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Masochistic Paradise

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After this they were taken to the coutyard to exercise. Every morning, the Krak prisoners had to form in the courtyard as if they were an army.
Once there they had to exercise to the rhythm of the whistle: push-ups, sit-ups, runs, etc. The girls had to do all this naked and spurred by the rods and whips of the guardians. If someonewas too tired to go on, was removed from the group to be whipped and crucified in front of others.

Nadia and Luba had an athletic build and were in shape, so they had no problem keeping up the pace of intense exercise, despite everything, after a hundred almost continuous bending they were exhausted and in a sweat bath.
Then the worst began, the guardians opened the doors of the Krak and upon hearing a gunshot all the girls ran away like the soul that the devil carries. Nadia did not understand why, but she also continued to run to Luba who between breaths encouraged her to hurry. Once outside, the girls ran down the stairs to the side of the hill where the castle stood. It was a mad race and dangerous because with bare feet anyone could trip and fall down the stairs. And yet those women were running frantically with terror. At last, after running down, all those stairs reached the foot of the hill exhausted.
Without giving them any respite, the guards spurred them to keep running along a dusty road that surrounded the hill and after a couple of hundred meters they reached the foot of the path up. Then with the heart near the tachycardia Nadia understood terrified that they had to go back up to the fortress running on that slope where there were more than three hundred steps !. The young women almost did not respond to their legs and their hearts beat fast, however the guards distributed some lashes and they faced the stairs of the climb as if their lives were in it. During the ascent some women fell to the ground of pure exhaustion but they got up again, like that without stopping until they entered the Krak again.
It was not for less, because the losers of that terrible race were waiting for the whip and the cross or to end up in the torture chambers of the Krak. Sometimes the guardians forgave all the runners, other times only the last to arrive was crucified, sometimes the last five, ten, twenty ... Everything depended on the mood of the guardians that morning.
Nadia and Luba arrived breathlessly and in a bath of sweat in the courtyard of the Krak, there they made them form and they returned to wet from top to bottom with a new hose. Meanwhile, the last ones came almost limping and on the verge of collapse.



On this occasion the last ten girls were put away and taken to the whipping posts. Five of them would be crucified that morning while the other five were taken to the torture chambers.
They were already preparing the ordeal of these ten when Ismail suddenly arrived with Maria. She also came naked with her hands cuffed behind her back and gagged by a bright red ballgag of her own drool. Maria was surprised to see Nadia there and the two met with hateful glances. Ismail did not even notice this but went directly to Nadia and Luba and after smiling with sadism ordered that the two were handcuffed, gagged and taken to the torture chamber n. 3.

The girls looked at each other dead in terror.

As soon as the lieutenant gave the order, cruel guards handcuffed their arms behind their backs and took them away from there with Maria, making them walk with whips. Five women were hanging upside down when they reached the corridor of the torture chambers. However, Nadia, Luba and Maria did not have to wait for a turn to enter the dungeon, this time the three lesbians had preference .....
..... When two hours later Colonel Ahmed entered the torture chamber n. 3 saw satisfied that they had fulfilled their orders. His three victims had been waiting for him for a long time: Nadia, Luba and Maria. The handcuffs and rubber balls had been removed but the three were tied to shackles on the wall side by side. At three they tied arms and legs open and stretched to the end forming three large Xs with their naked bodies.

Of course, so that they did not get bored during the wait they had placed rods cut lengthwise and tied together at the ends with very tight rubber bands. With this ingenious device they caught the lips of the vagina, the nipples and the tongue that logically had to keep exaggeratedly out of the mouth.

The three of them had a shiny torso, as well as nipples and sex hurt like hell. Luba and Nadia had more endurance, but Maria cried incessantly asking please to release those infernal reeds.
On a table a few meters away were the three documents they had to sign and a variety of torture instruments that seemed to have been created by the devil himself.

- Tell the other executioners that this chamber will be occupied all day, Ahmed said jovially to Ismail, I want to go very slowly with these three.
On the opposite wall the girls saw a complete collection of tongs and a brazier. The three masochists felt chills of terror as their nipples stood on end and their sexes were flooded with their own juices.



When they saw the executioners enter, the three girls were surprised and the heart accelerated. Without even looking at them, Ismail began to prepare everything, and when he was ready he addressed the prisoners with an electric prod.
- One moment, hangman, said Ahmed. Before I start I have a surprise for the new one. The colonel went to the door and opened it. Pass! He told someone he was waiting in the hallway.

Luba saw a European enter and then she heard Nadia's voice beside her, but the most striking was the girl's gesture of surprise and disbelief.

- E-he-he-ic, tried to say Nadia prevented by the reeds that trapped her tongue.

- Yes, I'm beautiful. It was indeed Frederick Vouille, the person who had to rescue them.

Luba understood the reaction of her friend in dismay. How could it be?

- The same day you took the plane for Kemed, this man called us to betray you, said Colonel Ahmed triumphantly.

Frederick smiled sadistic cruelty at the women's gesture of consternation.

- He told us everything, who you were, what you intended and what your plan was. Very ingenious about the electronic device, however it has served you little. You see darling, you've put yourself in the mouth of the wolf for nothing.

The girls glared at the Colonel and Frederick.

- The most incredible thing is that he has not even asked for money to betray you, his only condition has been to let him participate in your torture and that of your friend. Of course we have agreed happily, here what are missing are executioners. Ha, ha, how stupid.

- Can I? Frederick said impatiently.

- Of course, go ahead, the whore is yours, it's what's agreed

Smiling with lust, the adventurer approached Nadia and began to caress her naked and defenseless body.

The young woman twisted her face with contempt when that pig began to caress her and began to agitate furiously and hysterically trying to loose uselessly. Suddenly, with Frederick's betrayal, the hope of escaping was gone. Now they were in the hands of Ahmed and his sadistic henchmen, in a secret place with no possibility of escape or rescue.



The young Nadia screamed in pain when Frederick twisted her two nipples together using the chopsticks as if they were propellers. The guy had never been in a bondage session and less with a sculptural beauty like Nadia, so he was excited but somewhat disoriented.
- How ingenious is this, said Frederick fiddling with Nadia's nipples without stopping to twist them, simple but effective.


- Does it hurt beautiful? Ha ha ha. With this you did not count, right ?.

The guy loved that feeling of power because he could do whatever he wanted with her without the girl being able to defend herself, just writhe in pain, scream and cry.
Indeed Nadia screamed fearing that her nipples would burst and she screamed again when Frederick released them and they returned to his being.

- Ayyyyy

The young woman glared at her executioner, panting with rage and impotence and then an incomprehensible insult came from her mouth.

- What are we going to do with them? Said the French smiling while still caressing the beautiful Nadia all over her body.

- Whatever you like, I've already told you, you can torment her as much as you want. Here what is left over is time.

- Before I would like to fuck a bit, from the first day I saw this whore in my office I wanted her.

- Good idea, go ahead, said Ahmed, we should not lose good habits, right Luba ?.

Then the guys began to caress the three prisoners at once and soon began to remove the bamboo clamps that imprisoned the lips of her vagina.

Frederick had been spliced since he had entered that chamber and had seen Nadia and her companions naked and handcuffed. From the first moment that Nadia had appeared in her office, she had imagined her naked and now her body was not disappointed at all. The guy calmly removed his cock and began to caress with the tip of the cock vaginal lips and clitoris.

She responded by shaking her head and insulting him, doing the unspeakable thing to let go.
While Ismail and Ahmed penetrated their own "girlfriends," Frederick did not hurry in the least with his own. Before penetrating, he wanted Nadia to be horny and wet so he continued to caress her in her pussy.

At the same time, and taking advantage of the fact that the young woman had her tongue out, Frederick began to lick it with his own and to kiss her on the lips. At first Nadia rejected him by twisting her head in anger, but after a while and at the insistence of the man the girl had to give up while looking furious.

- Come here beautiful, stop fighting and enjoy now that you can.

Frederick caught her waist and began to penetrate checking that the girl was wet and ready.
unnamed (2).gif

The Frenchman was well-endowed and his apparatus literally bored the woman's vagina slowly. Nadia shivered with pleasure and although she wanted to reject him, in reality, she stretched her body adjusting him to Frederick's penis. In turn the man penetrated deeper and began to fuck slowly but with rhythm. While he fucked her that way, the young woman finally gave in and moved with his movements the man's. While they fucked her and the orgasm reached her, the young woman began to think about her new situation and looked through the instruments of torture in the room and the three documents on the table. If they signed them, Luba and she would be two more prisoners in the Krak, however, if they did not, those sadists would not stop torturing them, and without a safeword of any kind!

In front of this perspective the beautiful masochist felt how the orgasm was approaching slow but inexorable and promised herself that she would support everything possible before signing.

Oblivious to his thoughts, Frederick continued to fuck her insistently and smiling sadistically twisted his nipples with the reeds.


Nadia shouted again like a ripple but with the pain came a long and deep orgasm.

For his part Frederick ejaculated inside her as the girl's vagina convulsed against his own cock.

Sweating contentedly, the man took out his wet cock and as a reward he slapped the young woman when she looked at him again with anger.

- Whore, I'm going to show you how to thank me when I fuck you and you cum.

For his part, Ahmed and Ismail still took a while to ejaculate over the body of the other two leaving them half-hearted.

After that interlude of pleasure, the session of torture proper began. Ahmed repeated to the prisoners that to get rid of the torment they only had to sign the paper but this time they would not stop until the three of them did, it was not good for one to sign it. While the colonel was talking, Frederick stripped off his clothes very excited to be more comfortable.

- Does anyone want to sign ?, insisted Ahmed with the pen in hand knowing the answer beforehand, but they denied decisively.

- Very good Ismail, show our guest how to use a prod, start whenever you want.
The sadist Ismail did not make himself beg and he picked up the cattle prod again. This was a red cane with two metal tips as if it were a gigantic fork. The first to prove her infernal contact was Maria who began to scream desperate only to see how Ismail looked her in the face wielding the terrifying instrument.
Maria trembled and screamed like a frenzy when receiving the first shocks. Ismail settled for the moment with slight touches on the legs and belly. Every time he unleashed a volley, Maria flinched and let out a scream, closing her eyes.

- What a wonder, is not it beautiful? Frederick said looking at Nadia with desire. Meanwhile he was stroking her clitoris with his finger and anticipating what he was going to do with that electric baton.

Poor Maria was a long time howling and enduring the cruel pecks of the cattle prod and wondering why Ismail's beast would not leave her alone for a fucking time and take care of the other two.

- That seems easy You leave it to me ?, said Frederick finally making a gesture to take the cattle prod. Ahmed nodded and Ismail gave it to him in spite of himself.
images (10).jpg
Frederick wielded the hateful device, walked a meter away from Nadia and smiled cruelly at the tips of the instrument a few inches from his skin.

