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Female Tortures

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Since I'm so into vintage lezdom, I couldn't help but share another classic one. Although I couldn't find the whole video in one piece, these three videos are about two maidens who are tasked with cleaning a dungeon. While messing around, they find a caged woman and play around with her. The mistress, owning the dungeon and the caged woman, is not happy with their intrusion, so she chains and punishes them.




When posting content from other threads, it is only fair to reference the source: https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threa...fantasy-gimp-adventure-based-on-jds-art.8251/
I am afraid it is not possible to be aware about all the sources we can find in the web. Actually this pics I picked them up from http://ralphus.net/thegimpforum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=814 where the author seems to be the same but with different names...
Many of pictures can be posted in different places (sometimes by the real author or by others). We are not able to know the real author unless the pictures are signed (it's a good custom).
On the other hand, we are not doing business with the images but rather we are promoting them.
Of course I don't mind putting the links (needless to say I admire this art) but I think we should be more concerned with debating, enjoying and adding more images to the thread than censoring it.
This is my point.

All the best,
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