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Masochistic Paradise

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After revolution new laws have been aproved in El Kemed. Inmoral western girls will be arrested, judged and condemned to long sentences in a fortress from the Crusades Age. These women will expiate their sins in terrific torture chambers or outdoors in front of the crown. Of course crucifixion is one of the most frequent punishment.

This story was published in spanish. You can find the link here


Hangnail has helped me to translate it into english. Thank you again Hangnail, your work is great!

Here you are Chapter 1. I hope you enjoy the story


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Chapter 1

An apartment in Paris. Nadia, a twenty-year-old woman talks on the phone with her lover ...


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- Don't leave me Luba, please, don't leave me.
- Nadia I have to, no, I can't take it anymore.
- But why? Why do you want to leave me? Is it because of that bitch?
- Don't call her that, Maria’s not a bitch.
- Yes she is, she just wants to take advantage of you, ... she just wants you, ... instead, I love you.
- I love you too, but I can't stand it, I can't take it anymore.
- You know perfectly well, what happened the other day was horrible, ... what they did to us ..... they were too cruel with us.
- But, why do you say that? You wanted it the same as me
- At first maybe, but then ...
- Then you had a superorgasm, and then another, and later another, you can't fool me, I saw how you were cumming, I don't know how many times. You're just a dirty masochist like me.
- Don't say that.lang
- Your problem is that you insist on not recognizing the truth, Luba. You’re like me, you like to be tied up and fucked like a bitch and if if possible, while being whipped. You like it to be done by guys or women, it doesn't matter to you as long as they are very sadistic ... You wet your pussy just thinking about it, don't deny it.
- Well, ... maybe yes, ... but they seem to have no limits, Nadia, every time we are subjected to more cruel punishments. Those sadists promised us that the next time we will be prisoners a whole weekend in that horrible dungeon and ... and that we will get the electrodes. An entire weekend Nadia!lang
- Damn, ... yes ..., I can´t wait it...l
- Well, I can´t handle something like that. aren't you afraid?
- Yes, but that’s just the point, no one forces you, if you can't stand it you just have to say the magic word, ... you already know.
- Yeah, the happy magic word !. It doesn't always work, you know, the other day I screamed the safeword again and again like mad and that sadist kept pouring hot wax on my tits.
- Don't exaggerate, it was only a few seconds ..
- But in the end, when they finally listen to you and stop you say you can take more, and then a little more, ... and let them continue, but then they continue with the torture, ... without mercy, ... they never have enough ... they don't see the sacrifice you make for them, they are ... they are disgusting sadists.
- That's precisely what I like, Luba, to be helpless, stark naked and tied up in their power ... besides, you know that if you abuse the safeword they don't want you as a slave anymore, so in the end you can stand anything, Luba I hope you’ll be with me hanging together by the breasts like they did the other time! Those guys didn’t stop whipping us on the ass. I don't know how many times I've remembered it.
Luba put her hand to her breast., they still hurt a little and she still had trouble sitting on a chair, but she was also excited just to remember it. In fact, she was tempted to give in, however, she reacted immediately.
- This, ... this time don't count on me ... Nadia, ... I won't go, it's decided.
- But, but, Luba ..
- No Luba, nonothing, no ... I don't want the electrodes ...., .... I'm very scared ..... also ... I’m going on vacation in the morning with Maria. We already have the tickets.
Nadia changed her attitude and got a little sharper.
- Yeah? And ... where are you supposed to go with that slut?
- To El Kemed, I have been told that it is a beautiful place with fantastic beaches and it’s not too expensive.
- El Kemed? isn't that where there has been a revolution?
- Yes, but things have already calmed down, the agencyhave told us that there is no danger for tourists.
- Oh yeah?. Well I would be careful, in those places there are lots of fanatics and they don't like lesbians, you know? ....
...... Two days later, Luba and Maria arrived at El Kemed international airport after a seven hour flight. It was obvious that country had undergone a revolution, because everywhere there were posters with religious and nationalist slogans.
Kemed had always been a very touristy and westernized country, however, with the revolution things had changed radically. When Luba and her friend arrived at customs control they had the first test. The way they were dressed was not to the liking of the police liutenant.
- Welcome to Kemed, the guy said looking them over from top to bottom. Something to declare?
They said no. They were a little nervous when they saw several guards approaching them with their guns pointed at them. Then the officer opened the zippers of the suitcases looking at them severely and began to rummage around inside, messing everything up. Suddenly, the guy took something from the suitcase he was reviewing and raised it in the air, staring at it incredulously. It was Luba's little bikini thong.
- I must warn you that in this country there are very strict laws against immorality, he said staring at their bare legss. This way of dressing is not allowed and of course nudity is prohibited on our beaches. I advise you not to wear this in public ... if you don't want to be fined.
Two girls laughed to see how that guy looked at their bikinis and did their best to suppress a giggle. The truth is that they were a bit horny and excited that the rest of the guards were "reviewing" them in that brazen way. It was not for nothing because with their miniskirts the girls were displaying a good portion of their long legs, while their breasts were outlined perfectly under the fabric of their tank tops.
The fact is that those pigs drooled in their presence as if they had never seen a woman and they did not stop whispering things in each other’s ears and laughing outright at them. Finally, faced with the girls' teasing, the customs officer got fed up. Actually they had not committed any delict, so he could not stop them and could not even fine them. The officer muttered a curse and put the bikini back in the bag, closing the zipper with anger.
- Okay, leave, ... you can leave, but don't forget what I told you if you don't want to have problems.
They were already moving away from control when the guy pulled out a mobile phone.
- Ahmed?, ... yes, it's me, ... yes, he said in low voice while watching them go away. Two sluts you have to watch ... ... two Europeans, one blonde and another brunette ... Yes, follow them ... yes, goodbye, let me know.
Two girls took a taxi to the hotel and did not realize that a car was following them the entire trip.
Actually it was a camouflaged police car driven by Colonel Ahmed.
At the reception of the hotel, Luba and Maria looked like two cats in heat, touching and caressing each other continually. They were both very impatient to be left alone to do dirty things, and all those angry guards had done nothing but get them worked up. Even when they were in the elevator they began to kiss each other uninhibitedly, something that did not go unnoticed by Ahmed the policeman.