- Are you afraid precious ?, he said touching her with the cold ends of the cattle but without applying the discharge.

For all answer the brave Nadia looked at him with a mixture of contempt and lust and arched her torso as if offering her breasts. Frederick made a gesture of surprise.

- As you wish, and the guy released a discharge in the lower part of his left breast.

Nadia blasphemed after removing her chest in a tenth of a second.

His twitching face showed that the contact had been very unpleasant, then something happened that hallucinated the executioners and their two companions in misfortune. Nadia calmed down, did her best to smile and projecting her breasts more if possible.


The Frenchman removed the reed from his tongue to see what it said.

- I say that this time I will not scream, try again, traitor pig.


Frederick shrugged and touched again on the other breast.

The girl made a small face but did not scream, then looked challenging and with an indescribable gesture of lust to the French, returned to arch her body inviting him to do it again on her tits.

At that moment Nadia had her nipples stiff and hard as two stones and the aureolas bristling and wrinkled.

This time Frederick touched the aureole of the nipple and the discharge lasted a few seconds. The beautiful Nadia trembled without screaming with her eyes closed and tightly clenched ..
descarga (1).jpg
Despite having emptied their balls, the three executioners were again spliced to see how the beautiful masochist endured the torment as Nadia continued to project her breasts forward despite the punishment. His body showed that the girl was horny lost.

- Come on, do it again, helpless, she said panting and sweating.

Ismail had never seen anything like it.

Frederick touched her breasts again and Nadia held on again without shouting. Of course, he must be suffering a lot when he judged by how he trembled when he received the shocks and by the tears that fell from his eyes.
Actually, every sadist likes his victim to cry and scream, so at a certain moment they decided to leave Nadia alone and they started with Luba. This one was inspired by the courage of her friend and resisted without shouting the first three touches of the picana in her sensitive breasts, however, the room began to scream and shake like a madwoman asking for mercy.

Ahmed smiled at the sensual response of his whore to the torment and after insisting a good time with her he went back to penetrate and fuck with her while touching her with the cattle prod. Luba's screams did not make it clear now how much they owed to the pleasure and how much to the pain, but the young woman twisted sensually without ceasing to scream.

The minutes passed very slowly among those tortures, but in spite of that none of the three lesbians collapsed at the moment. A year or more in those dungeons seemed eternal as hell and that encouraged them to resist anything.
images (14).jpg
In any case, there was no barracks or mercy there. Thus, after a long time suffering the pecks of the cattle prod, the executioners changed their third and the three women were flogged by Ismail. This used different whips for it: first it was a tail cat, then a single tail and finally a wire cable bent.
unnamed (3).gif
The flogging lasted more than an hour. Ismail did not do it often but was whipping one and the other alternately playing psychologically with them. After a long time of whipping, the whitish skin of the three girls shone with perspiration and drool, her skin was full of slight reddish marks, her eyes red with tears and her throats dried from screaming so much.
Frederick was delighted by the sadistic spectacle. Those girls had badly endured the wild lashes and their beautiful faces were deformed in gestures of disapproval and anguish before their executioners. A single signature, a simple pen stroke would free them from that torture at least momentarily, and yet they kept resisting. But how much longer?
Ismail was delayed with the whips almost another hour, at the end of which it seemed that those three could no longer resist.
After letting them rest for a while and giving them a drink, they were given another hose of cold water to revive them and Ahmed and Ismail started putting them on those metal paperclips, those whose pinches hurt like hell. Dozens of them throughout the body. Although they gagged them again with ballgags, the three victims cried and cried when they were put everywhere, but they still shouted more when Ismail took them off again, one by one, ...... of whip.
Two hours lasted approximately this new flagellation in its different variants and at the end of it, several dozens of metal clips were scattered at the feet of the three young women.

There they were in the same position, tied arms and legs in a bright bath of sweat, drool and tears. Now the front of his body was pure fire. The skin was red, irritated and full of marks. Even at some points the girls had wounds from which tiny droplets of blood flowed.

Completely exhausted, the slaves hung at that moment from their bonds and their head hung forward with fatigue from so much fitting and letting out screams.

Frederick then took Nadia by the hair and made her lift her head. The girl's face was red and stained from so much crying, and she drooled continuously from the gag. In spite of that he maintained before that man his gesture between defiance and lust.

- Now they are sold out, said the mercenary, letting go of his hair, maybe we should let them rest.
- No, it will not be necessary, Ismail answered while taking the hose again. Then he pointed the hose toward the prisoners and, working the key, directed a stream of cold water against his body. First Maria, then Nadia and then Luba.

The girls screamed, trying to push their face away from the pressurized water. The executioner had a good time sprinkling water on each of them and by the time the key was closed, the girls were again awake and alert for the next torture.

Ahmed and Ismail brought an iron table to the center of the room with a deafening noise. The three girls were soaked, shivering with cold and looking helplessly at what their sadistic executioners prepared for them. The table had four shackles in its vertices to immobilize the victim well.

- I ask you again at three o'clock, sign now or if we will not go to bed here and we will continue. Will you sign?

After a moment of doubt the three young people looked at each other and answered no with their heads.

- Very well, said Ahmed pointing to Nadia, we will start with the new one and when we finish with her we will continue with Luba. The last one will be you, bitch, he told Maria. Do not lose detail.

Ahmed opened the door of the dungeon and called four guards to help them with the prisoners.

They did not flinch when entering the torture chamber and see the sordid scene accustomed as they had been for weeks.

- Put this one here, Ahmed said.

The guards finally untied Nadia who would have fallen to the ground if they had not restrained her. The girl could not have resisted the four men for lack of strength, but even so she would not have even tried. From experience she knew it was better to submit.

In this way they dragged her to the metal table and there they went to lay her face up, separating her limbs well to tie them.

- Wait, said Ahmed. And before they laid Nadia on the bed of pain, she threw over a boat full of thumbtacks. The guy extended them with his hand across the table looking cruelly at his beautiful victim and with a signal told the guards that they could put her on the bed of spikes.

Nadia screamed very loudly when she felt the thousand punctures on her skin while her executioners laughed at her and her sufferings.

Then they stretched her well on her arms and legs, tying her tightly with the shackles and leather straps so that she could not let go.


Frederick marveled as he watched them immobilize the submissive victim who was screaming with rage and pain. While they adjusted the shackles to his wrists and ankles, it was noticeable that Nadia was horny, because her erogenous zones were swollen and not just from the lashes. The young woman had stopped screaming and tried to resist stoically the thumbtacks nailed in the ass, the back, arms and legs.

The adventurer stroked his beautiful victim once more, impatiently wondering what new torment awaited him.

This did not wait, because Ismail took a blowtorch and turning the wheel made out a blue and yellowish flare. The three condemned women froze in their veins when they saw that. However, Ismail played a little with his bewilderment and drew the flame inches from Nadia's naked side until she let out a scream.

- Hey, what are you going to do with that? Frederick said, is not he a bit strong?

(to be continue)


Part 9 Three lesbians´ torture

Instead of answering Frederick's question, Ismail laughed and poked a long, thick wax candle with a hook. Then he placed it on Nadia's naked body and, projecting the flame of the torch towards it, was melting the wax on the woman's body.

The young masochist had suffered many times the melted wax torture, but never so hard. So far they had always been thrown from a lit candle, drop by drop.
However, by the effect of the torch, now a real boiling waterfall fell on her helpless breasts.

Nadia screamed like a madwoman, writhing in pain and howling as if they were pouring boiling oil. Delighted in the suffering of his victim Ismail moved the block of wax back and forth, throwing a seething white jet over her left chest to the belly, and then another parallel on the right side of the


- AAAHHHH, stop please stop,.... the pain...., stop ..

- Sign the paper and we stop bitch.
But Nadia continued to say no and endure the torment as best she could, but she did not stop screaming.

After a while, a thick white scab covered her entire body and the drops of wax had solidified on the sides of her chest and legs.
The young woman's face was covered in tears and she looked anxiously at Ismail.

Smiling like a devil, he finally put out the blowtorch and caught a whip with short tails with which he began to lash the girl again without paying any attention to her crying.


The violent impact of the lashes shattered pieces of dry wax while the beautiful Nadia twisted again in pain between whips and punctures and the other two prisoners turned their faces unable to see that.

So Ismail was another ten minutes until he took all the wax off whiplash. Then he turned the torch on and started again. Nadia suffered both torments in an alternative way: burning wax, lashes, again the wax, and so on up to four times. In the end, poor Nadia had watery eyes and coughed from screaming. However, she once again overcame her executioners and with a gesture asked to remove the gag.

Believing that she was about surrender at last, Ahmed agreed
- You can continue like this until domesday, I will not sign, do you hear me ?, I will not sign

- Of course, this infidel is stubborn, but will end up yielding, let's follow Ismail, now a little water, Ahmed said as he grabbed a metal jug and filled it with the hose.

Frederick attended in wonder as the experienced Ismail prepared Nadia for the next. A few minutes later the beautiful girl had her face immobilized so that she was forced to look up at the ceiling, and she could no longer defy her executioners because a large metal funnel had been placed in her mouth.

- You, French, said Ismail, have you heard of the Inquisition? In your land this was practiced a lot in the Middle Ages.
And saying this Ahmed was pouring water into the funnel, little by little, but without pause. Nadia tried not to swallow, but with that avalanche of liquid, it was materially impossible, the girl simply drowned and took the opportunity to breathe between drinks, coughing in anguish.
Slowly the victim was forced to swallow a gallons of water, then another, .... two, three, four, so up to twenty gallons of water had to drink the poor girl. Ahmed filled a jar as the previous one was emptied methodically without showing any mercy.

Meanwhile, Luba and Maria remained impotent in the long torture session, anguished to know that all these things were going to be done to them when they finished with Nadia.
After three quarters of an hour swallowing water, the young Nadia had her belly visibly swollen almost as if she were pregnant, and as she did not stop urinating water, Ismail put a thick plug in her pussy and anus.

When Ismail considered that his prisoner could not swallow more, he finally took out the funnel and without giving her time, Ahmed gagged her with a thick rubber ball.

Poor Nadia was in a brutal agony. She had heard a lot about this medieval torture, but she had never experienced it. Incredulous, the woman looked at her own swollen and rounded belly from which came an unbearable pain and an indescribable desire to vomit.

In any case, the ordeal had only just begun. Ismail took two metal toothed tweezers and just put them on the tip of her tits biting wildly on her nipples. In fact, the executioner twisted them viciously and, pulling them, he raised his body to drop it again on the bed of thumbtacks.

The young Nadia gave a violent scream and when she finally released him she started crying inconsolably.

