their arms, they fucked her again by the vagina and mouth without mercy for their sufferings.
One of the executioners came into his mouth and without pause nailed his feet to the cross.
double115 1.jpg
double115 2.jpg
The girl screamed without believing what was happening to her and wanting to wake up from that nightmare.
A few meters from there Kaede was also being crucified by those barbarian executioners.


V4-CruxB-070c.jpgimages (11).jpg
Alexis also continued to be fucked on the cross when they had not nailed her feet yet and the girl had an incredible orgasm.

Ha ha, this bitch has come Sanchez, you can tell she likes what we're doing to her.
Oh yeah? Well I'm going to give her another orgasm with this long nail, hold her feet.
The introduction of the toe nail was even more cruel. Sánchez penetrated the instep placing the nail between the second and third toes just between the metatarsals and struck with the mallet.
The pain was so intense that Alexis arched her entire body and lifted her body from the wood arching it as much as humanly possible.

Sanchez smiled sadly and waited for his victim to drop his body onto the tree, then he struck the second blow and the nail went through one foot and into the other.
images (11).jpg

Alexis screamed as if she were crazy and began to hit the wood of the cross with her head in the hope of being unconscious.

With three more hammer blows, Sanchez drove the nail up to the head and thus ended the young woman's crucifixion.
The executioner stood up and admired his work.

There was Alexis completely naked and defenseless crying in pain and despair. From his wounds, only thin trails of blood came out, a sign that the executioner was a true expert.


Lifting up.jpg
Come on", stand up the crosses!, the public is waiting.
And the four girls already crucified joined to the five formers.
As her croos were being raised, Alexis's body began to slide down the inclined plane of the stipe, and Alexis began to feel increasing pain in the wounds on his wrists and feet.

The girl heard the men snort with the effort and encourage each other to force themselves and lift the heavy log with its victim hanging from it.

The girl's bare and injured back and ass flared as she brushed against the rough wood and the girl screamed in pain with her head turned upward..
When the audience saw the crosses of Alexis, Stella, Kaede and Lilly being raised, they burst into applause and shouts of joy.
County Fair.jpg
People almost went crazy in the stands and the new volunteers Jimmy had brought in had to satisfy dozens of sex-hungry men who took advantage of the fact that the girls were naked and bound.
Hes cross was almost vertical and Alexis felt himself fall forward but the nails supported the entire weight of his body.

The girl felt as if the iron of the nails was tearing her feet and wrists and again howled with all her might.

Finally the executioners managed to introduce the base of the stipe into the hole and with a sharp and brutal blow that struck all the bones of the vlontaria the cross stood upright.

She screamed again in tremendous pain as the executioners rushed to wedge and stone the cross. Then they threw dirt on it and trampled and crushed it. Now Alexis only heard the shouts and applause of the audience.
The crosses were placed upright after fitting into the holes dug on purpose and the four girls thus began the slow torment that their companions had already suffered for a long time.


When recovered calm, Alexis began to realize what was around her. With eyes in tears looked down and estimated her feet were five feet off the ground.
The executioners who had just crucified her had moved a few meters away to get a good look at their work and were looking at her with sadistic lust.


It was logical. Now she exposed her impressive naked body .
Alexis's breasts were swollen, and drops of milk were dripping from her thick, bristling nipples. forming whitish streaks down to her thighs. There they mingled with the slimy sperm that slid from her sex down her inner thighs.


Then she looked at the nearby stands where the audience enjoyed the torture.

apr-15-2011-srinagar-kashmir-india-a-kashmiri-muslim-taking-a-photo-CDMWWY.jpgMessa crux4.jpg

A good part of the public must have thought that she was more attractive than her companions because they delighted in recording her longer with their mobile phones.


Other couples kissed or let the bound slaves give them a blowjob without taking their eyes off her.


Alexis couldn't control her reactions and got horny just seeing her naked body attracting so much attention.


A few feet away, Lilly couldn't stop crying. Every inch of her body ached and the young woman did not stop begging and begging the executioners for mercy so that they would lower her from the cross.

