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Fit, Lovely Ladies Crucified

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--audible moaning/crying/etc. that is not just repetitious
i find this repetitious thing realistic.

i once heard a person dying after a car accident. Well, i was told later that he didn't die, he was saved in hospital or so i heard, but he went through the entire "dying" process in pain and fear until fainting and going comatose while trapped inside his car. Everybody there was trying to help him but nobody had the means to do so because the accident caused a severe traffic jam in what basically was a small road with small shoulders leading to a beach during high tourist season, and the emergency vehicles had problems to arrive. A shitty situation.

i was in the back seat of my parents' car and i couldn't see him but i could hear him. Initially he was obviously scared and in pain but he was keeping a "reasonable" if a bit confused conversation with the people around him including my parents, who were trying to encourage him while the emergency services arrived. He had obvious problems to breathe, don't know why, maybe he had broken his ribs or was just hyperventilating or just in a bad posture or something, but he was still able. He moaned a lot about his legs, he said that he couldn't bear the pain (that's how he was trapped, he had his legs crushed under something, i don't know what but that's what i heard, and that he was bleeding profusely.)

However, as the minutes passed and people called 112 (our 911) again and again only to be told that the ambulances and the firefighters truck with the "heavy equipment" to rescue trapped people were unable to arrive because of the jam, and that they had called a helicopter but wouldn't be immediately available because it was attending another emergency (remember the high tourist season?), the poor guy panicked as his state worsened. His speech became more confused and poor until he was no longer having a real conversation with anybody. He just moaned and moaned repeating how his legs hurt and something about his children as his speech went blurry and eventually unrecognizable but kind of "rhythmic" because it was so repetitive. As he "faded out", he pretty much sounded like a "cyclic moaning machine" until there was silence. All of this took, maybe, 20-30 minutes or so. The helicopter arrived like 10 minutes later maybe.

i have never heard another person "dying in pain and panic without medical assistance" (well, i have never heard another person in such a situation), so i don't know if this is representative or just a case among many. But because of it, i would actually expect repetitive crying / moaning in a crucified individual who is already in the process of "leaving."
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One of the very first crux girls that I know of "Amber Crucified" from "The Chamber of the Bells " series. I have the rest of the set if anyone is interested but I'm sure the long time cruxers have them all. :)

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Amber is sooooo sexy. I'd love to hang naked with her and then fuck her sweaty body forever!



Yes, her body was superb for crucifixion....she was made to be crucified...she actually seemed to be lusting for it when they carried her to the cross...smiling when she saw it....her nipples remained fully erect showing her excitement and lust to be crucified....when they nailed her hands I thought her body reacted at the beginning jolting it several times....she did seem to be hyperventating while hanging totally nude and nailed on the cross...would have liked to have seen her dance the dance of lust though pushing up on her nailed feet to breath....and she was lanced too soon...her totally nude body looked perfect nailed to the cross.....but she should have been on the cross to enjoy its pleasures much longer, at least 15 minutes... for all to enjoy her pleasures ......having a few intense orgasms. for all to see..........my biggest question on this is how were her feet nailed.???....cannot really tell from pics or the movie...but yes...excellent crucifixion with a body made to be crucifed...
Lisa is my heroine for this sexy naked torture in front of the crowd. So fuckable.
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