- Wow, it seems that you started to surrender, Ahmed said triumphantly. Will you sign now?

Nadia had a moment of weakness and looked at Luba, but then she resolutely denied looking with hatred at the executioners.

- Okay, follow Ismail.


Then, Ismail that sadistic beast, took a long stick and after laying it on the prominent Nadia´s belly lifted it in the air and gave it a strong blow from top to bottom.
The young woman convulsed brutally and a stream of water came out between the gag and the holes in her nose.

Nadia was about to pass out for the vomit, but to her misfortune she remained awake.
Then Ismail raised the staff and gave her another, even stronger blow. This time Nadia rolled her eyes and convulsed again vomiting a large amount of water violently.

Up to three more hits were did with similar effect causing the same reactions, but Nadia kept holding.

Then Ismail left the stick and grabbed a leather belt, passed it under her back and tied it by squeezing the abdomen in its right half with all his strength. The girl screamed again in pain while continuing to vomit more water through her mouth and nose. The executioner squeezed and squeezed until he closed the belt by the buckle and left Nadia in her agony with a gesture of tremendous suffering.
They left her for a long time, although from time to time they would "tickle" her with the cattle prod. After almost twenty minutes, Ismail took off his gag and, climbing on the table, he squatted and began to bounce with his backside over the girl's gut again and again causing her to vomit great jets of water through her mouth. The poor woman did not succeed in asking for mercy, her eyes went blank and a deep dizziness at each mouthful of water placed her again and again at the edge of unconsciousness.

Finally, when she had almost regained her flat stomach, Nadia finally lost consciousness and remained drenched and dead on the table of torment. She had managed to pass his first torture session without singing the document.
Seeing that they could not continue with her, Ismail untied her and removing the thumbtacks that were still stuck in her back, Frederick picked her up and placed her on a dirty mattress that he had thrown on the floor.
images (11).jpg
- Now it's your turn, said Ahmed looking at Luba with sadism. Helped by the four guardians Ahmed unleashed Luba and after asking him again if she wanted to sign the document, and she refused, had her put on the table to torture her at will.

While tied, Luba could not repress tremble with fear, however, the example of her lover gave her strength to endure that trance and the girl left to be tied on the table without showing the slightest resistance.
images (9).jpg
In the next few hours, the young woman suffered the same torments as Nadia with a slight variation. Once her stomach was filled with water they untied her from the table and hung her by the ankles face down. When he was in that position, Ismail gave him one blow after another in the abdomen to make her vomit all the water.
After much torturing her in this way, Luba lost consciousness and they left her, hanging from the ceiling while they went to look for Maria. So with Luba they did not get anything either.
With sadism, the executioners began to unleash Mary to proceed with her. After what she had seen, the young woman was visibly hysterical and did not stop shaking.
- No, no, please, not me, ... do not do that to me please, mercy.

- If you sign you will get rid of the torment, said Ahmed, are you going to sign?

- Yes ... yes, I'll sign, I'll sign anything, please.

And then Maria started crying.
The rough guardians were about to tie her on the table when Ahmed made them stop.

- Wait, she said she's going to sign. Then he took her arm and offered her a pen.

Maria hesitated a moment and then with a quick scribble she signed the document, after which she cried inconsolably again.

- Ha ha, bitch, you do not know what you have done, Ahmed said, keeping the paper, when you are suffering on the cross you will regret the day your mother threw you into the world, but it will be too late. And now lay her down on the thumbtacks and start with the torture, Ismail.

- No, no, what are you doing? I signed, ... I signed.

- I remind you that we said that the three of you would suffer torment until all of you have signed the document, and as far as I know, your friends have not yet done it. Are you so stupid that you do not understand? Come on once, I want to hear this sow scream.


At that moment Frederick teased.

- Come on, Colonel, this is not fair, the girl has signed, it is true that this lesbian deserves a terrible punishment, but it can also be very useful. And saying this Frederick invited Ahmed out of the torture chamber to talk to him alone.


In the long time the two men remained outside, the guards finished lying down and tying Maria on the bed of thumbtacks and, ignoring her cries of pain, began to fuck her through the vagina and mouth after asking permission from Ismail. Obviously being fucked by beasts on a bed of spikes is not the most pleasant thing, and she showed it by screaming and crying. There was time for a couple of sperm showers, but when Ahmed and Frederick went back into the dungeon, the men retreated and left Maria confused and scared.

- Well, bitch, Ahmed started, you are lucky. I'll explain it to you so that you understand me well. Your lesbian friends have shown they are much more resistant than you, and my superiors are pressing me to force them to sign the document. The fact is that I can make them torture even more severely. However, there is a danger that they will die during the interrogation and I am not willing to take a murder by two lesbian whores. This is where you can give me a service.

Maria looked at him without understanding.
- What? What do you want from me?

- It's very simple, you yourself will take care of torturing them and convince them to sign, Ismail will show you how to do it. Of course, you will do everything in front of a camera in case you lose control and they die.

- Me ?, Have you gone crazy ?, I am going not to do that, nor for all the gold in the world.

- Maybe not for gold, but there are other reasons. I remind you that you have just signed your confession and your waiver of the extradition right. The crime of lesbianism is very serious and surely the judge will condemn you to a year or more of jail that you will have to fill between these walls. If you do not do what I tell you, I will take care that your life in that time is like hell.

Maria began to cry desperately.

- However, if you get them to sign, one hour later you will be on a plane to your country and free of charge.

The young woman looked at him incredulously.

- Really?

- I promise you. Actually you have to thank Mr Vouille who has come up with the idea. Of course, you may have to do things so strong to your partners that they die, in that case, you will only bear the murder.

Maria hesitated a moment, but then she denied decisively.

- No, I will not, you're all crazy.

- Finally Frederick, you see I've tried, said Ahmed. Ismail, prepare your "toys" and give her a strong stimulant, I want she lasts consciouss longer than the others.

Maria watched desperately as Ismail prepared a syringe and began to scream hysterically.

- No no. I'll do it, I'll do what you want, but do not hurt me anymore, please.

- Will you accept torturing yourself to your lovers just to save you?


Again Maria cried inconsolably while the men laughed cruelly.

- What a traitorous bitch! All right, so let's let the bitch be trained by Ismail. When she is ready, she will take care of her lesbian friends ......

(to be continue)


Part 10

Luba and Nadia remained unconscious for almost an hour on the mattresses, but when they woke up they were taken directly to their cage and that day they were not tortured again. In this way, the two were able to rest and sleep in the usual claustrophobic cage. This time they did not fuck.

The next morning they woke up again and the whole process of morning hygiene and the breakfast of the prisoners was repeated. After this, the two did the exercises, including the race, and after cleaning them again they formed in the courtyard with the others. It was big consternation when they realize that again they were going to suffer a new session of torment. This time the two were taken to the torture chamber n. 4.
In the torture chamber n. 4 was a large wooden torture pony located in the center of the room and a large rack. Seeing the sinister devices, the two girls instinctively recoiled backwards. Of course they could not do anything because the guards pushed them brutally into the chamber. However, at the moment, they did not lie on the rack.

Instead, they hung their arms from two hooks, so that the two girls were stretched by their own weight with their feet on tiptoe.
Then they put leather belts on their knees and ankles tightly, then methodically tied their thumbs to a ring on the ground and gagged them with ballgags. Then, after closing the door, they left them alone for a long time.
Next to the rack there was a brazier that gave off a lot of heat. The coals seemed muted but in reality the coals remained lit under them. There were still several spits on the embers. Although neither of them knew it, that night a girl named Sara had been tortured for more than six hours in that room. As if she were a victim of the Inquisition, that young woman had endured a savage ordeal on the rack, while they applied burning irons on her skin.

The two young women did not know what they would have to face, but they also prepared to endure another cruel torture session and determined not to sign.
Colonel Ahmed entered the short time. The guy smiled cruelly at the two women seeing the terror in their eyes. Then, after closing the door with a key, she began to undress as well, still looking at them with desire. Luba was already used to seeing that naked pig but Nadia closed her eyes in disgust.

- I imagine that it will be useless to ask you to sign the extradition documents, so today I will just have a good time with both of you. Nadia looked at her cagemate in horror.

The guy approached the two women and of course went straight to Nadia. When she felt Ahmed's hands on her body, the woman closed her eyes and twisted her face. She just was not able to stand it.

- You're a beautiful sweet, the disgusting man said, blowing his breath as he caressed her nipples with both thumbs. I understand very well why your friend has fallen in love with you.

Nadia shuddered with disgust while that guy did not stop touching her or rubbing her everywhere. Then the colonel surprised her by kneeling before her and took both her legs with her hands. Ahmed must have an oral fixation because the first thing he used to do with the prisoners was to lick their skin with his fat and doughy tongue.


Poor Nadia trembled with disgust as that pig slid his tongue along her thighs.

While he was sucking her legs, the guy put his two hands up the back of her soft thighs. The hands ended in his buttocks squeezing them insistently and then Ahmed used his fat fingers to separate the buttocks of Nadia in search of his back hole. While doing this, the colonel's tongue had already reached the crotch of the young woman and felt the smell of sex slid his tongue by the labia.


The poor girl shook uselessly in her bonds covered with chills of grimace.

- Ha ha, do I give you precious disgust? Your friend at the beginning also gave it to her and now she is not more than my little bitch. You will also get used to it.


Nadia screamed again.

- And now let's see how you fuck.

Slowly Ahmed untied thumbs from the floor and, still smiling, released her leather belt from ankles and knees.

Obviously the irate colonel wanted to make a cunnilingus to his beautiful prisoner and did everything possible to separate her legs, but she resisted kicking fiercely.

- Ha ha, bitch, you're a beast.

Nadia kept resisting until she accidentally kicked him in the face.

Ahmed found his body on the floor and after bringing hand to his face, he looked fiercely at the girl who was panting with satisfaction at what she had done.

- Lesbian whore, I've tried to be good to you but now you're going to pay me this.

Ahmed took a whip of tails and began to whip her on the butt and legs.
- SShhhaaack MMMMHHH

- And another.


- And another, so you'll learn bitch.

Ahmed was carried away by the anger and put his red ass to lashes. He was also sweating and panting.

- And now open your legs.

She denied tightening her thighs further

- I told you to open them, and she gave him another whiplash, but she kept resisting ... It's fine you've wanted it. Ahmed grabbed a cell phone from his pants. Mahmud, is that you? ... that four executioners come to number 4, I have work for them.

Nadia looked at him panting and defiant, no matter what they did to him, she would not give in.

- Now you see, bitch

The executioners did not last two minutes to arrive and after opening the door they entered the torture chamber.

- Put the brunette on the rack.

- Yes sir.