02 lesbian kissing.png

- Whores! He muttered to himself with rage ......
..... The next day Ahmed watched the beach in front of the hotel with his binoculars.
- Where will they be? He wondered as he walked impatiently through the sand with his binoculars. Where have they got to? .
The beach was big and there were not many people so it should not be so difficult to locate them. Gritting his teeth, Ahmed kept looking for them and could not suppress a curse.
- Come on little girls, where are you? Where have you gone? Suddenly he smiled as an erection grew in his crotch. So far away and lying on the towels, it seemed that both were completely naked, but when focusing the binoculars, Ahmed could see that they were wearing their little bikinis, those of string and thong that leave almost everything at sight.
Obviously the customs man's warnings had not taken effect and the girls were exhibiting themselves on the beach almost naked. The colonel spent a long time spying them caressing his cock , finally after a while and seeing that they were not going anywhere, he decided to go towards them.
After walking a long way through the sand, the guy passed very close to their towels, but they were so deeply asleep that they did not even notice him. It was logical, after having spent all night fucking each other, the girls were exhausted and decided to go to sleep in the sun daubed with oil before continuing with their special honeymoon.
Luba and Maria had met a few weeks before and still felt unbridled passion, so when they were alone they simply could not repress their desires.

03 thong girl 1.png
04 thong girl 2.png

Taking advantage of the circumstances Ahmed stayed a while looking at their asses and reveling in their rounded and firm shape. Maria’swas small and lean like that of a young girl, and Luba, who had larger hips, had one that was round and upturned, so that the thong's string disappeared deep between her buttocks, shining with suntan lotion.
Colonel Ahmed was a policeman over forty, corrupt and quite disgusting. Fat, bald and with a mustache, ..... he was always sweating and at that moment was strongly aroused by that delicious sight. He loved the western tourists who showed themselves half naked on the beaches of his country, so the pig enjoyed a good time with those two beauties.
Of course the thong was forbidden and if Ahmed caught their attention at that time, Luba and her companion would be fined. However he decided to turn a blind eye as he had done so many other times and continued to look ....
Suddenly Maria made a move and Ahmed made it look as if he were passing by. Actually the young woman did not even notice that he was looking at her, she groped for Luba's hand and took it. Then she smiled and remained placidly asleep next to her lover. Surely she dreamt of her soft skin and warm tongue that she would enjoy again in a few hours. So they stayed there holding hands and caressed by the warm sea breeze, happy and carefree ......
... The next day, in her flat in Paris, Nadia was recovering from the weekend she had spent with the four perverts, almost fifty hours in a row held by four sadists! The young woman was in her room, completely naked, admiring in the mirror the bluish and reddish marks of lashes that still adorned a good part of her body.
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05 whip marks.png

Nadia was strangely proud of not having to use the safeword once in spite of the tortures she had to endure. This time they had been especially cruel to her and had placed electrodes on her tits as promised.
During the long torture sessions the young masochist was about to surrender several times, especially when the electricity ran through her young body over and over again. When her friend Luba was missing, her four masters concentrated all their sadistic attention on her and the punishments were even more intense. However, in the end, she endured everything.
As a reward, the beautiful Nadia experienced many orgasms, so many that she had lost count. When they stopped playing with her or fucking her in every possible way, those perverts put her in a cage completely naked and chained so she could not masturbate. Thus they left her several hours alone and in the dark until they felt like it again and went to look for her to start over.
- What a fool Luba was, Nadia thought, quite jealous and annoyed with her friend, ... she had missed it.
Just then the television screen attracted her attention. "KEMED RETURNS TO THE MIDDLE AGES." The headline of the news was written in capital letters while a presenter announced the news with a worried gesture.
Nadia frowned, quickly took the remote control and unmuted the sound. An older man with a long beard, turban and glasses appeared on the screen and was reading some papers. The simultaneous translation said something like that the revolutionary government of El Kemed had decided to end once and for all with the immorality that reigned in the country because of the "depraved Western she-tourists".
He warned that, from that moment, foreign women who were caught committing impure acts would be detained and tried according to the newly approved legislation.
The man clarified that the government had decided to resume enforcing the old laws that prescribed severe physical punishments against immorality. For humanitarian reasons, execution by impalement would not be used again, as had been the practice until the middle of the 19th century. However, the new code prescribed an array of cruel tortures that the condemned should suffer in proportion to the seriousness of their crime. However, the most amazing thing is that the speaker said that the sentences would be applied on a scaffold, in public, ... in the old way.
Upon hearing that, Nadia felt a chill of terror and pleasure all over her body ..., nevertheless she continued listening to the news with her mouth open.
After finishing the statement of the government spokesman, the news gave way to commentators who denounced the measures of the revolutionary government as a frontal attack against human rights and literally a return to the barbarism of the Middle Ages.
Meanwhile, Nadia started masturbating just imagining it, ... a public punishment, .. in front of a crowd, she would surely be naked and handcuffed while some ruthless executioners tormented her without rest ... It's as if someone had wanted to make her masochistic dreams into a reality ....
Despite the fact that the news was worldwide and caused a deep consternation, Luba and Maria did not even know about it. At no time did they worry about watching television and also they would not have understood it. They were on their own, from the hotel to the beach and from the beach to the hotel to go and come and fuck and fuck ...
Hardly could they suspect that on the same night an anonymous call would denounce two Western women as lesbians in a police post. Sexual intercourse between women was expressly punishable by Kemed's new laws and deserved the longest prison sentences and the most cruel punishments.
Immediately a police van arrived at the hotel where Luba and Maria were staying and after presenting the report to the attendant, they arrived silently at the room. At an order from Lieutenant Mahmud, the manager opened the door with a bang and when they hit the light they surprised the two naked women embracing each other. What other proof did they need of their guilt?

06 lesbians fucking.png
The two girls were frozen by the intrusion and were unable to react, so that the men pounced on them without giving them time to do anything.
- On behalf of the revolutionary government of El Kemed you are detained, said the lieutenant, tie them up, come on.
The men separated them brutally and after throwing them on the ground and crossing their arms behind their backs, they handcuffed them, avoiding their kicking feet.
- Why, why are they arresting us? We have not done anything, Maria protested with a tough police officer pinning her to the ground.
- You don’t think so? You have been caught committing an abominable crime. Come on, cuff them also from the ankles and take them to the van without making too much noise, I don't want anyone to see them leave the hotel.
The girls started screaming and kicking harder because that seemed more like a kidnapping than a detention, but the soldiers kept them under control at all times.
Once they were tied up, a soldier grabbed Maria and put her over his shoulder like a sack, avoiding her kicks.

07 kidnapped.png

- At least let us get dressed, we're naked !.
- Ha, ha, in the torture chamber you won't need any clothes, whores, said the lieutenant patting Maria's ass
Upon hearing the lieutenant', the men laughed, causing the girls to start screaming hysterically for help.
- Keep their mouths closed, I have told you that I don't want scandals.