However, those cries only attracted to her the sadistic executioners who began to caress her naked body, taking advantage of the fact that the girl was defenseless.

I can't take it anymore, my arms and feet hurt a lot, please, please put the cross on the ground, I can't bear the pain.

Pain? You still don't know what pain is.
una-coleccion-de-pinzas-de-herrero-cuelga-de-la-pared-en-la-tienda-del-herrero-mfb93n.jpgimages (9).jpg
Look at the irons and the whips, what do you think they are for?

Lilly saw the instruments of torture and begged again crying histerically.

Please don't torture me, no, I don't want to die like this.

Ha ha, you can't do anything to avoid it, don't you see? I think I am starting with your lovely nipples.....but later, now I have work hard with your dungeon mates.

And they left her alone again.


Hanging from her cross completely naked, Lilly had time to regret a thousand times not having agreed to make love to that businessman who had sold her to Mr Smith.


Meanwhile, the hitmen who had crucified Kaede and Stella were entertaining themselves by playing with them, prodding them with spears amid the laughter and mockery of the public.

Immediately the executioners went to look for the new volunteers and new crosses were going to stand upright.

Oh, it's that horny milf, said General Castro watching the executioners drag Adriana to the center of the arena.


Journey Begins.jpg
Like all the others, volunteers, that morning Adrianna had to carry her cross from the fortress to the amphitheater. As we know, she had been tricked by Mr Smith and forced to sign the crucifixion contract after ruthless and endless torture sessions day after day. The day before she had been about to be eaten by those disgusting seagulls in a cage. That morning she had had to walk naked and defenseless among hundreds of people, constantly subjected to the lashes of the executioners and prodded with huge barbecue forks in the ass and thighs.

Once in the amphitheater, Adriana was gagged with a ballgag and tied with her arms raised to a column so that she could see from there how they tortured her companions.
When they tied her to that column, Sánchez whispered in her ear that Mr Smith had ordered him to be especially cruel to her and to subject her to various tortures longer than the others and that would be the last to be crucified. In addition, she would be raped and tortured alone in the center of the arena so that everyone would focus their attention on her without being distracted by other punishments.
So the milf was thus naked, bound and gagged showing her splendid body to whoever wanted to take pictures. She couldn't even control the drool that fell from her gag and slowly slid down her tits to end up dripping from the tips of her nipples.

As she watched the torture and crucifixion of her companions, Adrianna felt afraid but she was also horny and her sex was wet and hot.

It is possible that in the back of her mind she wanted to go through that cruel ordeal.
Suddenly a lot of men came looking for her armed with whips and chains.
Come on bitch, now it's your turn.
The milf was about to pee when they grabbed and dragged her to the center of the arena.
As the next victim appeared, people clapped and cheered for Mr Smith.
captive beach-capture.jpg01 Adriana at gate.png
That was when Adrianna saw what they had prepared for her and understood the terrible words of Sánchez


Come on bitch, now it's your turn.

Adriana was dragged by her executioners to the center of the arena amidst the applause and rhythmic kicks from the audience demanding the punishment of the new victim. On her way, Adriana passed by the crosses of the nine girls who had already been crucified.
th (15).jpgAt+the+arena_2015x1270.jpg
The condemned woman dared to look up and saw the terrifying spectacle of torture and death on the cross. Her dungeon mates, Keisha, Marina, Kylie, Kaede, etc. writhed in an unbereable pain ten feet off the ground.
comics-22-17-1.jpgCrux hill - Simone 001redux.jpg
The beautiful women exposed their naked bodies, wounded by the whip and the burning irons, to a bloody and cruel crowd. Adriana's heart raced and she discovered that she already wanted to be on the cross like them and to go through the horrendous trance of being nailed to the tree.
crucified_by_jucundusart_de5vqim-fullview.jpgcrux 243 d.jpg
What caught her attention the most were the small streams of blood that ran from wrists down forearms and onto their feet. Adriana had probably always thought that the cause of death of the crucified was bleeding. In fact none of the volunteers bled heavily as the nails had entered their flesh cleanly with hardly any injuries. In spite of that, all of them must be suffering a horrendous torture judging by their contorted face and the voluptuous movements of their naked bodies.
bbb.jpgKelly crucified 001ared.jpg
At that moment Marina had gotten up for the umpteenth time to breathe and arched her body forward, stretching her arms and legs to the extreme. Adriana stopped for a moment as Marina's body seemed to be in full orgasm with her sex shining with moisture and her clitoris swollen and hard. The girl's impressive tits trembled obscenely as her erect nipples stood out over her round breasts, letting out small drops of milk.