The girls thought it would be Nadia who would suffer torment on the rack, but Ahmed was very twisted.

The four executioners untied Luba in a heartbeat and grabbed her by arms and legs and laid her down along the rack. They were very expert because it did not take them a minute to immobilize Luba on the device.

- Not like that, with her legs open, to the maximum, Ahmed ordered.

On that torture rack there were two ways to tie the victims, the first was with almost parallel legs to torment the joints more effectively. The second consisted of tying the ankles to the ends of a long frame so that the victim would remain with the legs wide open. In this way, by order of Ahmed, Luba was left with the crotch completely open and available.

- Come on, start with it and stretch it well, let this one see how she screams.
Two executioners grabbed the controls of the cylinder and forcefully began to turn slowly. The two women looked at each other in anguish and Nadia could see how slowly they stretched the sculptural body of her beautiful Luba. Little by little Luba's body was lifted from the table and her arms were stretched over her head. As if they were rubber, Luba's arms seemed to slowly detach from her shoulders and she drew a tremendous rictus of anguish on her face.


Poor Luba showed a gesture of intense pain and screamed with all her strength.

- A little more, squeeze more

Nadia then glared at Ahmed and started kicking him uselessly right and left.

- I told you to squeeze more, he said ignoring her.


Luba rolled her eyes at the feeling that her arms were about to dislocate and began to scream like crazy while the executioners kept up the tension and sweating.

- Colonel, if we continue we will take off her arms.

- Okay, he said, coming back to reality, loosen up a bit and give her a whiplash.


The executioners obeyed, they loosened the rack so that the body of the woman was placed on the table. Luba was breathing heavily in a sweat bath and with intense pain in her shoulders. However, they almost did not let her rest and then an executioner began to whip her in the middle of her pussy.
The young woman was screaming again in pain writhing on the rack uselessly.

Meanwhile, Ahmed went back to Nadia

- Do you see what happens to your girlfriend? It's your fault slut.

Nadia was still furious, but her efforts to kick Ahmed were useless since he kept her distance.

In the midst of that tremendous punishment, Luba did not stop screaming. Only after ten minutes did they stop and then the one with the whip looked at Ahmed waiting for orders. The young woman had all the crotch and the inner part of the thighs marked with lashes.

- Well, now let's do something else with her, remove the embers and take out a punch.

Effectively another executioner removed the embers with a punch and there it was seen that they were still incandescent.

Nadia looked at them horrified guessing what was going to happen, then she changed her attitude and looking pleadingly at Ahmed she began to shake her head.

The executioner pulled the thin punch into the air and brought it to Nadia so that she could see that it had the tip of an intense red color.

- Touch the brunette's hip, ... just for a moment.
gabriele dungeon 565-01-.jpg
The executioner smiled sadistically and approached Luba with the punch in his hand, so it began to scream and deny hysterical.

Then Nadia reacted very nervously, trying to get the colonel's attention and separating her legs to the maximum.

- It's late, bitch, now you'll see what they do to your lover.
gabriele dungeon 570-01-.jpg
The executioner placed the punch on her hip and Luba shivered spasmodically as his eyes went blank.

When removing the punch, a small red mark remained.

- Take another, that is already cold, ordered Ahmed.

The executioner did it and took out another red-hot punch, this time Luba started crying and pleading, but with the gag she could not understand anything. The wound was small but it hurt like hell.
gabriele dungeon 983-1.jpg
The executioner was to burn her with the second punch in one breast when Ahmed stopped him.

- Stop!.

Then the Colonel risked getting close to Nadia and Nadia remained quiet and submissive opening her legs as much as she could.

- That's the way I like it, bitch, I see you're learning who's boss.

Then the very pig of Ahmed resumed his previous attempt, crouched down, put his face between her powerful legs and began to lick the inner face of her thighs. Nadia trembled again with disgust. She felt as if a filthy slug was creeping slowly down her crotch, however, this time she let himself be done. Ahmed soon reached his slit and then he began to suck, staining his mouth and mustache with her juices. Finally, she reached the top of the young girl's pussy and started licking her clitori.

At first the woman resisted but after a while of licking the clit the executioner noticed how it became fat and stiff.

- Mmmmhhhh

Ahmed heard the unmistakable moan of pleasure and suddenly felt Nadia's drool on his bald head. Then he turned his face away from his crotch and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, laughed jubilantly.

- Ha, this lesbian is horny, is not she beautiful? And saying this he sat up and licked her nipples, while he masturbated with his fingers.

At that point Nadia was writhing with pleasure, she fucked up a lot that this pig was making her so horny with her tongue. However, Ahmed did not hasten his orgasm but simply left her whithout cuming, all hot and wet.

Then, taking advantage of her bewilderment, he gave her a hit in the face and, grabbing her by the hair, forced her to look down.

- Well I've already licked your pussy, now it's your turn to give me a blowjob.

As soon as she felt that nauseating smell Nadia instinctively denied.

Ahmed was used to the prisoners resisting fucking with him, because apart from ugly, his body and especially his penis smelled like hell.

The beautiful Nadia swore she would not give a blowjob to that guy for nothing in the world.

- You do not want to suck it, huh? Burn the gilrfriend with the punch.

The executioner took out another incandescent punch and approached Luba, which caused Nadia to deny very nervous again. Again they were going to burn her because of her.


He was about to apply the second punch when Ahmed stopped him again.

- Wait, wait a minute, the blonde wants to tell us something.

Then he agreed to remove Nadia's gag.
- Do not hurt her anymore, I beg of you, she said.

- Will you obey me in everything? Will you suck me on your own will?

- Yes, I promise.

- Well let's seal the agreement with a kiss, beautiful, come here.

Ahmed began to kiss the beautiful Nadia and she answered without resisting, snickering with him, but with the twisted gesture and enduring the disgust with great difficulty.

- What a soft tongue, he said, returning to caress her breasts, I'm sure I'll come as soon as you lick my cock a little.

Then the Colonel moved away from her and went to Luba to caress her.

- Drop down on her knees but tie her hands behind her back, I do not trust her.

The four executioners obeyed. Meanwhile Ahmed continued stroking Luba while inspecting the small burn.

- I hope you're not jealous, but your girlfriend is going to suck me right now in front of you and she's going to do it very well unless she wants us to stretch out and burn you again.

Then the colonel took a chair and sat on it while watching the executioners take Nadia off and handcuff her back.
- Come here slave, ordered Ahmed, ... no, no, not like that, ....... on your knees, you do not deserve to walk like people.

Nadia obeyed him and getting on her knees she approached Ahmed until she reached him. The girl then saw the cock she was going to have to suck and that the colonel was wagging at that moment while watching her with cruel desire.

Already with the face in front of that disgusting phallus an intense tempering temper made her abort an arch. Nadia twisted her face to one side with her eyes closed and the gesture twitching. The Colonel took her by the chin and forced her to look at him again.

- Come on, what are you waiting for? It starts now.

Nadia hesitated a moment and then threw a spit at his penis. Once this was done, he began licking it, redistributing his own saliva with his tongue.

- Ha, ha, how well you do it, it means that you're a professional, bitch.

The girl did not even flinch from the insult and kept licking his dick. However, in a moment she stopped doing it and with an infinite gesture of disgust spat several solid particles. Ahmed smiled like a mischievous child.

- I never clean my cock, The slaves always make it with her tongue. Come on, bitch, he said grabbing her hair, still licking, ..... what a pleasure, I think you're going to clean it for me like that every day.

Nadia still had to take it out several times and spit out those things that stuck to her tongue. The girl was dead with disgust, but she had to continue or they would torture her friend.

For his part, the Colonel was delighted to have finally subdued the beautiful lesbian and brutally grabbed heer again by the hair.

- And now inside, put it in right inside whore and do not take it out. Yessssss.
Nadia obeyed him instantly and put his cock inside her mouth sucking and sucking with rhythm.

- So, like that, bitch, how well you do it, and while he was saying that, he palpated and pinched the tits of the beautiful woman. What's wrong with you, Luba? Are you jealous of what your girlfriend does? .... Come on guys, fuck that other one who is getting bored.
The Colonel did not have to repeat it twice because the executioners began to caress Luba and little by little they dared to fuck her, one by the pussy and the other climbed on the rack and after removing the gag he began to fuck her by the mouth.

Meanwhile Nadia was still licking him and even at a certain moment she put it deeper and deeper and held on there until Ahmed moaned with pleasure. Despite being a lesbian, the blonde was a very good cocksucker so she gave her executioner great pleasure, however, he did not want to end up in her mouth.

For that reason, after several minutes of blowjob, he grabbed her by the hair and gave her several spankings, took her to where Luba was, and at that moment they were ejaculating inside her vagina.

- Very good executioner, now let this naughty lesbian lick her pussy. Ahmed forced the young woman to twist her torso and lick her crotch to her lover.
unnamed (5).gif
Luba's vagina was totally wet, which was soiled in part by the executioner's semen that Nadia had to suck and spit, at that point few things were already disgusting.


Taking advantage of Nadia was crouched, Ahmed then penetrated her vagina deeply and began to fuck.


The beautiful young woman gave a moan of pleasure and then bent down to follow the lean to Luba without anyone compelling her.

Ahmed fucked Nadia brutally in doggy style and after a while of put-out he fixed on her anus, and he began to caress it with his finger. Nadia was not a virgin in the ass, the young woman not only did not reject the caress, but she just turned her head and after looking at the colonel she continued with the cunnilingus. Ahmed felt her relax and did not resist her finger.

- What a sow you are, beautiful, you can see how you catch your finger with your ass, deep down you want to get it from behind, right?
unnamed (6).gif
She did not answer him but also the Colonel began to sodomize her. When Nadia noticed Ahmed's penis in her anus, she relaxed as much as possible so that it would not hurt her so much.

unnamed (7).gif
Despite that the girl moaned pain when his cock entered through the sphincter. With his cock already inside Ahmed fucked her in the ass for a few minutes and she returned to take care of her lover while they fucked her from behind. That's how they were until Ahmed felt that he was coming.
As he did not want to finish inside, he took her by the hair and ejaculated over her tits and torso.

Then he fucked Nadia again brutally by the hair.

- And now clean it with your tongue.

Nadia did it and she dared to lick her lover's tits even if it was to get rid of that disgusting jizz.

Then the Colonel forced her to sit up and gave him a smack on the tits.

- Hang up her again, but this time with her thumbs.
Again the grabbed Nadia, shook her brutally and prepared to hang her again. The young woman allowed herself to be done and in a few minutes she painfully hung from her thumbs with her feet on tiptoe.

- Above, hang up completely.


Indeed, the executioners hung her up and Nadia felt a horrible pain in her thumbs.

- And now put an iron ball on her feet, that scream for her fingers.