08 tied up and gagged.png

Then the guards shredded the sheets and improvised some gags. A fist of cloth tucked into their mouth and then some electrical tape and the two girls could already scream what they wanted no one was going to hear.
In this way, silenced and bound hand and foot, the guards put them on their shoulders and thus bare naked they were quickly carried through the corridors to a forklift. At full speed they were transported to a police van waiting in the garage and brutally thrown into the back. They closed the van’s the doors and set off at full speed toward an unknown destination.
Meanwhile Mahmud stayed in the room to collect all the belongings of the detainees and hide his trail. While two soldiers put the clothes and other things in a plastic bag, the lieutenant took the wallets and after checking their documentation he took all the money in cash and credit cards.
For their part, the guards so diligently that in a few minutes all evidence that Maria and Luba had been housed in that room had disappeared. Also, the manager of the hotel was ordered to erase them from the register and he was adequately rewarded by the lieutenant with part of the money he had stolen from the two tourists.
The government had decided that all detained foreigners should be discreetly brought to the Krak, an old Crusader stronghold conveniently isolated and located high on a mountain like an eagles’ nest . Of course, the fortress had been prepared for its new "guests": cells, cages, showers, interrogation rooms, etc. .
The new law allowed the police to hold them there in total isolation for two months before notifying their embassies. Of course, in that period the police could do with detainees what they wanted ... without any limit ....
The van took several hours to reach its destination and the four guards who guarded the prisoners soon began to abuse them by stroking and touching them taking advantage of the fact that they were naked and tied. Faced with those lurid touches, Luba and Maria shook furiously while screaming, but they did not rape them ... for the moment.
When the van arrived at the courtyard of the fortress the doors opened, and the soldiers dragged the two women outside and threw them to the ground. That first night someone had also denounced a group of western cheerleaders for immoral conduct and of course, all of them had been immediately arrested and taken to the Krak.
As a result, at that moment in the courtyard of the fortress there were fifteen other girls between eighteen and twenty years old. In this case, the cheerleaders' uniforms were not considered decent because the skirts were too short and the neckline too low.
Unlike Luba and Maria, the other fifteen girls still kept their cheerleading clothes and were not even tied. They were all standing between the apparently calm guards not knowing what to do and thinking that everything was a confusion that would soon clear up. However, when they saw the soldiers take the two naked and handcuffed lesbians out of the van, hysteria took hold of them and some began to scream and cry.

09 hogtied.png

The guards tried to control them, but in the end the disorder and scandal was such that Colonel Ahmed had to intervene. He fired a shot into the air and only then did he get them to shut up.
- Silence!. Shut up at once.
The girls finally fell silent and looked at the colonel who was still brandishing his smoking gun. Ahmed looked at them fiercely.
- Foreigners! You have been arrested by order of the revolutionary government on the charge of immoral conduct. All of you will be judged and you will have a fair trial ....... And I can assure you that you will receive the just punishment that corresponds to your crimes.
The young women heard these words, dismayed and scared. Judgment? Punishment? But what was that man talking about? What had they done?
The colonel remained undeterred.
- Meanwhile, pending your trial you will remain in this high security prison that has been entrusted to my charge, so you will have to obey all my orders or you will feel the whip, is that clear? The colonel paused to see the effect of his words. Don't dream of escaping, he added, your judgment will be celebrated within these walls and you will only leave here to receive your punishment ... on a gallows and in front of the people, ha ha.
Upon hearing that, some girls cried and protested again, but Ahmed fired again into the air.
- I said to shut up. Anyone who doesn't obey promptly and without hesitation will be flogged right now, have I expressed myself clearly?
Some girls nodded while others cried in silence.
- That's better, very good, because the first thing you're going to do is take off those indecent clothes and put them in that basket.
They all figeted and protested indignantly .
- You can't do that, we are EU citizens and we have our rights, said a young blonde named Yuliya.
The girl who spoke immediately received a smack in the face that made her fall to the ground.
- Rights ?, said Ahmed, here the whores have no rights. Do you like to parade around hafl-naked? Well, now you're going to do it completely. Get all your clothes off or I'll have to use the whip !.
The rest of the women decided that it was better to obey. In this way, all began to undress slowly before the lusty gaze of the guards.
- So, well, everything, come on, quickly.
Very impatient to see them naked Ahmed pulled Yuliya’s pigtails to who was still on the floor and she got up more submissive. At first she stood still with her hand on the cheek that burned from the smack, but at the insistent demands of the colonel she also began to undress slowly.
Reluctantly but quickly all took off their clothes and threw tthem into the basket. some girls left their panties and bra on, in the hope that they would leave them like that, but it did little for them.
- Come on, the underwear too, take everything off, hurry up, everything in the basket.
In this way in a few minutes they were all naked under the spotlights and surrounded by those armed men. The soldiers commented to each other with laughter and making obscene gestures. Seeing how those guys looked at them, some cried and remained hunched and ashamed, trying to cover themselves as they could with their arms and hair. Then those girls were stunned how the guard who had collected the uniforms made a pile with them and after throwing a little gasoline they set them on fire.
- Until the day you appear before the judge you have no right to wear any clothes, said Ahmed laughing and smacking the palm of his hand with a whip, so you will remain naked all the time, understood?
As the women did not respond, Yuliya received a whip on her thigh.
- Zassss
- I have asked a question, respond.
They all said yes, shaking with fear.
- Very well, soon you will have learned to obey properly, and now be prepared because the doctor is going to search you.
- But, but, if we are naked, where are they going to search ?, said a thin brunette named Juliette. The girl regretted having spoken as soon as she did.
- You can still hide things inside your body, said Ahmed trapping the girl's arms, meanwhile a guy in a white coat who had just come out to the courtyard was wearing a rubber glove in front of her and smiling with lust.
- No, no! Some women understood what was going to happen to them and covered themselves even more with their arms as if that could be of use to them.
- For the exam you are going to line up in a row, straight, hands on the nape of the neck, legs open and up on the tips of your toes, come on !. Ahmed said that forcing Juliette to adopt the position and showing the others what they had to do.

- No, no, they can't do that, that's not right.
This time it was Juliette herself who received a whip in the ass.

- Obey immediately, anyone who does not do so will have to tie her up as we have done with these two lesbians.

Upon hearing that new threat, some women obeyed without delay, and the others did not take long to imitate them. The soldiers saw in awe how those fifteen completely naked girls obeyed submissively and after standing in a row they adopted the position they had been ordered: legs spread, feet tiptoe and hands on the nape of the neck. In this way, they all showed those pigs their naked and defenseless bodies without hiding anything from sight.