Come on, walk, said an executioner giving her a whip on the ass, soon you will be like her.

Adriana obeyed and continued her slow walk in front of the crosses.


Just at that moment several farmers with four strong oxen entered the amphitheater. Adriana didn't understand what those animals were for, but she didn't wonder any more............ It was actually better for her not to know… ..

Finally the milf arrived at the place where she were going to be tortured and a chill ran through her naked body because indeed there was something special prepared for her.

Aside from the cross that rested on the ground, there were the inevitable posts for flagellation and a great variety of whips, including single tails, bull whips, and flagrum. However, what most terrified the woman was the backbreaker, a special metal torture rack to arch the back of the condemned woman and break it if the executioner so desired.

Oh no, not again! Thought the milf with a shiver of terror.
Witchunter booklet2 02.jpg
Adriana had already experienced the “pleasure” of being tortured in such a contraption inthe chamber of horros of Cabo Florido Fortress so her sight made her hesitate and stop. The executioner had to give her a couple more lashes for her to take the last steps.

Of course, next to the torture rack there were several braziers where the cattle branding irons, tongs, needles, infernal bras and several pears of anguish of different sizes were heated.

Sánchez whispered her that since she was going to be the last to be crucified, there would be time to torture her for several hours.

The executioners are going to use all those instruments on your skin, I would not like to be in your shoes, my baby, ha ha.

Adriana just lowered her eyes and said in a small voice.
descarga (9).jpg
Do what you want with me, she said showing him her ties. As you can see I can't do anything, ......was it any use to him to beg those sadistic torturers?
A video camera on a tripod was right there to closely record the ordeal of the beautiful milf.

In spite of everything Adriana was horny because at that moment she was surrounded by eight huge black men totally naked with huge cocks. They were the eight psychopathic rapists that Mr Smith had taken from the worst prisons in Africa.

Well beautiful, said the one who looked like the boss, pinching her nipples and twisting them in opposite directions, the eight of us are going to take turns in your torture for the next two hours. I hope you appreciate so much attention. As a payment, first of all you are going to let yourself be fucked in all your holes.
Adriana did not even resist, on the contrary, she endured the pain in her nipples without cries nor screams and when several rough hands began to caress her naked body she closed her eyes and allowed herself to be done. She didn't even resist getting down on her knees and started sucking cocks without even knowing whose they were.

From her home Beth, an old friend of Adriana watched on her television how these beasts raped her savagely.
I can't believe it, fucked by those pigs, tortured and finally crucified in public. At last that repressed bitch has dared and has done it, ... I'm super horny. I have to sign a crucifixion contract ....

Ha ha, what a bitch. General Castro said from Mr Smith's VIP box, where did you find her?

It was she who came to me, apparently she was a married woman, a bored bourgeois because her husband barely paid attention to her, surely she has dreamed of this moment many times while masturbating like mad. The stupid milf still does not know that is going to suffer a torture a thousand times worse than she has ever imagined.

At that moment Jimmy entered the VIP box, the secretary bringing Alli, Mr Smit's niece naked and loaded with chains. Despite enjoying Anette, Chloe and Jade, Mr Smith's guests turned their full attention to the newcomer.
Come on take all that away from her, I want to talk to my niece.
Jimmy took off the chains from Allie and she continued on her knees in a submission position showing her beauty to all those perverts.
Oh my god now they force her to rimming him and I ... I just signed that contract, .... for a year of slavery ..... and then the cross. A whole year in the clutches of those beasts, I can't believe what I just did, but there is no going back ... they will come looking for me in a few hours .....


God I think I'm going to come ... .yessss
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