The executioners tied a four-kilogram iron ball to Nadia's ankles and dropped her under her own weight.

Poor Nadia screamed again in pain.
th (5).jpgth (1).jpg
- Please, please, my fingers, gooood.

- Now take a picana each one and have fun, that bitch will regret the kick she gave me.

So hung and helpless, Nadia was tortured by those four beasts armed with batons.

Meanwhile, Ahmed climbed on top of Luba and the very nasty one put his fat ass on her face so she could do a rimming. The young woman felt again that smell of shit so familiar but could not resist and because at first she did not want to take out her tongue Ahmed twisted one of her nipples until she did. While his bitch was cleaning his ass with his tongue, the very pig enjoyed how the four executioners tortured Nadia.

The beautiful body of the young woman rotated in their bonds while those four did not stop touching him with the prods all over her body and she responded with painful spasms and shouts, and so there were minutes and minutes ........ The two young women they still spent several hours in that torture chamber but it would be tedious to narrate them in detail.
Of course, at night Luba and Nadia were returned to their cage with blows and kicks where they would recover for a new and painful session .....

(to be continue)


The third night with her beloved Luba, Nadia almost could not sleep, could not get rid of the disgusting feeling of fucking a pig like Ahmed. Surely she had not taken into acount this when she decided to surrender to save her lover. Being the slave of Ahmed for more than a whole year would be a horrible condemnation, if at least her master were Ismail they would not be Ahmed's bitches, or at least not all the time, ..... then, Suddenly the idea occurred to her.
- Hey you, guard, she said from inside the cage. Go to Ismail the executioner and tell him that the two French lesbians are super hot and we would like to fuck with him.

The guard looked at her with a lusty smile and pulled his cock out of his pants.

- What's wrong, is not me enough for you?

- Come on, do what I tell you.

The guard got angry and hit the bars of the cage.

- What do you think bitch?, I am not your servant.

Nadia decided to change tactics.

- Come on, little soldier, do not be bad, in exchange for the favor, ... if you want, I'll suck you.

- That's another thing and then he put the penis in the shot.
Nadia gave her a blowjob as fast as she could and once he ejaculated over her, the guy went to call Ismail.

This one was delayed a little, but finally he came

- Hello beautiful, said the giant looking lustfully at Nadia and showing her some elegant high-heeled shoes, they tell me you've called me.

- Yes, we're really looking forward to getting fucked by a real guy and there are none here.

- It's fine, but this time I only love you, not your friend, ... take her out of the cage.

The guard did it and forced the girl out of the cage, then closed it, leaving the other inside.

The two lovers looked at each other anxiously, but could not prevent them from separating.

- Do you like them? The executioner said, showing her the shoes.

Nadia nodded.

- Very well, he said pointing to a small bag, I want you to wear them and make you look pretty for me. Saying this, he released the cuffs of one of the wrists and Nadia was able to free her hands.

The young woman could not believe it, in the bag was a black leather harness with small metal rings that do not cover anything, a stocking, a lipstick, a comb, a bit of rouge, another set of handcuffs, a golden chain with crocodile clips and a ballgag. They also gave her a small mirror.

From inside the cage Luba was amazed how Ismail hugged Nadia and Nadia, instead of rejecting him, hugged him and gave her a long kiss.

The truth is that she bothered him because the executioner never forced her to kiss him.

- Come on, hurry up and get ready.
Nadia understood what that man wanted, so she combed her hair and quickly put on lipstick, then put on her leather harness, stockings and high-heeled shoes. Then she placed herself in front of Ismail, spread his legs and put both hands on the back of his neck, keeping his eyes on the ground.

In a matter of executioners Ismail was much more desirable to Nadia than Ahmed and since she liked him, she decided that she wanted to become his doggy.

- I am ready, my lord, do with me what you want, she said between chills of pleasure.

- Tell me what you prefer, slave.

Nadia hesitated a few moments very excited, the executioner let her choose her own torture.

- The, .... the other day they brought two twin girls and I saw how they laid them on a very big torture rack and today they have put Luba on another, I have never tried it, I wonder if .....

- Ha ha, the rack, good choice, the rack, but not those you say, I'm going to show you another better one. And now put on the gag
Very excited Nadia took the rubber ball and after fitting it between the teeth closed the strap behind the nape closing the buckle in the last hole.

- Now this and try to pinch a good piece of meat I'm going to throw you away from it.
Nadia took the golden chain and after inspecting it for a few seconds, she pinched her two nipples with her fingers to make it doubtful. As she did so, she looked lasciviously at the executioner, the young woman took a little time playing with her sensitive breasts and continued to look with desire at Ismail, who was stiff with only that. Then once hard pinched the nipples trying to hide the pain.

Ismail smiled at her without answering.

- And finally close yourself the handcuffs.
The girl obeyed again and after crossing her arms behind her she closed the handcuffs on her other wrist and with great skill, ran the bolt.

Once bound and gagged by herself, Nadia breathed deeply and since she had given herself, body and soul, to Ismail.

- Very good, beautiful, and now come with me
Ismail pulled the chain and Nadia felt that wonderful lightning of pain when he pull her nipples lightly and followed her master heeling like a faithful dog.

Actually the executioner wanted to take her to one of the torture chambers, but he did not do it directly but decided to go through the entire prison so that everyone could see his beautiful little dog and be angry with envy.

In fact Ismail walked and exhibited her everywhere: through the rooms of the guardians, through the dining room, the kitchen, the showers, the courtyard. In all these places there were guards who, seeing the woman, left what they were doing and stayed half-blinded by so much beauty. The slave looked at them defiantly and proudly while Ismail smiled with satisfaction.

When passing through the body of guard, Nadia caused some commotion, because the soldiers thought that Ismail took them to that beauty to have a good time with them. However, when they found out that it was not going to be that way in the end they were all frustrated and protested the disappointment.

- Well, I see you are hungry, said Ismail, you can touch her a little if you want.

Then the avid guardians approached the beautiful Nadia and began to caress her everywhere.

The young woman closed her eyes and felt with pleasure how all those hands touched her everywhere. At that point and after exposing himself to so many men Nadia was wet and very hot.

The guys caressed her each time with less modesty and with such avidity that at one point they even began to put a hand in his crotch.

"Hey, hey, that's enough," Ismail said, seeing that they were getting too excited and pulling the chain, demanding his prisoner.

Nadia gasped when he tugged at her nipples and stumbled back to her master with submission. In fact while walking with those high heels, she moved the ass a little more so that all those guards noticed what they were going to lose.
At last they went through the "aviaries" where five desperate girls asked Ismail for mercy without result. Actually when they saw Nadia in that guise they imagined where he was taking her and they fell silent knowing that something much worse was waiting for her.

Sure enough, in a few minutes they were in the dreadful hallway where the torture chambers lined up. As they approached that terrifying place Nadia felt a growing excitement and her heart beat faster. With the nerves he came to more than one stumble with his heels.
They passed the side of a pair of hung women waiting for their turn, but Ismail had foreseen and had reserved the camera. 8. So Nadia did not have to wait. When passing through the other dungeons, the young woman realized that there was activity inside all of them, but she did not have time to look inside.

Then the executioner opened the n. 8 and his guest went inside. Nadia was surprised to see the torture device in the center of the room. It looked like a strange metallic machine formed by gears and steel spars. On one side it had a metal wheel and ended in four racks with shackles. Yes, he looked like a rack, but Nadia had never seen one like it.

Ismail closed the door inside and blinded the window.

- So no one will bother us beautiful, do you know what this is? He said patting the rack ... Nadia said no with her head. It is a "backbreaker", I have brought it today. It works with this wheel. And activating the wheel the stringers rose as if by magic forming a hump curve.

Nadia did not need much more to understand.

Ismail smiled at her and, taking off his camouflage shirt, left his torso intensely muscled and shiny with sweat. Then he went to Nadia and removed the gag. Again the giant kissed her and Nadia did not reject him. After a long kiss with tongue Ismail separated from her and after removing his pants and remain totally naked sat on a chair.

- Squat and come, slave.

That reminded Ahmed, but this time the order was much nicer. So Nadia did it, she bent her two legs and taking a few awkward steps because of the heels she came up to put herself between Ismail's legs.

The man already had the stiff member and the glans swollen and bright. He did not need to ask anything, the girl knew what she had to do.
Then Nadia looked him in the eyes with desire and taking out her tongue she began to lick delicately the tip of the cock without stopping looking at him. As we said, Nadia was an expert felatrix so she sucked the executioner as he did not remember that any other prisoner had done it. Despite the awkward posture, Nadia took a long time licking Ismail's thick cock with care and delicacy without putting it in her mouth. And only when the guy had it very sensitized did he put it all at once to the balls and kept it in his mouth for more than twenty seconds. Ismail felt a very pleasant moist heat on his penis and came to sigh with delight.


Nadia smiled and began an intense and slow blowjob that lasted more than five minutes. While doing it, the intelligent Nadia thought that after the "work" she was doing, Ismail would claim her services frequently and would not let anyone take it off like that. "If you suck well he will be yours forever", that was Nadia's motto.

In fact, the executioner was in heaven, however at one point she interrupted so sweet fellatio and letting out a thread of semen told him.

- My lord, put me on the rack and torture me while I suck you, please, I want you to see me suffer for you.

Ismail had never had a slave like Nadia who could guess his sadistic desires in that way and was willing to comply with them voluntarily. However, he ignored her instantly, with a key he released the handcuffs and then Nadia took off her shoes and stockings.

- Do you want me to take off the harness, too, my master?

- Yes.
Of course, the girl obeyed and without saying more she lay down on the rack and stretched arms and legs placing them near the shackles and thus facilitating the work of the executioner.

Ismail noticed perfectly the deep excitement of his slave as he tied her feet and hands, then once immobilized he activated the wheel and the "backbreaker" changed shape in a matter of seconds.

Nadia's whitish body adapted perfectly to the rack and she was left with her back completely curved back and her arms and legs stretched to the limit. An intense pain came from her limbs and spine while her head hung freely. Blood accumulated in the brain and the girl felt a certain dizziness. Because of the position she was in, she was left in a state of total helplessness that produced a deep excitement.
Ismail was totally charmed because the beautiful body of the girl was even more enhanced by the stretch, then he put himself again in front of his face and pulling the chain repeatedly stretched the nipples over and over again.

That was enough for the slave to obey and again the executioner closed his eyes with pleasure to feel the unmistakable tingling in his penis. The beautiful Nadia, despite being upside down, began to lick his cock like before and after a while she was already nursing her with desire.

Nadia's submission was as exciting as the fellatio itself, Ismail had only to pull a little of the chain and she obeyed meekly increasing the pleasure of the blowjob. That way they stayed a good while until Ismail decided to penetrate her.