10 girls naked in a raw.png

Satisfied by the obedience shown and visibly aroused, Ahmed set about reviewing his "bristles" with his little whip. The man did it slowly, one by one, without rushing in the least, reveling in the sight of all that flesh ..... There were no two that had the same body:, small tits, big tits, more pert, more droopy, plump and wobbly asses, small and lean, all those young women showed their naked bodies to strangers as they had never done to anyone and Ahmed was thinking of the sadistic pleasures he would experience with them all in the following weeks .. .....
(to be continue)
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Chapter 2

.... The fifteen cheerleaders captured in the Krak were now exposed, completely naked, and in a position of submission to their captors. The spotlights illuminated them directly while dozens of guards pointed their weapons at them. Meanwhile Ahmed began to review them, one by one, armed with his whip.
All the cheerleaders had shaved pussies and armpits. Apparently it was the fashion with them, but the men were surprised because in their country only the whores were shaved.

11 examinated naked girls.jpg

- By the beards of..., little herd of sows, said Ahmed, seeing that all had their sexes depiliated. Now I know that you have come to this country to seduce our men and corrupt our women and turn them into whores like you. Here you will get what you deserve.
Some prisoners wept in silence without understanding why this had happened to them and most of them remained with their heads down, totally ashamed to show themselves like this and hear those horrible comments on their bodies. However, the colonel realized that others were visibly aroused. With these last ones there was a bit more caressing them with the whip and having fun observing their reactions.

12 examinated naked girl.jpg

Indeed, there was a blonde named Lynn whose nipples and clitoris swelled noticeably when she felt herself exposed in front of those pigs, and a milky drop appeared between the lips of her shaved pussy. It was evident that the girl was very excited. Ahmed examined her with particular attention and noticed the small tattoo next to the labia that represented shackles and the word "slave" written in tiny Gothic letters.
- Hey hey, said the policeman, look at this one, you will get on well with the executioners.
The men laughed and young Lynn went all red when she heard the word "executioners".

13 examinated naked girls.jpg

Another girl named Annette, blonde, tall and with a sculpted body, got visibly moist in her crotch when Ahmed caressed her with his whip all over her body. He laughed heartily as he parted the lips of her vagina with the tip of his whip and saw how shiny and wet they were, then continued to caress her more so she would get even hotter.

14 examinated naked girl by doctor.jpg

Meanwhile the alleged "doctor" was examining all the women, one by one. The man in the white coat probably was not a doctor or anything like that, but he also probed them in the vagina and anus with his chubby fingers. The girls shouted and protested every time that little guy touched them, but they were too afraid to resist much. Meanwhile, the guards and Colonel Ahmed happily watched the scene, laughing and still making obscene comments.
Faced with such an intrusion into their most delicate parts, some girls seemed on the point of resisting, but Ahmed kept them at bay with the whip and some others earned a crack across the ass. One by one, the fifteen cheerleaders were conveniently "examined" and as expected, the doctor found nothing in their orifices. However, despite their shame, most of them ended up humiliated and hot from so much touching.
- Puaff, we will have to clean them thoroughly, said Ahmed feigning disgust and covering his nose, these sows smell of female in heat.
Indeed, once the test was completed they brought a hose and the detainees were given their first outdoor shower. This was with the intention of continuing to humiliate them rather than to actually clean them. Someone operated the faucet and the hose suddenly spit out an abundant stream of cold water. The guard directed the hose against Juliette and then against the one on her right, meanwhile the Colonel shouted at them to remain totally still in the position they were in.
Faced with the violent impact of cold water on her body, Juliette turned to avoid being hit in the face, but at the same time tried to maintain her posture but with little success.

15 naked girls hosed.jpg

- I said to be quiet, shouted Ahmed who had taken a long scourge and was engaged in distributing lashes.
- ZZZaaassshh
At the whiplash across her legs, Juliette forced herself back to her initial position, trying to maintain it while the cold stream sprayed all over her body. She screamed continually with her eyes closed while trying to withstand the pressure of the water. After several more minutes with Juliette, they targeted Yuliya and then Annette and then another. All reacted the same, shouting and trying to avoid letting the jet hit their faces.
The guy with the hose was really enjoying himself while the colonel was delivering lashes right and left.
While showering the prisoners, the guards did not stop laughing or making fun of them by calling them sluts and commenting on the size of their breasts or the shape of their bottoms.
- So, like that, a little more, clean that ass well, said Ahmed laughing.
Luba and Maria also were not spared the shower because a jet of water under pressure hit them as they remained tied in the ground.

16 hogtied naked girl hosed.jpg

For almost a quarter of an hour the humiliating shower continued, and when it was over all the girls looked like scalded cats. Then Colonel Ahmed looked at them with contempt, gave a sharp order, and the soldiers picked up Luba and Maria again, still dripping. Then they followed their boss inside the fortress taking the two lesbians with them to start on them immediately.
Meanwhile, the rest of the girls remained in the same position surrounded by all those armed men. And so they spent about two hours soaked and shivering cold and afraid without knowing what was to be their fate.
When all that time passed, Ahmed reappeared. He stood in front of the women and looked at them without speaking. They did not dare change their position and remained with their eyes down without daring to look at his face.
- Very well, he said smiling sadistically, now handcuff the prisoners.
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17 Hancuffed naked girl.jpg18 Hancuffed naked girl.jpg19 Hancuffed naked girl.jpg

At the order, the girls felt a shiver of terror, but did not resist when the guards proceeded to handcuff them. For this they forced them to cross their arms behind their backs and they were handcuffed by their wrists and elbows so that they could not move them. They also cuffed their ankles with a short chain.
- Why are they handcuffing us? Annette dared to say while three guards put the handcuffs on her, they do not need to tie us, we will obey everything, we will do what you want.
Of course her boldness meant she received a vicious whiplash across the ass.
- Zaas
Annete did not say anything again and the rest did not even dare to open their mouths while they finished restraining them.
When they were all tied up and helpless, Ahmed spoke again.
- As I told you, all foreign whores will be judged by our courts, but I am sure that as soon as you know the details of the sentence you will do everything possible to request extradition to your country. We know that your judges are immoral and corrupt beings and will release you without punishment, which we will not allow in any way.
Then Ahmed showed them a paper by lifting it in the air.
- To avoid this, you are going to sign this document right now. It says that you voluntarily renounce the right to extradition and you agree to comply with the entire sentence in our own prisons. Also if you sign it you will accept and appreciate the punishments and tortures that will be applied to you during your sentence as a means of reeducation.
The girls stared at each other, unable to believe what they were hearing, but what the hell was that guy talking about?
- I assure you that you will atone for your sins with pain, ... much pain ... Do you want to sign now? Ahmed said, holding a pen and smiling sadistically.
Of course none of them answered affirmatively and some even said that they did not.
- Well, I already expected that, but it does not matter, we have a lot of time and adequate methods to convince you. Let's go! Take these whores inside. The executioners are going to have a lot of work with them all night, and saying this he gave a raging whiplash to the thighs of the girls in the first row.