The guy pulled his penis up from Nadia's mouth leaving a trail of drool and went to get a leather cap. Then she put it on her head and since she did not even have openings for her eyes, she left her completely blinded.

Powering the rack Ismail made the girl's body stretch even more and bend her back more intensely.


Her moan of pain was eloquent enough.

The fact of being blind increased her feeling of helplessness and she asked herself, very excited, what new torture her sadistic master intended to subject her to. In fact, he did not have to wait much longer because Nadia suddenly felt a sharp burn in her navel and trembled in surprise. Then he recognized that feeling, his executioner was pouring hot wax, but this time, drop by drop, ...... as she liked it.
Suddenly, while still pouring drops of wax here and there, Ismail began to penetrate her

- MMmmmhhhh, mmmmmh

Soon faint moans from the hood accompanied the movements of the executioner who continued fucking Nadia slowly but surely. Of course he continued pouring liquid wax, so that after a while, a good part of her body was covered with solid red specks.

When he tired of throwing hot wax, Ismail went to something else, pulled his penis up from the warm vagina of Nadia and taking a strange electric stick with a plastic tip began to touch her everywhere. Each time he touched the skin the device would turn on, it would be heard like a buzzing sound and Nadia would shudder spasmodically with a faint cry.

Ismail passed it through her breasts, on her sides and thighs, and finally opened her labia and put it in her vagina, provoking an intense and long discharge.


At each touch of that electric baton Nadia shouted and trembled at the shock.
After playing a little more with his prisoner, Ismail whipped the wax off and then prepared her to torture with electricity. For this he put a bolt on the chain that was attached to the nipples and the other put it on the clit.

Again Nadia shouted again when she felt the bolt biting her clit and did not stop struggling desperately over the rack. In this Ismail released a discharge and she stiffened trembling without being able to control the muscles because of electricity.

The electric shock lasted a few seconds and then when she was panting and breathing deeply she felt how Ismail penetrated her again. She was still with the executioner's penis fucking her when another electric shock re-tensed her muscles while the young woman shivered again spasmodically.

Ismail laughed pleased as he noticed part of the discharge in his own penis much more reduced than her. So he continued fucking her and causing electric shocks on her body. Ismail did not take long to cum on the torso of the girl ...

When he got tired of fucking her and torturing her for about four hours, Ismail opened the door to the dungeon and went away. Nadia was left alone on the rack for several minutes and then she heard the noise of several people entering and approaching her. While they removed the leather cap a series of hands caressed him all over his body and then she realized that he was surrounded by a bunch of guards. They were all naked .....
Those guys had stayed with the desire and that's why they kept fucking Naida about the heartbreaker, one for the pussy and another for the mouth. One by one, the eight guards each fucked her twice and left her body like fresh from a bukkake.
Only after this they decided to release her from the rack and took her back to her cage with kicks and spankings. Luba was glad that her lover was brought to her safe and well.
(to be continue)


The Krak jail daily cruel routine was repeated the next day and the prisoners had to face again the humiliating experiences of the morning toilet, the disgusting breakfast, and the strenuous exercise of the morning. After the grueling race down the Krak stairs, all the inmates were in perfect formation in the courtyard as if they were nude soldiers.

After running up those odious three hundred steps, Nadia and Luba were physically exhausted and were breathing hard trying to catch their breath.

In spite of that, two girls standed in a posture of submission, showing their splendid bodies, shiny with sweat, waiting for the rigorous hose. Surely the executioners would soon find them to endure another endless torture session.

However, this was not the case this time, Lieutenant Mahmud explained to the prisoners that they had to stand up rows to attend a punishment. It was one of the cruel torture that was practiced periodically in the prison yard.
In this case, the victims were five inmates guilty of small faults. One of them had accidentally spilled the breakfast bowl, another had insulted a guardian who had hurt her when sodomizing, another had ditched the exercises in the morning and the other two had not been able to run up the stairs because of exhaustion
The prisoners had to remain completely naked to contemplate the punishment of their companions, but at least they did not cuff their hands and for once they could remain untied. Thus, more than three hundred women who were at that time in the Krak were forced to form in the courtyard in regular lines and located equidistantly in front of the crosses where the five were going to be punished.

They all knew by heart that they had to stay still, facing forward, hands on the back of their necks and legs spread wide. If one of them looked down during the punishment, the guards grabbed her and carried her forward to flagellate with the others.

By order of Ahmed, Nadia and Luba occupied a place of honor, just in front of the crosses so they could see everything. They stayed in a disciplined position next to each other with their legs wide open and their hands on the back of their heads.

While they finished preparing everything, the guards took out the five condemned women who were going to suffer the punishment and who were exposed to the others for their own shame. Three of them seemed resigned, but the other two cried desperately. One of them named Penny had only one day left to fill her condemn and despite that he was going to suffer the same punishment.
Poor Penny had been sentenced to two months only because at customs they found her an erotic novel. Although she repeated that she thought she did nothing wrong, the judge explained that this material was expressly forbidden in Kemed and entering it through the border was considered a serious crime. Penny was subjected to the rack torture for hours until she signed the confession and paid with the cross her ingenuity. Now she cried quietly in the vain hope that they would take pity on her, but there would be no mercy ....

Colonel Ahmed explained that this time the five condemned would be whipped for twenty minutes and then crucified as usual. Once they were on the cross he promised them that other torments and a "pleasant surprise" awaited them. The very motherfucker said it laughing.
Once the colonel had finished speaking, the guards took the women to five crosses of San Andres and began to tie them to the chest, that is, turning their backs on their executioners. First they would be whipped from behind and then flipped over to whip them in front.

In this way, the five unfortunates were tied to the crosses in cross with the members so stretched that they were forced to put the feet on tips.
Frederick Vouillé, the adventurer who had betrayed Nadia, marveled at the submission shown by the five victims to whom he expected a cruel punishment. The five allowed themselves to be tied without resistance, and at the same time they showed their precious buttocks to the crowd. Finally they all put a rubber gagball between their teeth tied to the nape with straps. With this it was not intended only to muzzle them, the ball would also prevent the girls from biting their tongues during the flogging.

Just to the right of the five women there were two empty St. Andrew's crosses and Ahmed twisted the gesture. Then he went to Frederick and invited him to choose two more inmates, the ones he wanted, to occupy them.

- But if they have not done anything worng, the French answered naively.

- It does not matter, choose two more, it's the custom
Upon hearing this, and to the surprise of the adventurer, three young women came out of the ranks and humbly lowered their heads, voluntarily asking him to choose them to be flogged and crucified. Frederick was stunned but finally nodded.

Ismail and the other executioners had no consideration because those girls had volunteered, so they took them immediately with a certain brusqueness to tie them up as well as the others.

Ismail did not quite understand that masochistic behavior, but the fact is that more and more foreign women were being detained in the Kemed for silly things or for breaking the rules quite crudely. Those bitches were crazy; they were doing topless on the beach or kissing each other in the street in front of the guards. And that there were posters everywhere that explicitly forbade those things. It seemed that these demented people wanted nothing more than to be imprisioned by the police. Some had even surrendered to the authorities as soon as they got off the plane, accusing themselves of being prostitutes or lesbians.
Precisely that was the case of Lola, a beautiful and cheeky redhead of 23 years and long legs. The girl came to Kemed with no luggage of any kind and almost no money and the first thing she did when she got off the plane was to declare to the customs police that she came to Kemed to work as prostitute. Naturally she was immediately arrested and taken to the Krak. An hour in the torture rack was enough for her to sign everything she had to sign, so she was tried the next day and sentenced to nine months in prison. Of this already fifteen days ago and although she had already suffered three times the martyrdom of the cross, the young masochist never seemed to have enough.


Although she still showed slight traces of lashes on her skin, Lola gave herself again to the executioners to be crucified for the fourth time and looking at Ismail with ill-contained lust she placed herself against a cross of San Andrés and extended her arms and legs so that Ismail will tie them.

As he tied and gagged Lola, Ismail wondered what pleasure that woman could get by giving herself in that way to that inhuman punishment. However, in the end he shrugged and picked up one of the whips, checking that it was in perfect condition.
As there were no crosses for all, the third prisoner who volunteered was tied to a pole structure with her arms and legs tied spread eagle, although, at the whim of the executioner, she was tied upside down. The latter was none other than Lynn, one of those fifteen cheerleaders who had been brought to the Krak the first night. Like the rest of her companions, Lynn had already fulfilled her sentence, however, the experience of the prison hooked him so much that instead of returning to his homeland, she appeared before the judge and confessed that she had not yet fully rehabilitated herself. The judge considered her case and sentenced her to three more months of sentence, albeit with the mandatory public punishments.
As we say, Lynn was tied between two poles, head down, arms and legs spread apart and extremely stretched.
Once the eight victims were immobilized, eight executioners took their time to choose whips of intermediate length and fine, sharp leather. The lashes with such scourges would not be brutal, but the impact of the whip would burn like fire and the wounds would sting for hours when they were on the cross.
The ritual of flogging was always the same. Before administering the lashes, each executioner approached his victim and hypocritically asked for forgiveness for what he was about to do while he began to grope her body. In fact, the usual thing is that the executioners ended up getting horny from touching them and, taking advantage of the fact that the prisoners had their backs, they took out their member and penetrated them in front or behind, that did not matter. The first few days, Ahmed had tried to prevent the executioners from fucking the victims during those ordeals, but now he let them to do.

Thus, the eight executioners were a good time fucking their victims between the shouts of encouragement and the laughter of the rest of the guardians. The other prisoners were forced witnesses of the morbid scene. Probably most of them congratulated themselves of not being tied to those crosses, but many others felt envy.
As the guys finished fucking and ejaculated on the backs of their victims or inside their orifices, they went away a few meters with the whip in hand and began to flagellate them without further ado. Eight whips soon buzzed in that courtyard tearing through the air and slammed loudly into the naked skin of those eight girls.
A chorus of laments and shrieks responded to the sound of the whips and to these again followed that dreadful buzzing and the bursting of the whip, sharp and dry, on the skin.
Frederick had never seen such a show live. A collective flogging is a cruel and brutal act, but also very erotic especially for a man: eight women naked and handcuffed, totally defenseless, waving their beautiful bodies uselessly without being able to escape the scourge. Although at first they had tried to control themselves, with five or six lashes, the eight condemned were already screaming like sows in the slaughterhouse writhing in pain and brushing their breasts and knees against the rough wood of the crosses.
There it did not matter if the victims were masochists or not, they all shouted the same thing. The whips cut almost like blades, leaving at each stroke some fine lines that appeared on the skin and at the same time some of them turned red or blue almost magically.

The victims were tightly bound and could barely move, so the most obvious reaction to the lashes was to shake their heads. Everything was useless, nothing could relieve the cruel punishment. Some young women shouted and screamed without ceasing to cry, while others tried desperately and uselessly to ask for mercy. The gags ensured that nothing could be understood and the whips continued to tread on their persistent and merciless white skin, over and over again, and lamented that they did not have the courage to volunteer.
As it is said, the more than three hundred young girls formed in the yard saw the terrible scene, most of them terrified but many others excited and horny like bitches. In addition there were others who had already experienced that kind of punishment right there and considered it fair that the others suffer so they clenched their teeth with sadism.
During the flogging of their companions, five more women dared to lower or look away, disgusted with the torture, which as we say was forbidden. Immediately they were separated from the group by the guards and tied to some poles to be part of a second round of crucifixions.


On the other hand, for the sadistic guards and executioners of the Krak, it was like a party and some soon joined the inmates and caressed some who had had their eye while attending the ludicrous show. Of course the prisoners were already used to that and they knew that they had to let themselves be touched and caressed by those pigs without moving an eyelash.
The caresses soon followed something stronger and Nadia saw right and left how a few inmates were forced to kneel to suck it to their guardians.

At that point, seeing all that Nadia was horny, her pussy was flooded with her own juices and her tits stiff and defiant. Of course, during the punishment she did not look down even for a moment, maintaining the posture of submission with his feet on tiptoe.
The beautiful Nadia now regretted not having volunteered and planned for a moment to abandon the position to be taken with the others. However, she decided to do something stronger, suddenly, the girl could not contain herself anymore and leaving her place she went to Luba and hugged her planted a kiss on the mouth.

- But what are you doing, Nadia? They're going to punish us.
- I hope so, and kept kissing her and sticking her tongue inside, Luba also lowered her arms and the two women began to hug and kiss passionately.

As expected, Lieutenant Mahmud went to the two lovers and after severely separating Nadia, he smacked her in the face.

- Lesbian slut!

In response, the young woman challenged the officer by putting her hand on his penis .

- What's going on, little soldier ?, Do you have envy ?, Take it out so I can suck it.
The second smack caught Nadia on the floor, but Nadia knelt again immediately, put her hands on tits, opened her mouth and closed her eyes.

The lieutenant was beside

- Hey you, take these two lesbians and crucify them immediately, they will be whipped when they are on the cross.

- Oh yes ..., Nadia thought with a shiver of pleasure.

They were already holding to crucify them when Ahmed suddenly intervened.

- No, no, wait, there will be time, for now let them enjoy the show.

In this way Nadia and Luba returned to the line and adopted the posture of submission, Mahmud thought it was strange that the colonel was so benevolent with them, evidently Ahmed was reserving them for something special.

A little frustrated, the young Nadia returned to adopt the posture of submission. Suddenly she felt someone falling behind her and caressing her tits with both hands.
- Fuck how hard you are, said Frederick, stroking her nipples insistently. Seeing that traitor pig was, Nadia was about to protect her breasts with her hands, but instantly she realized and obeyed. She was so hot that he would even admit to be fucked by that man.

The adventurer then got in front of her and took her two nipples at the same time, first he squeezed them sadistically with his fingers and then twisted them which made his beautiful prisoner even more horny.
- I never would have imagined that you were like that, the guy said putting his hand in her pussy, hot and soaked with the young woman. You like what you see, right?

Nadia closed her eyes and nodded feeling the fingers of that man caressing the clitoris that by then had him bloated and very excited.

Meanwhile, the whips continued to beat without mercy. At that point, the executioners were handling the whip with great excitement, without stopping and with rage. It is possible that they were a little tired, but after a quarter of an hour of lashing, they still competed against each other for taking the most desperate cries from their victims.
In fact, the eight condemned were about to collapse as they rebelled their increasingly less intense cries. All of them already had the back of her body stitched to lashes, reddened and furrowed with purple and red lines crossed. Sweat mingled with tiny drops of blood and three of them were literally hanging from their bonds.

From experience, Ismail knew that it is not good to tighten the rope too much, so although there were still a few minutes left, he ordered the executioners to stop.

For those unfortunates that was like a gift from heaven, all had lost the account of the lashes and craved that each one was the last. Those that did not break to mourn inconsolably tried to breathe with great difficulty, without stopping to pant from so much fitting lashes. For some the most humiliating had been to lose their composure and behave like animals under the whip before their companions, however, the most masochists were happy that the test was over because that meant they had managed to endure it.

Actually what was coming now was horrible, because half of the flogging was still missing and for the areas to be well awake the executioners threw buckets of cold water on their backs. After the cry of surprise at the icy shock the eight young women then began to shout louder and shake hysterically.
Such were their screams that Nadia interrupted his fellatio by looking surprised at those women writhing against the crosses as if they had gone mad.

"Ha ha," said Frederick, stroking his head, complaining again, "the Colonel told me that the water has salt and vinegar. That way they make sure they'll be wide awake when they're whipped up ahead.

The effect of salt and vinegar on the open wounds was devastating and the young women took a few minutes to stop yelling hysterics.
Anyway, the salt water got the goal of sparking and ready, the executioners began to untie to turn them over. Thanks to their diligence, soon the eight women were tied again to the crosses of San Andrew, one next to another, exposing the front of their naked and defenseless bodies to the numerous spectators. All eight had red eyes from so much crying.


Before continuing the flogging, the executioners repeated the previous ritual and approached those condemned to caress those precious bodies that were going to lash out. The executioners had the strange belief that if the girls were horny they would suffer the lashes with more intensity. After pinching their nipples so that they could be hard, and masturbate all they wanted, some had already removed their dicks to fuck the tearful young women. At that moment, Frederick ejaculated on Nadia's face, Ahmed saw it and seeing how she was busy swallowing every last drop of semen, the idea occurred to her.

- Hey you, bring those two lesbians here, they'll do a job more like them.

A tough guy grabbed Luba by the hair and twisted an arm behind his back, another did the same with Nadia who could not even wipe the semen from her face ..

The guards grabbed both of them and took them to two of the victims who were now being shot by two executioners: Lola and Penny. The executioners obeyed the Colonel without fussing and left the field open to the lesbians.

- Let them do it, said the Colonel smiling, so it will be more fun.

Both Luba and Nadia looked at each other but as soon as they received a slap on the ass they began to lick the condemned as two faithful bitches.
Nadia had to fuck with Lola. In fact, and without the need for the guard to force her, she began to lick her breasts, checking with pleasure that her nipples were hard on contact with her tongue.

Luba looked more than annoyed how her lover was riding with another and as if it were a competition to see who was nastier, got one of the tits of Penny in the mouth and began to suck as if it were life in it.

- What are these two whores, said Frederick patting the ass to the two lesbians, I want to see them on the cross.

- Patience is a virtue French, everything will come, answered Ahmed, now let them comfort their friends, ha ha.
The girls of the crosses already twisted with pleasure, as the two lesbians continued to suck their tits while masturbating.
Slowly, and without anyone compelling them, Nadia and Luba bent down to eat the pussy of those women. Lola was so horny that after a few minutes of cunnilingus began to come in the mouth of Nadia.

The latter did not stop licking her, but made even more force with her lips sucking faster and with more intensity. Lola looked down with desire and her eyes went blank as she linked a second orgasm even more intense than the first.

The girl writhed with pleasure screaming at the top of her lungs and still trembling while the lesbian did not stop eating her pussy.

- Okay, okay, okay, said Ahmed, pulling Nadia's hair, she'll be a sow. And forced her to sit up and give her a slap.
Nadia just dropped her eyes and returned to the posture of submission, again they were put in place to continue watching the show

At last, after a while, the executioners moved away from their prey and then the flogging resumed. As Ismail had taught them, instead of hitting the women directly, the executioners "dance" the single tails from right to left at the breasts of the condemned women, a few centimeters away from them and approaching millimeter by millimeter. That was according to Ismail the best way to whip a woman in the tits.
The young women heard terrified the sinister buzz of the leather cutting the air and felt perfectly the air torn at the tip of her sensitive nipples. The whips danced more than twenty times without hitting anything when suddenly Penny screamed and writhed in pain.

No one could see how the tip of the whip impacted on one of her tits, but at the moment was defined a thin red line that crossed the nipple of the girl by its right half.
- What a skill! Ahmed said to Ismail, and then another girl gave a shrill scream of pain directing her face to the sky.
Soon all of them were howling again like animals as the whips now hit all the times on their breasts with a devilishly fast cadence. Soon the reddish marks of the lashes became evident in the breasts, then in the belly, the hips and the thighs, .... only the face of the condemned was freed from the mark of the scourge.
The few times they stopped shouting, the young women looked at their executioners in anguish, their faces full of tears as if they were begging for mercy, but there no one felt sorry for their suffering. The lashes ahead are even more painful and humiliating than in the back and this time Ismail made the twenty minutes of torment complete to the end and without any concession. And that two of the victims appeared almost unconscious to a time of whipping.

Finally, when the torment ended, they were again thrown buckets of cold water and even the most faint woke up with anguished cries for the sting of salt. They still let them scream for a long time at the crosses of San Andrew and then they were letting go of their bonds. The eight young women remained on the floor, curled up protecting themselves with their arms and still crying.


It was time to proceed to the crucifixions, which was also done quickly. The first to be crucified was Penny. One of the executioners grabbed her by the arm to get her off the ground, but she yanked herself free of the executioner's hand and, after wiping away her tears, she got up and staggered to her cross.

As we say, the Romans would have called crux humilis those low crosses that were in the courtyard of the Krak. Given the dimensions of the crosses, the condemned women would be crucified with their eyes at the same height as if they were standing.

It was not the first time they had done it, so the brunette Penny just turned her back to the cross and raised her arms to the level of the horizontal log. Two executioners bound her firmly by the wrists so that she was left with open arms raised slightly above her head.
While they were crucifying her, the girl was dead of shame because she knew that the next thing was to be impaled by her two holes in the double cornu formed by two black latex dildos. The two executioners caught her legs and after lifting her body impaled her pussy and her ass on both phalluses.

The dildo in the ass must have hurt a lot, because the young woman gave a scream of raucous pain, however, her body betrayed him and soon the women and guardians who were closer realized that her clitoris and nipples were stiff and hard as stones.

- These sluts love double penetration, said one of the executioners who was crucifying her. While saying this to her partner, the two folded her legs forcing her to adopt the squatting position and tied her feet together to the long pole of the cross.