21 naked teens inchains and tears.jpg

A few short steps and between the clinking of the chains, the sobs and the occasional whiplash, the detainees were led into the interior of the fortress. Once inside, they were led through long and gloomy corridors, old vaulted galleries now equipped to serve as a prison.
The girls moved awkwardly with weeping, screaming and the cracking of the leather each time the whip hit naked buttocks. Inside the prison they met with more groups of guards who looked at them with lust and did not suppress a string of obscenities and promises of abuse.
Finally, after a long journey, the prisoners went to what would be their cells and then saw in dismay that they were tiny cages of half-rusted iron, with a dirty mattress inside and a potty to the side to relieve themselves.

22 Naked girls in a cage.jpg

Ahmed clarified that they had not prepared enough room for all, so the girls would be locked in pairs in each cage. Properly speaking they were individual cages but sleeping two by two, the girls would be even more uncomfortable and squeezed together. In addition, the colonel explained that they would sleep handcuffed, one attached to the other and in sight of their guardians without the slightest privacy. Upon seeing that, some young women began to cry and complain repeating that they were innocent, but of course their prayers were of no use to them.
- I hope you like your rooms, whores, they will soon be like your own homes, ha ha.
The girls looked at the terrifying cages, and they stayed like this for a while until Ahmed pulled them out of their reverie.
- Anyway, do not think we're going to let you rest yet, bitches, first we're going to pay a visit to the executioners. They will convince you to sign the paper of which I have spoken. Ha, ha, bring them, now they will get to know the most interesting place in the whole prison.
Thus, the guards again made the detainees walk through the corridors of the Krak, until they came to a large metal door on which was a sign written: "Interrogation room. Access Prohibited."

A tremendous chill of terror ran down the spines of the prisoners when reading the notice and some struggled not to urinate in fear right there. "Interrogation room", it was not difficult to understand the euphemism.
Colonel Ahmed opened the door and with a devilish smile invited his "guests" to enter. Their blood froze in their veins as they saw what was inside.
- Welcome to hell, said the officer sadistically pointing to the inside.
- No, no, please, no.
A redhead girl called Christine with a piggy face, freckled and with large milky breasts must have been very nervous because she began to cry and put up great resistance by digging her heels on the floor to avoid passing through that door. However, the guards forced her to enter the first chamber of horrors.
The first thing that those unfortunates saw was the body of Maria completely naked and hanging upside down from the ceiling. The young woman had been suspended by the ankle of one leg while the other leg was folded painfully with the ankle tied to her wrists behind her back. That forced her to bend her body painfully and left her shaved crotch completely open and exposed.
Around Mary, against the walls of that great room were the different instruments of torture: crosses of Saint Andrew, traps, racks, chains, shackles ... that looked like a museum of the Inquisition, however, along with the whips there were plenty of electric prods.


23 Upside down blowjob.jpg

Maria was swinging in the air, helpless and surrounded by four executioners who had tortured her for more than an hour. One of them had his cock balls-deep in her mouth and pulled her to him by tugging on a chain attached by crocodile clips to her nipples. Maria's nipples and breasts were stretched tight while her face was flushed, unable to stand that huge phallus shoved all the way down her throat. The young woman had four red whip marks on her ass that were already sore and raised. Her long blond hair fell almost to the ground and moved at the frantic pace of fellatio that the executioner was demanding. There was no sign of Luba.
Seeing all those naked and handcuffed girls enter, the executioners looked at each other smiling cruelly.
- Very well, said Ahmed looking at the terrified cheerleaders while caressing Maria's thigh from knee to pussy. Right now you are going to see what the executioners do to this lesbian, and when they finish with her they will begin to do similar things to you, first to one of you and then they will do it to another and then to another, like that throughout the night. However, anyone signing the document right now will be free from torture. What do you say? Does anyone want to sign yet?
The girls looked at each other in anguish and for three of them that was enough, because they said they were very afraid and would sign whatever the men wanted to be let out of there.
Satisfied by the result, Colonel Ahmed put three of those papers on the table and, taking the three of them out of the group, offered them a pen. Trembling and sobbing, the three girls signed with difficulty because they did not even remove the handcuffs.

If they had had time to read it, they would have realized that they were signing a document that placed them in the hands of arbitrary justice and the barbarous laws recently passed in the country. In addition, the young women voluntarily surrendered to the tortures and punishments that their guards would like to apply to them during all the time they remained in prison with almost no limits.
- All right, you three will be judged tomorrow, take them away.

24 Handcuffed naked girl.jpg

The guards, cruel and ruthless, then took the three young women out of the torture chamber, but instead of driving them to the cages, they took them directly to the guardhouse. As they were told on the way, between jokes, it was to celebrate a "party" with them and "get to know each other better." The three girls did not understand what they meant. However, they could not help but feel chills of terror when they entered the guardhouse. Inside, several dozen guards were waiting for them, and began to shout and cheer when they saw the three girls naked.

25 boungangbang.jpg26 boungangbang.jpg

It does not take much imagination to guess what happened to them there. Few of those cheerleaders were virgins, but those who had kept their asses inviolate, they were also deflowered by that passage because many guards had a special taste for the practice of sodomy.
Meanwhile, in the torture chamber, Colonel Ahmed began to subdue his stubborn prisoners.
- Good executioner, said Ahmed to Ismail, show these bitches what awaits them if they do not sign.
- It will be a pleasure Colonel
Ismail was the chief of the executioners, a bald and muscular giant dressed in camouflage military trousers and bare-chested. As we said, during that time he kept his cock deep in Maria's mouth, fucking her with it, and did not even stop doing it when the others came in.
After a good time, the executioner finally took it out and after masturbating vigorously shot a huge load in her face, forcing the girl to close her eyes and disgustedly spit out the portion that had found its way into her mouth. Then Ismail put his cock back in her mouth to experience his last spasms in the warm cavern of poor Maria who was coughing and struggling desperately not to swallow more sperm ..
While doing that, Ismail smiled at the rest of the girls who looked at him in terror and promised that they would all have the pleasure of tasting his member while they were in that prison.
After a while in which his penis relaxed inside Maria’s mouth, he finally took it out and before getting mad at her, he caressed her naked body with both hands as if calculating the torment to which he was going to subject her. Actually it did not take him long to choose and he finally decided on a little whip of tails.