The young woman was already crucified, however, they had not yet finished with her, because an executioner brought a series of metal toothed tweezers. Those that pinch the skin doing much damage. Smiling sadistically, he showed him how to remove the plastic protector and he closed two of them in the middle of the nipples.
The young woman howled in pain with her face directed to the top and then she waved her breasts to get rid of the iron bite of the tweezers. Unhelpful effort, Penny waved her boobs in despair and when she saw that she could not get anything, she broke down to mourn inconsolably while drooling through the gag. Disregarding her vain attempts, the executioner brought two lead pellets and hung them from the forceps, projecting the nipples downwards and pulling another pitiful howl from the condemned.
A third clamp was intended for her clitoris. The executioner bent down and looked Penny in the eye, opening it and closing it with the face of a sadist. She denied hysterically for mercy, but the executioner, ignoring his insistent pleading, pinched her with a good piece of meat.
When the clamp bit her clitoris Penny began to howl like she was crazy and to shake her body so the only thing she got was masturbating with the dildos.
Just at that moment they began to crucify the next condemned woman who was trembling with fear when she saw what awaited her. Almost all the girls were crucified on their haunches with their feet together, because that was the traditional way of practicing the torture of the cross in Kemed, however, Lola asked Ismail to be crucified in strapped with her elbows on the horizontal pole of the Cross and wrists tied to the ankles behind the long wood by a very tight rope. While they crucified her in this way, the executioners commented to each other that this woman must be crazy for requesting to be subjected to such torment.
While they finished placing the first eight in their crosses, the next five took their place and were tied with arms and legs open to x crosses. Once tied other fresh executioners continued with the flogging. The sinister ritual was repeated with cruelty and cruelty and at the end of the long process there were 13 girls crucified in two rows.



The show was impressive. All were naked with their bodies struggling at the crosses. At first they left them alone tormenting themselves on the cross and masturbating with the dildos at the slightest movement they made. No posture saved them suffering and the girls changed it constantly without getting any relief.
The minutes passed slowly, ..... very slowly, ... exposed to the sun and with pains in all body joints. The wounds of the whip stung horribly and thirst gripped their throats. As the girls were gagged they could not even ask for mercy and their dribble mingled with their tears wetting their naked torso.
However, the worst was the difficulty of breathing, the girls tried to prevent the dildos from penetrating them in depth by force with arms and legs. However, at one point they all stopped fighting and ended up surrendering. Then they let themselves penetrate deeply through the phalluses to breathe better. Then, returning to feel pain with that stuck in the cervix and rectum all returned to force, and back to start.

After two hours suffering this martyrdom until the hardest of those women, cried desperately begging to be taken down from the cross.
For his part, Frederick Vouille watched the scene very excited. He was really curious about the prisoners who had voluntarily surrendered to suffer such punishment and approached Lola. Judging by her tense face, the young woman had to suffer unspeakably from the strappado. The Frenchman was watching her for a while and even dared to caress his ass but that did not make him understand that better.
Even though the crucifixion itself was a tremendous passive torture, the colonel did not like to stay in that. After several hours the prisoners stopped struggling with gravity and began to faint so that it became boring, so he liked to insist on their victims and make the girls crucified "dance" before their eyes.

That was the moment that the Colonel was waiting to rebel his "surprise".

- Bring the renegade, he said, now she will show us what she is capable of.

At a signal from him two guardians brought Maria and took her to one of the crosses that had been left empty.
The young Maria was brought naked and with a "fiddle yoke" restraint. Before proceeding with her, Colonel Ahmed showed her to the rest of the inmates and forced her to turn around to show her naked body.

- This dirty lesbian that I bring to you here has acknowledged her crime and has already accepted her just punishment. The judge has sentenced her to one year in prison and we only hope that her two lesbian companions will also sign her extradition to proceed with her punishment in public, anyway, we have taken her here to crucify her right now. Do you have something to say, bitch?

Maria spoke submissively and repeated what had been learned by heart.
- Lord I am guilty and I deserve the punishment but I humbly ask that I be exempted from the crucifixion and be allowed to repair my fault in another way.

- How?

- Let me punish the other prisoners myself.

The other inmates looked at each other without believing what they heard and some dared to mutter something.

- Silence! Have we heard correctly? So, in order to free yourself, you are willing to make your partners suffer yourself?

Maria answered lowering her head

- Yes

- Higher, I want you all to hear.


- Yes what? Say it yourself or you will be crucified right now.

- I want to torture my companions.

Again some inmates muttered something to each other and there was even some insult.

- Do you hear it? What a disgusting traitor, and what else? What will you do now with your lovers? Ahmed said, looking at Luba and Nadia, will you also subject them to torture?

Maria answered without daring to look them in the face.

- Yes

Nadia and Luba looked at her, stunned.

- What if they die during the torment?
- I, ... I will be the only one responsible.

- Okay, but for us to believe you, you're going to show us right now, take this sow away.

One of the guards removed the stocks and Maria was free, then Ismail took her arm and took her to the panoply where they had the electric prods.

The executioner forced her to take one of those fork-shaped prods whose infernal contact Maria so hated. Actually, she knew how to use it quite well as they had checked the previous day five inmates with whom she was training in the torture chamber n. 5 for six hours. Obviously, Ismail had not been content to teach her the theory and Maria had been training to be an executioner in the bodies of some of her former companions.

Maria picked up the prod and brandished it menacingly approached one of the miserable who had been suffering the torture of the cross for several hours. Again, the first one who had to prove the pain was Penny.
Seeing Maria approaching her, the crucified girl began to shout and deny hysterical appeals to the mercy of another woman. However, that did not help him.
- I'm sorry, Maria told her, I know it's going to hurt, but I do not want her to do it to me. And saying this he administered a painful discharge on the Mount of Venus that made her jump and howl in pain. This one followed another touch of the picana in one breast and then in the other, then between the legs and then in the armpits.
The young Penny screamed and shouted, waving like crazy and therefore masturbating incessantly with the dildos.

That it would be. Making another woman was even more humiliating, the young woman of the cross begged and desperately begged to be allowed to rest for a moment, but Maria did not give up, and when Ismail thought that the executioner's apprentice was weakening, he whipped her in the ass.

More than ten minutes Maria was using the prod with Penny, until it happened to something else. Then she left the cattle prod on a table and went to look for some simple pliers. It seems incredible that such a humble and everyday object could become an instrument to inflict so much pain.


CLAC, CLAC. The dry sound of the pliers when closing with force attracted the attention of the poor Penny who when seeing them denied desperately to guess what was going to happen to her.

With a coldness typical of an experienced executioner, Maria ignored her pleas, instead stroking Penny her butt and thighs before starting, and after checking the smoothness of her skin began to pinch and twist the pliers there where the meat is more sensitive.
Penny screamed and yelled once more when they caught pinches on her thighs, on her buttocks, and on the labia, Maria did not stop until she left more than thirty marks on that part of her body and went on and on without mercy.
Many inmates looked at Maria with hatred, but especially Luba and Nadia. Would not you dare ...? No, Luba was sure that her lover would not do anything against her. Maria loved her and at the last moment she would regret and accept to fulfill her sentence at her side as Nadia had done.

At that time, Ismail demanded that Maria wring Penny's nipples. Indeed and ignoring the hysterical cries of the young crucified, Mary opened the clamp that bit her nipple to which the girl responded with a howl of pain and a brutal shudder of her body. Once this was done, Maria caught his nipple with the pliers and, pinching it with all her strength, twisted everything as humanly as possible.
Maria twisted her nipple almost a full turn and stretched it until it looked like a shapeless skin. The young Penny tensed her whole body and began to head butt against the cross between desperate screams, but as the executioner did not let go of her prey rolled her eyes and after throwing a large stream of urine fainted. Maria stood without knowing what to do.

Ismail then whipped her in the ass.

- Stupid bitch, she has passed and fainted, try now with this other, but if she faints we will put you on the cross and we will do the same to you.
Scared Maria was much more careful with the second of his victims and with the third, and then with all the others. Cold and calculated the lesbian became a cruel executioner and made unspeakably suffer all those unfortunates only to rid herself of such frightful punishment.
all over.12 12.jpg
After Maria's tortures, those women remained at the crosses for four to five hours, until the sunset put an end to the terrible punishment. At one point the doctors ruled that it would be dangerous to continue with those who were more faint and little by little these were lowered from the crosses. The others returned to their cages. For the fourth night Nadia and Luba returned to share their narrow cage. They both knew that the next day they were going to be tortured again.
Maybe because of that and because of what they had seen in the courtyard this time they kissed and fucked as if they were crazy.

(to be continue)


Part 13

On the morning of the fifth day as soon as dawn the guards went to look again for the two lesbian lovers. This time a long day of pain and suffering awaited them.
As usual, they were woken up by a jet of icy water and after piercing them in the ass and on the thighs with a large fork, they were taken out of the cage by pulling them by the hair.
Once on the floor they were forced to go on all fours to the bathroom without saving kicks or punctures in the ass.
As good slaves, Nadia and Luba obeyed the order without doubt. They stuck their faces to the tiles of the bathroom and keeping their asses up, they opened their buttocks well with their hands still handcuffed so that they could administer the corresponding enema. Once with a belly full of warm liquid they were introduced anal plugs so thick that the two girls moaned in pain.
Then they hung them by the arms over a sink and after tying their ankles they made them raise their legs on both sides of the body until their feet were above their head. Nadia and Luba were not gymnasts so they did not stop complaining when they were forced to bend their legs so unnaturally. It was only necessary to muzzle them with ballgags.

Once they hung the two lesbians, the eight guards who took care of them joined another twenty curious people who did not want to miss how they "showered" those two sculptural “pussylickers”. Apparently their fame had spread throughout the prison,
However, before the shower, something else had to be done. One of the prison barbers approached Luba and began smearing her crotch with shaving cream. After this he took out a knife and while shaving her pussy and ass, he clarified with sadism that this was done to facilitate the torture they were going to endure that morning. Then he did the same with the armpits and when he finished with Luba he continued with Nadia.

After a while two girls had their sexes completely peeled and seeing how the guards were drawn lots who would have the pleasure of rubbing them with the barbed brushes two sluts became very horny as they revealed their swollen sexes and nipples.

- This time the colonel hardly makes these two whores to sign. They are true masochists.

This was said by one of the soldiers while putting a hose in position. A second later, a jet of water under pressure hit Nadia's body, causing it to oscillate in the air.

The girl moaned in pain at the strong impact on her crotch and the unpleasant contact of ice water all over her body.
Nadia twisted her face to prevent the powerful jet from hitting her fully. The guy with the hose laughed cruelly at her without stopping to spray her even though it was no longer necessary. Of course after a while more shower it was the turn of her partner who shouted as much or more than she did.
So they left the two naked and dripping hanging from hands and legs and totally helpless. On the other hand, the enema had had its effect and the two young women felt some painful cramps. It is that moment in which what less wants one in the world is to fuck.
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