27 upside down tortured.jpg

While another executioner gagged Maria with a bright red ballgag, Ismail tried it out a couple of times, and then began to whip her in the groin without further ado.
The terrified cheerleaders had to witness the brutal scene, held fast by the guards who forced them to watch how they tortured Maria. Ismail lashed her in the crotch with all his strength and Maria twisted like a worm on the hook, endlessly screaming and crying. The executioner lashed her continually, rhythmically and sadistically, without pitying her screams at all. The poor girl's face was red with suffering as the tails of the whip marked the skin between her thighs with ugly red welts.
The body of the young woman, suspended in the air and glistening with fluids, rotated around and around, but that was not why Ismail stopped striking her with unusual skill and ardor right on her pussy. Poor Maria's eyes rolled up as the drool that came out of her mouth slid down her congested face, mixing with her tears.
Meanwhile, Ahmed smiled in satisfaction seeing the terror and disgust of his prisoners. Some sobbed in silence, enduring the caresses of their respective guards, distressed by what they were seeing. Others, however, were visibly aroused at their predicament and accepted these caresses without much concern.
Meanwhile Maria was still suffering in her particular hell, hanging helplessly without being able to protect herself from the furious lashes of Ismail. The girl was so hurt by the lashes that her eyes rolled up in head as if she were going to lose consciousness.
What have you decided? Are any more of you going to sign ? Who’s next?

28 tits pinched.jpg

Three other girls immediately said that they were completely willing, which made the colonel smile. He then approached Christine, who watched hypnotized as they tortured Maria. The colonel stroked her breasts with his fingers, pinching and twisting the soft flesh of the young woman with some insistence.
Christine was torn between embarrassment and disgust that her nipples were getting hard between the fingers of that pig. In spite of that, the man did not let go of them but kept twisting them.
- And what about you, piglet?, Are you going to sign?

29 tits pinched.jpg

- No, leave me please, I want to go home! Don’t touch me, leave me alone!
- So you do not want it? Tell me, have you ever felt what it’s like to have your nipples twisted with pliers ?
Christine looked at him in desperate denial.
- How hard you are getting, sweetheart! Yours must be very sensitive, right? Can you imagine what it feels like when you do it with pliers like these?
The colonel had taken a pair of pliers with long, jagged jaws and opened and closed them before the eyes of the beautiful young woman.
- No, I don’t want that! Leave me alone. Help!
- Ha ha, I know you do not want to, but your mum is not here to save you. You two! Lay this slut on the rack. This piglet will be the first to scream for her tits.
- No, noooo.

30 Rack.jpg

Indeed, two executioners dragged Christine to a wooden torture rack and, ignoring her protests and screams, removed her handcuffs and, after laying her on the rack, firmly tied her ankles and wrists.
As we mentioned, the sinister artifact looked like it was taken from a museum of the Inquisition. However, it also looked modern and solid and in fact worked perfectly. Ismail loved to use it with criminals and political prisoners but now it was a novelty to use it with a beautiful naked Western woman.
Poor Christine did not fight, but she cried all the time and continued to do it when the executioners tied her hands and feet to the rack. Once she was in place they began to turn the wheel and the readhead’s white body was gradually stretched.
Click, Click, CLICK, went the rack's mechanism as the executioners increased the tension on the ropes and on the body of poor Christine.
- No, no ... please, noooo.
Soon the young woman was suspended several inches above the table, stretched tight by her arms and legs.
- Ayyyyyy, please, mercy.
- It seems it hurts girl, are you going to sign? Ahmed said continually clicking with the pliers near her nipples.
- No, leave me alone, no ..
- Heh, he said, Ahmed, soon you'll change your mind, ratchet it up a couple more notches.
The two men could barely manage it. As well as using their arms they had to brace their foot against the frame of the rack to exert more force.
- Click, click

31 Rack.jpg

The young woman felt that her arms almost came out of the joints and she began to scream hysterically.
With a gesture Ahmed instructed the executioners to stop turning the wheel for a moment, then looked at the others who were sweating with terror.
- You others, pay attention. And he began to caress Christine's nude body, going on to masturbate her and pinch her nipples again. Ahmed went on and on until he twisted one of her nipples with all his strength, wrenching out a tremendous shriek.
Then the cruel colonel said something to Ismail and he finally left Maria in peace. The fierce assassin then went for some huge black iron tongs with long handles more than half a meter long. Before using them on Christine's body, the executioner showed them to his victim by closing them before her eyes with dry clicks. The girl begged hysterically. Then, to her despair, he directed the tongs towards her belly, took a fat pinch of flesh, and began to twist it right and left with all his strength.
Ismail was very strong twisting the navel of the girl with all his might.
Poor Christine struggled helplessly and screamed desperately, shaking her head like a madwoman ..
- Come on, Ismail, said Ahmed, do not squeeze so hard that you make that beautiful navel look bad, ... no, thinking about it, do not put away the pincers yet . First pinch her tits, ha ha if you want you can twist them with that.

- No, no, please, there not, NO, PITYYYYYYGGH

32 nipple torture with pliers.jpg

With great skill, Ismail grabbed her right nipple with the pliers and stretched it while twisting at the same time. It seemed incredible that human skin could stretch so much.
- ENOOOOUUGHH, you're going to kill me, bastard, STOP IT.
Christine banged her head on the table screaming as they twisted her right nipple until she almost made a complete turn on herself.
Many girls were crying and unable to watch that and more than one begged that she wanted to sign, but nobody paid any attention to them.
- Now the other, Ismail, said Ahmed beside himself, leave them the same color.
Sure enough, The tip of Christine;s breast was reddened and the nipple, thicker than normal, throbbed painfully at every heartbeat.
The young woman shouted again hysterically feeling that the beast was tearing her other breast with that huge pincer, but at Ahmed's insistent request that she sign the document, she continued to refuse, crying desperately. It was necessary for the executioner to leave the pincers and to focus all his attention on the crotch of the girl with an electric baton. She only finally agreed to sign after more than half an hour of torturing her without rest. After seeing that, another five cheerleaders agreed to sign the paper. There were only three left to submit: Lynn, Yuliya and Annette.


Those who finally signed the document were taken from that horrible place only to be led to the "party" of the guard corps where they joined their companions to please their guardians in the most depraved and aberrant ways. Meanwhile, Ismail had to work all night to convince the last three rebels to sign the happy document. Needless to say, for this he used all his skill at delivering pain.

33 strappado.jpg

These three girls were tortured at the same time and quite cruelly. Lynn suffered the lashes while hanging in strappado from the ceiling. The young masochist received the lashes touching the ground only with the tips of her feet. From time to time Ismail would have her pulled up and then let her hang with all her weight for a few seconds in which she thought her back was broken.

34 Rack.jpg

Yuliya took the place of Cristine in the torture rack and after tying her hands and feet the executioners stretched her beautiful body to the limit more than ten times. They threw hot wax over her and applied water torture to make her feel as if she were being asphixiated.

35 Wooden pony.jpg

Finally Annete had to ride on the Spanish pony with weights hanging from her feet while receiving lashes and zaps of the cattle prod in her sensitive breasts. Although she was very masochistic, the girl screamed while he was torturing her and it did not take more than two hours to break her.
Colonel Ahmed assumed that the three would end up signing the document before dawn, so he decided to leave the torture chamber and go to enjoy the private fun he had prepared for himself that night.
Since he had seen Luba on the beach, Ahmed had thought of her as a beautiful goddess, a divine creation, and for that reason he wanted her only for himself. Therefore, when they brought her to the Krak, he ordered that the two lesbians be separated and that they take Luba to another dungeon to "interrogate" her personally and alone.
In fact, Luba had been waiting for the colonel for several hours. She had been tied completely naked to a chair with her arms firmly tied behind her back and her legs spread with both ankles tied to the front legs of the chair.
Surely if they had not gagged her with a ballgag, the girl would have yelled for help, because in front of the chair, hardly a meter away, they had prepared a transformer and some electrodes like the ones that attach to car batteries.

36 Naked girl in a chair.jpg

The beautiful girl was sweating through all her pores with her gaze fixed on the torture instruments, trying to imagine what awaited her. What a cruel irony, she who had escaped from Nadia so that they would not torture her with electrodes ... Now they were going to do it for real and without a safeword of any kind.
When, after several hours of anguished waiting, she heard someone unbolting the door, the young woman got wet with excitement while her heart was beating fast.
Suddenly the door opened and when she saw who was entering, Luba felt an infinite disgust and repulsion. It was Colonel Ahmed who came to visit her almost completely naked. Ahmed was a disgusting and dirty pig, with a great fat gut, a hairy torso and flaccid pectorals topped by small nipples bristling with black hairs. Besides, the guy was bald and had a thick, yellowish nicotine mustache ... quite the Adonis.
As he entered the room, he took off his urine-yellowed boxer shorts and proudly showed Luba his big cock. The only attraction of Ahmed, if you can say so, was his cock, fat, long and stiff as that of a twenty-year-old boy. In the rear he had a shriveled ass that would make any woman puke.
- Alone together at last! I hope you have not got bored, beautiful, said the perverted satyr, smiling. The guy closed the metal door of the dungeon with a double turn of key, assuring his prisoner that it was so that no one would bother them all night.
(to be continued)


Chapter 3

Ahmed is locked alone with Luba in a dungeon, but the girl is stubborn and the Colonel has to convince her with persuasive methods ....

... Colonel Ahmed entered Luba’s cell ready to have a good time. He entered almost naked, removed his underpants, and closed the door behind him, assuring his prisoner that nobody would bother them all night

37 naked girl in a chair.jpg

Just imagining what awaited her, Luba screamed and shook her head hysterically, desperately trying to free herself from her bonds, but her useless effort only left her panting and covered with sweat, her eyes fixed on her tormentor.

38 naked girl in a chair.jpg

- Like a trapped butterfly! Ahmed exclaimed, unable to contain himself. But this way you are prettier; how shiny your breasts are!

39 naked girl abused.jpg

Sure of his power, Colonel Ahmed approached his prisoner and kneeling before her began to caress her very slowly ignoring her screams and protests. First he played gently as someone who touches something very valuable and fragile, however, the feel of the girl’s soft skin gave him confidence and he soon shed his inhibitions and ran his big hands all over her body and began to lick here and there. The girl watched as his fat and repulsive tongue slid over her skin like a filthy slug.

Filled with disgust, Luba again shook her head and shouted with all her strength. Desperate, she tried to escape the pig's filthy fingers. To Colonel Ahmed that rejection and repulsion did not seem to matter too much, surely he was used to provoking disgust in the prisoners he raped.
- Mmmmh, he said while still touching her and sucking her. You smell very good and your skin is as smooth as I imagined. I expect your breasts are also very sensitive, let's see. And he licked one of her breasts with his whole tongue.

40 licking nipple.jpg

After licking the nipple with the tip of his tongue repeatedly to check its softness, the pig put one of Luba's beautiful breasts in his mouth and sucked greedily as if he were a naughty boy sucking. Despite the lovely Luba’s cries and convulsions, Ahmed did not stop sucking her and by the time he took it out of his mouth she had a nipple that was stiff and hard like a stone.
- Look at what we have here! He said, wiping the drool with the back of his hand. I already knew you were just a whore! Come on, do not hold back with me! I know you like this. And saying this he went on to suck the other breast to the despair of the young woman.
41 fingering pussy.jpg

Luba screamed again and writhed in disgust especially when the pig accompanied his licking with putting his fingers in her pussy. Like the legs of a creepy spider, Ahmed's skillful fingers touched Luba’s vaginal lips and clitoris, causing her to become aroused against her will.
- No, no, let-me-alone ...
With a grunt of approval, the Colonel smiled when he felt the condition of Luba's pussy, wet and hot, and went on and on caressing her while kissing her and licking her face with his tongue. His breath was foul and Luba kept shaking and twisting her head to escape her slimy tongue. This seemed to amuse the military man who laughed like a child.
After a good amount of masturbation, and very reluctantly, poor Luba began to get agitated and even felt she was about to cum.


42 naked girl cumming.jpg

When he was ready, Ahmed stopped masturbating her and, getting up, he stood up in front of her putting his thick cock a few inches from her face.
An intense and unpleasant smell invaded Luba's nose and her face twisted in to an expression of indescribable disgust.

43 no blowjob.jpg

Then when she could open her eyes, the prisoner saw Ahmed's huge fat gleaming glans a few inches from her eyes. It was so close that it looked like a huge worm with one eye that wept a viscous, whitish tear.
- How repulsive, thought Luba. The man was about to ejaculate and his cock smelled of piss.
- Do you like to suck dicks, lesbian slut? He said, stroking her head lovingly.
Luba resisted frantically, pressing her lips against the ball of the gag and closing her eyes. Not for all the gold in the world would she suck that pig.
- I know you prefer pussies, but when you've sucked a few cocks you'll change your mind, said Ahmed, stroking the tip of her nose with his cock and smearing her nose and lips with his pre-cum.
Poor Luba trembled and screwed up her face.
- So you're not going to suck me?
Luba again refused emphatically.
- Well, we'll see about that.
Ahmed went to a table and lit a cigarette, took a drag and approached the girl again.
- Have you ever been burned with a lit cigarette?
Poor Luba again struggled and protested and made efforts to free herself but all her efforts were useless.
Calmly, Ahmed took a deep drag and when the tip of the cigarette was glowing, he touched it against her belly.

- MMMMMHHH. The young woman screamed in pain looking incredulously at Ahmed.
- It hurts, right?
Luba probably said some curse or insulted the sadistic colonel, but he did not care and burned her again with the tip of his cigarette.

44 cigar on leg.jpg

- That hurts even more, doesn’t it, honey? I will use it to explore the most sensitive parts of your body until you agree to suck me. You will see...
Ahmed used the tip of the cigarette to burn her on the inside of the thighs, then went to the tits, her sides, between her ribs and in her armpits, then again on the tits, near the aureolas of the nipples. Everywhere except in the face. He did it slowly and without mercy. When the tip went out he took another drag to make it bright red and touched her with it again. From experience Ahmed knew that a well-used cigarette could be an effective method of torture.

44 cigar on nipple.jpg

For her part, Luba screamed and trembled with rage every time the incandescent tip touched her bare skin, but it also gave her a thrill of masochistic excitement. It was not the first time she had felt the burn of a cigarette on her body. Ahmed was surprised that the girl resisted so much.
- We can do this for hours, bitch, he said with the cigarette between his teeth. But if you want me to stop you will have to suck my cock. You decide.

44 cigar on pussy.jpg

This time, Ahmed put out the cigarette on the wet lip of her vagina which reduced the effect of the burn. Even so, Luba shrieked like a madwoman.
Then, to her despair, the young woman saw the colonel light another cigarette. Ahmed approached her to continue the game and Luba closed her eyes resigned to feel another of those painful burns.
- MMMMMMHHHH .......
The girl put up more resistance than anyone would have thought. It took more than half an hour of torture and five cigarettes for Ahmed to finally bend her to his will. Only then, covered with sweat, tears and drool, did Luba finally agree to what that pig demanded.
Triumphant, Colonel Ahmed hurriedly removed the gag to leave her mouth free to give him the desired blowjob.
Released from the rubber gag, Luba had a hard time talking. She spat and spoke.
- Why ... why are you doing this to me? Where is Maria? She asked between gasps.
- Your lesbian friend? You will be reunited with her soon.
- We are not lesbians.
- Yes you are, bitch, it was more than just friendly the way you touched her the other day at the hotel. And anyway Lieutenant Mahmud caught you at it, it will not help to deny it.
Luba knew that was true.
- What, what are you going to do to us?
- As I said to you out there, you will be judged and condemned.
- Condemned? Why? to what?
- Between six months and two years in prison, that's what the new laws for lesbians prescribe.
- What?
- What I just said, bitch. A whole life, right?
- It can’t be, we’re foreign citizens, we have rights.
- I know, that's why you're going to sign this paper in which you declare yourself guilty and renounce your rights, so you'll serve your sentence in this prison, ........ I think I'll come visit you and fuck you every day. How do you like the thought of that, bitch!
Ahmed told her that while stroking her thighs all the way up to the crotch.
- It’s unbearable, ... a whole year in the hands of sadists like you .....
- Yes, that’s right. You will be in my hands, you will be my little bitch for a whole year, it will be wonderful, ..... but you will not be for me alone. From time to time I will hand you over to the executioners and the other guards so they can do whatever they want.
- I will not sign.
- Yes, in the end you'll sign, do not worry. You already saw how it only took me half an hour to convince you to suck me. Imagine the things I am willing to do to have you in my possession for a whole year! However, that will be the least of it.
- What ... what do you mean?


45 Naked girl touched.jpg

Ahmed smiled devilishly while continuing to masturbate slowly.

- You really want to know?
- Yes, tell me, what did you mean?
- Apart from the prison sentence the laws dictate corporal punishment, you know, ... torture.
- But that goes against human rights!
Ahmed continued without paying attention to her words.
- And the best thing is that the torture will be applied to you in public, on a scaffold and in front of a crowd to hear how you scream, ..... Also given that your sentence will be long we can apply the punishment several times: Once a month, every two weeks, once a week, who knows? ... and that's not counting the tortures that you will suffer in prison, every day. You'll see. In the end you'll beg me to fuck you only so that the executioners leave you alone for a while.
Luba was speechless on hearing that. If she signed the document then a long and painful sentence awaited her, a hell much worse than what she had tried to escape.
- OK bitch, now you know what you are and what awaits you, so enough of this chatting and start sucking my cock. Oh and do not stop until I cum in your mouth.
- Dream on, pig, I will not suck it or sign any paper, you can burn me with the cigarette as much as you want, but you will not get anything from me.
Luba herself was surprised at her sudden courage.
- I see you're a tough bitch, but it does not matter, that way it'll be more fun.
Colonel Ahmed was not disturbed in the least by his victim's refusal. Instead he went to the table and unrolled the wires of the electrodes.
- What, what are you going to do with that?
- What do you think, darling?
Ahmed finished unrolling the cables before the horrified gaze of his prisoner, then approached Luba, poured some ointment on his fingers, and spread it over her breasts, making them even shinier.
- What, what is that? The girl's voice trembled, fearing the worst.
- It is an electricity-conducting ointment, so it will be more fun, ha ha.
- No! The girl was breathing agitatedly as the sweat broke out on her skin and her sphincters loosened from sheer fear.
Then Ahmed placed on each nipple small metal cylinders lined with copper wire resistors and tightened them with screws. While preparing for torture, the colonel was visibly excited because he had never before applied electric shocks to a woman with such beautiful breasts as Luba. After putting those resistances he put different colored connectors on each of them and switched on a small device with which he would administer the electricity.
The young woman watched all these preparations without knowing what to say, just sweating and shuddering. In addition to fear, Ahmed's insistent caresses had made her feel strangely excited. In fact, when he finished preparing her for torture, the experienced executioner seemed to notice the smell of her aroused body.
- Are you getting horny, eh? he said, and fondled her sex. It was all wet. Ha ha, little masochistic bitch, how lucky I am, he said, wiping his hand against her face.
- Leave me alone, you animal.
Luba tried to get free, but again in vain.
- No my lovely, you're not your sweet friend’s bitch any more. Now you're all mine and I'll also enjoy your torture. However, I do not want you to leave me deaf with your screams so, since you're not going to suck me, I'm going to cover that dirty little mouth again.
- NO, no helpmmmmm

46 Electro torture on nipples.jpg

This time Ahmed did not use the rubber ball but gagged Luba with his disgusting underpants. Overcoming her frantic resistance, the sadistic colonel put them in her mouth and then sealed them with electrical tape.
- Ha ha, I have not changed them in a week so I imagine they will be tasty, he told the young woman as she struggled, gagging with disgust.
The executioner then sat next to the transformer table and spent a while masturbating watching Luba desperately trying to break free.
- Well, beautiful, let's stop fooling around and do it for real. Ready? Steady? Here we go!


To be continued

The physics of electricity prevailed. Luba shivered spasmodically as a stream of urine escaped from between her legs and her pretty eyes went blank ..........
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